Vandy Vape Pulse 22 RDA Review

Updated on: 2017-07-26


If you’re into squonking, then I have to say that the Vandy Vape Pulse 22 is an absolute must purchase. I don’t know how Vandy Vape did it but somehow they squeezed the best of both worlds into this tiny little squonking RDA. It’s got clouds, it’s got flavor, and it does it without compromising one over the other. In my opinion, Vandy Vape has done it again and hit this one out of the park. The Pulse 22 is definitely DeucesJack approved. If you squonk, just go get one. Even if you don’t and you just like single coil rdas, go get one. Vandy Vape, if you are listening I would love to see a Pulse 24. Make it happen.

How Does It Vape?

I’ve got to say, for a single coil RBA, this thing absolutely rips. I get an unbelievable amount of clouds from it for what it is. So much so that sometimes, I actually find it very hard to believe that I’m vaping on a single coil RDA. Flavor is great with this RDA wide open, but once you shut it down halfway, the flavor definitely intensifies. Yes, the clouds will not be as great but the trade off in flavor is definitely worth it in my opinion.

Right now, I’m running my Pulse 22 with a single Juggernaut Kanthal coil. I have it ohming out at .3 and I am running it at 58 watts in power mode. I am getting some awesome flavor and some pretty good clouds as well. I do enjoy the airflow on both settings and I do find myself switching back and forth quite a bit. Either way you run it, the air flow is very smooth. If you want it cloudy run it with the airflow wide open. If you want more flavor, shut the airflow down about half way and you will see the flavor intensify greatly.

Some Background Info

This atomizer was created by Tony B from the Vapor Trail Channel and Stefan Z formerly of Geekvape. Tony B is the host of the Vapor Trail Channel on YouTube. He has over 100k subscribers and he always comes across as a decent and all around honest guy. He has always really been into squonking so he designed the Pulse 22 specifically for squonk mods. His goal was to develop a single coil, flavor, RDA that you could run on most of the popular squonkers that are on the market today. I just want you to keep that in mind while reading this review.

Stefan Z used to design atomizers for Geekvape. He decided to go off on his own and start Vandy Vape. As far as I’m concerned, Stefan and his new company Vandy Vape have just been killing it lately. I am of the opinion that they have yet to release a bad product. So with a little background information in hand, let’s dive down and take a close up look at the Vandy Vape Pulse 22.

First Impression Out of the Box

This is a nice looking RDA. I am somewhat of a single coil atty junkie. I just love them in general. I really like the efficiency I get when I run single coil builds. Up to this point, every Vandy Vape atomizer I have received has come with three drip tips. The Pulse 22 comes with 2 drip tips. That is the one thing I always liked about Vandy Vape products– they give you multiple drip tips. The deck looks really interesting and unique. I’m really looking forward to coiling and wicking this thing up.

What’s in the Box

  • Pulse RDA
  • 16mm wide bore Ultem drip tip
  • 14mm wide bore delrin drip tip
  • 510 drip tip adapter
  • Pre installed squonking pin
  • Traditional 510 pin
  • Spare o’rings
  • Spare deck screws
  • Coil jig
  • User manual (very well done)

Vandy Vape Pulse 22 RDA Review box

From Top to Bottom

This is a pretty small RDA by today’s standards. It’s only 22 mm and I know Tony wanted to keep it small on purpose so it would look good on most of the small single battery squonkers that are being built today. Both drip tips are comfortable but I have to say that I do prefer the Ultem one. They are both 810 or Goon style drip tips and they do fit nice and snug into the top cap. The top cap has a very conical design to it. It does fit snug on the barrel and it has two strong o’rings that hold it in place. You get a very satisfying click when you put the top cap in place. The airflow slots are basically two circles that line up with two circles on the inside of the barrel. The airflow is adjusted by twisting the top cap and it does slide around and adjust very easily.

Vandy Vape Pulse 22 RDA Review top

When you do take the top cap off of the barrel, you will notice that it has a cutout on top that kind of looks like a stretched out circle from the top view. The airflow is what I can best describe as an inverted, side mounted, Kennedy-style airflow. I really don’t know any other way to describe it. What you have is basically two tubes that are angled downward towards your coil from the side of the barrel. This is especially helpful in a squonk RDA because even if you over squonk, your juice would have to overcome gravity in order to make its way up the airflow tubes. It really is very unique and quite ingenious. Just very impressive from a design standpoint.

Vandy Vape Pulse 22 RDA Review squonk

The Pulse RDA comes pre-installed with a squonking pin. You do have the option of running it as a non-squonking or traditional RDA. In other words, pull the squonk pin out and you can run the Pulse 22 as a regular dripper. Vandy Vape has also included a 510 drip tip adapter so you are able to run all of your additional 510 drip tips. The squonking pin does require a 4mm hex key in order to remove or install it. Vandy Vape did include this size hex key in the Tri tool for this atomizer.

The Deck

Once the barrel is removed, you are greeted with a beautiful gold plated, single coil deck. There is plenty of peak insulation and the deck does have some really nice Phillips head deck screws. This is a notch style system so there are two notches on the side of the deck that help you line up your coil in order for the airflow tubes to hit it directly. The notches are there for another purpose as well. They lock down the barrel so when you pull off the top cap, the barrel does remain in place. Again, very simple yet ingenious in its function and form.

Vandy Vape Pulse 22 RDA Review screw

The juice well on the Pulse 22 is an oval shape. It almost looks like a little bed for your cotton. While the juice well is not particularly deep, you have to remember that this is a squonker so there really is no need for a deep juice well. With this RDA, your juice well is in the squonk bottle. Even if you do over squonk, any excess juice will go back into the squonk bottle. Because of the inverted Kennedy style airflow tubes, there is no chance that over squonking will make the liquid come out of the airflow tubes. The squonk hole on the bottom of the Pulse 22 is also split so that the juice is dispersed evenly to each side when you squeeze the squonk bottle.

Building and Wicking

It’s been my experience that postless decks can be a real pain to build on. The main reason for that is because you do have to take your time trimming the leads of the coil in order to get just the right lead length. Stefan Z and Tony B handled this problem for you. The Ultem drip tip that is included can be used as a measuring device in order to ensure that you clip your leads to exactly the right length. Measure your coil leads against the part of the drip tip that goes in your mouth. Do not use the part that fits into the top cap. If you use this part of the drip tip to measure your coil leads, you will get approximately 7 mm of length on each lead. That is the perfect lead length for this RDA.

Vandy Vape Pulse 22 RDA Review building

Loosen up the Phillips head deck screws and it is extremely easy to place your coil and tighten down the leads. Once everything is nice and secure, all you need to do is give your a coil a little twist with the included coil jig and make sure it lines up with the notches that are cut out on the deck. This will also ensure that the ends of your coil are placed at the corners of the juice well.

Once that is done, you take your barrel and make sure you line it up with the notches. Slide on the barrel and install the top cap. After that, you’re ready to vape, just make sure that your airflow tubes are lined up so that they are hitting the side of your coil.

Vandy Vape Pulse 22 RDA Review jig

While Vandy Vape did include a 2.5 mm jig, I have tried 2 mm, 2.5 mm and 3 mm coils in this RDA. I do like a 3 mm coil in this RDA the best but since Vandy Vape did include a 2.5 mm jig I’m assuming that they think that’s the best coil size for this RDA.


  • A Tony B. Project
  • 22mm Diameter
  • Superior Stainless Steel Construction
  • Innovative Postless, Dual Terminal Design
  • PEEK-Insulated Positive Terminal Post
  • Negative Terminal Post
  • Single Coil Configuration
  • Side-Mounted Kennedy-Style Airflow
  • Dual Slotted Side Air Slots
  • Quad Airflow Tubes Inside Chamber
  • 14mm Wide Delrin Wide Bore Drip Tip
  • 510 Drip Tip Adapter
  • Innovative Squonk Pin Setup
  • Gold-Plated 510 Contact Pin

  • Single coil
  • Squonking pin preinstalled
  • Flavor
  • Clouds
  • Smooth airflow
  • 2 drip tips
  • Delrin drip tip doubles as a lead measure
  • Machined well
  • Innovative airflow
  • Can be run as a traditional RDA
  • Very hard to over drip
  • Squonk hole is split for even juice disbursement
  • Coil jig included
  • Size
  • Single coil


Vandy Vape Pulse 22 RDA
$19.95 $39.95

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