Innokin Zenith Pro Review

Updated on: 2021-02-17

Five-Star Rating System


– 3.75

We’re going to add all the stars up, we’re going to get a total star count of 15. We’re going to take these 15 stars, we’re going to divide them by 4 and we’re going to get an overall score of 3 and three quarter stars, which is about a point and a quarter above what I consider average.

I think it’s a good score for a tank that is operating in a little bit of a niche market. That low wattage market, that low wattage restrictive DL, restrictive mouth-to-lung market. I don’t know if that’s necessarily a big market. But if that’s the type of vaping you do, you’d be hard pressed to find a better sub ohm tank than this.


– 4

First category in our rating system is the looks department. I gotta tell you, man, I love the looks of this thing, I like that whole glass metal look. I like the fact that I get some protection but at the same time the glass is replaceable. In the looks category, I got to give this thing a solid 4. I’m just digging the looks on it.


– 4

In the coil performance category, I got to give it another high score. Let me explain why I did. Yes, this tank really only goes up to 25W with the coils that are available. But that’s the lane they want it to be in. That’s the type of vaping Phil and Dimitri do. So it’s hard for me to ding them on points when I know what was in their head when they came up with this thing. I know what type of vaping that they do. It really wouldn’t be fair for me to ding them. In their range, in their genre, the coils that are for this tank are absolutely fantastic. I also like the way they made the coils plug and play and the fact that you have that auto juice shut off when you swap the coils. I got to give them a solid 4 for that as well.


– 4.5

Our next category is the airflow category. The airflow on this thing, again, let me show it to you. It’s super smooth. It’s just beautiful. It’s a very precise AFC. You can really dial it in. I just think the airflow on this is fantastic for what this tank is. In the airflow category, we’re going to give it 4.5 stars.


– 2.5

Our last category is the value category. I’ve been seeing this thing at anywhere from $31 to $35. Yeah, for the kind of vape that it is, it’s a little bit on the high side. It’s not crazy high, It’s a little bit above average. But you also get a little bit above average as far as the machining and the quality and the quality of the vape go. So I got to give it an average score. I’m going to give it 2.5 stars. That’s where this tank really lost it a little bit. If it would have been under $30, I probably would have rated it around 3.5 stars.


Let’s move on to the pros because it’s got a lot of pros.

  • Build Quality: First pro is going to be the build quality. Build quality on this thing is just stellar. Phil, Dimitri and Innokin did a bang up job. It’s got some nice build quality, some nice machining to it. All the tolerances are there. Just a very well done sub ohm tank.
  • 5.5ml Capacity: 5.5ml capacity at 25W, you can vape on this thing all day without filling up. It’s a huge pro if you vape that way.
  • Replaceable Glass: The other Zenith didn’t have a replaceable glass. Phill and Dimitri listened to their fan base. They put a replaceable glass on this one. I like it, it’s a pro.
  • Metal Enclosure: I also like the fact that it’s somewhat ensconced in metal because it does give you some protection. So that’s a pro as well.
  • Beauty Ring:You get that extra beauty ring that I showed you.
  • Coil Compatibility: It’s compatible with all Zenith coils.
  • Wide Airflow Range: The airflow range on this one very wide, it goes from a very restrictive DL hit to a super tight mouth-to-lung hit, and anywhere in between, it’s very precise, you can really dial the airflow in on this one. It’s a huge pro.
  • Great Flavor: Another pro on this one. Even though it’s a low wattage system that takes low wattage coils, the flavor on this thing is just banging. I got the 1ohm coil in here, I got it at 25W, max wattage. I got it on the MVP5, which again, one of my favorite mods of the year. Check it out. Very, very smooth draw. Cool vape yet flavorful. I just really liked it. That was with the airflow holes, just showing. If I open it up wide, check it out. A little bit more cloudage. You can see, flavor dilutes a little bit, not much and it’s just a really nice vape. But again, very much on the cool side. So please keep that in mind.
  • Auto Shut Off: And the last pro is going to be that auto shut off thing that I showed you down low. You can actually pull your coil with a full tank of juice and not lose a drop of juice. I love it. It’s a pro.


I didn’t have a lot to pick on with this tank. They did a lot of great things with this tank in its lane.

  • Very Big for a 25w Tank: My one complaint is it’s very big for a tank that has a maximum wattage of 25W. That’s going to annoy some people, that really is. People who vape it with that wattage tend to want smaller atomizers so I got a ding it for that. Even though I don’t think it’s a big con if you vape that way.
  • Low Wattage Coil: Staying in the same lane with this con, I wish Phil and Dimitri came up with a higher wattage coil. Maybe something in the 40-50W range, I would have liked to have seen that. I think the tank is big enough to accommodate a coil like that. The fact that it doesn’t have one like that is a little disappointing and it’s a con as far as I’m concerned.
  • Cool Vape: Again, on the same footing, It’s a very cool vape because it only has a maximum wattage when its biggest coil at 25W. So if you like a cool vape, you’re gonna like it. It’s a very flavorful vape, it’s a very good vape but it’s definitely on the cool side, especially if you’re used to higher wattages.

But that’s it on the cons, man. All real nitpicky stuff. Very hard to find something wrong with this tank.


Innokin Zenith Pro

What’s up, Insiders? Deuces Jack at Vaping Insider. Today, I got a new sub ohm tank for you. This one’s a little different. It’s on the low wattage side, we’re talking about the Innokin Zenith Pro. This is a collaboration between Innokin, Phil Busardo, and Dimitri The Vaping Greek.

From Top to Bottom

zenith pro box

Check that out. Kind of nice. Look at that. I like the clean stainless steel look.

Check out that nice drip tip. I’m kind of digging that 510 mouth-to-lung style drip tip. Really, really nice. I’m going to leave that one.

fill port

Here is your fill port right here. Nice smooth machining. It’s got stoppers, so it doesn’t go around all the way. Nice big fill port. Sometimes the drip tip may get in the way, you just pop it out, and you’ll have no issues. Now, you can see like the regular Zenith, it’s got that kind of cage around it, a little bit of branding, Zenith Pro. That tell you open and close it right, there giving you directions with the arrow.

This also has juice flow controls, when you pull the coil out, you can turn the tank upside down with the base off and juice will not run out. So that’s kind of cool. I kind of like that.

zenith pro beauty ring

Here is that beauty ring that we’re going to be able to replace. You can see, it’s got some Innokin branding on it.

zenith pro airflow

Bottom airflow, check out that airflow. Look at this, you got six mouth-to-lung air holes that you can cut down one at a time. That’s awesome. And then, if you want to do DL, you can just leave this slot wide open. Or if you want to have a seventh hole, you can close it a little bit just like that. You can you can really dial in your mouth-to-lung or restrictive dl hit with this. Really, really nice job on the airflow.

zenith bottom

Check out the bottom of the tank. You can see it says Phil Busardo and The Vaping Greek. Gold plated 510, insulator ring around it, 510 threading is gold plated on this coil. The reason I say that is because as you can see with the coil that was spare in the box, this one is gold plated, this one is not. The 510 is actually attached to the coil. So just keep that in mind.

Now you want to change the coil, very simple, like every other sub ohm tank, just take the base off. By the way, the threading, super, super smooth, nice job with that. Coil pops up. When the coil pops up. See that right there? When the coil pops up, the juice flow control kicks in. And you don’t have to worry about this leak in juice. Even if you pull the coil out and hold it upside down. The juice will not come out. So nice job on that.

The Coil

zenith kanthal coil

Let’s go over this coil. This is their brand new 1ohm kanthal coil, good for 20-25W. Now what you’re going to get with this wide open is you’re going to get a very flavorful restricted DL hit with it wide open. And if you shut it down a little bit, you’re going to get a nice warm mouth to lung vape. Round wire build no mesh here. So we’re going to put this on deck for a second.

Now, in order to install the coil, you just pop it in there, like so, and then give it a little twist clockwise, and it’ll stay in place. Once it stays in place, almost forgot, we got to put our beauty ring back on. Put that back on, make sure it’s nice and snug because the beauty ring is what’s holding this base in place. You don’t want to run the tank without that and it will look stupid too. Once that’s all in place, you take your base and pop it right on just like that. Again, threading, very smooth.

Beauty Ring

zenith beauty ring attached

And let me show you the beauty ring and how it works. So this beauty ring comes off. Just unscrew it. Just like that. Again, nice, nice threading. Comes off, and now if you want to have a two toned look, you can pop the blue one on for a little bit of pizzaazz. But I’m probably going to keep the stainless steel one on there, I just wanted to show you what it looks like.

The Glass

Here’s the interesting part. For you people that didn’t like the fact that you couldn’t change the glass on the original Zenith. Let me show you. See these two little notches right here? And then that notch right there? What you can do is kind of got to get in there, like girly nails, and you can pop that piece off. And what that does is that it gives you access to the glass. And now you can pop the glass out if you want to. Kind of neat. I like it. Awesome, awesome job on that. Now when you put this back, you got to make sure you line up those notches. And then just kind of seed it in there, pop it in there, just like that.

Juice Test

zenith pro juice

Juice, we’re going to be using today is Gorilla custard. You guys know I love my custards. This is one of my favorite custards of all time. Very, very simple yet very, very good. Of course, even with this coil. What you want to do is you want to give it a little prime, put a couple of drops right inside there, get it going, get it all juiced up. And then, prime these juice slots right here. Just paint them a little bit, get them started, just like so.

Now you want to open this up right here. Since we’re using a 120 bottle, we’re going to take the drip tip out and you just take your Gorilla Custard and just fill this bad boy up with some great original Gorilla custard. Once you get it all the way to the top, slide that over, install your drip tip, and now we’re ready to throw this thing on a mod and vape.

What’s In The Box?

zenith box

Let’s put it on deck for a second and go over the rest of the contents.

Also included in the kit, you’re going to get:

  • A quickstart guide
  • A little note from Phil and Dimitri.
  • This baggie of goodies that we’re going to go over in a second.
  • A spare coil which we’ll go over in more detail as well.

Let’s go over a baggie of goodies first, we’re going to tear it open, just like so. And look at this. You get:

  • A spare glass: with a Zenith tank. That’s kind of different. I know a lot of people are bitching and moaning that you couldn’t replace the glass in the original Zenith. So this one you can and I’ll show you exactly how to do that.
  • spare o-rings
  • black mouth-to-lung drip tip. We’re gonna keep that on the side for now.
  • Beauty Ring: The other thing you get in the bag of goodies is you get this different colored beauty ring. And I’ll show you how to install that when I show you how the glass comes out.
  • Spare 1.2ohm kanthal coil: Now, here is the spare coil. This is the 1.2ohm kanthal coil. You can see good for 10-14W. This is the Z coil. By the way, all the other non pro Zenith coils are backwards compatible to this tank. So that’s kind of nice. If you have a regular Zenith coil and non pro Zenith coil that you like, you’ll be able to use it in this tank.


Let’s go over some of the specs on the Innokin Zenith Pro sub ohm tank.:

  • It is made primarily of 304 stainless steel construction.
  • 24mm in diameter at the base.
  • 5.5ml capacity
  • Two coils in the box

    – a 1ohm Z coil good for 20-25W

    – a 1.2ohm coil good for 10-14W.

  • Colors available are silver, gunmetal black and blue.


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    That’s it, Insiders! That’s all I got for you guys today. Make sure now more than ever, you keep living at vape life. We’re out, deuces.

    • Build Quality
    • 5.5ml Capacity
    • Replaceable Glass
    • Metal Enclosure
    • Beauty Ring
    • Coil Compatibility
    • Wide Airflow Range
    • Great Flavor
    • Auto Shut Off
    • Very Big for a 25w Tank
    • Low Wattage Coil
    • Cool Vape


    Innokin Zenith Pro
    $34.99 $49.99

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