Jmate P4 Charging Case Review

Updated on: 2020-02-14

Five-Star Rating System


– 4
As far as looks, the Jmate P4 Portable Charging Case is sleek, I think it’s classy looking. We’ll give it a solid four stars.


– 4
Form factor, it’s light, slim, and easy to carry. We’re going to give it another four stars for that.


– 3
As far as performance goes, we’ll give the Jmate P4 Portable Charging Case three stars because it does exactly what it’s supposed to do. It charges your Caliburn, no issues whatsoever. So we’ll give it a solid three stars.


– 2
Now, as far as value goes, I’m going to give it a two, and I’ll explain to you why. This thing is going for $30. I’ve regularly seen the Caliburn on sale for $15. So technically, for the price of two Caliburns, you can buy one of these. I think it’s a little pricey considering the device that it’s going to be used for. If it was a little cheaper, it would have gotten a better score in the value department, but I’m going to give it two stars.


– 3.25
Now we add all these stars up we get a total of 13 stars. We’re going to take those stars, divide them by four, and we’re going to come up with three and a quarter stars as an overall rating for the Jmate P4 Portable Charging Case. Which for a charger, is a very good rating. How much detail can I really get into? It’s a charger, for crying out loud. It does what it’s supposed to do. I know one thing, if you’re a die-hard Caliburn user and use it all the time, this is definitely a must-own for you.


  • Protects the Mouthpiece: When you put your Caliburn in that Jmate P4 Charging Case, and then you put your case in your pocket or your bag pocket, it protects the mouthpiece from debris. I like that. I think it’s a lot cleaner than just slipping this in a bag or a pocket.
  • Protects Against Accidental Firing: The Jmate P4 Portable Charging Case protects the Caliburn against accidental firing. A lot of people forget that the Caliburn also has a push-to-fire feature on it. And a lot of times, I’ll have this in my pocket or something, and I’ll go to take a vape of it and my coil is burnt, or my pod is burnt. And that might be because I accidentally brushed up against something and fired it a couple of times and it burns out the pod. When you have it in that Jmate P4 hard case, there’s no chance of that happening.
  • Can Charge the Caliburn 3 Times: I love the fact that I could just carry this little case around and get three charges. I can charge my Caliburn three times with one full charge on this Jmate P4 Portable Charging Case. That’s a huge pro, especially if you’re the type of person that uses the Caliburn on a daily basis and it’s your only device. You can take this with you, and when you’re not using the Caliburn, you can pop it inside the case and top it off or charge it up from dead to full and you’ll be able to do that three times. Huge, huge pro


  • Should Have Included 2 of the USB Magnetic Connectors: First con is going to be that little piece that I showed you that goes on the bottom of your Uwell Caliburn, they should have included two USB magnetic connectors. Come on, Jmate, you have to include two. The reason you have to include two is if I only have one Caliburn and I lose it, I lose that little piece. Another is most Caliburn owners don’t have just one. So if I do own two, I want to be able to put each piece in each device that I own. And while one is charging up, I want to be able to still vape on the other one without having to pull this piece out and charge the one that’s dead. So you got to include two in the box. You just weren’t thinking.
  • Takes 90 Minutes to Charge: Another is the case device itself. I’m not talking about the Caliburn. I’m talking about the Jmate P4 Charging Case. Takes about 90 minutes to charge. So you have to put this thing on a charger before you leave or got out for the day, if you’re going to be out the whole day with your Caliburns. I wish it charged a little faster.
  • Should Have Made A Space to Carry At Least One Spare Pod: I wish they would have put some space in there, some type of space for me to carry at least one spare pod. That would have been a really nice touch. They may have had to make the case a little bigger, but I really would have appreciated the ability to carry an extra pod inside the Jmate P4 Charging Case. I think they should have thought that through a bit.


What’s up, Insiders. DeucesJack, I’m at Today, we got something a little different. We’re going to review the Jmate P4 Uwell Caliburn Portable Charger.
Jmate P4 Charging Case
This is going to be pretty popular because I know there are a lot of Uwell Caliburn device users out there. Uwell sold a ton of Caliburns and people can definitely use this.

What’s In The Box

Jmate P4 box specs

These are the specs on the back. 1200 mAh, charges at 1amp, measures in at 15x54x137mm.

Comes in a package like this. Get this little plastic here, I’m going to pull that off, and there it is.

Jmate P4 Hard Charging Case for Uwell

Pretty simple device. A little bit of branding over there, Jmate branding. You can see your micro USB port for charging. You also have some stats here.

Open this thing up, like so. And inside, you get a shorty style charging cable, real, real short. And over here, see that little magnetic piece right here?

Jmate P4 USB magnetic connector

That’s a micro USB adapter that you’re going to plug into the bottom of your Uwell Caliburn. And once you plug that piece in, it just magnetically attaches. Let me show you what we’re talking about.

How Does It Work?

Locate your micro USB port on your Caliburn, and then you take this little piece, and you just pop it in.

Jmate P4 usb magnetic connector

So now you got these three gold plated pins on the bottom of your Uwell Caliburn device. The only con about that, and I don’t know if a lot of people actually stand it up, but it actually makes your Caliburn and a little wobbly because of that little piece protruding right there. It’s not really that bad, just something with the Uwell Caliburn device, I just put it down on a table like that. But for some people, if you’re going to stand it up, see, it’s a little bit more tipsy. No big deal in my book.

Jmate P4 charger led lights

Now, let me show you how this thing works. Here’s your battery indicator lights right here. You see, I got four led lights to show that I’m fully charged. Each light represents 25%. If you want to charge your Caliburn, just pop it in there like that. See that all the lights are on. Bottom lights are on, charging light on the Caliburn is on. Now you can close this case, stick it in your pocket, and you’re charging while you’re walking around. Kind of cool.

What Would Make It Better

Now, two things I wish they would have done was;

Jmate P4 classy little case

Accomodate Two Devices: I know a lot of Caliburn uses and most of them don’t own just one Caliburn. They own multiple, two, or three. I would have liked to have seen them include two pieces of this. Two of these. So if I am one of those users that has two Caliburns, while I’m vaping on one, I could have another one charging. That would have been kind of neat. That really would have.

Pod Storage: Another thing that would have been kind of neat is if they would have incorporated some type of storage in here for a spare pod. That would have been kind of neat as well. That’s not a deal-breaker, but the micro USB adapter, they should have definitely put two in there because I know most Caliburn owners own more than one.

So let’s put it back in there. See how it’s all charging up now? There you go. The Caliburn is all installed. You’re charged up, you’re ready to slide this thing into a bag or a pocket.


That’s it, Insiders. That’s all I got for you today. You keep living that vape life. We’re out of here. Deuces.

  • Protects the Mouthpiece
  • Protects Against Accidental Firing
  • Can Charge the Caliburn 3 Times
  • Slim & Pocketable
  • Should Have Included 2 of the USB Magnetic Connectors
  • Takes 90 Minutes to Charge
  • Should Have Made A Space to Carry At Least One Spare Pod


Jmate P4 Charging Case
$29.99 $34.99

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