Lost Vape Centaurus Review

Updated on: 2021-03-31

Five-Star Rating System


– 3.875
So we’re going to take all these stars, we’re going to add them up, we’re going to come up with a total star count of 15.5 stars, then we’re going to take those stars, we’re going to divide them by four, and we’re going to get a total star average of 3.875. Which I have to say, for Lost Vape product, definitely very disappointing. I expect last vape products to score a lot higher. They should be in the 4 range without a doubt. They are definitely capable of it.


– 3.5
I said it before, I put it in the pros. I love the looks of it. I love the looks of the one that they sent me, however, I do have a Facebook group with overall 11,000 members, and I cannot ignore the cosmetic issues that I’ve seen posted in that group. There’s a ton of them. Not just the A versus the U thing on the branding. There’s been other issues with the Abalone with the stab wood. It’s a problem, I got to give them a little bit of a ding on it because I’m definitely seeing QC issues, I cannot ignore that. In the looks department, I got to give it a point above average, I’m going to give it a 3.5. Had there not been QC issues, I probably would have given it four and a quarter, 4.5 stars in the looks department, I’m not going to lie.


– 3.5
As far as the form factor goes, our next category, I really wish they would have deviated just a little more from that Paranormal theory online, I wish they would have made this like a little bit more curvy, maybe a little bit more ergonomic. something a little different. It just seems like the same old same old with a couple of little things changed. So in the form factor category, I’m going to give it 3.5 stars


– 4.5
As far as performance goes, you heard me say it before, it’s a DNA 250C chipset. It’s top of the line as far as accuracy and temperature control goes. Enough said, it gets a 4.5 star rating.


– 4
This one was a little iffy for me, because the price is all over the place. I’ve been seeing the price point anywhere from $130 on sale with a coupon code, all the way up to $200. Depending on the model that you get, I would definitely say shop around. This one’s definitely pricey. In the value category, the main value here is the chipset, you’re basically paying for the chipset. Last Vape used to have a reputation of really, really good QC. And using high quality materials. I think they kind of damaged their reputation a little bit on this one. And we’re going to talk about a little further after I get done scoring it. In the value category, depending on where you get it, I’m going to give it around 4 stars.


  • DNA 250C: First pro is, it’s a DNA, right? It’s a DNA 250C. The performance is going to be top of the line. It’s between this and the Yihi chipset when it comes to accuracy, performance and temperature control. It’s a pro having a DNA 250C. Can’t say anything else about it.
  • Good Looking Mod: It really is. The one they sent me has no QC issues, which we’re going to talk about later. But I just wish the leather stayed lighter. I really do. It kind of bothers me that the leather got that dark, but it’s still a good looking mod. And some people like that worn look on the leather. So I might be in the minority when it comes to that, but there’s no doubt about it. It still looks good.
  • Heavier Feel: A much heavier frame to it. I like that feel better. It’s a pro. It doesn’t feel as tinny as the Paranormal or should I say, when you put this in your hand and you put a Paranormal in your hand, the Paranormal feels a little tinny. This definitely feels heavier and more substantial.
  • Tons of Colors: You got tons of colors. You got the carbon colors, a bunch of different colors in that series. You got the Abalone, a bunch of different colors in that series. And you got the limited edition stab wood, which has a bunch of different colors. So the color choices are a huge pro
  • Replay Feature: It’s got that replay feature, baby. That’s reason enough to own a DNA. It’s a huge pro.
  • Takes up to 26mm Atomizers. I know in the down low, I said 25 will fit fine, but you can actually get a 26mm atomizer on here without any overhang. That’s a pro.
  • Battery Door: It’s an upgraded battery door. I know a lot of people had problems with their Paranormal battery doors. I never had an issue and I have two of them. And I used them a lot. I actually liked the Paranormal battery door better, but they’re saying this is an upgrade. I can totally understand that. Especially for the people who had problems with it. It’s a pro that they address that issue.
  • Got a nice color screen.
  • Fully customizable via e scribe.
  • Performance on this thing as far as the chipset goes is going to be second to none. We already touched on that. I have the Hellvape Destiny on it, ohming out at 0.13, 52W. Check it out. Just beautiful, man. This is a nice combo. The stainless steel destiny goes beautifully on here.


  • Quality of the Materials: First con is going to be, you saw it down low, I pointed it out to you. For me, my opinion for Last Vape, this is a step back as far as the quality of the materials that they used. I think the materials in the Paranormal were much nicer. I think the Paranormals are nicer looking mod. I’m just not impressed with the quality of the materials. The build quality, I guess the way they put it together, is still there. It still feels solid. It vapes well, because of the chipset. I’m just not happy with the materials. I’m especially not happy with that leather. That leather has discolored to a point with me where it’s annoying already.
  • Raised 510: that raised 510, for a lot of people is going to be a deal breaker. I mean, I got the destiny on there right now, one of my favorite tanks, I just dropped a review on it. And it’s got a nice little gap in it, man, I don’t like it. It’s a con.
  • Exposed Screws: that I showed you in the down low, I don’t like it at all. It’s even worse from what I’ve seen in the pictures for the Abalone versions, because there’s kind of like a hole where the screw should be. It just looks unfinished to me. You could call it an industrial look, if you want to, I want to call it unfinished. I don’t like it. I think the screws should have been beneath the panels.
  • No Type-C Charging: And the last con is not going to be for Lost Vape. This one is for Evolve. Evolve, you need to get with the program and you got to start putting type C ports on your boards. This micro USB stuff, it’s over with. Stop already. Make the board with type-c charging and update capabilities.


What’s up, Insiders? DeucesJack at vaping Insider. Today, we’re going to be going over the Centaurus.

lost vape Centaurus

Centaurus. Yeah, man, there’s all kinds of nonsense floating around. We’re going to talk about it. I myself got a Centaurus. But apparently, there are some Centauruses out there.

From Top To Bottom

lost vape overview

Let’s go over the Centaurus. You can see, I got the brown leather carbon fiber one. You can notice right away, right? The leather got much darker.

lost vape overview2

I don’t know what it is. I don’t know if it’s the chemical reaction to my hand. Not going to lie. I do have some type of, maybe I got like a high or low pH level in my skin or something like that. But I’m kind of disappointed with the way that was discolored. It discolored a lot. Some people like that worn leather look. I’m not crazy about that. It was 10 times lighter than this in this part of it.

lost vape overview3

Here, you got your carbon fiber thing going on. Feels nice, to carbon fiber feels nice. I absolutely hate these exposed screws. I think that’s disgusting. For a mod of this price, I think those things should be underneath. I just think it’s a bad job. You got some Lost Vape branding over here. On the other side, more exposed screws, Lost Vape branding as well.

lost vape overview4

On the front here, you can see, you got kind of a raise on the fire button. It is sort of clicky but at the same time, it has a bit of a mush to it. There is your screen, up and down buttons, menu button, micro USB port, I’m not going to ding them on the micro USB port because that’s an Evolve issue. Evolve, you really need to get on the stick and start making your boards with type-c connections.

lost vape overview bottom

On the bottom here, they did a little something different with the battery door. A little bit of branding on the bottom, you got this little tab right here.

bottom door

And it’s a spring loaded door. So that’s kind of nice. I like the fact that that piece right there is metal, and it’s metal going into metal. I do like that. On the battery door itself, you can see plus and minus markings that should be in a different color. Not a good job on that. There is some of your venting right there. You can actually see it on the other side. You see the holes. Down the tubes, you got spring loaded battery contacts that also have plus and minus markings on them, but they are the same type that are on here. They’re gold on gold. You really can’t see them.

bottom bat

Let’s drop some batteries in here. positive side up over there, negative side down over there. Pull the tab, push it down, pretty secure. It don’t move. I haven’t had any issues with it when I put it down on a desk. It stays locked in place pretty well.

lost vape top

On top here’s where things change a little bit. You see that? See that raised there? See that raise right there? You got a raise on the 510 pin. So almost everything on this is going to show a little bit of a gap. I know there are going to be some people that absolutely hate that. I am one of them.

lost vape top2

On the top side though, you can see, screws holding everything in place. You got three screws on top here, spring loaded 510 that I would say has a medium throw with a medium spring to it. 25mm atomizers will fit on here without any overhang. There’s your Centaurus branding, you can see, mine is actually spelled correctly. We’re going to get into it in a little bit. Apparently, a couple of Centaurases got away from Lost Vape and they were misspelled and spelt Centauras within an A. And then what they did was they tried to correct some of them, and they stamped over. So if you have a Centauras with white lettering in the background like a white block where it looks like it’s been stamped over, yours originally said Centauras, and they stamped it over to say Centaurus. And we’re going to talk about that a little later, but I just wanted to prepare you for it.

Menu Screen

Size Comparison

lost vape compa

So now let’s do a comparison because on the interior page, when you open the box, it says, Legend Reborn or Legendary Reborn, right? So what they’re trying to tell you is this is a kind of a version of the paranormal. This is the Paranormal. This is the Centaurus. And you can see where the design motivation came from. I mean, there’s no doubt about that. Big difference is on the battery doors. The Centaurus is the way I showed it to you. This one is a little different. I actually like this door better. I feel like it’s more solid on the Paranormal, but whatever. I will say this. The Centaurus has a more solid frame. The frame feels a lot more solid, as opposed to the Paranormal with a Paranormal frame seems a little tinny. I think the materials that they used on the Paranormal were much better. I love this inlay that is missing on the Centaurus. I like the flush mounted 510 better on the paranormal than this. I just think, when I compare the two of them together, I just think that this is a step back. This is a step back from the Paranormal. It really is. I have another Paranormal I can show you with it. This is the woodgrain one. I just think the Paranormal looks classier than the Last Vape. I really do. I can’t help it. I just think it’s a classy looking mod. I don’t know why they stepped back on this. We expect companies, when you want to do a Legend reborn, the reborn part has to live up to the Legend. And I just don’t think that’s the case here. I really don’t. I’m definitely disappointed in the materials that they used, the way they’re holding up.

What’s In The Box?

lost vape kit included

You get this little accessory box. In that little box, you get this cable that allows you turn this into like a charge port if you want to. You get a micro USB cable and a user manual.


Alright, let’s get into the specs on the Last Vape Centaurus mod.

  • It measures in at 91 x 55 x 26mm.
  • It weighs in at 173g.
  • It does take dual 18650 batteries.
  • 0.9 inch TFT display with a 200W maximum output.
  • The chipset is a DNA 250C.
  • It’s available in multiple colors. It has a Carbon line, a Stab Wood line, and an Abalone line.
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    And that’s it, Insiders. That’s all I got for you guys today. You keep living that vape life. We’re out of here. Deuces.

    • DNA 250C
    • Good Looking Mod
    • Heavier Feel
    • Tons of Colors
    • Replay Feature
    • Takes up to 26mm Atomizers
    • Battery Door
    • Got a nice color screen
    • Fully customizable via e scribe
    • Performance
    • Quality of the Materials
    • Raised 510
    • Exposed Screws
    • No Type-C Charging


    Lost Vape Centaurus
    $139.99 $189.99
    Peter Paul Morales
    Peter Paul Morales