Smok T-Storm Review

Updated on: 2020-02-20

Five-Star Rating System


– 2.5
In the looks department, I gotta give the Smok T-Storm 2.5. I know I’m going to get a lot of hate on this. I’m not really a Star Wars fan. I grew up in the 80s, just never been a fan of Star Wars. For you Star Wars people, you are probably going to love it. But for me, it’s just ‘meh’ when it comes to the looks. So we’re going to give it a 2.5, an average score.


– 3.5
I gotta say, the Smok T-storm has a nice curve, a nice feel in the hand, I’ll give it a solid 3.5 because I like the way it feels in the hand. It feels solid. It’s got different textures on it. I like that. We’ll give it a 3.5 total score in the form factor category.


– 2.5
I got to give the Smok T-Storm another average performance score. I’m giving it a 2.5, only because it really doesn’t do TC well. No Smok mod really does TC well. Once they get their act together and start taking TC seriously, they’ll probably start scoring higher on my chart. For now, it’s a fine mod in power mode, but don’t expect to do TC with it.


– 5
If you’re just a power mode vapor, if you’re into Star Wars, if you want something that’s nicely built at this price point at $20, the Smok T-Storm is an extreme value. We’re going to give it a 5 in the value category.


– 3.375
Divide all those stars by 4 and you get a total score of 3.375. We’re going to leave it at around three and a quarter. Three and a quarter stars is where I would put the Smok T-Storm. That’s just about right as far as I’m concerned.


Let’s get into the pros.

  • Build Quality: First pro is build quality, Real solid, man. Especially for Smok. Feels like a nice, solid piece. I gotta give Smok credit. This is not an expensive mod. So for a $20 chuck, which is what I think I paid for, you’re getting a really nicely-built mod when you consider what you paid for.
  • Feels Good In The Hand: The Smok T-Storm feels good in the hand. It’s got all these nice little contours and curves to it. It’s got different textures on it. Again, for a $20 mod, feels really nice in the hand.
  • Holds 28mm Atomizers Without Overhang: The Smok T-Storm holds 28 millimeters without any overhang. I got my bling bling Bulk on top of that. I think it looks really nice. No issues at all. Works well. I got no issues with this one at all.
  • Fire Button: The fire button on this is nice and tight, not wobbly or anything like that. Really clicky, it’s a pro.
  • Price Point: I mentioned the price point already, but I believe at under $20, which is what I’ve been seeing this at, I believe that’s what I paid for it, I think I paid $18 and change at one of those websites out there, can’t go wrong. $20 for a $20 chuck, this thing’s an extreme value.
  • Big Color Screen: Nice big color screen with big fonts. For you geriatric people out there like me, you’re going to appreciate being able to read the screen on the Smok T-Storm. It’s a pro.


  • Fingerprint Magnet: First, this thing’s a crime scene, baby. It’s a fingerprint magnet. As soon as you touch it, it’s schmutzy.
  • Not Good TC: This has become an inherent con with Smok mods. They just don’t do Temperature Control very well. This one is no different. It’s a con for all you TC fans out there.
  • Movement On The Screen: The TFT color display screen on the Smok T-Storm has that little dot that moves when you fire a mod. I know it’s a nitpicky con, but I don’t want to see shit moving on my screen. It’s a con. I gotta chalk it up. Smok, I want my screens to stay still. The only time I want to see it move is when I’m adjusting the wattage.

But that’s it on the cons. No real deal-breakers.


What’s up, Insiders. It’s DeucesJack at Today, we’re going over the Smok T-Storm. This one’s for all you Star Wars fans out there.

Smok T-Storm

Check out the Smok T-Storm.

From Top to Bottom

Let’s check this thing out.

Smok T-Storm box

I got the Smok T-Storm in gold and black to review. You Star Wars fans are probably going to dig that this has that Stormtrooper look to it. This is the gold one. Nice, big screen. Centered 510, looks like 28mm, it shouldn’t be a problem.

Smok T-Storm wavy

Some T-Storm branding over here, kind of like a little wavy action. I don’t know if you can see that little dip right there. Definitely feels really comfortable in the hand. I like the change in texture over there. Nice job on that, Smok. Over here, you can see, this thing just picks up fingerprints. It’s like a crime scene. It’s unbelievable, as far as being a fingerprint magnet. This looks like your up and down buttons. It’s not, they’re just there for design. Right here, and here, are your adjustment buttons. There’s your micro USB port for charging and updating. Fire bar mod, nice and clicky. Nobody does the fire bar better than Smok. In the middle, you really can’t click it. Kind of got to be like 60% and above to click it, but it’s got a nice click to it. It really does.

Smok T-Storm topview

On the top here, you can see, centered 510. Stainless steel plate, stainless steel threading. Gold-plated 510 that I would say has a pretty stiff spring with a medium throw to it, but it’s got a nice stiff spring to it. Nice job on that, Smok. On the bottom side of the mod, you can see, there’s your battery door. Push down and over, and it pops up. It’s not spring-loaded, it just pops up manually.


There are your battery markings, black on black. Gold plated button-style battery contacts. That’s a bad job, black-on-black battery markings. And they are marked A and B, but they should be in a different color. Down the tube are gold-plated, spring-loaded button style contacts and there is a red and blue plus and minus sign. There’s also some type of plastic in between here that keeps your batteries separated.

Speaking of batteries, let’s throw some in for this review. Positive side up on this side, negative side up on this side. Close the door, push, and snap it over. It doesn’t move. Pretty solid battery door. I put the Smok T-Storm thing down on desks, it doesn’t pop open.

Menu System

What’s in the Box


  • Smok T-Storm mod user’s manual
  • Battery safety card
  • QC card
  • Micro USB cable for charging and updates


Let’s get into some of the specs on the Smok T-Storm mod.

  • 5 x 48.4 x 32.9 millimeters
  • Colors: Available in Black, Gold, White, Blue, Chrome, and Rainbow
  • Batteries: 2 x 18650
  • Wattage: 230w maximum output
  • Ohms: Will fire own to 0.1ohm in power mode, 0.05ohm in TC mode
  • Display: TFT Color Display Screen
  • Has pre-heat options
  • Has a memory mode


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And that’s it, Insiders. That’s all I got for you today. You keep living that vape life. We’re out of here. Deuces.

  • Build Quality
  • Feels Good In The Hand
  • Holds 28mm Atomizers Without Overhang
  • Fire Button
  • Price Point
  • Big Color Screen
  • Fingerprint Magnet
  • Not Good TC
  • Movement On The Screen


Smok T-Storm
$32.95 $52.95

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