Wotofo Dyadic Review

Updated on: 2019-12-13


What’s up, Insiders? DeucesJack I’m at VapingInsider.com. Today, we’re gonna be going over a collaboration between Wotofo and my man, Tony B. We’re talking about the dual battery squonker, this is the Dyadic. You guys know, this is the real review because I don’t care whose name is on what box. It means nothing on this channel I’m gonna give it to you straight, no matter what.

wotofo x tony b dyadic 200w squonk box mod - front and squonk bottle view

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From Top to Bottom

Here is the one that I got in the box. You can see, it’s all black. I also have a silver one that I’ll show you a little later. Check it out, kind of black and gunmetal-ish. On top there, you can see, you got some Dyadic branding. On top, you can see, there’s the Dyadic branding, four star screws holding everything in place, gold-plated squonking pin, stainless steel threading around that. Short, stiff, throw to the squonking pin. What you would expect from a typical squonker. The plate here, not being circular, kind of different, I kind of like that. It is metal, I’m glad that it’s not stainless steel. I think if they made this stainless steel, it would have looked at a place with the black top. Nice job on that. On the other side of the mod, you can see, has some Wotofo branding, some Tony B branding and some more star screws, as well as some venting over here and here.

wotofo x tony b dyadic 200w squonk box mod - bottom view

Here’s your fire button, rectangular style fire button, very, clicky. Plus and minus button, very clicky, micro USB port. There, of course, is your screen. I do like the finish on this. The finish on this is kind of like that smooth, almost rubbery coating. Really, really nice feel in the hand. I do like it.

wotofo x tony b. dyadic 200w squonk box mod - black

There, of course, is your squonk bottle. Let me show you how this works. You pop this off just like that. And now you can see, there’s your squonk bottle. This is how you fill your squonk bottle. It has this little stopper here that stays in there, stays attached so you just put it to the side and you kind of side fill it. I like that a lot. I really wish Wotofo would have included this whole assembly with the spare. So the bottom line is, if you want to use the second bottle, you gotta take this top piece off and the collar in order to actually use it.

wotofo x tony b. dyadic 200w squonk box mod - top view

Let me show you what I’m talking about. See how that comes off, right there? So this part, you don’t get a spare of. And this collar part, you don’t get a spare of. So you got to pull this collar off and you got to use this, and this, with the spare. That’s gonna be a definite con. I don’t understand why they went ahead and did that. That’s a bad job by Wotofo.

wotofo x tony b. dyadic 200w squonk box mod - gunmetal

Over here, you can see this nice long pin here, that’s the part that attaches to your squonk tube. Over here, you see these little gold-plated, they’re like little, gold-plated ball bearings that are kind of spring-loaded. Those little balls are gonna snap into this little circular part right here. So when you put the door on, you’re going to hear it click, like that. Those are those little balls slipping into those little holes. So that’s a nice job with that. I definitely like that.

wotofo x tony b. dyadic 200w squonk box mod - side and back view

We’re gonna take it off, we’re gonna flip it over. And now I’m gonna show you where the batteries go. Batteries, this comes off. Again, this tray, just like the one for the squonker feels like plastic, has those little ball bearing holes in there that you can see. So you don’t gotta worry about if your battery wraps have tears. But you still want to check them before you put them in. And then on the back side here, you can see, you got black-on-black battery indicator markings. That’s a bad job. But now, you can also see all four of those little spring-loaded balls and you have four more over here. So I just wanted to point that out. Here’s your battery strap, plus, minus, minus, plus. Should have been done in white. That’s a bad job. White, or silver, or something. Spring-loaded, gold-plated battery contacts on top, button style contacts on the bottom. Very, very easy to install the batteries.

wotofo x tony b. dyadic 200w squonk box mod user interface and tilted view

In order to install your batteries, positive side goes in first. Make sure your battery straps aligned a little bit. Negative side goes in like that, boom. Make sure they’re nice and secure. Make sure that battery strap is nice and secure. Take your battery cover and pop it on just like that. Put your squonk bottle in, take your squonk door, pop it on just like that. You do have a little seam right here. It’s pretty good. I don’t see any issues with it. The battery door and the squonk door stay on and click in very solidly.

Screen & Menu System

Check out that screen and that geriatric font. I absolutely love it. You can see, it says standard. That’s your pre-heat, your wattage, 30W, your resistance, your voltage, and separate battery meters. All you need to know, that’s all you need to know. It scrolls in 1W increments, all the way up to 200W. It does scroll on the slow side, considering that it scrolls 1W at a time, I wish it was faster. It does not round-robin. But you will get 200W out of this mod, so that’s kind of cool, especially for a squonker. That dual battery squonker market doesn’t have a lot of devices taking up space in that market. It’s nice to see more being released.

In order to adjust the preheat, you can see, i’m in standard. Hit the plus power button together. I’m in powerful. Hit it again, I’m in powerful + Hit it again, I’m back to standard. Another thing you can do is if you want to lock the mod, hit the plus and minus button together. You can see, it says, key lock. Now, I cannot adjust the wattage and I cannot fire it. So hit it again to unlock.

And that’s it, folks. That’s the whole menu system.

What’s in the Box


  • 1 DYADIC Box Mod
  • 2 8.5mL Squonk Bottle
  • 1 MicroUSB Cable
  • 1 User Manual

Also included in the box, you get a Dyadic user manual, a spare bottle with no collar, but you do get a squonk tube. That’s kind of weird. Why wouldn’t you just put the collar on that? It’s definitely gonna be a con. I don’t understand why they wouldn’t give you just a full bottle assembly. And you get this rather nice flat wire microUSB cable for charging and I’m guessing updates even though it’s a power mode mod only.

wotofo x tony b. dyadic 200w squonk box mod - package contents

Let me show you both mods that I have. This silver one is the one that I’ve been using. This black one is the one that I just unboxed. Definitely been enjoying this as a squonker. It’s been fantastic.

Size Comparison

Just to give you a quick size comparison, let me show you it next to some other dual battery squonkers on the market. This is the Ohmboy Rage. You can see, mine is kind of beat up. I use the hell out of it. I like it. Very similar form factor. This definitely feels a little more wider, the Dyadic, in the hand and at first, it actually feels almost uncomfortable in the hand. It’s so wide, it’s definitely not as comfortable as the rage. But it’s not nearly as heavy as well. I know a lot of people own this squonker so I wanted to show it. The other one I wanted to show it next to was next to the Topside Dual.

You can see right there, there’s my blue one. Definitely not as curvy. Doesn’t have as many dips and curves as the Topside does. Definitely a little bit more flatter but you it’s not as big as the Topside either. So if you want that side fill and you don’t want the size of the Topside Dual, this is definitely a viable option. It definitely feels a little better in the hand than the Topside but I know a lot of people own this mod as well. That’s why I wanted to show it in a size comparison.

Before we go back on top, just wanted to show you the way I’ve been running it. This is my Wasp Nano with the Trinity bullet glass on it. I think it looks kind of nice on there. That’s the way I’ve been running it and I’ve been enjoying it.


Alright, Insiders! Let’s talk about cons.

First con’s gonna be, and it’s not necessarily a con for me, but it’s gonna be a con to some consumers out there. This is a power mode mod only, some people just don’t like that. Believe it or not, there are people that vape in TC so I got to chalk up a con for that.

Another con that really pisses me off, and Tony, I’m sorry. You guys should have known better than this. This is absolutely ridiculous. You only put the skin of the bottle in there there’s no collar. What the hell were you guys thinking? That is absolute bullshit that should never happen. Every squonker needs to come with two bottles, period, end of story. And Tony B, you should have known better. It’s a BS move, it’s a bush-league move and I don’t like it at all. I think every squonker needs to come with two bottles. That’s it. There is no argument here.

The side fill on this one, while I do like it, I kind of wish. I didn’t have to remove the panel. I wish there was some type of plug on the outside over here instead of having to remove the panel. I understand I don’t have to remove the bottle. But I would have liked for them to do some type of system where I could fill it through the panel. I think that would have been kind of cool.

And the other thing about the side fill is you got to go slow because it can get messy if you squeeze hard and really try to pump that juice in there. I got to point both those out as a con.

And the last con is gonna be that space on top. Look at all that space on top. Why didn’t you guys bump that 510 over to the middle. Come on, man. You got all that real estate up there. I understand, I think I had a conversation with Tony B about that, that he likes his atomizers to be right under the squonk bottle. But you know what, that’s not what the consumer wants. The consumer wants to be able to put bigger atomizers on there. You guys could have rigged some type of tube system where you could have centered that 510. It’s definitely a con.

That’s it on the cons, Insiders. Let’s move on to the pros because this thing’s got a lot of pros.


First pro’s gonna be that geriatric font. I absolutely love it. It’s large. It’s in charge. I can see it. Awesome, awesome job on that. The screen’s got all the basic information I need. Love it, Tony B.

I do like that I don’t have to remove the bottle to fill it. That’s a pro.

This thing does fire fast. I kind of should have chalked this up as a con and a pro. When I first got this, it had like a weird, wide, chunky feel in my hand. But I have to say, the feel of it actually grew on me. I actually like it now. But at first, I didn’t and that’s kind of weird because I’ve never really had a form factor grow on me like this one. So I kind of got to point that out as a pro. I do like the form factor but at first, I really didn’t. At first it felt kind of weird.

Solid build quality on this one, no rattles, no nothing. This thing is solid.

I like the clicky fire button.

Love the capacity.

Fires down to 0.05 ohms.

I liked a nice squishy squonk bottle, that’s awesome.

It does have three heat settings, so that’s a pro.

And it’s simple and very easy to use. I’ve been running my Wasp Nano on top of it. I got a 0.2ohm build in it at 65W. Let me give it a little squonk. Make sure we’re wet. Check it out, just nice. I got that Cali Vapes Devil’s Punchbowl in it. Fantastic. I’ve been enjoying it. It’s a nice solid vape and it does fire really fast. I think I got it on the standard preheat.


I’ve been enjoying this dual battery squonker, that’s for sure. You know what’s weird about this one is I’d say, nine and a half out of ten times, when you get a product as a reviewer, like in the first 20 minutes, whether you really like that product or not. It’s just a matter of using it more to see what the little idiosyncrasies all are with that mod and to see if anything breaks down. Like I said, when I got this, I did not like the feel of it. But as I got to use it, I liked it a lot more and that’s weird because I’ve never really had that happen before and this one has definitely turned into one of my better, one of my more favorite dual 18650 squonkers. I use it all the time now. This one is DeucesJack approved.


Let’s go over some of the specs on the Wotofo Dyadic. It measures in at 82.4mm x 61mm 37.3mm. It has a 0.96inch, TFT color display. It is a dual 18650, 200W squonker that will fire down to 0.05ohms. There are three preheat available, standard, powerful and powerful plus. It is available in black, silver, gunmetal blue and red.


Don’t forget, Insiders. Head on over to our Facebook group. We got a great group of people there, knowledgeable vapors. They’re knowledgeable about everything, coils, atomizes, advocacy. We talk about it all over in the group. I hope to see you there. Whatever you do don’t give up. Don’t give up the fight. Remember, we have to keep fighting for our right to vape. You see a politician, get on top of them, email them, call them. Call their offices, let them know you vape, you vote and we ain’t going down without a fight.

That’s it, Insiders! That’s all I got for you today. Now, more than ever, it’s more important now than ever, that you keep living that vape life. We’re out of here. Deuces.

  • Extremely comfortable
  • Very compact for a dual 18650 Squonk
  • Bright, Clear Screen
  • Super Simple to operate
  • Hits hard in Powerful+ Mode
  • Removable panels can be a little fiddly
  • Side-fill bottle isn’t easy to fill at times
  • Cant see e-liquid level with dark bottle
  • Lack of functions may be a con to some?
  • Not as simple to use in your left hand
  • One-ended 510 limits RDA Diameter


Wotofo Dyadic
$59.95 $64.95

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