Vandy Vape Mesh V2 Review

Updated on: 2019-11-14


What’s up, Insiders. DeucesJack. Today, we’re going to be going over the Vandy Vape Mesh V2 RDA. This one’s got a Profile style deck. The big question is, does it vape better than the Profile? Make sure you watch the whole review, find out exactly what I think and to find out if it will make our RDA vape list where we list out top RDAs currently on the market.

authentic vandy vape mesh v2

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From Top to Bottom

Check that out. I’m diggin that blue. It’s going to be a little schmutzie but it’s nice. Loving that drip tip. On the bottom here, you get this little plastic piece. We’re going to tear that off. You can see, we got a gold-plated 510 mesh V2, it’s serialized. Insulator ring around the 510, stainless steel threading around that. On the top here, you can see, looks like we got the air flow coming in from the top. Let me show you the air flow adjustment. You’re adjusting the air flow, two holes at a time. Nice knurling over here, I’m diggin that. Got a nice grip of it. I’m loving this color blue. You can see, top cap comes off, like so. So it’s a two-piece barrel section. There’s your air flow slanted down, kind of like that Dead Rabbit style type of air flow, the way they slanted it down. Hopefully, this don’t hit you in the face when you purge. Drip tip, 810 drip tip, goon style drip tip, o ring on the inside. All your other goons will fit fine. But this looks like it’s going to be real comfortable. Really nice drip tip but I like that a lot. Take a look at those airflow holes right there. You got a bunch of them. There’s your Vandy Vape Mesh branding right there, subtle, I don’t mind it at all.

authentic vandy vape mesh v2 rda rebuildable dripping atomizer matte black stainless steel

Pop this thing off. You can see, nice barrel, feels of nice quality, doesn’t feel tinny or cheap so that’s nice. Over here, you can see, just like the Profile, it’s got that spring-loaded deck that pushes the cotton up into the arch of the mesh. I do like that. I think that’s a great deck design, I really do. I know a lot of people have copied it but I think it’s fantastic. I think it’s a really, really nice deck design when it comes to mesh. I think it’s the best deck design out there when it comes to mesh. Inside there, you can see, Phillips head deck screws. I do like that. Loosen them up and check that out. Those clamps just back off on their own. I like that action. That’s kind of cool. Let me see if I can show it to you again. See that clamp action? When you back off the screwdriver, the clamp comes out. I like that. You don’t have to knock it to the side. That’s a nice job. Check that. I will open them up just so when we build it. Nice big deep juice well. Look how deep that juice well is. That’s pretty deep. Not going to lie. Because this is a mesh deck, we’re going to swap it out for the squonking pin because I believe with mesh RDAs, I like to squonk better than I like dripping. We’ll take this off the stand.

authentic vandy vape mesh v2 rda rebuildable dripping atomizer matte black stainless steel

Let’s take out the traditional 510. Put my finger there just in case anything falls out. Here’s something interesting. Once you get the first piece of that 510 out, you have to get this piece out first. In order to do that, you have to release the screw in the middle of the ceramic piece. This one right here. Let’s kind of pop it, turn it. Try not to take the ceramic piece out. It’s very hard not to. By the way, they should have given you a screwdriver wide enough to take out this second 510. Would have been nice. Now you see the whole thing just falls apart. Anyway, let’s just pop it out. Let me show you what we’re working with here because you literally need surgeons hands to put this shit back together. Really, probably may be one of the most annoying squonk pin swaps I’ve ever done. I can’t even believe somebody would actually design something like this. It’s asinine, it really is.

authentic vandy vape mesh v2 rda rebuildable dripping atomizer matte black stainless steel

Get your squonk pin, pop it in there, give it a couple of spins with the thread. Get it in there. Don’t worry about tightening it down yet just make sure it’s in there. Now what I’ve done is, look at this shit you got to work with here. Look at that tiny ass spring and that’s your ceramic block. You got to make sure they don’t come apart because they’re hard to get back on. If they do come apart, you take your spring and put it on here on the squonking pin first and then put the block on and then put the screw that’s going to secure everything together. Let me show you what we’re doing here. I’m just going to do it the way I’ve been doing it because this is way too dainty for me, though. This is not my jam at all. I hate shit like this, I really do. Now you put the block on like that. Now you can see, I got to block the spring. Once you got the spring in the block on, you kind of want to take your screw and you just want to like drop it in there just like that. Now you see how that’s perfectly lined up? I know I made it look simple but believe me, it ain’t that simple. Once you get that screw flat in there like that, then you just tighten it down. Nice and tight and you can see, I still got my spring-loaded action. On the bottom, you might want to give it a tightening as well. Get your hex key in there that they provide you and just give it a little twist. Make sure it’s nice and tight and that’s how you swap out the squonking pin. Maybe the worst squonking pin I ever installed. Absolutely ridiculous that you have to have dainty fingers for that spring and all that nonsense, just stupid as hell.

authentic vandy vape mesh v2 rda rebuildable dripping atomizer matte black stainless steel

Here is something interesting, though. If you’ll notice, I don’t know if you can see that, you see my finger? The slot right here is the part that holds the squonking pin in place, actually has a hole in it. You can see my finger through there. See? See it going? That’s where your juice is going to come from. Your juice is going to come from the top right there. It’s going to squonk from right underneath the cotton so that is kind of cool.

authentic vandy vape mesh v2 rda rebuildable dripping atomizer matte black stainless steel

What’s in the Box


1*Vandy Vape Mesh V2 RDA

1*Squonk Pin

1*Spare Parts

1*User Manual

2*Vape Cotton Laces

1*KA1 M Coil 0.15ohm

1*NI80 M Coil 0.15ohm

1*Dual M Coil 0.15ohm

1*SS316L M Coil 0.12ohm

authentic vandy vape mesh v2 rda rebuildable dripping atomizer matte black stainless steel

Also included in the box, you’re going to get a bag of spare parts and stuff. You get a blue Phillips head screwdriver, a coil bending tool, a 510 drip tip adapter. I have the traditional pin in there but that’s where your squonking pin is going to be. Some spare deck screws and some spare springs. You also get these aglets of cotton, two pieces, big enough to wick a strip. We’re going to go over the strips in a second.

Now this is interesting. You get four strips in this pack. You get Kanthal, 0.15. It’s a dual M strip, good for 45-70W. Then you get an Ni80, 0.15, good for 55-70W. You get another Kanthal one, 0.15, good for 50-65W, and then you get two stainless steel one. It’s good for 50-70W, ohms out at 0.12. But let me show you what I got here. I don’t know if they just made a mistake because mine is the sample packaging. I don’t know. Mine doesn’t look right for some reason. I don’t see the double coil in mine. Let me show you what I’m talking about. This, right here, is the mesh. I’m not too crazy about that. It doesn’t look like it has any end pieces right there. It just looks like a piece of screening. I’m interested to try it but it looks like it’s going to be a pain to work with. This one looks like the kanthal one. Kind of hard to tell. I wish they had some type of markings on them or I wish they would have at least packaged them separately so I know which one is which. But this one looks like the kanthal one, the 0.15 one. Now I don’t know. You tell me, these two look exactly the same to me. It seems like they gave me two of the Ni80s and they forgot to put in the double mesh which is unfortunate because I would have liked to have tried that one with the solid strip going down the middle. I’m a little annoyed at that to be honest with you. But since I got two of these, we’ll install one of these. We’ll use the Ni80 one.

authentic vandy vape mesh v2 rda rebuildable dripping atomizer matte black stainless steel

Building and Wicking

First thing we’re going to do, we’re going to take our trusty coil master. We are going to put the atomizer on the 521 Tab Plus. Next, we’re going to get our little handy coil bending tool that’s included in the packaging and we’re going to take our mesh strip and we’re just going to bend it right along there, just like so, just to give it some formal shape. And that’s how your mesh should look just like that and now we’re going to take it and we’re going to drop it into place just like that. Once it’s all dropped into place, we’re going to gently put our finger on top of the mesh and we’re going to close that clamp and then we’re going to turn it around. Same thing, gently put your finger on there, gently and now we’re going to close the other clamp just like that. Let’s see what we’re ohming out at. We’re ohming out at 0.13. Let’s give it a quick dry fire, make sure we’re good. There we go. There we go. That’s exactly what we want.

Now we’re going to take our included aglet of cotton or extra thick one. You see that give there, that’s so you can get that aglet in there and push it down a little bit so you can get it through. That’s what’s that for so use that spring action. And now what you want to do is once you get it in there, give it a little bit of a tug, little twist. Gotta make sure it’s nice and tight because by it being tight, that’s going to make sure that you don’t get no dry hits because the problem with mesh is if you have any spots, anywhere along this coil or this mesh strip that where cotton isn’t touching, you’re going to get a dry hit. So just be aware of that. Now what I would do with this is I would clot the cotton right around there. I think you’re going to have to leave the cotton on this one a little longer than you would on an average mesh tank because this juice well looks kind of deep.

So once that’s done, it’s just time to tuck those wicks in. Just get them in there nice and easy. Lots of cotton on this. There’s a ton of cotton, just remember that. But you can see, it’s loose. It’s not being choked off. This side looks a little crooked. Let me see if I can even that out a little bit. There we go. That looks a little better, a little rough on the sides there. Let’s give it a snip. Now what we’re going to do is we’re going to do the same thing on the other side. I’m going to take that cotton and we’re just going to gently tuck it right in there and you see that? See how nice and loose that is? That’s how you want it.

Adding Juice

Juice we’re going to be using today is Clown eliquid, Sweet Tooth. You guys know, I love my raspberry. This is raspberry cotton candy. Awesome, awesome juice. Go check it out. Remember, this is a lot of cotton in there so do not, I repeat, do not be chintzy with the juice. Don’t be scared to juice this baby up. Get that cotton fully saturated. You don’t want to be cheap with the juice. Load it up, get it in there. Get it nice and wet. Don’t matter, let it soak that juice up. Give it a test-fire. Does that smell good. Put our top cap on. The top cap locks into place. It’s got a locking barrel system which is nice. Center that air flow. Notice, you can put the airflow off-center if you want. See that? Let me show you so you can put the airflow off-center if you want or you could center it. We’re going to center it right there. And then once you do that, just take your top cap part and pop it on. Wanted to show you some of the squonking action. I got it on my Aegis squonking. See that? See how it’s coming through the middle? I don’t know if you can see that. It’s actually hitting the coil. Look at that. Coming right through the middle. See how wet that coil is? I like the way they did that squonk. Look at that. Look at it saturating right around the mesh. Nice job on that.

Another really nice job that I might not have pointed out is this third piece. The top cap right here, look at how that shaped how condensed that is. So now what’s happening is when you put this on top right. That thing is reducing the chamber so really, you’re only vaping from this part up. That’s your whole chamber. That’s kind of interesting. Check it out. Look, basically from this part up is your whole chamber so you’re going to get great flavor because you have such a reduced chamber. Really, really ingenious design.


Alright, Insiders! Let’s go after those cons and those pros.

First con is going to be, it’s an inherent con with mesh RDAs. Mesh vapes are very cool. If you like a cool vape, this isn’t going to be your jam.

That squonk pin. That squonk pin is a pain in the ass to install with that little spring. I don’t got the fingers or the patience for it. Thank God I only had to do it once. I wish they would have come up with a better way to put that squonk pin in because I was ready to throw this atomizer against the wall. I gotta point that out.

It’s got a Profile style deck. Some people are just going to bitch and moan. They’re going to be like, “It’s a copy. It’s this, it’s that.” Whatever, I got no dog in that fight but I gotta point it out in the cons because I know people are going to bring it up.

If a vertical coil deck is more your thing then click the link to see my recent review of the Go For Vape Eternal RDA and see why I was such a fan of it’s deck.

But that’s it on the cons. Let’s move on to the pros.


First pro is going to be, you notice right away, after you build it, it has a very, very condensed chamber. More condensed than I’ve seen on other RDAs and I think that contributes to the awesome flavor you get off of it. So that’s a pro.

I love the fact that when you install the squonk pin, the squonk comes up from the middle of the cotton and it saturates all that cotton under the mesh drip. Awesome way to squonk. It’s a pro.

Four mesh strips in the box. I like that. Vandy Vape, you screwed up and didn’t send me the double mesh. Mine was messed up but the fact that the retail versions going to have four different strips in it is a huge pro.

This thing’s got great flavor and clouds. Let me show you what I’m working with here. I got the strip that you saw me install, 68W out at 0.13 on my top side. Check it out. It’s a beast. You’re going to have clouds for days on this thing. Look at it. That was with the airflow only half way open. Here it is wide open. It’s just unbelievable. You saw the camera go dark. I actually put out my lights. My lights that are on me my camera lights, it actually made the camera dark. Unbelievable, just fantastic clouds and the flavor is there but it’s a very cool vape.

Beautiful drip tip. I love the drip tip. I love the way it matches the blue. Awesome job, Vandy Vape.

It’s got a nice, deep juice well. I think that’s what you need with a mesh strip RDA. I think that’s conducive to excellent performance. It’s a pro.

Nice build quality on this one. It’s got a real nice conical design inside.

The airflow on this thing is just super smooth. Here it is wide open. Listen, that just sounds smooth and it’s smooth that way across the whole spectrum no matter how many holes you’re closed off so great job on the airflow, Vandy Vape.

And that’s it, Insiders. Those are my cons and pros.



Material: Stainless Steel + Resin
Size: 25.5*25mm
Colors: Matte Black, SS, Gold, Gun Metal, Blue, Rainbow, Grey
2ML E-Juice Capacity
Enlargement Atomization Area FoR Wider Mesh Wires
4 Types of Mesh Wires Included
Top Airflow Intake For Anti-Leaking
Improved Liquid Flow With Deeper Indentation
Mesh Wires:
KA1 Dual M Coil, 17*9.8mm, 0.15ohm, 45-70W
NI80 M Coil, 17*9.8mm,0.15ohm, 55-70W
KA1 M Coil, 17*9.8mm, 0.15ohm, 50-65W
SS316L M Coil, 17*9.8mm, 0.12ohm, 50-70W
Resin Wide-Bored 810 Drip Tip Included


Let’s talk about this one. Let’s get into it. Let’s answer the big question. Is it better than the Profile RDA? Yeah, man. I’ll address that. Since nobody else seems to be addressing it, I’m going to tell you right off the jump. This has got better flavor than the Profile RDA. It’s got a smaller chamber, it’s got smoother airflow and the flavor is better. There’s no doubt about it. I’m not trying to knock the Profile by saying that. The Profile was the first one to come out. It was the first one they used that spring-loaded ceramic block in the deck. You gotta give the guy props for doing what he did. But Vandy Vape took that idea, ran with it, and made it a little better. I gotta be honest to my subs. I love it as a squonker. I think that condensed chamber really makes the flavor pop. In my opinion, this is the best mesh RDA on the market right now. 10X better that the wotofo sting RDA I recently reviewed.This one is DeucesJack approved.


Check out the link down below. Go get yourself one and you can thank me later.

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And that’s it, Insiders! That’s all I got for you today. You make sure now, more than ever, that you keep living that vape life. We’re out. Deuces.

  • Seven color options
  • Good build quality
  • Easy to build and wick deck
  • Nice resin 810 tip and 510 adapter
  • Four different coils included
  • Good performance for a mesh RDA
  • Great squonk performance and over-squonk protection
  • Locking top cap makes it easy to screw on/off mods
  • Simple and sleek looks
  • AFC came stuck and needed to be lubed
  • Airflow doesn't offer much meaningful adjustment
  • Only one drip tip included
  • Not much of a juice well
  • best used as a squonker
  • Coils don’t offer much variety
  • Airflow could be smoother


Vandy Vape Mesh V2
$34.99 $37.99

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