Lost Vape Q Pro Review

Updated on: 2021-03-23

Five-Star Rating System


– 2.125
We’re going to take all these stars, we’re going to add them up, we’re going to get a total star count of 8.5 stars, one of the lowest totals I’ve ever seen on this channel. We’re going to take those 8.5 stars, and we’re going to divide them by four for a total star score of 2.125. Again, one of the lowest scores I’ve ever given out. This is definitely a contender for the worst pod/AIO kit of the year, as far as I’m concerned.


– 2
First category is going to be the looks department and I got to be honest with you, had it not been for the ship build quality on this thing, I probably would have scored a lot higher in this department. But I can’t look past a bad build quality. I can’t. I can’t look past that panel hanging off like that after barely any use. It’s not even an issue. It’s a below average score, I got to give it a 2. And I think I’m being nice by giving it 2 stars.


– 2
Coil performance ,again, the coil that I tried, very nice, very flavorful. I like the flavor on it, the flavor is good. I can’t tell you about the 1ohm coil because I had to break it in order to get it out because the coil system removal on this is so hard, it actually kills the whole experience. I got to give them another 2 stars.


– 2.5
In the airflow category, yes, it is adjustable. But so what? It sucks, it’s hard to adjust, and it’s not exactly the most precise adjustment when you are able to adjust. In that category, I got to give it 2.5 stars. I’m going to give it average only because of the adjustability and again, I think I’m being pretty generous with 2.5 stars.


– 2
In the value department. I’ve seen this thing anywhere from $29-35. I gotta be honest with you, I can only review what a company puts in front of me. Putting this in front of me, I would not spend $29 for it. I would not spend $35 for it. I would not spend $10 for it. In the value department, it gets another below average score of 2 stars


  • Lost Vape pods and Coils Fits: First pro is going to be all of the Lost Vape pods, coils, they all fit in this thing. I guess if you want to call that a pro, it’s a pro.
  • Good Flavor: The flavor on the 0.5ohm coil has been good.
  • Cloudy: Cloudage is what you’d expect from a pod/AIO. Here you go. Let me show it to you. Good flavor. Nothing wrong with the flavor. Actually. Clouds are okay for what it is as well.
  • Capacity: It’s got a nice capacity.
  • Adjustable Power: I like that it has adjustable power.
  • I like the size. I like the form factor. I like the pocket ability of it. Those are all pros


  • Build Quality: First con is going to be, for lost Pro, the build quality on this is total shit. My panel has gotten even worse over time since I did the down low. It’s ridiculous. I don’t expect this from Lost Vape. The build quality on this is horrendous knowing what Lost Vape is capable of. It’s a huge major, major jump con.
  • Coil Removal on this thing. You saw it down low. I basically had to break the coil to get it out. How freakin ridiculous.
  • Unprecise Adjustable Airflow: trying to adjust it is absolutely ridiculous. It’s so tight and unprecise. I just don’t know how to explain it. Yeah, it’s a pro and it’s got adjustable airflow, but the execution of it just sucks.


Lost Vape Q Pro

What’s up, Insiders? DeucesJack at Vaping Insider. Today, we got another pod/AIO kit. I’m talking about the Lost Vape Q Pro.

From Top to Bottom

q pro overview

Alright, everyone, as soon as you open the box, this is what you see. You get the Q Pro, you get the tank with the coil pre installed. There’s your top fill, there’s your adjustable airflow. Drip tip is kind of like a 510 bore style drip tip. It’s not a 510, though.

q pro coil and tank

But let me show you what the problem with this thing is. And this is a freakin deal breaker. First, let me show you the drip tip. Like I said, 510 type of bore.

q pro bore

You got adjustable airflow over here. That’s all well and good. No stopper, It just keeps spinning. Now, here’s your fill port right here. Just open that up. Again, typical stuff we’ve seen on the Orion already. Now, what you used to be able to do, or what I was able to do on my other Lost Vape products like this is I was able to push this down. See this? Once you take it off, in order to install the coil, you should be able to push that down. Sometimes, you just use this and you kind of push it down. The problem is this coil won’t come out. I’ve monkeyed around with it, I’ve pushed it, it will not come out. I can’t get it out without destroying the coil.

q pro coil

Let me show you what I’m talking about. If I pop it out, from the bottom, look at that, and look at the coils still staying in there. It’s destroyed.

q pro coil 2

I don’t know who the moron is that designed this to be so tight, without any place to put your fingernail in and dig it out. It’s one of the stupidest designs I’ve ever seen in my life. I don’t know what the hell Last Vape was thinking when they did this? Why can’t you put a cut out here? Or a cutout here for me to get my fingernail in there and grab the stupid coil? It’s ridiculous. So I’m just going to destroy it because I don’t know how to get this freaking thing out. I mean, look at this. I’m pulling on it. I’m yanking on it. Here. I’m pushing it with all my might, this thing will not come out.

q pro coil 3

Here. I’ll screw this on for a thread or two and push it. I’m pushing it as hard as I can. It will not come out. I don’t know what the hell is going on with this thing. It’s absolutely ridiculous. It’s frustrating. You spend money on a mod and all you want to do is switch a goddamn coil out. And these idiots can’t come up with a system to switch a coil out. It really is disgusting. It really is. So I’m just going to destroy this thing and figure out how to get that coil out. And hopefully, the spare coil will work. So let me just see what I can do here. I don’t know what else to do. It will not come out. Look at this. Look at this man, that coil will not move. It will not come out. Look at this. And there’s no spare pod. There’s no nothing to go with it. I’m forcing this thing. It will not come out. So I don’t know what to do here. I really don’t. I don’t even know if I can review this piece of shit. I don’t know how it got jammed in there. I don’t know why it’s stuck. But it will not come out. Look just totally, totally jammed in there. So I don’t even know if I can go on with the review. Let me cut it here and see if I can get this thing out.

q pro coil 4

I had to take a needle nose pliers and I had to twist it back and forth to break the seal in order to get this thing to actually pop out. Now it pops out.

But let’s take this coil. Let’s pop it in. Pop it in just like this. Okay, just give it a push, push it down. So it seats. See how tight that is? It’s absolutely ridiculous. It’s unacceptable, that there’s no place for you to put your fingernail in there and grab that thing out. It’s just a really, really bad system, but the coils installed now. So now what you want to do, you want to take your drip tip, and you want to install it like this. It’s going to keep the coil in place, not that it’s going anywhere, because it’s stuck in there. And then once you’re done with that, you want to take your top cap off and you want to finish filling it up. So that’s exactly what we’re going to do. going to take my juice bottle, pop some juice in there, get it filled up all the way to the top.

q pro coil juice

Once that’s all filled up, take your cover right there, and just tighten it down. And now we’ll let it sit for a minute. And we’ll go over the mod.

Before we go over the actual mod.

q pro chart

Let me show you the little chart that comes in the box. Okay, this is your chart for the 0.25ohm coil, that one is a separate purchase. Here’s your chart for the 0.5, and the 1ohm coil. The 1ohm coil, I destroyed so we can’t use it, but you can see, white it is 8W, blue 10, red 12, yellow 14, and dark blue 16. On the coil that we’re going to use, white is 12W, blue is 13, red is 16, yellow is 18. And dark blue is 20W. And I’m going to show you those lights on the mod.

q pro mod

So here’s the mod itself, see this little piece right here? See how that tucks in. That keeps your pod part in place.

q pro mod contacts

On the inside here, you can see you have two gold plated contacts, and this is where your pod actually slides into.

q pro mod side

Some nice honeycomb look over here, I’m digging the blue and black, you got some Lost Vape branding over here.

q pro mod button

Your fire button has a little bit of a raise. Your menu button right here, has a little bit of a recession. This is the button you’re going to use to switch wattages. There is your micro USB port for charging. And on the other side, you have some Q Pro branding, some more honeycomb. A little bit more Q Pro branding over here. And on the bottom, we have some venting with two screws holding everything in place.

q pro mod install

In order to install your pod, I would suggest you pull that latch down first, and just slide your pod in. It makes things a little easier. See that, and then it just pops in just like that.

q pro mod overview juice

Nice clear section here. You can see your juice level pretty good. I definitely like that. Look, this is probably the most popular form factor when it comes to pod/AIO systems. This is that Orion form factor. It’s timeless. A lot of companies have used it, Lost Vape was the first one to come out with it. It’s a good looking mod.

q pro mod light indicator

Here we go. Here it is. With the 0.5ohm coil, it’s in white. That is 12W. Blue is 13, red is 16, yellow is 18. And that color right there, it says in the manual that it’s dark blue, but it looks more like purple to me, that is 20W. And now we’re back to 12W again, on the white. I’m going to start it off somewhere in the middle at around 16W right there.

q pro mod install side

Now the other thing I wanted to point out is look at this, see that top plate moving like that? See how it’s not quite seated right? That’s a con. That’s unacceptable. And that’s the one thing I hate about companies that only send me one piece. When you send me one piece, you’re going to live or die by that one piece because there’s no way I’m not going to show this. My first obligation is to my subs, if you would have sent me two pieces, I could have said “Hey, one’s messed up. But the other one was perfect.” I don’t know if this is a problem across the line, if they all have janky panels, or if this is just a one off QC problem. But look at that. That’s raised quite a bit and that shouldn’t do that. And that’s a definite, definite con That’s it, folks. That’s the whole menu system. The whole kitten caboodle.


Let’s get into some of the specs on the Lost Vape Q Pro.

  • It measures in at 93 x 37 x 13.5mm.
  • It has a 2ml capacity
  • weighs in at 87g.
  • You can fire it from 8-24W
  • It has a 950mAh hour internal battery.
  • It does have adjustable airflow
  • two coils come in the kit, a 1ohm coil and a 0.5ohm coil.


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And that’s it, Insiders. That’s all I got for you guys, today. going to see you guys on the next one. You keep living your vape life. We’re out of here. Deuces.

  • Lost Vape pods and coils Fits
  • Good Flavor
  • Cloudy
  • Capacity
  • Adjustable Power
  • Size
  • Form Factor
  • Pocket Ability
  • Build Quality
  • Coil Removal
  • Unprecise Adjustable Airflow


Lost Vape Q Pro
$29.99 $35.99
Peter Paul Morales
Peter Paul Morales