GoForVape Double Up RTA Review

Updated on: 2019-11-22


Today, we’re going to be going over one of my brand-new favorites. This is the double-up RTA by GoForVape. If you haven’t heard of GoForVape, they’ve been coming out with some nice stuff. I just did a review on their kit. Their build quality is there. This one’s a little different. It’s top and bottom airflow on a single coiler.

GoForVape Double Up RTA

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From Top to Bottom

The color on this is wrong. This box came sealed. It says red. I don’t know why it says red. When you open up the box, the atomizer is actually black. Check that out. It’s not even like they’re trying to say it’s got a red drip tip because it’s got a green drip tip. Here’s the atomizer. There’s your top airflow. There’s your bottom airflow. Nice green drip tip. Lovin that drip tip. Look at that. 510 drip tip, all your other 510s will fit fine. It’s got a little bit of a curvature here, you also have some nice knurling because the top cap is actually very thin. The machining is fantastic on it but this area that you got to grab is a little too thin for my liking. I think if they would have made it a millimeter thicker, it would have been a lot better. But again, the machining on the actual threading is just fantastic. GoForVape has been doing a great job with their stuff lately. They’ve just been knocking it out of the park with that stuff.

GoForVape Double Up RTA

Recessed fill port right here. Nice, big fill ports over here. But you’re really only going to be able to get needle nose bottles in there. Just keep that in mind. You might be able to angle a bull nose in there and fill it slowly but for the most part, needle nose bottles will do best. You can fill it up to this point right here. You don’t have to worry about it spilling over or anything like that. Nice job on that. Again, like I said, machining, you give reverse-thread, it catches right away and the machining is buttery smooth.

GoForVape Double Up RTA

On top here, you have your adjustable airflow, stoppers on both ends. Dual adjustable airflow. You have one on that side as well. On the bottom, here’s something a little different. You got triple adjustable bottom airflow, stoppers on both ends. Whatever you do on one, happens on the other. Kind of neat there. you got dual on top and triple on the bottom. I’m digging that. Over here, you got a gold-plated 510, insulator ring around it, stainless steel threading around that. Some GFV branding.

GoForVape Double Up RTA

Let’s pop this open. Again, on the base, threading is nice and smooth just like on the top cap. Let’s pop this glass out because we’re going to replace it. That’s kind of like a smoky glass. We’re going to use the rainbow. While we got the glass off, let me show you how the top airflow works. That’s where your top air flow is coming from right there. That’s going to slam down onto your chimney cover right here and go through that honeycomb style airflow. Just so you know that. Here’s the glass. Check that glass out. That’s kind of cool the way they rainbowed it. I’m diggin it. We’re going to use that glass. Let’s pop that rainbow glass on there. Wow! That looks kind of neat with the black and the green. I’m diggin that. Like I said, you have this chimney part here. Press fit into the top, you see, you got some honeycomb airflow going on there. This piece just comes off like that. See that little notch right there? It just snaps in there. So there’s only one right way to put it on and then your wicks come through here. We’re going to get rid of that piece for a second.

The Deck

Let me show you the deck. Deck looks like a Recurve deck, almost. Very, very similar. You got your stainless steel blocks, your insulator ring right there, and the air flows coming in from the top through there. Now, your bottom airflow is coming in through here. So you got two airflows with this whole wrap around on the coil. Kind of neat, the way they did it. Now here’s your wicking channel right here. It’s kind of like a GTA style deck. You’re going to want to get those wicks moist and then kind of tuck them in. I’ll show you what I’m talking about in a minute. Inside here are where your deck screws are. Again, 1.3mm hex screws. So there’s the coil they provided in the kit. That’s the one we’re going to use.

Building & Wicking

Get your coil measuring tool. I use the five spot. Slip it right in there just like that. Take your flush cutters and cut off one side, like so. Now you want to take your flush cutters, grab the other lead and do the same exact thing. Now at 5mm, your coil is the perfect length. So now what you want to do is you want to take your coil and you want to put it on a rod and just kind of massage it in there. Just pop it right in there. There you go. Just get it in there nice and even. Maybe you play a little bit with some coil placement, get your finger in there and hold it down and then you just take your driver and you just tighten it down but make sure that coil is staying in place nice and tight, just like so. Same thing on the other side. Get your finger in there and make sure you put a little bit of pressure on that coil. Now that looks a little out of joint, a little bit off-center. We’re going to fix that. We’re going to put our coiling rod in there and we’re going to pop it over a little bit, maybe even things out a little bit. And that’s what it should look like, just like that. That is just about perfect, right in the middle.

Coil Master 521 Tab Plus. You can see, we’re ohming out at 0.25. That might change a little bit. Let’s give it a little bit of a stroke with the ceramic tweezers. Get some of those hot spots out make sure it’s glowing evenly from the inside out and there we are. Now we’re ohming out at 0.42 which is just about right. Turn the Coil Master off. Let me show you how to wick this thing up. Take your little aglet, pop it right through there. See how nice and tight that is? That’s exactly how you want it. Now what we’re going to do is we’re going to cut it right along the base here, just like that. Same thing on the other side. I’m going to cut it right there and we’ll save this one for another wicking day.

It’s the fall time, baby. So we’re going to be vaping on some Apple Cider. This stuff is awesome. Brewed Awakening Apple Cider. Make sure you check it out. Now what we’re going to do is we’re going to wet that coil down a little bit with some Apple Cider. We’re going to paint that cotton because we’re going to mold it into that wicking port. I’m going to show you exactly how but first let’s give it a little fire. Make sure we got some vape. Oh yeah, I’m telling you. That apple cider is absolutely awesome. if you like apple vapes, make sure you check this thing out. This juice actually reminds me of hunting season. It smells like the apple cider I used to drink during hunting season. Awesome, awesome job, Brewed Awakenings. Make sure you check them out. They’re for real.

Just tuck your wicks in like that. Kind of mold them. You kind of like got to mold them in there. that’s why we put the juice on there. You don’t want to jam them in there, just mold them and make sure you got nothing around here. Now what you want to do, this is the important part, you want to take your chimney section and you want to make sure it clicks in. See? that’s not right. That’s not in there right. Right there, that’s in there right. See how that clicked in? See how that little notch clicked in there? That’s how you want it. Once you got it all clicked in, we’re going to take our base off. Once you got everything all put together, take that base, give it a little reverse-thread, make sure it catches and pop it right on there nice and tight. Close that bottom airflow down. We’re going to take the top fill cap off, get those big juice portholes, put our needle nosed bottle in there and just give it a nice squeeze. Fill that all the way up. Not a bad idea to get some juice around that threading there, to make things go on a little smoother, even though it’s smooth to begin with. Take our top cap, reverse thread, let it catch and screw it right on them in. And now we’re all ready to vape.

GoForVape Double Up RTA

A little hint about the air flow. I like running my bottom airflow all the way open and I like just crack in the top like that. This is exactly, see that? See that top part where I just have a little bit of a top airflow and all of the bottom airflow open? That’s the way I love running this tank.

What’s in the Box

Also included in the box, you get a GFV, a GoForVape warranty card, you get a Double Up user manual. You get this nice, little tank protector, a hex key and some spare o-rings. By the way, the hex key is 1.3mm for the driver, for the deck screws, just make a note of that. You get this nice looking rainbow glass, you get a piece of cotton with an aglet and you get a pretty nice coil.

Package includes:
1x Double Up RTA
1x Cotton
4x Screws
1x Alien Coil
1x User Manual
1x Bubble Glass
2x Set of O-rings
1x 2.5mm Allen Wrench
1x Epoxy Resin Drip Tip
1x Protective Vape Band

GoForVape Double Up RTA

General Thoughts

Alright, Insiders, you check it out. I got that iridescent green colored glass on my Jackaroo, my green Jackaroo. I think it just looks badass. It’s one of my favorite setups of all time. My only complaint about that glass though is sometimes, you really got to hold it up to the light in order to see your juice level. But they do give you a clear one. I just like the way this one looks.


Let’s get into the cons and the pros. We’re going to start off with cons as usual.

First con, I already touch on it, that iridescent glass, tough to see through. It’s a con.

You saw it down low, that top piece, that controls the top airflow, that piece that goes on to the deck, it can be a little fiddly sometimes. Sometimes the fit isn’t the greatest. I think it could have been machined a little better to fit a little tighter. It’s a nitpicky con but I got to point it out.

The top cap on this thing, while it does have that little bit of knurling on it, it’s very thin and sometimes it can be tough to grab a hold of in order to get the top cap off. I wish it was a millimeter or two thicker. I think it would have been better.

The capacity on this thing, I’ll tell you what, this thing rips through the juice. It really does. I feel like I’m constantly filling this tank. I run a low build in here. I run anywhere from 0.25, 0.4 ohms so it does rip through the juice. I wish there was more capacity.

But that’s it, Insiders. Not a lot to complain about at all. Like I said in the beginning of the video, this is one of my favorite single coilers of the year.


Let’s move on to the pros because we got a lot to cover.

First pros going to be, you saw it down low. This thing’s easy to build and wick, it just is. You don’t have to be a brain surgeon.

It’s got great flavor and clouds for a single coiler. Let me show you what I’m working with here. I got it on top of the Jackaroo 0.42 build at 48W. I got the top airflow just slightly open and the bottom airflow wide-open. Check it out. Just nice, full saturated flavor. It’s got that slight restriction that I like. Now, if I open up the top airflow all the way, it definitely gets airier. This tank gets most of its airflow from the top. Let me show you what I’m talking about. See? You’re going to get bigger cloud production with that top airflow open but you’re going to sacrifice a little bit of flavor so you got to find out which mix or match with the bottom and the top airflow works best for you. I told you what my favorite way is.

This thing is a legit mouth-to-lung or DL tank. You can get this thing really tight. Let me show you. I’m going to I’m going to shut the top airflow off all the way and then I’m going to close the bottom airflow up to about a quarter. Watch this. It’s a legitimate mouth-to-lung tank. You can even close it down a little tighter where you got like a little sliver open. You can mouth-to-lung it no problem and the flavor is still there. That’s a pro.

This thing is real versatile when it comes to the airflow, getting us back to our next pro which is the airflow range. The airflow range on this is phenomenal. Like I just said, you can go from a middle-of-the-road mouth-to-lung, restrictive mouth-to-lung, to a pretty wide-open DL hit with a slight restriction to it so it’s got a really nice range. It goes across the whole spectrum, almost. So that’s a good thing. I like that. I like vapers to have choices. I like that vapers have the chance to tune this in the way they want to.

The build quality on this thing is really nice. GFV is an up-and-comer. GoForVape has been producing some really nice stuff lately.

I love the knurling on the tank. While I wish the top cap was a little thicker, you can get a grip with the knurling and they put the same knurling on the base so it’s got some nice texture that lets you get a hold of it.

That condensed chamber that I showed you in the down low, that contributes to the great flavor on this tank. It’s a pro.

No leaking. This thing’s been bone dry. The wicking on it is very, very forgiving. If you wick it the way I showed you, you’re not going to have a problem with it at all. Like I said, it’s been one of the drier RTA’s of the year. It’s easy to wick.

So that’s it, Insiders. Those are my cons and pros for the GoForVape Double Up.


Let’s talk about this one a little bit. It’s a very interesting design, it really is. It’s very unique. It’s got top and bottom airflow but it’s got top and bottom airflow done right. Now you are getting the majority of your air flow from the top but you’re getting a majority of your flavor from the bottom that’s why I like to run it with the bottom wide open and the top about a quarter of the way open. I think that’s the best compromise for clouds and flavor with this RTA. Like I said earlier, GFV is an up-and-comer. They’re a company to look out for. They’re producing really solid quality stuff with great vape quality. This one is DeucesJack approved for sure.


Size: φ27×48.8(H)mm(With drip tip)
E-liquid capacity: 2ml
Weight: 61.5g

-Leakproof top filling
-Innovative unique dual airflow
-Postless deck for easily wick and coil build


Make sure you check out the link down below. Big shout out to GFV for handing this to me at ECC. Definitely appreciate the support of this channel.

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That’s it, Insiders. That’s all I got for you guys today. Now, more than ever, it’s more important now than ever that you keep living that vape life. We’re out. Deuces.

  • Quality built
  • High liquid capacity
  • Bubble glass included
  • Short and comfortable 810 drip tip
  • Quarter turn to remove the top cap
  • Large kidney-shaped refill ports
  • Leak-resistant
  • Smooth and quiet restricted lung hit
  • Top-fed airflow hits sides of the coils
  • Perfect spacing on deck for dual coils
  • Easy wicking
  • Above-average flavor
  • Tight airflow control
  • Tiny hex-head grub screws in deck
  • Max airflow could have a bit more


GoForVape Double Up RTA
$14.99 $25.99

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