THC Tauren Max RDTA Review

Updated on: 2020-05-19

Five-Star Rating System


– 4
I think it’s got a real solid look to it. I love running it on the carbon in shorty mode. It’s available in a bunch of different colors, and it’s got some really nice build quality to it. In this category, we’re going to give it a solid 4 stars.


– 4.5
I love the innovative deck. I’ve said it before. It’s like a reverse drop style deck where you give it a haircut on top. I’m digging that. I like the fact that coil placement is very easy, extremely easy to wick. I think it’s a great build deck, especially for somebody who’s never built before. It’s super easy to build on. In this category, I got to give it 4.5 stars, one of the biggest scores I’ve ever given any atomizer in this category.


– 4.5
This is going to score high again. I told you guys, it’s one of my favorite RDTAs ever. And I’m not an RDTA guy. I’m more of an RTA, RDA guy. But I love using this in shorty mode as a squonker. I get banging flavor. If I want to chuck weather systems, I just open up that airflow and let it fly, baby. We’re going to give this 4.5 stars in the performance category. Another really high score.


– 4.5
I’ve been seeing it anywhere from $21-28. Now the problem with this is if you’re going to get it on the cheap side, you’re going to have to order it from China. You’re probably going to have to wait. But I’m telling you, this one is worth the wait. However, I can’t ding them because you got to order it from China. I feel bad dinging them on distribution. I still think it’s a good value, ultimately. The thing that sucks is you’re probably going to have to wait for it. But if you can get it for under $30, it’s a really good value with a high-quality vape on an RDTA. I got to give it another 4.5 stars.


– 4
We’re going to take all these stars, we’re going to add them up and come up with a total of 17.5 stars. We’re going to take these 17.5 stars, we’re going to divide it by four, and we’re going to come up with a total score of 4.375. And I got to tell you, I was a little shocked when I saw the score, mainly because I really don’t hand out high scores. And this is one of the highest scores I’ve ever given an atomizer. But I want to put it in perspective. It’s a high score for an RDTA. So just keep that in mind as well. When you’re looking at the score.


Let’s get into the pros of the Thunderhead Creations Tauren Max RDTA

  • Packaging: I love the packaging on this thing. I love the way Thunderhead Creations package their stuff. They do a bang up job with it.
  • Wide Airflow Range: The THC Tauren Max RDTA has a super wide airflow range. You can go from a really restrictive DL, almost a mouth-to-lung, to a wide open, airy vape. The range on this thing is phenomenal.
  • Innovative Deck: I like its’ innovative, Y-shaped deck, that reverse drop style deck. Awesome job, Thunderhead Creations.
  • Nice Build Quality: The THC Tauren Max RDTA has some nice build quality.
  • Easy to Build & Wick: This is super, super easy to build and wick.
  • Squonkable: The THC Tauren Max RDTA is squonkable, you airflow hogs are going to love this thing.
  • Gobs of Airflow: This thing’s got gobs and gobs of airflow.
  • Tons of Extras: You get all the o-rings, you get 510 drip tip adapter, you get four different 510s. Thunderhead Creations did a great job giving you extras. You get the extension kit, the little pipe, the glass. Awesome, awesome job.
  • Nice Flavor: The THC Tauren Max RDTA has really, really good flavor. In fact, the way that I like to run it the best is I shut the bottom airflow off completely. And then I shut the top airflow of the side airflow, and I get a banging flavor on this thing. And you guys know I’m really not an RDTA guy. I vaped this at 0.1 at 100W, and used Apricot Custard in it. It’s fully saturated, very dense, very flavorful. I got to tell you, this is probably my favorite RDTA that I’ve ever tried. It’s up there, man. It’s fantastic. And if you open up that airflow, that wide open airflow, and you crank some more wattage through this thing, this thing is a massive cloud chucker.
  • Juice Capacity: I like the capacity and the fact that you get two different capacities.
  • Airflow: The airflow on the THC Tauren Max RDTA is smooth, I got the top row of the side, airflow shut bottom airflow shut, check it out. It’s just nice and smooth. I thought all that metal in there was going to create some turbulence. It’s pretty smooth. A little bit on the noisy side, but I expect that with an RDTA.


Let’s get into the cons of the Thunderhead Creations Tauren Max RDTA

  • Too Much Airflow: The Thunderhead Creations Tauren Max RDTA’s got way, and I mean way too much airflow. You airflow hogs are going to love it. But man, I got the side and the bottom open. It’s like breathing. There’s literally no restriction. The only restriction you get his all that metal in the deck. It’s incredible. You airflow hogs are going to love it. People who like flavor probably aren’t going to like that end of the spectrum of the airflow because it’s going to dilute the flavor.
  • Short Drip Tip: Not a fan of that short drip tip. It’s beautiful, but I just wish it was a little longer.
  • You’ll Get Bacon Lips (with the Drip Tip): You’ll get some bacon lips on this one if you build low and chain vape. There’s a lot of metal inside this RDTA. I think it heats up the addie unusually higher as opposed to most RDTA. So if you chain vape the Thunderhead Creations Tauren Max RDTA at like 95-100W, that top cap is going to get hot and you’re going to get some bacon lips.
  • Hard To See the Airflow Holes Closing: When you adjust the airflow for the Thunderhead Creations Tauren Max RDTA, it’s very, very hard to see those holes close up. I wish they would have made the cutout part on the top cap a different color so I can see what I’m adjusting here.
  • THC Distribution: This is a con I have to include just because the Tauren Max is a Thunderhead Creations atomizer. I hate doing this but I have to be honest with my readers. They don’t have the best distribution. They make great products. I love their solo RDA. I think The One RTA is the best single coil RTA on the market right now. The problem is every time you order, you got to order from China. Nobody really has their stuff in the States. Hopefully, Thunderhead Creations fixes that and get some distribution in the States. Let’s go, Thunderhead Creations.
  • Fill Port: You kind of got to angle your bottle in there. I wish there was a little bit more space. Actually, in this case, I probably would have liked some type of side fill. But otherwise, real, real nitpicky stuff. Not a lot of stuff that’s a deal breaker.


What’s up, Insiders? DeucesJack at Vaping Insider. Today, we’re going to be going over an RDTA. Yeah, it’s been a minute since we’ve done an RDTA.
taurenmax-prodimgLet me show you everything about the Thunderhead Creations Tauren Max RDTA.

What’s In The Bag

I got the Tauren Max RDTA in gunmetal. One thing I really like about Thunderhead Creations, I like their packaging. I like the fact that they put their stuff in these little sacks and tubes. It’s kind of neat, it really is. They do a nice job with their packaging.
You get a bunch of spare o-rings, a chimney extender, some spare deck screws, you get a bunch of squonk pins of different length because you can extend the size of the tank, which I’m going to show you the one that I’m using later on in the video. I put the extension on. You get a flat head screwdriver that is rather nice. This is your Tauren Max RDTA, this is your 13mm extension glass. I like the way Thunderhead Creations packages that stuff, they just do a really nice job. There’s the extension glass right there. You need to use the chimney extender in order to run this glass. That’ll make sense in a minute when I show you the RDTA.

From Top To Bottom

Here is the Thunderhead Creations Tauren Max RDTA, again, in this nice little metal tube. Another nice thing that Thunderhead Creations does is see that? It’s on its own addie stand.taurenmax03

So that’s kind of cool. If you need an addie stand, you can just keep this off the tube, and you can screw and addie into that. Really nice gunmetal. Look at that drip tip. That drip tip is just gorgeous. Branding, that’s pretty subtle. It don’t bother me.
You can see we got bottom airflow, we got side airflow with honeycomb. I’m going to take this off the stand, I’m going to break it all down for you in a second. You can see the shorty glass. You can see that’s the shorty glass. But this thing is also squonkable so some people might want to leave it in shorty mode, especially if you’re going to run it on a squonker ,you might want that lower profile. Gorgeous, gorgeous drip tip. Check that out. Goon style drip tip, all your other drip tips should fit fine in there. You can see the o-ring on the inside. Definitely a snug fit. But once you get some juice on that, it’ll loosen up a little bit. Top cap comes off, like so. There’s the deck, we’re going to go over that in a second.

Let’s go over the top cap of the Thunderhead Creations Tauren Max RDTA for now. You can see a semi-conical design. You can see these plugs right here. They do two things. They plug up your juice fill port and they also lock the barrel in place. Nice job on that. Let’s pop this thing open.
See, there’s your airflow adjustment right there. You can see it steps down. Kind of cool. There it is wide open. Nice cuts, nice machining, nice knurling over here. You can get a really good grip on it. I like that. And now you can see the conical design a little better.

As far as the barrel section of the Thunderhead Creations Tauren Max RDTA goes, there’s your honeycomb airflow right there, there is your bottom airflow.
They work independently of each other. You can either run both airflows open for a super airy vape, or you can shut one down or another. Or you can run them in combination, keep the bottom halfway open, the top fully open, vice versa. Whatever way you want to mix it up, you can do that. Look at the thickness. Nice thickness on the barrel. Really, really nice machining, loving that gunmetal, they did a nice job on this as far as build quality goes.

So here’s the deck for the Thunderhead Creations Tauren Max RDTA, like a y shaped deck, right? Kind of unique.
It’s almost like a reverse Drop deck. Instead of dropping your coils in from the top, what you’re doing is you’re sliding them in from the bottom. Your leads are going to point out here, and you just give it a haircut, wick it up and you’re ready to go. Now here’s the bottom airflow right here. Obviously, the side airflow is going to come in from the side here, but right here is the bottom airflow. There’s the chute for the bottom airflow. If you look inside, you can see, I’m going to take it apart in a second, but you can see the squonk section, I’ll show that to you in a minute. Here are your two fill ports right here, they get plugged up when you put the barrel on. Here are your wicking ports right here. You just dip your wick into there. Right here, these are hex keys, and you just open them up just like that.


Let me show you the bottom of the Thunderhead Creations Tauren Max RDTA. And let’s take this thing apart.
On the bottom, you can see we got a gold plated 510. This is a non squonk mode. We’re going to put it in squonk mode in a second, I’m going to show you exactly how to do that. We’re also going to keep it in shorty mode because I already got one in tallboy mode. In order to take this thing apart, you just screw up the bottom base, just like so. And it just comes off just like that. Again, really, really nice machining. Very, very impressed with the machining.
Now you can take their flat head screwdriver that’s provided. You take that out right there, just like so. Keep your finger on the deck, and it comes out like that. Now what you want to make sure you do before you swap out the pin, make sure you take this peek insulator right here, take it off the original pin and put it on the squonking pin. Don’t run this without the peak insulator, safety first. You want that squonking pin with the peak insulator, and you can see the hole right there for squonking.

Once that’s installed correctly, again, keep your finger on the deck and just push this thing in and screw it down. Now you can see, there’s a flathead cutout right there. So you can use the provided flathead screwdriver to install the squonking pin. Just please make sure you put that insulator ring in there. That’s very, very important. Okay, and there you go. Now it’s installed. And now let me show you. See right there? See that little slot right there? That’s where your juice is going to drop down from when you squonk. Okay, so now it’s in squonk mode. Now in order to reassemble it, we take the base, and there’s a lot of threads. So just spin it on there just like that, make sure you tighten it down nice, nice and tight. And now it is in full squonk mode.


Let’s put it on a stand, let me show you how to build the Thunderhead Creations Tauren Max RDTA. So the first thing you want to do, you want to open up all those posts. Once they’re all open, you take your coil, shove it in from the bottom, and your coil is going to look something like that.
It’s going to look a little at a joint, what you want to do is, you kind of want to hold it in place, and you might want to get a coiling rod to do that, You might want to just get a coiling rod and hold it right where you want it, just like that. Get a coiling rod, hold it into place, make sure it’s right above that airflow. Then while you’re holding it in place, take your hex driver and just tighten it down. Don’t go crazy, give it a nice tightening, just like so.

And now, with your coiling right in place, you can make your coiling adjustments. But look how easy that was. Look how perfectly installed that was. And look how easy that was. Crazy easy to build on. Now what you want to do, is you just take your leads, and you just give them a haircut right on top here.
Boom. Pull them forward a little bit. Get that flush cutter in there. Boom. Haircut. One side already installed. Now we’re going to turn it around. And we’re going to repeat the process. Now we’re all built. Check that out. Kind of neat, really, really easy to do.

Let’s see what we’re ohming out at, 0.13, that might come up a little bit. Now here’s one thing that’s kind of annoying with the Thunderhead Creations Tauren Max RDTA is that you really can’t stroke the coils. You got to kind of do them one at a time. You can’t stroke them at the same time, which is kind of annoying. But whatever. It’s no big deal. It’s so easy to build. If it takes a couple of extra seconds to get the hot spots out, who cares? That’s the way I feel about it. Get all the hot spots out. Now it looks to be glowing evenly from the inside out. Now we’re going to take this thing and I’m going to show you how to wick it up.

So now we’re going to take a nice long piece of cotton because we’re wicking two coils. We’re going to make it nice and pointy on one end. Give it a nice little point so we can get it through the coil. We’re going to pop that point right through, just like so.
Nice resistance. You hear that? That’s exactly how you want it. And now, how you want to cut a cotton on an RDTA in general, is go right down to where the glass starts, right there. Get your vape shears and give it a snip. Same thing on the other side, go down to where that metal starts, get your vape shears, pop it right off, just like that. Now we’re going to repeat the process on the other side. There we go. All built and wick. Maybe the other side is a little longer. We’ll pull it out a little bit, even it out a little bit, but that’s absolutely perfect right there.

Now, this is the reason I really love the scissors, the vape shears, they’re nice and pointy, and I don’t have to go around switching tools out. What I can do is I can just take them and tuck them in with the points of the scissor.
See? That’s why I love the vape shears. Not only are they great scissors that cut great, but they’re great for placing your wicks. Same thing on this side. Pop that cotton in there, just like so. And you see how it kind of peaks out? That’s how it should be. Kind of peeks out, that’s how you want. And that’s it. It’s all built and wicked.

Juice Test

Now what we’re going to do, is we’re going to juice this Thunderhead Creations Tauren Max RDTA. So now what you want to do, I’m going to be using some That1Vape’s apricot custard. Now what you want to do is you want to wet that coil, wet that cotton up, get it started. Do the same thing on the other side, get the cotton started, kind of paint it up a little bit.
And then right here is your fill port. You want to stick your bottle in there. Give it a squeeze. Nice squeeze until you see it coming out the other end. You’re going to watch over here. There you go. Now it’s all filled up. Maybe juice that cotton a little more, get it started. And let’s see if we got vape. Oh yeah, we have vape. There we go.

Now, like I said, the nice thing about this RDTA is that it locks the barrel into place. Let me show you what I’m talking about. See that? It locks that barrel right into place.
The coils are right in front of the airflow. Now we’re going to lock this down. Boom, boom. And now let me show you how the airflow works. See how the airflow works independently? I can shut down the top. I can shut down the bottom if I want to. See that? I can open up the top. See the honeycomb? I can do it in any combination that I would like. I could open up the bottom halfway, a little bit if I want some more air. Just be forewarned. This is an extremely airy RDTA.

One last look at it all put together.taurenmax17


Let’s go over some of the specs on the Thunderhead Creations Max RDTA.

  • Dimensions: 25mm in diameter, 44mm tall
  • Feature: Has a Y-shaped build deck
  • Feature: Has a 32-hole honeycomb side airflow feature
  • Juice Capacity: 2ml (shorty mode) or 4.5ml (big boy mode)
  • Feature: A squonkable RDTA
  • Colors: Black, Gunmetal, Rainbow, Blue, Gold, Stainless Steel


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And that’s it, Insiders. That’s all I got for you guys today. I’m going to catch you guys on the next one. In the meantime, you keep living that vape life. We’re out of here. Deuces.

  • Packaging
  • Wide Airflow Range
  • Innovative Deck
  • Nice Build Quality
  • Easy to Build & Wick
  • Squonkable
  • Gobs of Airflow
  • Tons of Extras
  • Nice Flavor
  • Juice Capacity
  • Airflow
  • Too Much Airflow
  • Short Drip Tip
  • You'll Get Bacon Lips (with the Drip Tip)
  • Hard To See the Airflow Holes Closing
  • THC Distribution
  • Fill Port


THC Tauren Max RDTA
$35.99 $40.00

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