Nitecore I8 Charger Review

Updated on: 2018-08-15


It’s great for a vaper with lots of batteries. I got 80 batteries in my rotation at any given time. That’s what I have sitting on my desk, about 80 cells. I’m always running batteries through this charger and it’s performed fantastically.

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First Impression Out of the Box

DeucesJack: What’s up, everyone? DeucesJack at Today, we’re going to be going over a charger, one of my favorite chargers, the Nitecore I8 charger. Takes 8 batteries at a time, 4 on each side, kind of cool. Has two USB ports. It got like a vertical stacking type of thing going on. I’ll show it to you downlow. It takes most 21700s, only the real big ones have a hard time getting in there but you can get them in there. It’s completely automatic and it charges two cells at 1.5 amp for 1 amp. So that’s kind of cool.

Let’s cut downlow. Let me show it to you up close and personal. I’ll put some batteries in it. We’ll run some batteries through it. I’ll show you the LEDs. I’ll show you everything then we’ll come back on top and talk about it. I’ll see you downlow.

What’s in the Box

  • Nitecore i8 battery charger
  • Standard USA power plug
  • User Manual
  • Scratch-off validation serial number

All right, everyone! Welcome to the downlow portion of this video. Today, we’re going to be going over the Nitecore Intellicharger I8. That’s right man. You’re reading that right. 8 battery slots, four on each side. Kind of cool man. On this side of the box, we have some specs and what batteries it’s compatible with. Pause that if you would like to and read it on. On the back here, we have some features and you can pause that if you like to read it as well. And on the side here, nothing much going on. We put the box to the side because I didn’t repack the charger, there’s no reason to do that.

Nitecore I8 Charger Review box

Here is the plug it comes with. Very simple right. This side obviously goes into the wall. This side goes into the charger right there.

From Top to Bottom

Nice looking charger. You’ll notice on this battery charger, you don’t lay them down like you do with normal battery chargers. You put this on the desk like this and your batteries sitting there vertically. We got some nice spring-loaded action going on over here. Four bays on each side, kind of cool, man. You can get 8 18650 batteries on here. Little bit of Nitecore branding, plenty of venting, tons of venting on the bottom as well. Over here is where you plus your cord in that would go to the wall. You also have two USB ports over here. Which is kind of cool and I use that feature a lot. I plug my phone in here a lot. I definitely been enjoying that, that’s for sure.

Nitecore I8 Charger Review ports

Let me plug it in and show you what it looks like all lit up.

You’ll notice that when I plugged it in, it blinked. Let me load some batteries in here, 18650s, just like that. Four on one side, no problem, they’re all in there. They’re all showing that they need a charge. Flip it over to the other side and you’ll notice those batteries stay in there. I can put a 26650 on this side. I can put another 18650 over here, another 18650 over here and I can put a 21700 over there.

Nitecore I8 Charger Review

All 20700s fit in here but not all 21700s. Let me show you what I’m talking about. Now you’ll notice on this last slot, I have the Sigelei 21700. This is probably one of my biggest 21700s. This thing gives me a lot of issues when I want to put it in some 21700 mods that don’t always fit. I can get it in there. I can kind of force it in there. If I jiggle it around little bit, I can get it in there. See, like that? Not too sure how I feel about that, I don’t like putting batteries in there and forcing them in. However, you’ll notice if I use my Aspire 21700, that one goes in there with a lot less issue. See? That one goes in there a lot easier. So just be aware that maybe not all your 21700s will fit in there and you may have to jiggle them around a little bit.

Nitecore I8 Charger Review bay

Otherwise, man, let me tell you something. Look at this thing. This thing is badass. You can fit eight batteries in here. I use this thing all the time. I absolutely love it. It’s probably my favorite desk charger. I never really take it with me anywhere because it’s a little big and bulky. I’d rather take that Queen Ant one that I had with the six bays because it’s a little slimmer, easier to carry. But this thing is on my desk all the time and it’s always filled with batteries. I have over 80 batteries in my current rotation.

Nitecore I8 Charger Review branding

So let’s cut back on top. Let’s talk about it a little bit. We’ll go over cons and pros and then we’re out of here. See you back on top.

General Thoughts

All right everyone. We’re back on top. We just saw one of my all-time favorite chargers. It’s the one that’s on my desk all the time. I use that one and the Dragon for 90% of my cell charging. I love those two battery chargers.

This one’s real simple. If I don’t have to refresh anything on my batteries. I just, most of the time, popped my batteries in the i8. It’s got active current distribution which means, if you have any batteries in it and you pull the batteries out, as you pull the batteries out, it’s redistributing the power that it’s not using on the slots that you just emptied, to the other batteries that are left in the charger. That’s kind of cool. It’s got those spring-loaded slots. You can do six 26650s at a time in this charger. That’s really kind of awesome. The LEDs are red when you are charging. They’re green when it’s fully charged. It’s got plenty of venting on the base and it’s that reverse polarity protection.

Nitecore I8 Charger Review gen

It’s a nice simple charger for that everyday vaper who just doesn’t want to bothered with all those bells and whistles. You just want to slap your batteries in there and get them charged. This thing will do the job and it’ll do eight at a time. So that’s pretty awesome.

Let’s get into the cons and pros.


First con is going to be, it’s fully automatic. There are no controls and some people are not going to like that so I got to list it as a con. It’s fine for me and it’s probably fine for 90% of you vapers out there but some vapers aren’t going to like that.

My other con is going to be, there’s only one type of indicator. There’s no meter or anything. It’s just letting you know if it’s charging or charged. I wish it went a little more in-depth on the top side there. I wish they’d put some small screen or something that would tell me what’s going on. Maybe in the future, they’ll update this type of form factor for the battery chargers and do something like that on top. Hopefully, that happens.

As far as the pros go, there’s plenty of them.


It’s fully automatic. Nothing to do slap your battery in there, pull it out when the light turns green.
We’re going to give them a pro on that.

Eight batteries at a time, pro.

Takes most 21700s, that’s a pro.

It’s kind of like an all-in-one charger, it’ll take most all of your batteries and it’ll take them at the same time, so that’s a pro.

It’s simple and easy to use. We’re going to give them a pro for that.


  • Dimensions: 117mm by 101mm by 134.5mm
  • 8-Bay Battery Charger
  • Active Current Distribution
  • Independent Charging and Monitoring
  • Charging Output Current – 2 Bay Use – 1.5A
  • Charging Output Current – 4 Bay Use – 0.75A/1A
  • Charging Output Current – 8 Bay Use – 0.5A
  • Maximum Charging Current – 1.5A
  • Output Voltage Current – 4.20V / 5V
  • USB Output Charging Capability – 5V / 2.1A
  • Three Charging Modes: Constant Current, Constant Voltage, -dV/dt
  • Automatically Detect Power Level of Batteries
  • Selects Appropriate Voltage & Charging Mode
  • Over-Charging Prevention
  • Reverse Polarity Protection
  • Short-Circuit Protection
  • Durable PC Material Construction – Flame Resistant / Fire Retardant
  • Supports Li-ion/IMR: 10340, 10350, 10440, 10500, 12340, 12500, 12650, 13450, 13500, 13650, 14350, 14430, 14500, 14650, 1650 (RCR123), 16650, 17350, 17500. 17650. 17670, 18350, 18490, 18500, 22500. 22650. 2550. 26500, 26650
  • Supports Ni-MH (Ni-Cd): AA, AAA, C, D

  • fully automatic
  • Eight batteries at a time
  • Takes most 21700s
  • simple and easy to use
  • all-in-one charger
  • fully automatic
  • only one type of indicator


Nitecore I8 Charger
$44.99 $49.99

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