Smok Mag P3 Review

Updated on: 2019-12-11


I got another one of them bulletproof kits for you. We’re talking about the Smok Mag P3. This is a dual 18650 230W mod and it comes with that beast of a tank, the TFV16. I already did a full review on the TFV16 separately so we’re not going to spend a lot of time with it. But I just wanted to point it out that it comes with it in the kit.

smok mag p3

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From Top to Bottom

smok mag p3This is the Smok Mag P3. Check this bad boy out. I’m really diggin the rubberized feel, that Aegis type of feel that this mod has. Got a nice rubbery feel. I’m liking that faux black andrade carbon fiber type of look. I like this carbon fiber type of look over here. Just a really, really aesthetically pleasing mod. It really is. While we’re on this side, let me show you this. There’s your micro USB port right there, behind that plug. It does stay attached. I really like that. Make sure when you put it back, you press it all the way down so it maintains its waterproofness. Remember, this is IP67, dust, water, and shockproof.

smok mag p3

Check out that ledge. How your hand just slides in there and it just feels great. Really nice job on this thing. Over here, the battery door, Smok did it a little differently. Check that out. A little bit of switchblade action over there. Did you miss it? Let me show it to you again. Bang! And looky here. Look at what we got. Plus and minus signs in white. Bang-up job, Smok. Love it. Great, great job on that. On the bottom, I don’t know if you can see them on camera but there’s a red and a blue plus and minus button. There are also gold-plated, spring-loaded battery contacts down there. This is a dual 18650 mod so while we got it open, let’s pop some batteries in it, just like so. And boom! Hear that click? Let me give it to you again. Check that out. Nice click. I don’t know, this feels like metal and this is definitely metal, yet it’s metal. So metal clipping to metal, I like that. I’m glad they didn’t cheap out and go plasticky on that.

smok mag p3

On top here, got two star screws holding the stainless steel plate in place. You got these four rubber grommets that are probably covering screws that are holding everything in place. Stainless steel threading around here, spring-loaded, gold-plated 510 that what I would say has a medium throw with a medium spring to it. I know everybody’s going to ask, “What fits on top of there, Jack?” Well, here’s the 3mm Aromamizer Glaz RTA. Check that out. Let me zoom out for you so you can appreciate it. No overhang, just swallows it right up. No issues whatsoever. 31s easily. I really don’t have anything bigger that I could show you. Here’s your mod, there’s your trigger finger fire right there. You can trigger it like this. If you want to turn it around, you can thumb fire it as well. If you’re a righty, though, this is the way you want to hold it. You want to trigger finger fire it.

smok mag p3

Screen & Menu System

Five clicks, there’s your Smok splash screen, Mag P3 version 1.0.6. Let me show you this beauty of a screen because this screen is gorgeous. This is a touch screen so you can see, it’s locked right now. Separate battery meters, puff counter in seconds, wattage. I’m in preheat, hard. There’s your resistance, your voltage, your amps, your puffs. If you want to change that lock to unlock, you just go like that, boom! Now you can adjust my wattage all the way up. Scrolls pretty fast, all the way up to 230W. It does not round-robin. But you know what, when it scrolls this fast, who cares? That’s fine. Put it back to 98 where I had it. If I want to go into the main menu screen, I just hit that right there and now here, I can go into my modes, I can go into wattage, temperature Ti, temperature Ni, temperature stainless steel, and back to wattage. Let’s put it into temperature stainless steel. There’s the TCR. I can adjust it. I can adjust the wattage right here and then I just hit the back button. And now you can see, I’m in temperature stainless steel but I’m still in Celsius. So in order to change that, just keep scrolling until it hits Fahrenheit and you’re adjusting in ten degree increments in temperature control mode. Go back to the main menu. Here’s my mode. I kind of like the way they did this. Instead of just making them presets, they called it my mode and here’s number one, number two, number three, and number four. You can just set yourself different presets. That’s kind of cool. Here’s we can get all your information on your puffs. You can clear the puffs. And over here is your general settings. You can go into general settings. You can do a factory reset, accessibility, power on and off. Here’s your themes, color screen. I have this set really high for the video because I didn’t want the screen timing out on me. But now that I’m almost done with the screen, I’m probably just going to knock it down to like 30 seconds. Here’s your screen colors. Red, blue, purple, gold, white and green. I’m going to put it on red so it matches the mod. There you go. You can see that. Here’s your chipset information right there. We did theme and if you want to add a passcode, you can add a passcode to it. So that’s kind of neat, child safety type of thing. You don’t want your kid grabbing your vape, I like that. I’m going to go back to wattage mode and there we go, there is your red screen.

So that’s it, folks. That’s the whole menu system right there. This thing is just badass. I’ve been enjoying it.

Water Test

Alright, Insiders! We can’t do an IP67 review without a water test. So here you go. Mod’s on and it is in the water. No jump cuts, no nothing. You can see, it’s still on, nothing happened to it. Out of the water, you can see it’s soaked, no problem, still works. So it does pass the water test.

smok mag p3

Size Comparison

Before we go on to the size comparison with other mods, I wanted to show you the evolution of this mod. This is the original Mag. It had this release like battery clip that a lot of people had a lot of problems with after a while it kind of worn out. You could see, they kind of went with the same shape but they kind of bang this part out a little bit. And this one was also, I believe, made for lefties, this one. So they came out with a righty mod eventually. But you could see that that was definitely the inspiration for it. I just wanted to show you that so you can see it for yourself. This one was the Mag 225W. This one was not bulletproof, wasn’t IP67 rated but this was the first Mag that I remember.

Of course, if we’re going to talk about indestructible, bulletproof, drop proof, waterproof mods, we can’t have a conversation unless we mention the Geekvape Aegis line. This is the new Geekvape Aegis X. You can see, it’s got a big screen, just like the Smok. And here’s the original Aegis Legend. The Smok might have a screen like the X, it’s nice and big. But in the hand, you get more of a rubbery feel that you got off of the Legend. These two mods, when you compare it to the X, feel totally different in the hand. I think it’s because on the X, you’re getting more of that leather feel when you put it in your hand. You’re not getting that rubbery feel. When you compare to the Legend, when you holding the Legend, you get more of that rubbery feel in your hand. So it does feel more like a Legend. The bottom line is, if you like the X or the Legend, you’re probably going to love this as well. So those are two very popular mods, especially this one, everybody owns a Legend so I wanted to show it compared to those two because that’ll give people a good idea of the size.

What’s in the Box

You also get this TFV16, this beastly tank that I already did a full review on so we’re not going to go over it here. It comes with a pre-installed coil, a spare coil, a spare straight glass and a bubble glass protector. Again, did a full review on this tank, not going to duplicate the effort. Check the link down below. Also inside the packaging, you get a Mag P3 kit, you get a battery safety card, a warranty card, a micro USB cable, and some spare o-rings and gaskets for your tank.

So here we go. One last look at it. Let me put the TFV16 on it so you could actually see what it looks like all put together. Even though I’m not going to review the tank, it is a kit. So I want you to see what it looks like all put together. That beastly tank looks absolutely awesome on top.


Alright, Insiders! Let’s get into those cons and pros. We really got a lot to go over. We’re going to start off on cons because I like to end things on a positive note.

First con is going to be, no doubt about it, this thing is heavy and it’s big. That’s going to turn some people off. It’s a subjective con.

That moving arrow on the screen, on the bottom of the screen, it freakin drives me nuts. I hate shit movin on my screen. I don’t know why they do that. It just pisses me off. I don’t want to see no movement on my screen, anything. I want to see anything moving. I know it’s nitpicky but it annoys the hell out of me. It’s a con.

This is going to be a con for lefties. If you’re a lefty and you want to trigger finger fire it, the screen is going to be on the inside and you’re going to cover it. Conversely, if you’re a righty, it’s made for a righty, and you trigger finger fire, it you’re going to be able to see the screen. So for lefties, it’s a con. For righties, it’s a pro. I got to point it out for the lefties out there. The good news is, if you’re a lefty, and you thumb fire it, the screen is on the outside. It’s kind of the nature of the beast with stuff like this. I remember I think when the first Mag came out, they made it basically for lefties and then they came out with a righty version. I believe I have two, I have both versions. I do have to point it out because there are lefties and righties out there, but there are more righty so for me, I’m a righty, it’s not a con.

I like the fact that they give you a spare glass in the kit. I just don’t like the fact that the spare glass is straight. The bubble glass is pre-installed, give me a spare bubble glass, get rid of that straight. Especially on a beastly setup like this with a tank like this, nobody’s really going to run the straight glass on this tank because this thing’s just going to rip through the juice.

But that’s it on the cons. No real deal breakers. Let’s move on to the pros.


First pro’s going to be, that touchscreen that Smok did, it is simple and effective. They did a bang-up job on the touchscreen. One of the better touch screens on the market.

This thing fires fast.

It’s got great build quality, no rattles whatsoever.

Very comfortable form factor, feels great in the hand.

Solid battery door, love that latch system they use. That thing ain’t going nowhere.

It’s IP67, dust, shock, and drop proof. What’s better than that?

Takes huge atomizers. Look at that top plate, 30mm are no problem on this big boy.

Love, love, love the looks. I think this thing is a looker.

I like the texture on it. I like that rubbery, that rubber tire type of feeling on it. I like the texture, I like the form factor, it’s a pro.

it’s firmware upgradeable.

It’s got a real simple menu system.

And I’ve been diggin the flavor and clouds. Let me show you what I’m working with. I’m at 0.12ohms, 125W with the beastly tank on top, the TFV16. Check it out. Nothing wrong with that. Really nice flavor, really nice clouds. This thing just puts out. There’s no doubt about it.

So that’s it, Insiders. Those are our cons and pros. Let’s talk about this one a little bit.


I gotta give Smoke credit where credit is due. They’ve been absolutely killing it lately. In the last couple of months, they’ve released two mods that are probably my all-time favorite Smok mods. One is that D barrel. I think that mod is fantastic. I’m still using it. And the other one is this P3. I think it’s fantastic as well. It’s come along at a really nice time for me because right now in New York, it’s kind of wintertime. I like those trigger finger mods. What I like about those trigger finger mods is in the winter time in New York, you could be outside walking around at the bus stop, waiting for a bus, you can vape that thing with a set of gloves on. You don’t got to be looking for the fire button. It’s awesome. It’s an awesome winter mod especially with that rubber coating, it doesn’t get cold. So I like this type of mod. I think Smok did a bang-up job with it, it is fantastic. I’ve been enjoying it. That TFV16 tank included, the one that we did the separate full review on, we’ll have a link down below. That’s just a bonus if you buy it in kit form. It’s a fantastic tank. This one is DeucesJack approved.


Alright, Insiders. Let’s go over some of the specs on the Smok Mag P3 kit. It measures in at 91.6mm x 72.3mm x 36mm. It weighs 251 grams. It does have 1.8amp charging. It will fire down to 0.1ohms. It has a 1.9 inch color touch screen display. It is a dual 18650 mod with a 230W maximum. It is IP67, water, dust and shockproof. Modes include power, TC, TCR and preheat. It also has a passcode that you can enable so nobody can just pick up your vape and walk away. It’s available in black, red, green, grey and blue. It also comes in kit form with the TFV16 which has a 9ml capacity and measures in at 64.5mm x 32mm. The tank weighs 94 grams. There are two coils in the kit with the tank. You get a 0.17ohms single mesh coil, and you get a 0.12ohm dual mesh coil.


Want to give a huge shout out to Avenue 40 and Smoke for providing these mods, these kits, for this review. It’s funny, they both sent them at the same time. Smok sent me this gray one and I was already done filming the down low, but I wanted to show it to you. And they also sent me this red one which is like the exact opposite color scheme of the one that I showed you down low. So I just wanted to show them to you on camera. Want to give credit where credit is due to Smok and Avenue 40. We’re going to have links down below.

Don’t forget, Insiders. We gotta fight for our right to vape. Get out there. Tweet it your politicians, email them, call them. You see them in the neighborhood, get up on them, let them know you vape, you vote, and you will not vote for anyone that supports any type of flavor ban. Head on over to our Facebook group. It’s a great group of people over there, knowledgeable, friendly vapers. There’s no drama. You’re going to have a great time over there. It’s a very active group. Head on over there and join up. I spend most of my time there too and I’d love to see you over there.

That’s it, Insiders. That’s all I got for you guys today. You keep living that vape life. We’re out of here. Deuces.

  • Really comfortable to hold
  • Solid construction
  • Micro USB rather than USB C
  • No cool battery magazine
  • Only 18650 rather than 21700


Smok Mag P3
$99.99 $120.99

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