Smok G159 Kit Review

Updated on: 2017-07-25


If you’re looking for a little powerhouse mod with awesome battery life, then the G150 may be the ticket for you. To put it into perspective, the G150 is just slightly bigger than my Pico 25 Kit and my Baby Alien Kit. Yet it has almost double the wattage. That’s pretty impressive for a mod of this size. As far as the shape goes, while it may not be as curvy as a traditional flask, it is extremely comfortable. That being said, it almost feels like this mod was specifically built for lefties. If you are right-handed which most of the world is, when you thumb fire it, the screen is facing your palm. I just don’t understand why Smok did not put the fire button on the other side of the mod. Definitely, would have made more sense to do that.

If you can deal with the few little quirks that I have listed here, you will find that the Smok G150 Kit is a very complete, competent, capable, all around kit. Let’s face it, you also get an absolutely fantastic tank with this kit as well. You could make the argument that this kit will appeal to an extremely wide range of vapers. Yes, it is very similar to the Baby Alien kit but with some pretty significant differences. Those differences being, you get a better tank and almost double the wattage with an internal battery mod. Overall, I just have to say well done, Smok. Be sure to check out our Vapor DNA coupons page for the latest deals when purchasing this mod.

How Does It Vape?

Overall, as far as vape quality goes, you will get a very satisfying vape from the G150 in power mode. Unfortunately, as I addressed earlier the TC leaves a lot to be desired. So if you are a TC vaper, this just may not be the mod for you. If you are a power mode vaper, then everything I described is really not an issue and kind of a moot point. In power mode, it does feel very accurate at all of the different wattages that I tried. I have vaped the G150 as high as 125 watts and as low as 40 watts. In both of those scenarios and everywhere in between, it has felt very accurate.

While the G150 is comfortable to hold, the tank is probably what really makes this kit. Right now, I have the .15 ohm coil installed in my Big Baby Beast. I have it set at 75 watts and I am running one of my favorite blue raspberry juices in it. I am getting a wet, lush, thick, flavorful, cloudy, vape. It is just a wonderful vaping experience.

First Impression Out of the Box

Really love the look of this mod. It has that flask type of look with a slight bend to it instead of that pronounced curve. It’s actually pretty small for a 150-watt device but it does have some heaviness to it. I love the two-tone black and silver look. Of course, the packaging is typical Smok and it does come with a Big Baby Beast tank. I own several Baby Beast tanks but this is the first Big Baby Beast I have ever had. Glad they included this tank in stainless steel because it looks like it matches up beautifully with the G150 mod.

What’s in the Box

  • One SMOK G150 Box Mod
  • One SMOK TFV8 Big Baby Beast Sub-Ohm Tank
  • One V8 Baby Q2 0.4 ohm coil
  • One V8 Baby M2 0.15 ohm coil
  • Spare Glass Segment
  • Micro USB Charging and Upgrade Cable
  • User Manual
  • Spare o’rings and gasket
  • 2 Smok vape bands

Smok G150 Kit Review box

From Top to Bottom

The Mod

Like I said earlier, the top of the mod has an oval shape with a slight bend in it. It almost looks like a huge kidney bean from the top view. The 510 is very nice and in typical Smok tradition. It is firm yet springy with a nice throw to it. The pin itself is gold plated and so far, all of my atomizers sit flush. The G150 will accommodate up to 25mm atomizers with no overhang. Anything over that will look kind of wonky on the mod because of the overall shape of the mod.

Smok G150 Kit Review pin

The fire button is located on one of the narrow sides of the mod right below the 510 connection. The fire button does have a square shape to it yet it still has a curve to the button that kind of wraps around the mod and flows nicely with the lines of the mod. It is on the small side but at the same time, it is comfortable to thumb or finger fire. It is also clicky and responsive. If you want the screen to face outward while firing with your right hand, then you have to finger fire it. If you thumb fire it with your right hand, then the screen will face towards your palm. Because of that, it almost feels like Smok built this mod for lefty’s.

Smok G150 Kit Review screen

The screen that is used on the G150 is one most of us are very familiar with. It is an Alien type of screen that we have all come to know and love from Smok. It is actually the same exact screen that you will find on the Smok AL85 Baby Alien mod. Of course, like all Alien-type screens, the screen displays your mode, wattage, battery life, temperature, ohms, voltage, and, puffs, board temperature, and puff duration. Everything a well-informed vaper needs to know. The screen itself is clear and bright but the font is very small. It can be seen in most lighting conditions but outdoors in direct sunlight, it is a little on the dim side.

Smok G150 Kit Review button

Below the screen, we have the plus minus buttons that are used to navigate the menu system as well as adjusting your wattage and temperature. The plus minus buttons are rocker style buttons that have a raised BB style feel to them. They are responsive and clicky just like the fire button. They also tend to scroll through the wattage or temperature extremely fast. Right below the plus minus buttons, we have the charge update port. This is a horizontally mounted port. Below the port, we have some Smok branding that is well done and subtle.

Smok G150 Kit Review bottom

Flip the mod upside down and on the bottom, you will see some venting on both sides of the bottom plate. There is some G150 branding as well. The G150 does have a 4200 mAh built-in battery. So far, battery life has been fantastic even at 85 watts I have been getting most of the day out of it. When it comes to the battery meter there is a quick drop off when it does hit the halfway point. So it seems that the battery meter is probably not as accurate as it could be. Knowing Smok and all the updates it normally does, this will probably be addressed in a future update. My one complaint about the battery is that the G150 does take quite a bit of time to charge from empty to full but in all fairness, it does take quite a while to discharge as well. 2 Amp charging would have been a very welcome addition to the G150. It’s a shame Smok did not include this on this mod. That little addition would have made this kit very tough to beat in its sub category.

The Tank

I was very excited to get this tank in this kit because I never had a Big Baby Beast. I did always like the Baby Beast tanks but I also felt that they were just too small, capacity-wise, for the way that I vape. I’m definitely enjoying the 5 ml capacity of this tank. The Big Baby Beast has a nice wide bore Delrin drip tip that is really comfortable and tall. This is definitely my type of drip tip and a welcome change from all the short chuff cap style drip tips that most manufacturers have been including lately in some of the newer tanks.

Smok G150 Kit Review tankparts

In typical Smok tradition, we do have a top cap with a swing out style that Smok has made famous. Simply push the top cap down and swing it out and you are ready to fill it up. Once the top cap is slid open, you will see a kidney bean-shaped fill port covered with a white gasket. I do wish the fill hole was bigger on most of the Smok Beast line tanks and this one is no different. You won’t have a problem with a needle nose type of juice bottle but when you use the bullnose type of juice bottle, it can be a messy affair if you are not careful.

The Big Baby Beast has a very short chimney that screws directly into the coil head. Of course, being a Smok tank owner it grants the user access to Smok’s Big Baby Beast family of coils. I do know that there is an RBA base available, however, Smok does not include it in the kit and I will always list that as a con. I do truly believe that any tank manufacturer that has an RBA base available should include it whether they are providing the tank in a kit or stand alone form.

Smok G150 Kit Review tanks

The base of the Big Baby Beast has a really thick o’ring that ensures the glass stays in place and the tank does not leak. It does have dual adjustable bottom airflow. Air flow on the Big Baby Beast is smooth but this is no MTLer. This tank is strictly for airflow hogs that like a direct lung hit vape. Threading on the 510 is smooth and the pin is gold plated.

The Coils

In the G150 kit, you will get two coils for your Big Baby Beast tank. The first one I tried was the Q2 .4 ohm coil head. It is a single parallel coil that Smok has rated from 40 to 80 Watts. Smoks recommended range for this coil is 50-65 watts. I get really nice flavor with this coil and the clouds are fantastic as well. This coil definitely falls into my vaping range. I love the way it vapes and the flavor is excellent. My preferred wattage on this one is right around 60 watts depending on the juice that I am using.

Smok G150 Kit Review coils

The .15 ohm coil is definitely a much cloudier vape. I enjoy running it at around 75 watts and the flavor and clouds are just phenomenal. Definitely my favorite coil out of the two that were included in this kit. I just feel like I can really dial this coil in for the style of vaping I enjoy. Load this coil up with your favorite juice and you will have flavor and clouds for days. It’s just a beautiful compromise of the two in my opinion.

Like I said earlier, there is an RBA head available from Smok as a separate purpose. It is basically a two-post velocity style deck but unfortunately since Smok did not include it in the kit I cannot comment on it.

The Look, Feel and General Aesthetics of the Mod

Love the look and feel of my G150. It has that quasi-flask kind of feel to it. It almost has that flask shape but it’s just not quite there. I would have preferred a more extreme bend in the shape of the mod in order for it to achieve that more traditional flask type of feel. The paint is really not the greatest on this mod. I have had it for about 2 weeks and I have been babying it. Even with the extreme care that I have taken, I have picked up quite a few little scratches and scuffs. There is even some atty rash around the 510. All of this and the mod has never been dropped or mistreated. It is a good mod to take with you if you are on the go and you have a full charge because it is extremely pocketable. For its size, it does have a lot of power when you compare it to other mods of similar size and in its sub category.

Smok G150 Kit Review feel

The Board

The G150 includes the extremely popular Alien chipset. Like all Aliens, it vapes great in power mode. Unfortunately like most Smok mods TC is another story entirely. I have really been disappointed in the TC vape that Smok provides across its whole line. The truth is it’s barely passable as a TC device. I am hoping that sometime in the near future, Smok does up its game in the TC department. I would like to see them do this with an update but I would like to see it happen with their new mods that are coming out as well. While I can only review the mod that a company puts in front of me right now, I have to say that their TC is just not up to par. Hopefully, Smok will address this in the future.

Menu System


Mod Specs

  • 6 to 150W Wattage Output
    • 0.1 to 3.00 ohm Atomizer Resistance Range
    • Temperature Control Suite
      • Ni200 Nickel Support
      • Titanium Support
      • Stainless Steel Support
      • Adjustable Initial Resistance
      • 200 to 600 Degrees Fahrenheit Output Range
      • 0.06 to 3.0 ohm Atomizer Resistance Range
    • Extra Large OLED Screen
      • Four Row and Three Column Display
        • Incredible Data Feedback for Size
      • Output Wattage or Temperature
      • Output Voltage
      • Output Timer
      • Mode and Heating Element
      • Battery Life Indicator
      • PCB Temperature
      • Puff Counter
      • Atomizer Resistance
      • Amperage Output
    • Built In 4200 mAh Battery
      • 1A Micro USB Charge Port
    • Ergonomic Flask Shaped Chassis
      • Comfortable and Compact
    • Side Mounted Firing Button
      • Face Mounted Adjustment Buttons
      • 49mm by 29mm by 75mm

TFV8 Bib Baby Beast Specs

  • 24.5mm Diameter
  • Hinge and Lock Top Fill System
    • Swivels Open and Shut
    • Fill Port
  • 5.0ml Max Capacity
  • SMOKtech Baby Turbo Coil Family
  • V8 Baby Q2 Coil Head
    • 0.4 ohm
    • Single Parallel Coil
    • 40 to 80W
      • 55 to 65W Recommended
    • Organic Cotton
  • V8 Baby M2 Coil Head
    • 0.15 ohm
    • Single Parallel Coil
    • 3.7V Direct Output
    • Organic Cotton
  • Dual Adjustable 16mm by 2mm Air Slots
  • 14mm Delrin Drip Tip
  • Stainless Steel and Glass Construction

  • Complete kit
  • 4200 mAh built in battery
  • Nice 510
  • Look
  • Feel
  • Screen
  • Alien chipset
  • Firmware upgradeable
  • Very pocketable
  • Legendary tank included
  • Top fill tank
  • Great coil selection
  • Easy familiar menu system
  • Size to power ratio
  • Lefty’s will love it
  • Subtle branding
  • Small fire button
  • Takes a while to charge
  • RBA section not included
  • Paint


Smok G159 Kit
$117.00 $175.50

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