Vladdin Jet Review

Updated on: 2021-03-26

Five-Star Rating System


– 3.81
We’re going to add all these stars up, we’re going to come up with a total star count of 15 and a quarter. We’re going to take those 15 and a quarter stars, and we’re going to divide them by 4 to come up with an average rating of 3.81. A little over 3 and a quarter, which really is right where this belongs. A 2.5 rating would have been average. This thing is definitely a full point above average. It’s not quite in that 4 star category, because it’s really not a phenomenal pod system. It’s just a very good pod system. That’s where I would leave it on the Vladdin Jet.


– 4
This thing is small, it’s compact. It’s a little sexy looking. It’s pocketable. What else can I say about it? I like the way it looks. I like the way it feels. I got to give it 4 and a quarter stars in this category.


– 4
coil performance. You already heard me say it. It’s compatible with Smok RPM coils, you can get them everywhere. The coils are actually very good. I’m getting very good flavor from them. In this category, they’re getting another 4 stars.


– 3
the airflow category and this is where the Vladdin Jet is really going to lose some points. If it didn’t have adjustable airflow, I would have given it just a 2.5 star rating. But the fact that it has some form of adjustability, I got to give it a little better than that. So I’m going to give it a 3 star rating. Even though I’m not happy with the way you have to regulate the airflow, I think it’s a little janky, I think Vladdin could have done a lot better. So we’re just going to stick to a 3 star rating in the airflow category.


– 4
I checked this thing, I googled it, I’ve been seeing it anywhere from $30-35. That’s our little sweet spot for this little kit. And let me explain to you why. It’s basically a better built RPM40 with type-c charging. So if you like the RPM40, you’re going to dig this thing too. So that’s why I think it’s a good value. In the value department, I got to give it another 4 stars.


  • Looks, Form Factor, Power-to-Size-Ratio: First pro is going to be, love the look. The form factor, the power to size ratio. I just think it’s a cute little AIO kit and I’ve been enjoying it.
  • Pocketable: It’s also very pocketable. You can easily put this in a shirt pocket, jacket pocket, front jeans, pocket, bag, pocket, whatever pocket you want to stick this in, you’re good to go.
  • Capacity: I like the capacity, 4.5ml. I can’t complain about that on this little guy. It’s a pro.
  • Accessible Fill Port: I like that the fill port is accessible while the pod is still installed. That’s a pro.
  • Easy to Use: It’s easy to use, man. Turn this thing on, hit the button and you’re vaping. No modes, no nothing. Very, very simple.
  • Coil System: The coils. The coil system. It’s compatible with Smok RPM coils, that’s a huge pro. Not because they’re smoke coils, but because you can get them anywhere. And a nice little side note is I’ve never had an issue with the RPM coils. The RPM coils are actually nice and flavorful for what they are
  • Type-C Charging, that’s a pro. This thing will charge from dead to full in about 90 minutes.
  • Easy to See the Liquid Levels: It’s easy to see your liquid inside of that. I wish the pod was just a tad lighter, but I got no issues. I can see my liquid. Pro.
  • Airflow Regulation
  • Clicky Fire Button
  • Airflow Itself is Smooth
  • Good Flavor


  • Dark Screen: First con is going to be when you compare this to other systems in its space. The screen on this one is a little bit on the darker side especially when you compare it to something like the Vinci x.
  • 4 Clicks to turn off the Lights: The second thing that I was going to say under the cons was that you can’t turn those lights off. See those lights on the back there? At first I couldn’t figure out how to turn them off. Now I figured out, if you hit the power button four times, the lights turned off. So that’s not a con anymore. But I wanted to mention it because I was going to give it a con for that. And I want you to know if you buy this thing, four clicks will actually shut the light show off. So you don’t got to be Saturday night fever down the street.
  • Adjustable Airflow: last con is going to be the adjustable airflow. Those little rubber things that I showed you that you can stick in the airflow holes. Yeah, I guess that’s a form of adjustability. I did vape it when you put them in. You do get a decent mouth-to-lung draw with it


Vladdin Jet

What’s up, Insiders? DeucesJack at Vaping Insider. Today, I got a nice little pod system for you. We’re talking about Vladdin Jet and it’s got lights, it takes Smok RPM coils, it’s got type-c charging. It’s basically a better built RPM for you.

From Top To Bottom

Vladdin Jet front

Look at that bad boy, huh? That’s pretty nice looking, man. I got to tell you, so far, man, I’ve been impressed with this little guy. Look at that, man. Really, really sharp looking.

Vladdin Jet type c charging

Got some LEDs over here, type-c charging. I don’t know what you call that but it’s kind of classy looking. I kind of dig it. You got your airflow right there. And right over here is your fire button. Pretty flush. This is your color screen. Up and down buttons right here. On the bottom, no venting. This is an internal battery mod, 1500mAh.

Vladdin jet pod

Check this pod out, man. Really, really nice and clear. Hear that magnet? It’s nice, it stays in there. Got a little wobble to it, but nothing crazy. You definitely don’t feel it. It doesn’t feel loose while you’re vaping it. On the backside there, check that feature out. Look at that. You can fill it without actually taking it out of the mod. Nice size fill port right there. Needle nose bottles only apply. But really, really nice job on that. Now, when you take this out, you’re going to have this little sticker on the bottom to stop it from accidentally firing during shipping.


Vladdin Jet coils

There is your coil. You can see, you got a coil, two magnets, two nice strong magnets, you already heard them. This is one of those plug and play coils. Just pop it out like that. Very, very nice looking coils.

Vladdin Jet coils 2

I don’t know if you can see that on the coil, 0.6ohm 25-35W.

Vladdin Jet mesh coils

You can see, this is the mesh coil. It says Jet mesh. You can see the mesh inside a little bit if I angle it right. Very, very flavorful coil, been enjoying the hell out of this coil.

What’s In the Box

Vladdin Jet kit

Also included in the box, you have a Vladdin user manual, a type-c charge cable, you have these airflow reducers that I’ll show you in a minute, and you get this spare coil as well.

Menu System

Size Comparison

Vladdin Jet comparison

Let me do a quick size comparison so you guys know what you’re dealing with. This is the Artery Pal SE. Kind of like a thicker version of the Caliburn. This is the Uwell Caliburn. Probably one of the most popular devices in the last couple of years. And of course, here is the Vladdin. Now you can see, much, much thicker, same size basically but much, much thicker than the Pal SE. And of course, it’s also a little shorter than the Caliburn. But again, much, much thicker and definitely more battery life. You got a 1500mAh battery in here. That’s why you got that type of thickness. But I just wanted to give you guys something to compare it to.


Let’s go over some of the specs on the Vladdin Jet.

  • measures in at 105 x 28.5 x 28mm.
  • 1500mAh battery with a 40W maximum output.
  • 4.5ml juice in the pod.
  • Type-c charging is on deck.
  • The lights are adjustable.
  • Two coils in a kit, a 0.6ohm mesh coil and a 0.3ohm mesh coil. It is compatible with Smok RPM coils.
  • Colors available are black prisms, silver prism, blue abalone, rainbow space, and pink.
  • Vladdin Jet available colors


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That’s it, Insiders! That’s all I got for you guys today. Now more than ever, it’s more important now more than ever, that you keep living that vape life. We’re out of here. Deuces.

  • Looks, Form Factor, Power-to-Size-Ratio
  • Pocketable
  • Capacity
  • Accessible Fill Port
  • Easy to Use
  • Coil System
  • Type-C Charging
  • Easy to See the Liquid Levels
  • Airflow Regulation
  • Clicky Fire Button
  • Airflow Itself is Smooth
  • Good Flavor
  • Dark Screen
  • 4 Clicks to turn off the Lights
  • Adjustable Airflow


Vladdin Jet
$32.99 $39.99
Peter Paul Morales
Peter Paul Morales