Vaptio X-Hubble Review

Updated on: 2019-12-16


Today, we’re going to be going over the Vaptio X-Hubble. In the down-low, you might have heard me call it the Explosion. You’ll even see the packaging says that. I think Vaptio change the name on this. They’re supposed to be sending me an updated one and I think they also made the screen to unlock, a swipe screen, like a touchscreen. Mine doesn’t have that. I’m going to show you everything. If there are any pertinent changes, I’ll be sure to list them in the description or I’ll do an update video. Let’s kick it down low.

X-Hubble Mod

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From Top to Bottom

Alright, Insiders. I had to do a little bit of a cut in on the intro because Vaptio rename this. When they originally gave it to me at ECC, they called it the Explosion. Now they paired it with the Apollo tank which I just reviewed and they’re calling it the X-Hubble. It’s the same exact mod. I wanted to show you the packaging but I also wanted to let you know that it’s now being packaged with the Apollo tank and if throughout the whole video you see me call it the Explosion, it’s because they renamed it.

X-Hubble Mod

So here’s the paperwork. Here is the Apollo tank that I already reviewed. This is a black one, the one that I reviewed. If I remember correctly, it was rainbow. You do get a spare glass so that’s definitely cool. I like to see Vaptio listening, like that. Here’s the spare coil for the Apollo, we already went over this coil. I’ll link the review in this video. Here is your type C charging cable. I do like that. Awesome job on that. And here is the Vaptio X-Hubble. You can see, not much difference. Just a different graphic than the one I’m going to show you during the rest of the video with different branding. So if you hear me call it the Explosion throughout the video, it’s not a mistake. That was the original name of it. They renamed it to the X-Hubble. I just want you to know that as we’re going through the video.

X-Hubble Mod

We’re going to start off on top, as usual. Got a little stainless steel plate here, stainless steel threading around that, spring-loaded, gold-plated 510 that I would say has a short throw with a medium spring to it. If you look real close, see right there? You got a little bit of a raise on the plate. I don’t think that’s going to be much of an issue, as far as anything gapping. We’ll take a look. Let’s see what fits on here. We’re going to try the 25mm QP Designs Khali. Let’s see if this thing fits and if it gaps. No gapping, you don’t see anything in between there. Nice job on that, fits pretty solid on there. No overhang at all. I’m diggin that. Maybe a little bit over the bevel but none over the mod itself. Nice job on that. 25mm fit, no issues.

Take a quick look around the mod. Big screen, looks like Vaptio branding over there. Here is your fire bar, nice and clicky. Only on the top. On the middle, you really can’t press it. On the bottom, you can’t press it. So you figure in about three quarters up and above is where it’s the clickiest. On the back here, you got some type of circuit board like graphic. I guess what that is Explosion branding over there. On the other side right there, you got your type C port. What the hell is going on with companies putting the ports so close to the 510? I’m going to start handing out the wood shampoo award because I gave that to the Uwell Block 22. Another one I just did, Hippovape Kudos. They put the micro USB port or the charge port up there. What the hell is going on with companies doing this? Are you guys stupid? You don’t want to put a charge port this close to a 510. Why don’t you put it somewhere else. Shit! I’d rather you put it on the bottom of the mod than up here and I hate when you put it on the bottom of the mod. But this is just stupid. Talk about being too close, god forbid, you got a leaky tank, you’re just going to ruin that whole charge port. It’sjust dumb. Like I said, that’s going to be the new award on this channel. We’re going to start giving out the wood shampoo award for people who are putting these charging ports too close to the 510. Just dumb, just really, really dumb.

X-Hubble Mod

Alright, now that I’ve ranted, let’s go to the bottom of the mod. We have some venting over here. We have a little fingernail tab right here, you pop your fingernail in there, and it’s a tight battery door. You hear that? That thing’s tight. It’s got some nice, strong magnets. They did a good job on that. Let’s check out the battery door. You can see, it’s made out of plastic. Two strong magnets. You don’t gotta worry if your battery has a tear in wrap or anything like this. This is a non conductive material, very plasticy, feels plasticy, feels kind of cheap. Not going to lie. You should check your wraps anyway before you install them. I just want to say that. Let’s move on to the tray. On the tray, we have gold plated, spring-loaded battery contacts. Over here, we have gold plated button style contacts. Battery indicator markings black on black, bad, bad job. Marked A and B, black on black, that’s a bad job. Here’s your battery strap right here. Vaptio, you want to play with the big boys, got to mark these and these in white or a different color than black. You guys been around long enough, you know better. That’s all I’m saying. As soon as you put the batteries in, you can feel like a haptic feedback because this thing has like a vibration to it. Check out that battery door, though, it don’t move. Side to side, up and down, solid as they come. Bang up job, Vaptio.

Size Comparison

Just wanted to give you a quick size comparison. Here is the Smoant Naboo, here is the Rincoe Manto. Two very, very solid mods in the same genre as this one. They’re all screen. The Naboo actually has touch buttons, just like the Vaptio. The Rincoe actually has physical buttons but very, very much in the same form factor. Real close in size. You can see, on top, the Vaptio is actually a little slimmer from the top. The Vaptio almost reminds me of the Vaporesso Polar, that type of mod. Nice, big, bright screen, just like the Naboo. If you compare it to the Rincoe, the Rincoe is actually a little smaller. This mod didn’t get a lot of love and I don’t know why. It was a fantastic mod. I think it just got released at the same time as a lot of these full screen mods did and it just didn’t do well. But what a great mod, the Manto was. But you can see, very much in the same type of form factor. Same type of genre.

Screen & Menu System

Check out that big screen, look at that screen. That’s kind of big. I’m kind of digging that. Fonts nice size too, although. I wish they would have actually made the fonts a little bigger because they had all the room. Variable wattage, the screens locked right now, battery meters A and B, wattage, puff counter in seconds, resistance, preheat, voltage. Not crazy about that graphic that keeps going on, that movement on the screen. I don’t like when things move on my screen. Just a pet peeve of mine. I wish they wouldn’t have done it. 2 clicks shows you these buttons right here. These are like your haptic buttons. They’re not the most sensitive. It does scroll one watt at a time. If you hold your finger on it, it goes to 10 watts at a time, all the way up to 220 watts. It does not round-robin. Hold your finger on, it’ll decrease, 10 watts at a time.

We’ll go through the menu system here. Three clicks, there’s your menu system. You got mode settings, theme, and back. Click to go into mode and now you can go between variable wattage, variable temperature control, curve mode, bypass, back, and home. Let me show you temperature mode. You can choose between stainless steel, nickel 200, Ti, TCR 1, TCR 2. Those are your presets. Let’s go into stainless steel. Now you see, I’m at 500 degrees in stainless steel. I don’t know how you change the wattage in stainless steel mode. I have no idea. I can’t find out how to do it. I’m thinking it’s one of those chipsets where you just got to set the degrees and the chipset is going to pick the wattage for you because I don’t see any way to change the wattage. Three clicks, go over the settings. You got system, vape time, standby time, language. If you go into system, you got your product info right there, let’s you know what your hardware number is and your software version is. There’s your restore button, back to home button. Go back in the settings. Vape time, that’s where you can set a cutoff. Standby time, this way you can set when the screen shuts off. Theme, there’s only one so I’m hoping with an update, we’re going to get some more themes. That’s it. That’s the whole menu system. Let’s put it back into wattage mode, right there. There’s where you can pick your preheat, high, soft, or normal. I normally keep it in normal. And there you go. That is your whole menu system.

The nice thing is when those lights turn off over here, for those touch buttons, let me show you what I’m talking about. Now they’re active, right? Now I can adjust my wattage. When they go off, after I click the button, it locks the screen. So there’s no way to accidentally adjust anything. I kind of like that. In order get it unlock the screen, you just hit the button and it’ll unlock it. Kind of neat, the way they do that. I like that a lot. One last look all around it and just keep in mind, because the front of this thing is all screen, this thing does get a little schmutzie. After you handle it for a bit, you are going to see some fingerprints on it. That’s just the nature of the beast with mods like this.

What’s in the Box


  • 1*X-HUBBLE Mod
  • 1*USB Cable
  • 1*User Manual


Alright, Insiders! You saw everything up close and personal with the vaptio X-Hubble/Explosion. Let’s get into those cons and pros.

First con is going to be, it doesn’t feel like the highest quality mod. It feels a little bit on the cheap side. I don’t like it. Feels very plasticy. It’s a con.

Next con is going to be all that movement on the screen. You know I hate that crap. China, I don’t want to see shit moving on my screen. The only thing I want on my screen is pertinent vape information. I don’t want to see no gears turning, no wheels turning. I don’t want to see things flashing by on my screen. It’s freaking ridiculous that you guys don’t understand this crap. I don’t want to see movement on the screen. Get it?

Those faux buttons, those haptic style buttons, I don’t like them. I want physical buttons. If you’re not giving me a full touchscreen, don’t give me those crappy little buttons. They got no feel to them. I don’t like them at all, con.

This thing is a fingerprint magnet. You hold it for a couple of minutes and it looks like a crime scene.

And the last con is going to be the battery indicator markings. Come on, Vaptio. This isn’t your first Rodeo. Do clear battery indicator markings, for crying out loud, I’m sick of pointing it out.

But that’s in on the cons. No real deal breakers but cons that could have very easily been avoided had Vaptio thought some things through or maybe did some beta testing.

But let’s move on to the pros.


First pro’s going to be, that screen is big and it’s beautiful and it’s bright. I like that, pro.

It’s light for dual 18650 mod. It’s an easy carry.

It’s got a simple menu system. It’s got all the bells and whistles you’d expect from a mod being produced today.

It fires fast.

It’s got a solid battery door.

Love the centered 510.

And the last pro is going to be it’s got Type C charging which is actually kind of surprising on a mod that really doesn’t look like it’s got the greatest build quality. I’m surprised they went with Type C charging. Vaptio is saying that this mod charges at 3 amps. I don’t know all that because I’m not a technical reviewer. I will say this, I did try charging it through the the type C port and it does charge pretty fast. Does it charge significantly faster than any other type C port I’ve tried? I don’t know that because I’m not a technical reviewer. I will say this though, while type C 3 amp charging is very nice on a dual cell mod when you’re in a pinch, if you’re going to be charging dual batteries all the time, I wouldn’t suggest that you charge them through here on a regular basis. Only do it when you’re in a pinch. The proper way to charge two 18650s is via an external battery charger.

So that’s it, Insiders! Those are my cons and pros. Let’s talk about this one a little bit.


This one, to me, it’s like a knock around mod. It really is. It’s not something I would buy as my only mod that I’m going to use for the next six or eight months. I almost feel like this mod is really late for the game. That big screen, those types of mods were released a year ago with like the Smoant Naboo, Vaporesso Polar, the Rincoe Manto. It just feels like they’re a year behind in releasing this thing. That’s what it feels like. I’m sorry, Vaptio but I gotta be honest and to be honest with you, also the other three mods that I just mentioned, they have better chipsets than the one available on this one and they’re probably going for a lot cheaper if you can find them right now.


Let’s go over some of the specs on the Vaptio X-Hubble. It measures in at 49.5mm x 92.6mm x 30mm. It is a dual 18650, 220W. 3 amp charging is onboard. Modes include variable wattage, TC, TCR, and bypass mode. It also has preheat functionality as well as pass-through charging. It sports a 2 inch color TFT display and it’s available in rainbow, black, gunmetal, gold and blue. I want to thank Vaptio for sending this one my way. Definitely appreciate the support of the channel.


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That’s it, Insiders. That’s all I got for you today. You keep living that vape life. We’re out. Deuces.

  • Screen is big and it's beautiful and it's bright.
  • It's an easy carry.
  • It's got a simple menu system.
  • It fires fast.
  • It's got a solid battery door.
  • Love the centered 510.
  • It's got Type C charging
  • It doesn't feel like the highest quality mod.
  • All that movement on the screen.
  • Those faux buttons
  • This thing is a fingerprint magnet.
  • Battery indicator markings


Vaptio X-Hubble
$72.99 $82.99

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