Preva DNA Pod System Review

Updated on: 2019-10-09


What’s up, Insider? DeuceJack, I’m at Today, I got a new vape pod system for you. We’re talking about the Wismec Preva. It’s got a DNA Go board in it. The big question is, is this the best pod system on the market right now? Make sure you watch the whole review, find out all my thoughts and feelings.Preva DNA Pod System

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Look at that thing. Kind of nice. Some nice carbon fiber or carbon fiber sticker or whatever it is. I don’t know. I don’t know if it’s real carbon fiber or not, but it sure as hell looks good. Real nice almost like a black chrome type of look. I’m definitely digging that. Powered by evolve. Over there, you got some subtle Wismec branding. Not too crazy, I like that. Same thing on the other side. Got that black chrome looks with the carbon fiber. I’ve been using this for quite some time now, I really have. I’ve been enjoying the hell out of it, I’m not going to lie. They gave me one at ECC and I’ve been digging it. Preva DNA Pod System

Here’s your fire button right here. Here is your mode button. Very, very simple to operate. 5 clicks, when you fire it, you see I’m in the blue mode right now. That’s the highest mode. I want to go to the lowest mode. I hit the mode button right here, it goes into yellow. That’s the lowest mode. Green is the medium mode. Blue is the high mode. That’s it. Those are all the settings. Nothing much to go over there as far as settings go.

Preva DNA Pod System

Here is your airflow ring on top here. It’s a little loose. I wish it had a little bit more tension to it. If you cut it down to like, there, you can get like a legitimate mouth-to-lung vape off of it. Over here, it’s like a loose mouth-to-lung. So that’s the ring. From loose to legitimate. But legitimate, you really got to cut it down to a sliver.

Drip tip, it’s a 510 drip tip. It does come out. You can replace it with another 510 if you would like to. No issues with that. I kind of like the one they gave you. It is nice and comfortable.Preva DNA Pod System

Pull the pod out. It is a sealed pod. One nice thing I really like about the way they did these pods, the way Wismec did these pods is the fill port. Check that out. That is kind of cool. You got this little bladder here, keeping everything at bay. Needle nose bottles can only apply here. You can’t use any bullnose bottles or anything like that. But it’s neat, it’s non-messy. You just stick your needle nose bottle in there and fill it up. When you’re done, slide it to the side and you’re good to go. I really, really like the way they did this slider here. I like it better than those screw-off caps. I think it’s easier and I think it’s a lot less messy, especially with that little rubber bladder there. Awesome job, Wismec.

So far, I haven’t had any leaking, no condensation, nothing like that. You can see right there, clearly marked, this is the Preva pod, 0.5-ohm pod. Over here are your gold-plated contacts. The gold-plated contacts on the pod will make contact with those gold-plated contacts right there. There is your magnet right there, holding everything in place. We’ve all seen this before, very much like the Trinity Alpha or an Orion. I do like the way that slides in there. It is nice and tight, really no wiggle to it. Got a nice decently strong magnet. Not crazy strong, but it’s got a nice fit, I do like that. Preva DNA Pod System

On the bottom side of the mod, you have some venting, you also have an exposed micro USB port. A little surprised because when you compare this to the Lost Vape Orion Plus or the Lost Vape Orion, they have their micro USB port protected. I wish this one was protected. I don’t like the location at the bottom of the mod. I think there were plenty of real estates to put it on the side somewhere. I wish they would have. That’s definitely going to be a con, being at the bottom of the mod. Not my favorite location for a micro USB port. 


I wanted to give you a quick size comparison. Of course, this is the Wismec Preva DNA. This is the Smok Trinity and this is the Orion, the non-DNA one. Same dimensions, though. I just couldn’t find my DNA one. But the same type of dimension as the DNA one on the Orion Q. so just for size aspect so it’s fine. you can see, the Preva is a little thicker. Basically the same exact type but the Preva is also just a tad wider going across. Not much, just a little bit. You can see from the top, they basically have the same type of footprint in the hand. The Preva definitely feels more solid. It’s got that heft to it that gives it a quality feel even more so that either of the Orions from Lost Vape, including the Orion Plus. when you compare it to the Smok, you can see, it’s just about as thick as the Smok one. Really, size-wise, it’s closer to the Smok Trinity Alpha than it is to anything else. You can see, the back there, they’re pretty much identical in size. Again, the Preva feels heavier, the Smok definitely feels lighter. But very, very close as far as dimensions go.Preva DNA Pod System


Also included in the packaging is you get a Wismec Preva DNA user manual. You get a micro USB cable. You get a warning card, we’re going to go over this in a little bit more detail in the second. And you also get a second pod, a 0.25-ohm pod. Here is the pod, this is a stainless steel one, a 0.25-ohm pod. This is the one I like the best out of the two of them. It’s my favorite. I feel like I get a warmer vape on this. And you can see, I wish they would have made these things a little clearer. It’s made out of the exact same construction as the other one. You can see the cotton, the wicking material on there, the same type of airflow ring and drip tip, the whole nine yards. Just a different resistance and different coil material. This one is stainless steel 316. 

I wanted to get back to this card because it shows the battery levels. You can read it or pause it here for yourself if you want to read it. Those are the color indicators for what your battery is doing, and the low, medium, and high. I wish they would have listed the individual wattages for each pod, as far as low, medium, and high, go. They did not and I haven’t been able to find that information out.Preva DNA Pod System

  • 1 Wismec PREVA DNA Device
  • 1 0.25ohm PREVA DL Pod
  • 1 0.5ohm PREVA MTL Pod
  • 1 MicroUSB Cable
  • 1 Spare Parts Bag
  • 1 Instructional Manual




Alright, Insiders! Let’s get into the cons and pros.

First, con is going to be, I can’t help but feel this thing just feels a little bit underpowered. I wish it had at least another 10W to it. It just feels a little, little too cool for me. 

You guys know, it’s a pet peeve of mine. I don’t like that charge port on the bottom. There is plenty of real estate on this thing. Could have put that charge port anywhere. 

The AFC on this one, it’s a little bit on the loose side. I wish it was a little tighter. I wish the tolerance was a little better.

This is the type of pod system where you can’t swap out the coils. It’s a closed pod system. Once you burn that pod out, you just throw it out and put it in another one. For some people, that’s going to be a con, especially with all the new ones coming out with the swappable coils. Yeah, I know. Don’t hit me up in the comments. I know you’re going to say, “Those are AIO systems.” Whatever it is, AIO, pod, it doesn’t matter. They’re making stuff like this where you can swap the coil out. And I’m telling you, people like that. They don’t like taking the pod and just chucking it. So I got to point that out as a con.

And the last con, I kind of touched on already, being a little bit underpowered, the vape is cool. It’s not as hot as I like it. It’s a common con with a lot of pod systems. With a DNA board, I expect it to be a little warmer and it’s not.

But that’s it on the cons. There’s not a lot to complain about this, real nitpicky stuff. It’s got a lot of pros, it really does. So let’s get into the pros.


The first pro is going to be that 510 drip tip. I like that. I can use my own 510 drip tips. Awesome job, Wismec.Preva DNA Pod System

Adjustable airflow, I like it. It’s a pro.

This thing fires fast.

Great build quality on this. One of the best Wismec devices I’ve ever had as far as build quality goes.

There’s no doubt about it, it’s classy looking. 

I like the way they did the pod fitment. There’s not a lot of wiggle room on it. They fit in there nice and secure. It’s a pro.

No leaking, this thing has been dry as a bone.

Love that top fill system, it’s awesome.

Subtle branding. Thank you, Wismec.

I like the fact that it’s got three power levels. 

Getting pretty good battery life off of this thing.

It’s got a nice capacity.

Nice flavor and clouds, check it out. I got it on the highest setting. Got my apricot custard in here, know that’s the way I roll. Check it out. Good flavor, I just wish there was a little bit more heat. But the flavor and clouds are actually fine on this. If you like cool vape, you’ll really enjoy it.

Two pods in a kit. Wismec knows how to do pods. Awesome job, guys! 

And the last pro is going to be, this thing charges at 1 amp. I like that, it’s a pro.

That’s it, Insiders. Those are my pros and cons. Let’s get into it. Let’s talk about this one a little bit. 


I said it already, love the build quality on this thing. Love the form factor. It’s a nice, easy carry, pocketable, all that, I love it. I just wish it vaped a little warmer. The coolness on this is underwhelming, especially when you compare it stuff like the new Voopoo Vinci or the new Squid Squad. This thing is not going to be able to get as warm as stuff like that. But if you like a cool vape, this is a very well-built system that has a nice flavor. So if that’s what your deal is, if that’s right up your alley, definitely check out the Wismec Preva with the DNA Go board. It’s a legitimate pod system.


Let’s get into some of the specs on the Wismec Preva with the DNA Go board. It measures in at 96mm x 43mm x 18.6mm. It weighs in at 136g. It has a 1050mAh battery. As I mentioned before, it does have a DNA Go chipset, three power settings. In yellow mode, you’re in low, in green mode, you’re at medium. And in blue mode, you’re at high. It does 1 amp internal charging. The LED battery indicator works as follows. When it’s blue, you’re at 95-100%. When it’s green, you’re at 70-90%. When it’s yellow, you’re at 30-70% and when it’s red, you’re at 15-30%. Two pods come in the kit. A 0.25-ohm direct-lung pod, and a 0.5-ohm mouth-to-lung pod. Protections include low voltage, time-out, short circuit, low and high resistance.Preva DNA Pod System

  • Dimensions – 96mm by 43mm by 18.6mm
  • Weight – 136g
  • Internal 1050mAh Rechargeable Battery
  • Proprietary Evolv DNA GO Board
  • Maximum Wattage Output: 20W
  • Advanced Wattage Adjustment
  • Three Power Outputs: Low (Yellow), Medium (Green), High (Blue)
  • Intuitive LED Battery Life Indicator
  • Highly Responsive Firing & Regulatory Button
  • Carbon Fiber Decorative Panels
  • 3mL Cartridge Capacity
  • Convenient Sliding Top-Fill Design
  • 0.25ohm PREVA DL Pod – Vapor-Focused
  • 0.5ohm PREVA MTL Pod – Flavor-Focused
  • Dynamic Dual Airflow Control – Located Below Drip Tip
  • Timeout Protection
  • Low Voltage Protection
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Low / High Resistance Warning
  • MicroUSB Port – 1A Max Current


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That’s it, Insiders! That’s all I got for you today. You keep living that vape life. We’re out of here. Deuces.

  • 510 drip tip
  • Adjustable airflow
  • fires fast
  • Great build quality
  • classy looking
  • No leaking
  • top fill system
  • three power levels
  • nice capacity
  • pretty good battery life
  • Nice flavor and clouds
  • Two pods in a kit
  • charges at 1 amp
  • charge port on the bottom
  • underpowered
  • AFC is a bit on the lose side
  • Cant swap out the coils
  • The vape is cool


Preva DNA Pod System
$34.95 $79.95
Joseph Nunez
Joseph Nunez