Smok Pozz X Review

Updated on: 2020-05-12

Five-Star Rating System


– 3
I love the look on the Smok Pozz X. I love the colors it comes in. The only thing that’s really going to hurt it in this category is the fact that it doesn’t stand up. I had no other category to ding it in on this one, so I had to use it in the looks category. So we’re going to give this a 3-star rating in the looks department.


– 4.5
I’m going to give the Smok Pozz X a solid 4.5 stars. And the reason being is it takes RPM coils. There’s a bunch of choices out there as far as that line of coils go. And I happen to like that line of coils. I think it’s a very flavorful line that’s been pretty good, as far as the QC goes.


– 2
This is where the Smok Pozz X is really going to lose some stars. The airflow is sloppy. It’s just not precise. In that category, I got to score it below average. I’ve got to give it just a measly 2 stars.


– 2.5
I’m giving the Smok Pozz X 2.5 stars. I’ve been seeing this anywhere from $30-45 as of the recording of this video. At 30 bucks, it’s not a bad deal. $45 is kind of ridiculous in my opinion. If you can get it in the $30 range, it’s not bad. Because it’s on the high side and I’ve been seeing it on the high side of the spectrum, I got to give it an average of 2.5.


– 3
We’re going to take all these stars, we’re going to add them up and we’re going to get a total star count of 12. We’re going to take these 12 stars, we’re going to divide them by four, and we’re going to get an average score of 3, which puts the Pozz X about half a point above what I would consider average. I think that’s a good score for it. This Smok Pozz X pod is no game-breaker. This is no ‘Oh my god’ type of pod/AIO system. I do think I like it better than the Nord 2, strictly because of the screen. The vape quality is pretty much the same as the Nord 2.


Let’s get into the pros for the Smok Pozz X.

  • Color Screen: The color screen for the Smok Pozz X is badass. It’s small, it’s tight, it just looks good. Nice job, Smok.
  • Easy Menu System: The Smok Pozz X has a super easy menu system.
  • Great Coil System: The Smok Pozz X has It’s got a great, well-established coil system.
  • Small & Compact: The Smok Pozz X is small, compact, and extremely pocketable.
  • Nice Build Quality: The Smok Pozz X has some really nice build quality to it. I told you lately, Smok has been stepping up their build quality game.
  • Color Selection: The Smok Pozz X is available in a bunch of awesome colors.
  • Easy To See the Juice Level: It’s very, very easy to see that juice level in the Smok Pozz X. I like it. It’s a pro.
  • Nice Capacity: The Smok Pozz X has a nice 4.5ml capacity.
  • Battery Life: The battery life on the Smok Pozz X has been pretty good so far.
  • Nice Flavor: I’ve been running the nic salt in the Smok Pozz X. It’s got some nice flavor to it. I’ve been getting decent vapor production for what it is. I’ve vaped on the Smok Pozz X at 25W, and it’s not bad for this little guy. The flavor is definitely there. You definitely feel the nic. I doubled up my nic in this thing and I’m definitely feeling it. It’s a nice little device for when you want to be somewhat discreet.


Lets get into the cons for the Smok Pozz X.

  • Loud Airflow: The airflow on the Smok Pozz X is a tad loud.  It’s a little bit on the loud side. It’s not a deal-breaker, but I got to point it out.
  • AFC Control: I don’t feel like I can dial it in. It’s kind of on the sloppy side. I wish the Smok Pozz X had a better range. I just don’t think the airflow control on this is well executed.
  • Not A Good MTL Vape: The Smok Pozz X is not really a good mouth-to-lung vape because of the sloppiness of the AFC.
  • Doesn’t Stand Up: The Smok Pozz X doesn’t stand up. It pisses me off. This is a nice size device for a pod AIO kit. They round it off, they beveled off the bottom. You just naturally go to put this thing down on a desk or a table, and it just flops over. It’s annoying as hell. I don’t know why Smok didn’t square off the bottom. It blows my mind when companies do stupid shit like this.
  • RBA Base Not Included: RBA base is not included in the Smok Pozz X kit. That’s a con.
  • No Type-C Charging: No type-c charging for the Smok Pozz X. Smok, get with the program. Everybody’s using type-c now. You should too.

That’s it on the cons. Not anything really that makes it a deal-breaker. A lot of nitpicky stuff.


What’s up, Insiders? DeucesJack at Vaping Insider. Today, we’re going to be going over a little pod/AIO kit. We’re talking about the Smok Pozz X.
Basically, this thing is like a full-screen version of the Nord 2.

From Top To Bottom

pozzx01Here is the purple X Pozz kit. I don’t know about you, but to me, that looks more like pink than purple. You got a slight raise on the fire button right there. There is your screen. This is a one-button mod. You’re going to use one button to access all the features. There is your micro USB port right on the bottom there. They kind of beveled the bottom, so it really doesn’t stand up. It does, but it’s very wobbly. I hate that. I don’t know why they just didn’t flatten out the bottom. They’re so stupid to make the curve there. Not a fan of that.

pozzx02Here is your pod or AIO tank, whatever you want to call it, on the Smok Pozz X. It’s going to come with this little thing, so it doesn’t accidentally fire while it’s being shipped. We’re going to peel that off in a second.
pozzx03On the inside here, this is where you’re going to get your airflow from right here and here. There are your two gold plated pins. They are going to make contact with your coil once you peel that thing off.
pozzx03.5And on your coil here, you can see, you have adjustable airflow with stoppers. In order to get your coil out, kind of want to dig your fingernail in there and pop it out. It’s a plug and play style coil. We’ll go over the coil in a second.
pozzx03.6In order to fill your tank up, you got this little piece right here we got to get a hold of. It actually has a nice, little tab on the side, which I really like. It’s easier to get a hold of than most. When you’re done filling, you shut it just like that.


pozzx04Now, here’s the RPM coil that comes pre-installed on the Smok Pozz X. This is the 0.4ohm mesh coil, good for up to 25W. You can see the mesh in the middle. It’s an RPM coil. We’ve all seen this before. The spare coil in the kit is the RPM triple coil. You’re going to see 0.6ohm coil, good for up to 25W as well. This is just a regular round wire coil. It’s got a little bit less airflow as well.
pozzx05You can see side-by-side, this one definitely has more airflow than this one. The 0.3ohm has a little bit more airflow. It’s more my jam. I’ve put this one in the blue one that I have and I’ve already vaped on this coil as well. Here’s the blue one I’m talking about. This one’s a little bit more my style. I like the blue a lot better than the purple or the pink, whatever they’re calling it.

Menu Screen

What’s In The Box

pozzx08Also included in the kit, you’re going to get an Smok X Pozz user manual, you’re going to get a verification card, a spare coil, and a micro USB cable for charging.


Let’s get into some of the specs on the Smok Pozz X.

  • Dimensions: 97.3 x 33.6 x 22mm
  • Weight: 97g
  • Output Power: 40W maximum
  • Battery: 1400mAh
  • Screen: 0.96-inch color TFT display
  • Juice Capacity: 4.5ml
  • Coils: 2 RPM mesh coils included in kit (1 x 0.4ohm + 1 x 0.6ohm)
  • Optional RBA Base
  • Colors: Black (Carbon Fiber), White (Carbon Fiber), Black & White (Camouflage), Green (Camouflage), Purple, Blue, Orange, Gray & 7-Color, Yellow


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And that’s it for our Pozz X review, Insiders. That’s all I got for you today. Now more than ever, make sure that you keep living that vape life. We’re out of here. Deuces.

  • Color Screen
  • Easy Menu System
  • Great Coil System
  • Small & Compact
  • Nice Build Quality
  • Color Selection
  • Easy To See the Juice Level
  • Nice Capacity
  • Battery Life
  • Nice Flavor
  • Loud Airflow
  • AFC Control
  • Not A Good MTL Vape
  • Doesn't Stand Up
  • RBA Base Not Included
  • No Type-C Charging


Smok Pozz x
$15.00 $28.95
Joseph Nunez
Joseph Nunez