Thunderhead Creations Jax Tool Kit Review

Updated on: 2019-12-19


What’s up, Insiders? DeucesJack, Today, we’re going to be going over a little toolkit. It’s going to be a quick video. I’m talking about the Thunderhead Creations Jax Tool kit. Basically a traveling type of kit, the type of kit you stick in your bag.

Thunderhead Creations Jax Tool Kit

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The Kit

Nice case. Got like a soft, little rubbery feel to it. Nice zippers, they work nice. I definitely like that. Very, very compact. Easy to put this in a bag. Open up the case and this is a bare-bones case which I kind of like when I’m traveling. You can see, you got a scissor, coiling rod, ceramic tweezers. You have a screwdriver here with a bunch of bits that I’ll go over in a second. You got some kanthal wire, some mini clippers, and some cotton. We’re going to go over them all in detail right now.

Thunderhead Creations Jax Tool Kit

First thing you have, you’ve got these little scissors right here. They got a nice snip to them. They’re nice and sharp. They do the job, no issues with them. Then you got this nice coiling rod right here. This is the type of coiling rod I always use. It tapers up, it goes from 1.5mm, all the way up to 3.5mm. So that’s nice. Here is an invaluable tool for every vapor. This is a ceramic tweezers, this is so you can scrape the hotspots out of your coils while firing. They do have a nice feel to them, no issues with these whatsoever. Here’s your screwdriver, has a pen style clip, some knurling over here. That’s where your bit goes. Has a screw off top right here. Check this out. Look at that. Look at all those bits. But the one problem is they’re all Phillips or flathead bits. None of them are a hex key. I would have rather have had two flat heads, two Phillips, and give me two hex keys. Give me a 1.3mm and give me a 1.5mm and I would have been good to go.

Thunderhead Creations Jax Tool Kit

We’re going to keep this one out and we’re going to put the rest back in there. Put our top cap back on and let me show you how you put the bit in. You put the bit in just like that. There’s no screw, there’s no nothing. It’s got a little bit of a magnet. You can hear it. See? See that? Little bit of a magnet, it’s not too strong, not terrible. This will get you through if you got to build in an emergency. No issues with this at all. The only issue is, I wish they would have added two hex key bits.

Thunderhead Creations Jax Tool Kit

Here are your mini clippers. They are spring-loaded. Got that little lock right there, you can lock them and unlock them. You can lock them in the closed position, just by doing that. Nice clippers, I’ve used them. They do the job. They’re fine for when you’re traveling. No issues at all. Here’s your little bag of cotton pads. Good to have in case you gotta rewick on the road. And here’s the Kanthal wire that they give you. To be honest with you, I’m not even going to keep this in the kit. I’m just going to throw some pre-made coils in the kit for when I use it. But it’s a nice little touch for people who wrap their own coils.

Thunderhead Creations Jax Tool Kit

Overall, I gotta say, it’s a nice little kit. It’s got almost everything you need, sans the hex bits. But the way I would handle that situation is I would just take one of those tri tools that you get in all the atomizers and I would get rid of the kanthal wire and drop a tri tool here. And then you’ll basically handle any situation you have to handle on the road as far as building an atomizer goes. Overall, really nice, complete compact kit.

Alright, Insiders! We’re back on top.

What’s in the Box

Package list:

  • 1*26GA 10m kanthal A1 heating wire
  • 2*Cotton
  • 1*Pointed pliers
  • 1*Coil jig
  • 1*Ceramic tweezer
  • 1*Folding scissors
  • 1*Screwdriver pen
  • 3*Slotted screwdriver head (1.5/2.0/3.5)
  • 3*Phillips screwdriver head (PH0/PH00/PH2)


I use it as a traveler. It’s been in my bag. I’ve been using it when I commute and stuff like that. I think it’s a pretty complete toolkit. I wish they would have included a 1.3 millimeter and a 1.5mm hex driver. We all get all these tanks and everything. It’s easy enough for you to drop a tri tool in there to cover that. But it would have been nice if they gave you the bits for that in the screwdriver kit. I think that would have made this kit a lot more complete. I gotta say, though, I like it. I like the compactness of it. You got enough room in there to throw in a couple of sets of coils if you want to. You can carry some wire with you if you want to. I do like the little kit. It works well, it’s simple, it’s effective. If you’re in need of a travel type of kit or something that you want to keep in your car, like in the glove compartment or something that you want to keep in your all-day carry bag, this is definitely a very viable option. Make sure you check out the link down below.


BRAND Thunderhead Creations
PACKAGE CONTENTS 1*13-Piece Tools Set
Dimensionsus | metric
DEPTH 9.6 mm
HEIGHT 130 mm
WIDTH 10 mm
SKU 9619454
DATE LISTED 12/1/2017


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And that’s it, Insiders. That’s all I got for you today. You keep living that vape life. We’re out of here. Deuces.

  • Cheap price -Good perofrmance rda
  • The sense of cheapness that PC material brings -bad experience caused by low power


Thunderhead Creations Jax Tool Kit
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