Golisi Needle 2 Charger Review

Updated on: 2018-09-30

First Impression Out of the box

DeucesJack: What’s up, everyone? DeucesJack at vapinginsider.com. Today, I got another battery charger for you. Golisi signed on with vaping insider, sent me a bunch of stuff. They sent me the Needle 2, check it out. Look how small that is. That’s the packaging. The actual charger is actually smaller. It’s a 2 bay charger that actually takes dual 21700 batteries. It’ll do 18650s too but it’s very, very small. Not much bigger than a pair of 21700. It’s simple and easy to use. It’s real easy to carry. I’ve been carrying it in my everyday carry bag. I put it in this little padded pouch and I’ve been carrying around with me so it’s been working well that way.

You got to remember, when I do these battery charger reviews, I’m not like some technical battery type of nerd. That’s just not my thing. Not that I have anything against those guys. They do important work but that’s just not my jam. When I approach or review a battery charger, I’m reviewing it from the point of view as an average everyday Joe type of vaper. So just keep that in mind as we go over this.

Let’s cut down low. Let me show you everything up close and personal. We’ll come back on top. We’re going to talk about it a bit. It’s such a simple charger. I’m not going to do pros and cons we’re just going to come back on top and talk about a little bit. I’ll see you down low.

What’s in the Box

  • 1x Golisi Needle 2 2A USB Charger

Golisi Needle 2 Charger Review box

Alright, everyone! Welcome to the down low portion of this video. Today we’re going over the Golisi Needle 2 compact mini charger. Wait when you see this thing. This thing is just tiny fireproof, USB power port, military-grade Springs, check it out. We got a scratch-and-sniff over there. Look at that this little thing will charge 21700s. It will only do it at a half an amp but that’s still kind of cool.

Golisi Needle 2 Charger Review contents

On the back, you can pause it here if you want to read it. On the other side here. You’ll see, it’s good for 0.5 amps.

From Top to Bottom

Now check this thing out, man. You’re going to love this. It doesn’t come with a brick which I wish it did. But look at this thing, just tiny tiny. Here’s your instruction manual right here. Red means your battery is charging, green means your batteries is in the process of charging. Check it out, man. Look at this thing yet, this neat little USB cable right here. This thing is perfect for traveling, it really is. Look at this. Nice spring action on them, really nice. Clear battery indicator markings over there, some Golisi branding. You got some nice big battery contacts over there. On the back, Needle 2, some more specs, some rubber footing over here so that doesn’t slide around on a desk.

Golisi Needle 2 Charger Review spring

This is my new travel charger. This thing is so small I actually keep it in my bag and if I need to I attached it to a power bank. It’s kind of cool, man, it really is. I’m definitely digging this thing. Golisi also sent me some batteries to test. This is their G25. See how it fits in there? See how nice? This is their S30 18650, no problem. Fits in there nice and easy. Here is their 20700, no problem at all and here is Golisi’s 21700 S35. Look at that, just fits in there perfectly. I gotta say, man, I’m really, really impressed with the job that they did on this.

Golisi Needle 2 Charger Review batt

In order to get this thing going, all you do is plug the micro USB cable in, right here, like that. Now you can see, this one’s fully charged and this one is charging. Look at it, just so small just let me give you a size comparison so you understand. There’s the new Smok Species. Check out how small it is. Kind of cool, man, it really is. Definitely been digging this one. This is my new carry around charger. This charger actually lives in my bag. I found the padded bag for it. I put it in my bag and I just keep it in there with the wire and a charging brick and it’s been phenomenal. You guys know, I always say, I’m running around the city. You know what I mean. I work in the city. I can plug this in at work and charge my batteries if I have to in a pinch. It’s just a great little charger.

Let’s cut back on top. Let’s talk about it a bit, cons, pros and then we’re out of here. I’ll see you back on top.

General Thoughts

Alright, everyone! We’re back on top with the Golisi Needle 2 two bay charger and like I said in the intro, I’ve been carrying this thing around in my bag because of the size. It doesn’t take up much space and I like the fact that I can actually carry around the legitimate battery charger just in case I’m somewhere where I’m in a pinch and I got to pop some batteries in. I think that’s really kind of cool. Barely bigger than a pair of dual 21700s. It has short circuit protection, overcurrent protection and reverse polarity protection. When the green light is on, that means you’re fully charged. When the red lights on, that means it’s charging. It’s just really simple. It’s fully automatic, no buttons to press.

Golisi Needle 2 Charger Review batt2

My only real issue with this charger, because of the way I use it, is I wish they would have included some type of hard carrying case. I think that would have been awesome if they would have come up with a little hard plastic carrying case with a little bit of space for my wire. You know what I mean? Or maybe a little bit of space for a wire and a brick. I think that would have been awesome. That would have made this thing like a complete package.

As far as using it like as a desktop thing, you absolutely could but I tend to go more than two days from my desktop charges. Like I said, I would use this kind of like as an emergency type of thing. Keep it in your bag, maybe keep it in your car, somewhere like that. Where you’re in a pinch and you just have to charge some batteries and you have the time, you can plug this thing in and do it. That’s the way I would use it. I think it’s a neat little charger. I’ve been using it a lot. Like I said, it lives in my bag. Now it’s there all the time. I think it’s a neat little gadget to have on you if you’re a vaper. That’s the way I feel about it.


We’re going to have a link down below as to where you can pick up the Golisi Needle 2. We’re also going to have a link to our forum, vaping insider.com/forum. Hey man, you know the drill. If you like this video, do us a favor. Give us that thumbs up, hit that sub button, hit that notification button so you know every time we drop a new review.

We’re going to see you guys on the next one. You keep living that vape life. We’re out of here. Deuces.


  • Case materials: ABS/PC/Fire proof
  • Input voltage: DC 5V /1A
  • Output current: 0.5A each slot
  • Power port: USB
  • Protection: Short circuit protection/Over current protection/Reverse connection protection
  • Battery compatibility: Li-ion 18650, 21700, 26650 / Ni-mh / Ni-cd /aaa/ aa (almost all types of cylinder shape
  • rechargeable batteries)
  • Working temperature: 0-40℃
  • LED indicator light
  • USB power port
  • Military-grade loading spring
  • ABS/PC fireproof case
  • 2 battery slots



Golisi Needle 2 Charger
$5.60 $8.40

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