Smok G-Priv 3 Review

Updated on: 2020-03-12

Five-Star Rating System


– 3.5
The Smok G Priv is boxy, really nothing innovative. The thing that really sets this thing apart in the looks department is that beautiful, sexy screen. So we’re gonna give it a solid 3.5 stars.


– 3
Again, nothing really special here. It’s kind of boxy. What I do like, what Smok did with this type of form factor is they made sure all the edges are smooth. There’s no rough edges on this thing. So we’ll give the G Priv 3, 3 stars.


– 3
You heard me say it before, basically a power mode mod only. TC in this sucks. If you’re a TC vaper, you’re SOL on this one, but the G Priv 3 does have all the other bells and whistles like preheats and memory settings. So we’ll give the Smok G Priv 3 a little better than average, we’ll give it 3 stars.


– 2.5
I’ve been seeing the G Priv 3 anywhere from $60-80. I think $80 is a little on the high side. $60 wouldn’t bother me so much. Definitely shop around on this one. If you get it for $60, that’s not a bad deal. That’s what I would consider an average deal. We’ll give the G Priv 3 2.5 stars.


– 3
We’re gonna take all these stars, we’re gonna add them up, they total out to 12. We’re gonna take that 12 and we’re gonna average it out by dividing it by four and we get an overall ranking of 3 stars for the Smok G Priv 3, which would place it a little bit above average on this review, and that’s exactly where it belongs. I think that’s a fair review rating. That’s exactly how I feel about the Smok G Priv 3 kit. It’s a little above average.


Let’s get to the pros because the Smok G Priv 3 has plenty of them.

  • One of the Best Touch Screen Mods: The touch screen on the Smok G Priv 3 is absolutely, undeniably one of the best touch screens on the market. Period, end of story. Smok knows how to do touch screens, and the G Priv is awesome when it comes to that.
  • Type-C Charging: It’s on the bottom, but it does have a type-c port and 2 amp charging. Now, we always recommend that you charge your dual batteries in a proper external charger, but that 2 amp charging on deck is pretty awesome for those times you’re in a pinch and you just need to juice it up.
  • Big, Beautiful Screen with Geriatric Font: I just love that geriatric font. I don’t care what kind of eyesight you got, you can see this font. You can see it in all lighting conditions. Awesome, awesome job on the screen, Smok.
  • Build Quality: I know Smok gets a lot of heat for their build quality, but I’m telling you right now, they’ve stepped up their build quality game. Last few devices I’ve reviewed from them, the build quality has been solid. Same thing with the Smok G Priv 3. It’s a nicely built mod.
  • This thing Fires Fast.
  • It’s got a Solid Battery Door.
  • The Smok G Priv 3 has a Super Easy Menu System.
  • Love those Clear Battery Indicator Markings.
  • Passcode System: I like it, especially on something with a screen like this. If some dirtbag steals your Smok G Priv 3, and you got the passcode on, they won’t be able to use it. Love it, it’s a pro.
  • Locking Top Cap: I like the locking top cap on the TFV16 lite tank. I like that a lot.
  • Good Flavor and Clouds: Very nice flavor and clouds for the Smok G Priv 3 and the TFV16 lite tank that’s in the starter kit. I vaped this with the lite conical mesh coil at 85W, hard preheat, ohming out at 0.16. I used a peach cobbler e juice, and it has a nice, full, saturated flavor that I really like. A very awesome TFV16 lite tank here, definitely right up there with some of the better tanks on the market today.


Let’s move to the cons for the Smok G Priv 3 kit.

  • Touch screen: Some people just don’t like touch screens. For you people, it’s gonna be a big con. I love touch screens. I especially love the way Smok does their touch screens, but I got to point it out as a con for the people out there that don’t like them.
  • Tank is a Little on the Loud Side: It’s a little bit on the swooshy side. When you vape it with the airflow wide open, you can hear a swoosh sound. Some people like that. I don’t mind it, doesn’t bother me. Close it halfway, it almost sounds like it wants the whistle. Not quite, but almost. Definitely gets a little louder. Close it three quarters, it gets a little higher pitched, but not as loud. So for some people, that noisiness might be a little bit of a con. For me, it’s no big deal, but I have to point it out.
  • Power Mode Only: This is a typical con that’s always on Smok mods, they’ve never really done TC well. This is a power mode only mod. It basically sucks in TC.
  • Charging Port on the Bottom: I don’t remember if they did it on the G Priv 1, but they definitely did it on the G Priv 2. I don’t know why it’s a thing on this line. Smok, nobody wants charging ports on the bottom, especially with all the real estate on this mod. It’s a ridiculous con that could easily be avoided. No charging ports on the bottom. Got it, Smok?

But that’s it. That’s it on the cons. No real deal breakers. Unless you’re a TC vaper, that is.


What’s up, Insiders! DeucesJack at Today, we’re going to review the Smok G Priv 3 kit.

The big question is: How does this one live up to the G Priv 1 and 2?

From Top To Bottom

G Priv 3

Check that beauty out. Not bad looking. It’s got that G Priv look that we’ve all become accustomed to. Big full screen over here. This thing is a fingerprint magnet. You handle it for a few minutes and it’s a crime scene.


Let’s start up on top of the G Priv 3. Two star screws holding the top plate in place, everything stainless steel, stainless steel look on top here as well. Gold-plated, spring-loaded 510, that I would say has a stiff spring with a medium throw to it. This is the screen, here is your fire button. This button here, I’ll show you what it does in a moment. It’s like a menu button, but you could also turn the screen on and off in order to save battery, which is kind of cool.

I’m not too crazy about the backside here. The G Priv 3 branding is very subtle, like stainless steel on stainless steel, but what’s this? I feel like I’m looking at a puddle on the side of the street that has antifreeze in it. Really? Why did you have to do that? It just kind of wacky-looking, it really is.

On the bottom here, big con. That’s where your usb type-c charging is on the Smok G Priv 3. It’s not a con that it’s usb type-c charging, it’s a con that the usb c port is on the bottom of the mod. It’s something they’ve done, I believe, on every rendition of the Smok G Priv. It sucks. I hate it. I don’t like turning my mod on the side, especially with all this real estate all over this thing. This is a relatively big mod, you could have taken that usb type-c port and put it anywhere. Why does Smok insist on putting it on the bottom? It sucks. Just a really bad job. We’ve been complaining about it on all of the Smok G Priv reviews. Come on, Smok, wake up! I don’t want to see charge ports on the bottom.

Now, in order to get to your batteries on the Smok G Priv 3, you get this little fingernail tab right here. Pop it out and push it. Smok gives you a little caution warning over here, a little battery safety. I like that. Three nice strong magnets that really work well. Let me show you what I’m talking about. See that? And it don’t move. It don’t move sideways, it don’t move up and down. Solid, solid battery door. Great job, Smok. It has a battery strap inside, plus and minus battery markings, white on black. Awesome job, Smok. There are your three magnets right there that coincide with the magnets on the door. Positive side down here. Pop it in, pull your strap over, just like so. Positive side up here, negative side in first. Make sure you can get a hold of that strap. Take your door and just pop it right on there. No movement, whatsoever.

Menu System

Size Comparison

Just wanted to give you a little side by side between the G Priv 2 and the G Priv 3 for this review.

You can see, not really much has changed. They’re very, very similar. They got that little button over there. Both have the charge port on the bottom. The Smok G Priv 3 has type c, the G Priv 2 doesn’t. They both got that fingernail tab there. They changed the back a little bit. To be honest, I like the back of the G Priv 2 a little better. I wish they would have kept it. I think this is ugly. But the same type of fire bar. This one actually feels a little tighter. You can see on the top, pretty much the same. The Smok G Priv 3 is incrementally better than the Smok G Priv 2. Is it worlds better? Absolutely not. But unless I got the G Priv 2 at a great price, I’d go for the G Priv 3 if I was you.

What’s In The Box

Also included in the box, you get a Smok G Priv 3 kit user manual, a battery safety card, some spare o-rings, and gaskets. You get a Smok warranty card and a type c charging cable. You get a spare bubble glass, which is awesome, and you get a spare 0.15ohm dual mesh coil, good for 60-90W.

The Coil

Let’s go over that coil right now. This is the TFV16 Lite conical dual mesh coil. That’s the tank you get with the starter kit, the Smok TFV16 Lite tank we’ll be going over in a minute. Here is their dual mesh coil. It is a big sucker, it really is. This is a 0.15ohm coil, best at 60-90W.

Here is the Smok TFV16 Lite sub ohm tank that comes in the starter kit. Check out that drip tip. It’s a little snug, but it’s really, really nice. Good looking drip tip. I like to see with this tank that Smok got back to the 810 style drip tip with the o-rings on the outside. I’m gonna leave it out a second because it’s really tight and I gotta juice it up. Really, really nice characteristic I like about Smok tanks, they got that locking top cap. See that little button there, you press it, and then you swing it out. Another thing Smok did on its newer tanks, they put the gasket on the top side of the top cap, which is fine with me, no problems. You got a decent sized fill port, shouldn’t have a problem with regular needle nose type bottles. When you shut it, it clicks shut, and it stays shut. I like that. Bubble glass, preinstalled, and you get a spare bubble glass. Awesome job on that, Smok. Bottom airflow, stoppers on both ends. You got two bottom air flows, a lot of airflow right there. Branding on the bottom, designed by Smok, TVF16 Lite, gold-plated 510, insulator ring around it, stainless steel threading around that.

In order to get to your coil, give it a nice little twist, base comes off. There’s some gold plating on the bottom. That gold plating hits the gold plating on the coil, and that’s how you fire your coil. In order to get your coil out, give it a little tug like that, and then it comes out and here is Smok’s new coil. This is actually a really good coil. This is the 0.2ohm coil, good for 60-85W. This is their brand new conical mesh coil. Check it out. Really, really nice coil. I’ve vaped on it and it’s fantastic.

Let me show it to you, all put together.


Let’s go over some of the specs on the Smok G Priv 3 kit.

  • Dimensions: 85 x 54 x 28mm, total height at 58.5mm
  • Weight: 188g
  • Charging: Type-C, 2amps
  • Wattage: 230W maximum
  • Juice Capacity: 5mls (for the 28mm Smok TFV16 Lite tank)
  • Tank Dimensions: 58.5mm tall, weighs 73g
  • 2.4 inch color, touch screen display
  • Fires down to 0.1ohm in Power Mode, 0.05ohm in TC Mode


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And that’s it, Insiders. That’s all I got for you today for this review. You keep living that vape life. We’re out of here. Deuces.

  • One of the Best Touchscreen Mods
  • Type-C Charging
  • Big, Beautiful Screen (w/geriatric font)
  • Build Quality
  • Fires Fast
  • Solid Battery Door
  • Super Easy Menu System
  • Clear Battery Indicator Markings
  • Passcode System
  • Locking Top Cap
  • Good Flavor & Clouds
  • Touchscreen
  • Tank a Little on the Loud Side
  • Power Mode Only
  • Charging Port on the Bottom


Smok G-Priv 3
$78.49 $91.99

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