Sigelei Humvee Review

Updated on: 2020-02-24

Five-Star Rating System


– 4
In the looks department, I’m giving the Sigelei Humvee a solid 4 stars. You saw it in a side-by-side comparison. It kind of looks like the Aegis Legend and the Wismec Tinker 2 had a lovechild, and this is their demon baby. It looks cool. 4 stars is what we’re giving it.


– 4
As far as the form factor goes, I’m going to give it another four stars. Yes, it’s wide, it’s bulky, but the curve and the contours and the different textures make it a pleasure to hold. I got to give it 4 stars for that.


– 2.5
Performance-wise, we’re going to give the Humvee a 2.5 star rating. It performs very well in power mode, fires really fast. The TC performance on it sucks. This is basically a power mode only mod. TC does not do well on this mod.


– 3
And as far as the value goes, I gotta give it a 3. And the reason I’m giving it a 3 is that it’s $10 cheaper than something like the Aegis Legend, the Aegis X, or something like the Tinker 2. But if you buy those other mods, for that extra $10, you get that IP67 rating that you don’t get on this mod. I wish they would have made this IP67 rated. It would have definitely gotten a better score in the value department, especially if they kept the price point around the same as the Legend, or Tinker 2 and the X. So we’re going to score this one 3 stars.


– 3
Now we’re going to add all the stars up, we come up with a 13.5 overall score. We’re going to average that out, we’re going to divide it by four, we’re going to come up with an overall score of 3.375 stars. So we’re basically a little under 3.5, which is right where I think this Sigelei Humvee mod belongs, especially when you compare it to the IP67 rated mods that are on the market right now.


Let’s get into the pros.

  • The Humvee comfortable to hold. It’s got nice curves and contours. I just like holding this thing. It’s got a nice form factor to it. It’s a huge pro
  • I do like the aggressive look of it. I like all the curves. I like all the diamond cuts in it that you saw in the side-by-side. I just think it’s a nice looking mod. I wish they would have done something better with the camo, but I like the look of it. The overall look of it is really nice
  • So far, the screen’s been pretty good in all lighting conditions. It definitely gets a little dim outside, but not to the point where I got to cover it and look at my screen like that. I can actually see it outside. I do wish it was a little brighter, but it’s fine. You’ll get by with it
  • This Humvee fires fast
  • 28mm on this one, no overhang at all. It’s a pro. You can even get away with 30mm. There’s some slight overhang on the bevel. I think it looks better with 28s, though
  • Type C charging. That’s a pro. This thing charges internally fast. We recommend that you only do that in a pinch. You should always charge your batteries, especially dual batteries, married batteries, you should always charge them separately on a quality external charger. But when you’re in a pinch, you plug this thing in with the type C charger, and this thing charges up quickly
  • I like the subtle branding on the Humvee
  • It’s firmware is upgradeable
  • And I love the fact that they put white battery markings on the battery door. Big pro, Sigelei


  • First con is something that really bothers me about the Sigelei Humvee box mod. I hate the fact that I got green camouflage over here, and then that black and white camo. I don’t dig the different patterns, I think it gives it an ugly look. I wish they would have just gone with one camo pattern. To me, aesthetically, it’s a con
  • I’m not crazy about that little display screen being right there, it’s just annoying to me, I don’t like seeing it. Whenever I use this mod, I’m always going like this to look at the screen. You could say that’s a subjective con. You can say they’re innovative by putting it there. That’s cool if that’s the way you feel about it. I just don’t like the screen there. To me, it’s a con
  • The Sigelei Humvee is a big, bulky box mod. That’s going to be a con for some people. I like the big and bulky mods, some people don’t. So I got to chalk it up to a con
  • Again, the screen. It’s a 0.66inch display. For such a big mod with all this real estate, it’s tiny. I almost feel like they put the screen there and made it small just for the sake of being different. So to me, that’s a con

But that’s it on the cons. No real deal-breakers.


What’s up, Insiders! DeucesJack, I’m at Today, we’re going to be going over the Sigelei Humvee 215.


I got the camo edition, let’s check this thing out.

From Top To Bottom

Humvee inbox2

Check out that packaging. That’s a little different. Look at the way Sigelei stood that mod up inside. Kind of neat. I like that presentation.

Humvee look

Check out this beauty. A bit of subtle Sigelei branding over there. Look where they put the display screen. Really, really weird. And I have say, I’m kind of upset that the screen is there and I’ll explain it to you later in a little bit. Plus and minus buttons over here. There’s your fire button, a little bit of a raise to it. There’s your exposed USB type-C charging port. So I guess they made that waterproof because I put this thing in water and nothing’s happened to the charger. So it definitely works, that’s for sure. Some more Sigelei branding over there, subtle. Some subtle Humvee branding. I’m happy about the subtle branding. They put Sigelei on there twice and Humvee once. Maybe a little overkill, but at least it’s subtle.

Humvee clash

The one thing I’m a bit upset about as far as the look goes; I like the green camouflage khaki. I don’t understand why they went with this black and white design over here. I understand the cut and everything and how they wanted to do that, but why didn’t they just continue with the green camo? It looks wacky, the black and white with the green and black. I don’t like it. I do like the exposed stainless steel screws and the way they pop, it gives the Humvee an industrial-military type of look. I do like that a lot. On top, there’s a 510, stainless steel plate, star screw holding it in place, gold-plated 510 that I would say has a real loose and long throw to it. You get these little cutouts on the plate, gives it a nice look. Nothing wrong with that.

Humvee - battery cover

On the bottom is your battery door for dual 18650 batteries. You pull this open and it’s spring-loaded. I dig that. On the battery door, plus and minus symbols in white. Awesome, awesome job, Sigelei. There’s the spring for your spring-loaded door. I dig it that the door is spring-loaded. Down the tubes, you got a blue minus sign and a red plus sign. And those contacts on the bottom are gold-plated and spring-loaded.

Let’s load some batteries in it for this review. I’m going to go minus side up, plus side up over here. In order to close the door, pull the tab back, push it down and snap it over just like that.

Menu Screen

Side-by-Side Comparison

I wanted to compare this mod to two very similar box mods, even though it’s not waterproof like the Aegis and the Wismec Tinker, it kind of looks like a cross between the two.

Humvee comparison

It sort of looks like the Aegis and the Tinker 2 had a demon love child and it got all the looks of it without the waterproofness. That’s kind of weird, the way they did that. But it resembles the Tinker 2 a lot, with that cutout frame like that and the different aesthetics inside there. You can see, even the bottom looks very, very similar. Just very, very close. At the same time, it’s got a little bit of that rubbery feel. The rubber on the Sigelei is a little harder, not as soft as the one on the Aegis Legend. It’s got the same type of look and feel to it even though it’s a little bit different. But you could see why I thought of both of those mods when I did the size comparison. And again, the Humvee is not IP67 rated. These two mods are.

What’s In The Box

Humvee inside box

  • Braided, type-C charging and update cable
  • Humvee user manual
  • Warranty Card
  • QC Card

Unintended Waterproof Test

So here’s something interesting, Insiders. I did a water test on this, even though it’s really not waterproof. It doesn’t say anywhere on the box that it’s IP67 rated, but I looked at this thing and I thought, “Oh, this is another Aegis Legend, Tinker 2 type of box mod.” Dummy like me, I didn’t look at the manual. It’s kind of funny when you get to this point of doing reviews, you kind of feel like you’ve seen everything. So it’s my bad for not knowing that it was not rated waterproof, but I did do a waterproof test and the shocking thing is it actually survived. And you’re going to see in the waterproof test, when I drop it in the bowl of water, that the thing bubbles like crazy. Water gets into this thing and I was looking at it and I’m like, “Alright, there’s no way this thing can’t be waterproof.” So maybe it’s like one of those Vandy Vape Swell mods where everything gets wet, but everything’s waterproof. I gotta be honest with you; before I show you the waterproof test, I’ve been washing this thing all the time. It’s something I do with my waterproof mods. If I over drip or if a tank leaks on me, because that does happen, instead of just wiping it down with a rag, I bring it over to the sink and I dunk it under the water. And I’ve been doing that with this mod since day one and it’s not waterproof, but it survived and works fine. So let me show you what I’m talking about. Let’s cut to the waterproof test.

Here we go. Mod’s fully on. I want to show you something interesting because I just noticed this when I did the test. Up until this point of doing the test, I’ve only been rinsing this mod off, like under the water, when it gets some juice on it or something like that. I’ve never actually fully submerged it.

Let me show you what happens when I fully submerge it.

Humvee water dunk

Look at all those bubbles. That’s not good, man. When I first saw that, I was, “Why is this thing taking on water?” If it’s taking on bubbles, that means it’s taking on water, right? So now, when I take it out, you can see it still turns on.

Humvee still alive

Still turns on, it’ll still fire. But here’s the issue: There’s water in that battery casing. Let me show you what I’m talking about. You pop this thing open, and your batteries are wet. They’re wet. There’s no doubt about it. So this is right after the water test. Now I dried everything off, I’m going to put the batteries in again, same batteries that were in there that got wet. Going to pop it shut just to show you. It comes right on.


Let’s get into some of the specs on the Sigelei Humvee.

  • Dimensions: 90 x 54 x 33mm
  • Battery: Dual 18650
  • Wattage: 215 watts maximum
  • Ohms: Fires down to 0.05 ohms
  • NOT IP67 rated (make sure you take that into account when you compare this to other mods in this subcategory.)


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And that’s it for this review of the Sigelei Humvee, Insiders. That’s all I got for you today. You keep living that vape life. We’re out of here. Deuces.

  • Comfortable To Hold
  • Aggressive Look
  • Screen's Brightness
  • Fires Fast
  • 28mm Atomizers Fit Without Overhang
  • Type-C Charging
  • Subtle Branding
  • Upgradable Firmware
  • Clear Battery Markings
  • Green Camo + Black & White Camo Combination
  • Screen Location
  • Big, Bulky Mod
  • Tiny Screen


Sigelei Humvee
$49.99 $59.99

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