THC Thunderstorm Mechanical Squonker Review

Updated on: 2019-10-06


What’s up, Insiders? Today, I got a little bit of a throwback type of mod for you. We’re talking about the ThunderHead Creations, the THC Thunderstorm. This one is a mechanical squonker. Now, quick disclosure, this mod, this kit is not for beginners. This is for experienced vapers that know how to build and know about ohms law. So please keep that in mind while you’re watching this video.THC Thunderstorm Mechanical Squonker

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Check this bad boy out. Look at that. Nice looking mod or what? Really, really nice looking, feels great too. Here’s the TDA, we’re going to go over it first and build it of course. Also included in the packaging, some spare o-rings and three spare deck screws. 

Let’s check out the RDA. a little bit of Thunderstorm branding over there, side airflow. Simple looking RDA from the outside. We have a goon style drip tip right there, Ultem drip tip.

THC Thunderstorm Mechanical SquonkerKind of a narrow bore in the inside, kind of thick. Some people like that. It’s comfortable, I have no issues with it. Fits in nice and snug. Pop that barrel section off, let’s take a look at the interior. You can see, it has a slightly conical design. Definitely, it did have more of a conical shape to it. There are your side airflow slots. You can see, you have these little cuts here that kind of makes the airflow slam against the side of your coil. I do like that. It is a 2 piece barrel section. You can see the cuts there. No option for a single coil so just be aware of that. O-ring tolerance on it is pretty nice. You see right there, you can cut it down pretty easily. Whatever you do on one side will happen on the other.

Here is the deck. You guys know how I feel about decks like this. I hate sharing lead space. Even though the terminals are absolutely massive. Just not a fan of that. Of course, because it’s a squonking kit, the squonk pin comes pre-installed. Big, big, beefy Philips head screws, gold-plated screws on top. I definitely like that. Really nice o-ring tolerance. And here’s something you’re not seeing a lot anymore. It has a ring around the base. I kind of like that as well, especially on the suonker. It kind of seals things up a bit. I like that a lot.THC Thunderstorm Mechanical Squonker

On the bottom of the RDA, no branding at all. There’s your gold-plated squonk pin installed, insulator ring around it. Stainless steel threading around that. The reason there may be no branding on this is that I think I have like a test version, like a prerelease version because they handed this to me at ECC. so I just want to be clear about that. 


Let me put this on the Coil Master 521 Tab Plus and let me throw a build in it for you. I just want to show you those huge post holes again, pretty nice.

The first thing you want to do, you want to take your first coil, you want to kind of guide it in there. Pop it in there, get it in there. Bring it as close as you can to the circumference right here because you want that side airflow slamming up against it. Don’t worry about coil placement. We’re going to fix that all up in a second. Then you want to take your second coil. And this is why I hate these types of deck. I hate jamming them in there and sharing lead space. I just don’t like it. I never did. Push the coil in there, maybe even pull that a little bit from this end. Get it in there. That looks about right. Now what you want to do, kind of want to pinch them together. Get them as close as you can to those posts because we’re going to pull them out anyway. So don’t really matter. Once you got everything in there, take your flathead or your Philips, either one and then tighten them down. Get it nice and tight. Same thing on the other side. That looks really janky but don’t worry, we’re going to fix that all up. The first thing you want to do now is you want to go for the leads. You can get a hold of it pretty easily. And you want to get them as close to the post as possible. Give it a snip. This one looks pretty easy to get so we’ll go after it. You want to get in there, nice and tight. So now that one looks like it’s going to be pretty easy to get into. We’ll get in there. Make sure you don’t snip the leads that you have in there. The other one looks like it’s going to be a little bit of a pain. We’re going to try to move this coil and get it out of the way a little bit, like that. See that? Now it’s out of the way. Now we’re going to get our flush cutters in there, try to pull it out of the way a little bit and just get in there. Boom! All gone. Take your coiling rod and your screwdriver, whatever you use, and you just want to get those coil right in the center, in about that height. The same thing on this side, get in there, manipulate those coils and you want to make sure they’re kind of even. That’s how you want it to look. You also want to measure it against your barrel. You want to make sure airflow is hitting that barrel. See that, right there? See how that coil is going to get slammed by that airflow? That’s how you want it.THC Thunderstorm Mechanical Squonker

Now we’re going to give this a little pulse. We should be ohming out at around 0.15. Right now, we’re at 0.13. Let’s see how we do. We can get that resistance up there a little bit. Just keep stroking them until you get rid of all those hotspots. Let’s see how we’re doing, glowing evenly from the inside out. That’s exactly how you want it. The other thing you might want to do, especially on something like this with big screws, you might want to just check your leads and give it another tightening down because sometimes that heat can loosen big screws like this up. So just be aware of that.


Now we’re going to wick everything up. Take a nice long piece of cotton. And remember, the juice well on this is pretty shallow because it’s a squonker so you’re not going to need long wicks on this. So just be aware of that. Give it a little pull through, just like so. And now you want to cut your cotton right along with that ring on the bottom, that base right there. Same thing on the other side, right along with that base. Repeat the process on the other side, just like that. Now what you want to do, you want to tuck those wicks in. grab your little dental pick, whatever you use, just do a quick tuck and roll. Same thing on the other side. Make sure you lose some space in there, just like so. Same thing on the other side. Grab that cotton with the pick, do a quick tuck and roll. And that’s how you want to do it.THC Thunderstorm Mechanical Squonker

Now that we’re all coiled and wicked, let’s put some juice on this thing. We’re going to be using Ghost Pancake House. We’re going to use some Raspberry hot cake. You guys know how I love my raspberry. Let’s fill up the little a little bit. A couple of drops. Get that working while we paint these coils. Get them nice and saturated. Get a little juice in there. Get it all nice and wet. Put some juice right in there. Now we’ll give it a quick test fire, make sure we got vape. Oh yeah, we got vape and it smells delicious.

Now we put that top cap back on and now you can see that coil is right in front of that airflow, exactly where you want it. Let’s take our goon drip tip, pop that in and now we’re going to put this deck for a second while we go over the mod


A quick look around the mod. It almost feels like 3D printed. Really, feels nice. Got a certain amount of texture to it, definitely digging it. Some Thunderstorm branding over there. There is your squonk bottle right there. The fire button over here is lockable. Up is locked, down is when you can fire. So if you push it up like that, it’s locked now and it will not fire. So that’s kind of cool. Got a nice little place for venting here and you can also get a finger to pull the battery door off. Some THC branding on the top. I really like this swirly design on the 510 plate. I like that a lot. Here is your spring-loaded squonking pin, stainless steel threading around that. I would say the squonking pin has a short throw with a very tight spring to it. Tight. That’s how it is on most squonkers, though.THC Thunderstorm Mechanical Squonker

If you want to get to your battery compartment, you just pop it open like that. You do get a 18650 battery adapter. You can see, the door is made out of non-conductive material. It has these tabs here and it also has 4 magnets, 2 on the top, 2 on the bottom. Check it out. That door snaps in there and it doesn’t move. It doesn’t move up and down, it doesn’t move side to side. It’s a nice tight door. Now the weird thing about this door, it kind of feels plasticky. But it also has a metal feel. That sounds like metal to me. I don’t know exactly what this material is. It doesn’t have any give to it but it does feel metal. When I first got this, I thought it was 3D printed bt it’s weird. It almost feels like they put some type of textured coating over a metal piece. That’s the type of feel I’m getting from it. I don’t know, it’s kind of weird, it really is. I gotta find out what material it’s made out of. THC Thunderstorm Mechanical Squonker

You can see, you have some ThunderHead Creations branding in side. Black on black battery indicator markings. That’s a bad job, ThunderHead Creations. You guys should know better than that. Spring-loaded battery contacts on the bottom. Button style contacts on top. Negative style is facing up on this so you put the positive side in first and it does fit rather tightly. This thing, it fits in there tight, it really does. Hopefully, it will loosen up a little bit over time. Put that battery door back on and now you’re ready to rock. 

Now when you want to access your squonk bottle, this part comes off like this. Look at the nice job they did on this. The seams, there’s no spacing or anything like that. They did a nice job. I like the contour, I like the hole that they put there for the squonking. Just a bang-up job. Here is your squonk bottle. Nothing outrageous, it’s just a regular squonk bottle. You have 4 magnets that coincide with 4 magnets on the squonk door. See this pin right here? Definitely a little bit on the short size. I wish it was just a millimeter or so longer. It would have been better. Now we’re going to take the squonk bottle, going to unscrew the cap. There’s your tube right there. We’re going to fill this bad boy up. Take our raspberry hotcakes and just give it a nice squeeze. Get that all filled up. Want to leave a little bit of space because you want to be able to displace the tube. A little pro tip, before you put the tube in, give it a light squeeze. Put the tube in and then as you’re screwing the tube on, lay off the pressure on the bottle and you won’t get any leaking off the top. See? It doesn’t come up on the top.

THC Thunderstorm Mechanical Squonker

Now when you’re all done, you take your bottle, put it on that little nipple right there and then gently slip it on and slip the bottle into place and now you can see, we got juice coming up. Now you take your squonk door, pop that back on, and now we’re ready for our atomizer. Take your atomizer, screw it down just like so. Make sure we’re in firing position. Remember, when we’re in the up position on the button, it will not fire. You want to be able to fire it, slide that button down and now it fires. Just remember that.

Let’s see some of the squonking action. See that juice coming up? Let me give you one last look at it all put together. 


THC Thunderstorm Mechanical Squonker

  • 1 x Mod
  • 1 x RDA
  • 1 x Accessory Bag


Alright, Insiders! Let’s get into those cons and those pros.

First, con is going to be, I don’t know why they went with a dual coil atomizer on this one. It’s only a single 21700 battery. I think they would have been much better off going with a single-coil atomizer. The atomizer they put on there, doesn’t even have a single coil option. I just think they would have been better off going with a single coiler. That’s just my opinion. 

Black on black battery markings, that’s a con. THC Thunderstorm Mechanical Squonker

And that pin that attaches to the squonk tube to the bottle, it’s a little bit on the short side. I would have like to have seen it a millimeter or so longer.

But that’s it on the cons, real nitpicky stuff. Let’s get into the pros.


The first pro is going to be really nice form factor. I’ve been enjoying the way it feels in my hand. It’s nice and light, yet feels really solid and well built. It’s a pro.

It takes 3 cells. You can run a 20700, a 21700, or a 18650 with the included adaptor. That’s a pro.

Love, love, love that locking fire button. Allows you to put this thing in your pocket with no worries. Awesome job, THC, pro.

Solid squonk door and battery door.

True one-handed squonker. You can trigger finger fire it and then you can squonk with this finger. I love designs like that. I gotta chalk that up as a pro.

This thing hits nice. Check it out. Any questions?

And the last pro is going to be, it’s a very light kit but it does not feel cheap. I like that, it’s a pro.

That’s it, Insiders! Those are all the pros and cons. Let’s chat about this one a little bit. 


This is a really simple kit. Feels great in the hand. It’s got really nice capacity. I just wished they went with a single-coil atomizer in this kit. I don’t see it running that well with a dual coil. I like running my Wasp Nano on this thing, or I run my Torrent Solo on it. In that mode, it’s fantastic. This thing does great with a single-coil atomizer. I think having a dual coil atomizer on this is really not the right match. I think the single-coil would have been a lot better. If you’re going to pick yourself up one of these things, make sure you pick up a single coil atomizer with it and I promise you, you’ll be really happy. Make sure you check out the link down below.


Let’s go over some of the specs on the THC Thunderstorm mechanical squonk kit. It measures in at 54mm x 87mm x 30mm. It is a mechanical mod which means it’s not for beginners. It has an 8ml capacity. It takes 3 different cels. It will take the 21700, a 20700, or a 18650 battery with the included adaptor. Construction is mainly stainless steel and aluminum alloy.THC Thunderstorm Mechanical Squonker


  • Mechanical mod
  • Measurements: 54mm x 87mm x 30mm
  • Material: PA & GF
  • Silicone bottle capacity: 8ml
  • Lock switch
  • Compatible with a single 21700/20700/18650 (use included adapter)


  • Measurements:24mm x 28mm
  • Material: Aluminium alloy & SS
  • 810 PEI drip tip
  • Gold-plated 510 BF pin
  • Dual Coil compatible build deck


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That’s it, Insiders. That’s all I got for you today. It’s more important now than ever that you keep living that vape life. Make sure you fight for our right to vape. I’m out of here. Deuces.

  • Nice form factor
  • Takes 3 cells
  • locking fire button
  • Solid squonk door and battery door
  • one-handed squonker
  • hits nice
  • very light kit
  • Dual coil automizer
  • Black on black battery markings
  • Pin attached on the squonk pin


THC Thunderstorm Mechanical Squonker
$23.99 $59.95

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