Hippovape Kudos Squonker Review

Updated on: 2019-11-15


What’s up, Insiders? It’s DeucesJack, I’m at VapingInsider.com. Today, we’re going to be going over the Hippovape Kudos. Kudos to you. I don’t know where they’re coming up with these names, I really don’t. But this is a single cell, single 18650 squonker. Check out the size of this one. Look at it. It’s really, really small. Really comfortable and it has a very unique filling system.

With Warnings Hippovape Kudos

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From Top to Bottom

Check that out. That’s kind of neat. Right off the bat, you notice, we have a Type C charging cable. That’s kind of neat. I like that. I originally wanted to show you the black one first because they sent me two. This is the one I’ve been using. The black one, for some reason, the autofocus is giving me a really hard time on camera so I’m going to show you this, when we cut to the inside, I’ll show you the black one. Right here on top, you can see, two star screws holding the stainless steel plate in place. You have stainless steel threading here. You have a spring-loaded 510 that I would say has a short throw like most squonkers with a medium spring to it.


One little note about this 510. This one wound up getting hung up on me a little bit and a few atomizers were giving me an atomizer short message. All I did was go in there and push it down and it snapped back into place and everything’s been running fine since then. But I do have to point that out. You have another star screw over here holding the top plate in place.

With Warnings Hippovape Kudos

When we go around that, you’re going to see, you got some Kudos branding here. There is your nice little screen. I like that. It’s a tiny screen but it’s got all the information you need. There is your fire button, your plus and minus button. Notice, they’re both raised. However, the plus and minus button has a little cutout here for them. Both of them are very tactile feeling. This is your squonk bottle right here. We’ll go over that in a minute.

With Warnings Hippovape Kudos

Now here’s something that really annoys the hell out of me. Look where they put the type-c port and look where the 510 is. Hippovape, are you freaking kidding me? What are you trying to do, compete with Uwell for the stupidest place ever to put a charge port? What do you think this is, the Block 22? That’s an absolutely ridiculous location especially on a squonker. How easy is it going to be to get juice in there and just fry that charge port? It’s inexcusable, it really is. Especially when you’ve had so much real estate. You could have put this thing anywhere. Why the hell did you put it there? Just blows my mind. On the bottom, not much going on. Nice little curvature to it. It feels great in the hand. It’s got a nice curvy feel to it. I do like the way they did the front here with that little lip. Nice job on that.

With Warnings Hippovape Kudos

As far as what will fit, here’s a 25mm atomizer on it. Let me show it to you. This is the QP Kali. You can see, 25mm. Maybe a little bit of overhang over there. Nothing that’s going to make it look stupid. It goes right up to that bevel right there, that cut out there, that platform, whatever you want to call it, really, no overhang at all. I don’t know why but it looks like I have a slight bit of overhang over here but not on the other side. That’s kind of weird but I would say 25s look good on this either way.

With Warnings Hippovape Kudos

Size Comparison

I wanted to give you a quick size comparison. I wanted to try to compare apples to apples. A lot of single cell squonkers are coming out in 21700 form. However, this is the brand-new Geekvape Aegis squonker. This is a single 18650 and this is the Wismec Luxotic Surface which is also a single 18650, also one of the smallest single 18650 squonkers on the market. You can see, the Kudos is right there with it size-wise. They did a good job. This is big for an 18650 squonker but it’s also bulletproof. This is one of those you can just throw around. But let me show it to you next to the Luxotic. You can see, pretty much the same dimensions. Maybe the Hippovape is a little curvier. Definitely feels a little better in the hand, feels less square but they’re right there with each other, they really are. Look at that. Not much of a difference, not much of a difference at all. Just so you got a size comparison. It’s very close to a Luxotic. And here it is next to the Aegis. You could see the Aegis is much, much bigger, much taller, much wider. Feels much more substantial in the hand as far as width goes. But this is actually heavier than the Aegis, it really is. This is a heavy little mod. Feels like it’s got some real quality behind it. It’s got that heft of quality but you can see, definitely smaller than the Aegis squonker.

More About The Squonker

Let’s cut to the black one. Let me show you the insides of this thing. Check that out. Here is the door. You do have magnets in each corner. You have these nice, little tabs and these tabs. They do a really nice job. What they do is they clip in here and then everything just kind of snaps in. You hear that? See that? I like the way they did that. It’s very secure. It doesn’t go anywhere. It don’t move. Just really, really nice. On the back, it is all metal so you gotta make sure when you put your batteries in there that your wraps have no tears in them.

Now here’s something really interesting. This squonk bottle is done very differently and I’m going to take it out in a minute and show it to you. But definite con, black-on-black battery markings. Gold-plated, spring loaded battery contact on the top. Button style, gold-plated contact on the bottom. There’s your battery strap right there. You got this little ball bearing like right here that kind of keeps the door in place. I kind of like that. You’ll get a notice. I don’t know if you can see it. See that little indent right there? That’s what that little ball bearing snaps into. Really, really nice job on that.

Now here’s something interesting with the squonk bottle but I’m going to get it out for you in order to show it to you. Let me just grab this thing out of here. Check this out. Here is your opening. This is where you fill it, needle nose bottles only. You shove your needle nose bottle right in there and you make sure the bottle is upright and it just fills it all the way. Once you’re done, you close it. But here is something interesting. This is your valve cutoff. Now you can see, there’s a little lock. Now you can see, there’s a little lock emblem right there. When it’s on, that pin right there, that lock, that means you’re all locked up and you could squeeze the bottle all you want and no juice will come out. You want to release the juice, you push it up that way. And now you can squeeze the bottle pretty freely and all the juice will come out. Nice, squishy bottle, they did a really nice job on it.

The other thing is this thing comes apart. Let me show you. It threads on. There is metal threading over there so they did a nice job with that pre-cut squonk tube. This whole assembly here is actually pretty heavy for what it is. They just did a really nice job engineering this thing and you’re going to notice, when I open up the valve right there, you’re going to see, right here is where your juice is going to flow in from, and right here is where your air is going to escape from. So it is displacing air. You just got to go slow because if you squeeze it too fast, it will bubble up and make a mess. But I just wanted to show you the thought that they put into this piece is just unbelievable, it really is. Like I said, threading on this is actually really nice. You just screw it right back on and you got to make sure it lines up with the square so when you put it in, you have the flat side facing. Over here, this is your little stem part that goes on to the squonk tube or the squonk cap so when you put it in, you kind of got to like squish it in there a little bit, kind of just like squish it in there and just get a hold of it and make sure it seats in there just like that. But this is definitely meant to be filled while it’s in store. And what I would do is you hold it up right and you hold the bottle this way and then squeeze it and let the juice go in. So that’s how that works. Really, really innovative squonk bottle. Something they put a lot of thought into. Definitely digging that. Really, really nice job on that.

Menu System

What’s in the Box

It comes with

1 x Hippovape Kudos MOD
1 x Type-C USB cable
1 x Squonk bottle
1 x User Manual
Simple packing. Customary packing from the factory, the packing is subject to change without notice.

With Warnings Hippovape Kudos


Alright, Insiders! Let’s talk about those cons and pros.

First con is going to be, what the hell were you thinking Hippovape with the location of that type-c port? Who do you guys think you are, Uwell? You want the wood shampoo award for the stupidest location of a type C port? Are you guys freaking kidding me? You put the type C port right underneath the atomizer but why not just put it on top? Come on, give me a break. That’s a bush-league move. Should never be done. It’s just a stupid location and I got to call you out on that. I’m sorry if I’m seeming a little rough but I just expect more from any mod company to put a Type C location right below the atomizer on a squonker. Are you guys kidding me? It’s a con. I so, so wish they would make this same exact mod with a better type C location, of course, and in 21700 form. Hippovape, you guys do that, you got a major, major win on your hands. Trust Uncle Jack, make this in 21700 form factor and move that USB port and you got a winner.

I love the innovative fill system on that bottle that I showed you down low. It’s fantastic, it’s super innovative. The problem is once in a while, if you have a tip that’s not just the right size, sometimes it can be a little messy. So I got to point that out. But I think it’s super innovative and I’m going to put it in the pros as well.

That’s it, Insiders. No real deal breakers here. Yeah, I went off and did my rant a little bit about the type C port location but no real bad deal breakers here. Let’s move on to the pros because this thing’s got a lot of pros.


Love, love, love, love the form factor on this one. They basically reinvented the form factor for a single cell squonker. It’s not a box, it’s nice and curvy. It’s a true one-handed squonker. You could trigger finger fire it and squonk it like that. If your thumb firing, you can thumb fire then slide your thumb down and squonk it if you want to. I love it, fantastic, bang-up job, Hippovape.

I like the finish on this one. I’ve been banging this thing around for a couple of weeks and the finish has held up beautifully, pro.

24mm will fit on this one without any overhang, that’s a pro.

It’s got a nice capacity. I like the capacity, I like the square squonk bottle, pro.

Innovative, super innovative squonk bottle with an on and off valve. Great job, Hippovape.

The screen is tiny but it’s nice and bright and you can read it in all lighting conditions.

Solid battery door. Squonk door, that thing clips in there and it don’t move. Great job.

TC on this one is really, really good, almost coming up to DNA level good. That’s how good the TC is on this thing. It’s shockingly good. I don’t know if it’s their chipset or if somebody else’s chipset but the TC on this is absolutely fantastic, it’s a pro.

This thing charges fast internally with that type C port, pro.

So far, the battery efficiency on this, I’ve been getting great battery life on this thing and I’ve been running my Wasp Nano with the Trinity glass cap on top of it. I got it at 60W and it’s been fantastic. Check it out, just nice. Fires fast, feel solid. Just a really nice solid vape off of this thing.

That’s it, Insiders. Those are my cons and pros.


Let’s talk about this one a little bit. I know I’m going to seem like I’m gushing over this thing and you know I probably am because this is one of my favorite single 18 650 squonkers bar none. It is fantastic. I like the 7.5 ml capacity. I like the way it vapes in TC. I just like the tiny screen. I love the form factor. This is just a fantastic single 18650 squonker. It’s for you squonker that liked to vape single coils and you’re always below like, 65W and lower. But I’m telling you, Hippovape. Listen to me. Move that USB port make this in 21700 form factor and that thing will sell like hotcakes. I promise you, if you’re in the market for a different type of single 18650 squonker, check out the link below because this one’s for you. It is DeucesJack approved.


Let’s go over some of the specs on the Hippovape Kudos squonker. It is a single 18650 mod with an 80W maximum. It will fire down 2.1ohms. It will fire in variable wattage, variable voltage, or TC. It measures in at 79mm x 43mm x 25mm. It weighs in at 156grams. The squonk bottle will hold 7.5 mls. It has type-c charging and it is available in stainless steel, gray, and black.


Battery Type: 1 x 18650 Batteries (not included)
Diameter: 79mm x 43mm x 25mm
Connector: 510
Power Output: 3-80W
Voltage Range: 1.0-8.0V
Resistance Range: 0.1-3.0ohm
BF Bottle Capacity: 7.5ml

BF bottle lock system for Leaking proof
Compact regulated squonk mod
Slide-to-refill system for easy refill
Top-performing water-proof chipset
Type-C USB charging


Want to thank Hippovape for sending this one my way. Definitely appreciate the support of the channel.

Don’t forget, Insiders, head on over to our Facebook group. We’re going to have a link down below. The bigger the group gets, the stronger we get, the more informed we are. Head on over there and check it out. There’s a great group of people over there.

And that’s it, Insiders. That’s all I got for you today. You keep living that vape life. We’re out. Deuces.

  • great build quality
  • top fill
  • 10ml
  • great ergonomics
  • yes, one more time: top fill
  • that battery door latch


Hippovape Kudos Squonker
$54.99 $81.00

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