Xtar VC4 Charger Review

Updated on: 2017-10-03


At the price point that the VC4 is at, it is a very good as far as chargers go. You get a lot of bells and whistles at a pretty awesome price point. It also does exactly what it says it does and it does it well. Yes, it’s not the fastest charger on the market nor is it the one with the most bells and whistles. It does not have a 2 amp option on it but for some people that is not a con. This charger does what it sets out to do and it does it very well. Add to that the fact that it is very portable and easy to travel with and you have a real winner here as far as chargers go. I have seen many other battery chargers on the market at a very similar price point that don’t come anywhere near the performance of the Xtar VC4. If you are in the market for a slim, light, well performing, battery charger that you do not have to spend an arm and a leg on, then definitely give the Xtar VC4 a serious look.

First Impression Out Of The Box

Slide the Xtar VC4 charger out of the box and the first thing you notice is it has a very slim design to it. It comes with a travel or storage pouch and it does seem to be extremely well constructed. It has a big screen but I have not been able to take a look at it yet because I still have to plug it in. One thing that is a little disappointing when you open the box is there does not seem to be a charging brick. Looks like I’m going to have to supply this on my own.

What’s In The Box

  • Xtar VC4 charger
  • Charging cable
  • Travel/storage pouch
  • Instruction manual

Xtar VC4 Charger box

From Top To Bottom

When you plug this battery charger in, you are greeted by a beautiful blue screen. There is a white font on the screen that contrasts extremely well against the blue background. The screen is very easy to use and it is bright as well as vivid. On either side of the screen, you have a voltmeter and right below both volt meters, the screen will show you your current mAh. The meters have a tachometer style look to them. In between both volt meters, you will see a meter that shows your current rate of charge. Above each slot, there is a lighted display that shows you what channel is being used. Each channel is labeled CH1 through CH4. In the middle of the channel markings, there is a channel button that lets you scroll between the different channels to see exactly what each battery is doing individually. When the slots are not in use, the labels will be red in color. When they are being used, the labels turn to a green color.

Xtar VC4 Charger Screen

There are four battery slots that are labeled as Channel slots on this charger. Each slot charges at a different rate than the other. The two outer of slots which would be channel 1 and 4 charge at a maximum rate of 1 amp. The two interior slots which would be Channel 2 and 3 charge at a maximum rate of .5 amps. Slot 1 and 4 are also cut a little wider and deeper. They are for your bigger batteries like your 26650’s. This charger will accommodate all of the popular vaping batteries. I will give a complete list right here of the batteries that it actually does charge.

Xtar VC4 Charger Back

If you put a battery in slot 1 and 4, they will each charge at 1 amp. If you load up all 4 slots and every battery will only charge at .5 amps. The channel button on this charger has a few functions. Hold it down and it will turn off the display. Hit it quickly and it will scroll between the different slots and show you the information of each battery. If the screen is off, you can also hit the button to turn the screen on.


10440,14500,14650,16340,17335,17500,17570,18350, 18490,18500, 18650, 18700, 20700, 21700, 22650, 25500, 26650, 32650.

Xtar VC4 Charger Batteries

Since 20700 batteries are becoming very popular, I like the fact that this charger does accommodate them. Charging 20700’s at 1 amp normally does take some time with this charger but I normally have quite a few on hand so I am never really in a rush.

On the top of each slot, there is a positive battery contact. The battery contact on the top is solid and it does not move. Each slot also has a moving negative contact. It is something that we have all seen before. It is the slider type of negative contact. Basically, you have a contact that will slide and adjust vertically to accommodate all different lengths of batteries.

Xtar VC4 Charger Slots

On the side of the mod, there is a cut out on the tray next to slot 1 and Slot 4. This makes it easier for you to grip your batteries with your fingers and remove your batteries after they are fully charged. I do not see a lot of venting on this charger which is very surprising because it actually stays pretty cool when you use it. There are some cutouts that go around the charger but there is no venting holes in them. They look like they are there just for design. On the back of the battery charger, we do have six rubber pieces that do a great job of keeping the charger in place while on a desk or any flat surface.

Xtar VC4 Charger Cable

On the top side of the charger, we do have the input for the charging cable. The cable is a USB cable and it plugs into any standard type of phone charger brick. I was extremely disappointed that a brick was not included in the package. I have been using my Samsung 2.1 amp brick that came with my Galaxy Note 8 phone. Like most people, I do have a ton of these charging bricks but when I buy a charger, I expected to buy a complete kit. Not including a brick with your purchase is a definitely a con in my book. The charging cable is a DC Barrel connection. Supplying a 2 amp brick with your purchase would have taken a lot of the guesswork out of using the VC4. What I mean by that is it is quite possible for someone to not use a 2 Amp charging brick and therefore think that they have a very slow, poor performing charger on their hands. I just think it would have been a much more complete kit and it would have avoided a lot of confusion if they would have included a charging brick.

How Does It Work

I think this charger works very well. Is it the best one on the market with the most bells and whistles, absolutely not. It does do a fine job of charging all of your batteries and it does it without becoming hot when it comes to the temperature of the unit. This is a very cool charger and most of the times that I have used it, the only thing I could detect with my hand was it did get slightly warm. It is definitely much cooler than some of the other charges that I own. It does seem to charge slow sometimes compared to some of my other charges but it does do a nice, safe job of charging those batteries. I have been using this charger for well over a month and so far, I have been very satisfied with its performance.

Xtar VC4 Charger Charge

This charger does have what Xtar calls an OV Activation function. What this does is if you have any dead batteries or batteries that have been severely over discharged, this function of the charger will attempt to bring the batteries back to life. The battery charger automatically detects what type of situation it is in when it comes to a battery like this and it will attempt to charge the battery and bring it back to life safely. Of course, not all batteries are savable but it is nice to know that this charger will make an attempt and it actually has a pretty good success rate when it comes to this type of situation. I did test it out and I tried a few batteries that I have deemed dead. I used 4 different batteries that were just not performing very well and I had put them to the side. I put them through the Xtar VC4 OV Activation mode and three out of the four batteries started charging again. It definitely works and I was very happy that I was able to revive a couple of batteries.

I have to say that I really do like the tachometer style display that this charger uses. I also like that when the battery is completely charged, it shows you the actual charge capacity of each battery. That is a really handy thing for any vaper to know especially one that uses Mech Mods. I like the detailed information that I get from the screen on the VC4. The VC4 charger also features reverse polarity protection and it shuts down as soon as your batteries are fully charged. I never have a problem leaving my batteries in the VC4 overnight like I have with other charges. Other charges that don’t have those built-in protections, I never felt safe leaving my batteries in. I have left my batteries in the VC4 for long periods of time and the charger was always cool. Because of that, I have always felt safe doing so.

Xtar VC4 Charger Display

I also love the fact that this charger comes with a travel pouch. I like the slim design of it and I can see myself using this charger when I travel. It would be extremely easy to pack everything up in the included bag and slip this charger into my carry on. I do like the fact that it does not have a huge brick that I have to use with some of the chargers on the market today. Those types of chargers make it tough to travel with them. This one looks like it will be an easy charger to travel with. I also like the fact that it does use a USB cable. This makes it available for use in one’s car while you’re on the road. Simply plug the end of your USB cable into a car charger and you are in business. Not a bad charger for somebody who does long road trips.

What Would Make It Better

  • Include A Charging Brick

I just don’t understand how you can market a charger and not include an actual brick with it. I just think that kind of looks really cheap on the company’s part. I also don’t like the fact that it can confuse a lot of people because they may be using a brick that is charging at less than 2 amps. If they do that, they will get significantly less performance out of this charger. The company for its own sake and reputation should have definitely included the proper brick with this charger.


  • Detailed LCD charge status display screen
  • Charges four batteries simultaneously and independently
  • Intelligently identifies input power and automatically adjusts suitable charge current
  • USB interface makes charging flexible and convenient
  • LED indicators display battery state in real-time
  • Three-stage charging algorithm
  • Overheat protection
  • Built-in reverse polarity and short-circuit protection circuit
  • 0V activation and soft-start function
  • Undervoltage lockout and self-start functionality
  • Automatically stops charging when complete
  • Constructed from durable ABS plastic
  • Input Power: DC 5.0V 2.1A
  • 0.5A CC Current: 500 or 50mA
  • 1.0A CC Current: 1000 or 80mA
  • Cut-off Voltage: 4.20V
  • Operation Temperature: 0-40° C

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  • Great price point
  • Nice screen
  • Quality construction
  • Great for travelling
  • Slim design
  • Comes with a travel pouch
  • Easy to operate
  • Uses a USB Cable
  • Stays put on a flat surface
  • Runs cool
  • OV feature
  • No charging brick included
  • No 2 amp charging option


Xtar VC4 Charger
$18.76 $25.89

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