Go For Vape Eternal RDA Review

Updated on: 2019-10-13


How are you doing, Insiders? Today, we’re going to be going over an RDA with a vertical build deck. Yeah, I’ll tell you man, not a big fan in general of vertical build decks but I got an open mind. Every time I get one, I always build it, I always check it out. Today, we’re going to be talking about the Go For Vape Eternal RDA. They did this one a little different, though. Not only is it a vertical coil deck but it also squonks from the top. Watch or read until the end to see if it makes our best rda vapes list where we regularly compile a list of the 10 greatest rdas currently on the market. Go For Vape Eternal RDA 

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Look at that. Kind of interesting looking, right? Different, that’s for sure. Check out that airflow. That’s the dimpled sort of honeycomb airflow. You can see, it’s in a diamond-shaped form, the cutout. That’s kind of unique, I like that. But check this out. See that? Now you got like almost like a Templar Cross with a hole in each corner. That’s kind of cool. Then you got that like cheesegrater look right there. And you got a bigger honeycomb airflow right there, and now you’re back to the small honeycomb. Kind of nice the way they did that. Tension on the o-rings is really, really nice. Nice and firm, I like it a lot. Look at that beauty of a drip tip. That is a gorgeous drip tip. It is an 810 goon style drip tip everything fits in there really snug. All your other goons will fit in there but they are going to be tight. That o-ring in there is just beautiful, it really is. So just know that going in that it’s a nice, tight o-ring on top. Go For Vape Eternal RDA

Pull the barrel section off. You can see, we got a bit of a conical design going on in there. It is a two-piece barrel. Again, o-ring tension, really nice. And now, you can get a better look at all those cutouts. Really, really nice job on that. The barrel section itself feels nice and solid. It doesn’t feel thin or cheap. Again, really digging that diamond-shaped cut out over there. Nice job machining on it. It’s actually pretty nice. You can see that little notch in there? That’s what locks your airflow into place. It does have a locking barrel system. Check this thing out. This is kind of interesting. Look at the way they did this. It’s a vertical coil deck but your leads go to one side and then hang the coil in the middle like that. Kind of neat, the way they did that. I gotta say, I’m diggin it. Go For Vape Eternal RDA

Another thing that’s kind of neat is, here’s your hex keys right here and here. So when you’re building on this side, you have to reach through with your hex key and tighten it up. It sounds difficult but it’s not because what you’re going to really do is you’re basically going to hold your coil against that post and then just screw it in from this side. So that’s a nice job. It’s very, very unique. Here’s the pipe I was talking about. This thing is a real pain to install because you kinda can’t get a grip of it to turn it to install it. It screws right onto the squonk pin and the deck kind of wiggles around. So you got to put the squonk pin in first and it’s extra long. It comes out to about there and then you screw this pipe onto it. So it’s not the easiest to get this thing in. It is a pain in the neck. If it wasn’t such a pain, I would have taken it off and shown you but I really don’t want to go through that nonsense again. Now, these flat edges right here, what’s going to happen is when you squonk through the top, the juice is going to hit the top of your cotton but whatever doesn’t hit your cotton is going to roll down here into the juice well. And the juice well is actually kind of deep. it’s a nice, deep juice well. Really, really nice. And it does have a return feature right over there, so you’re not going to be squonking really over this block right here. That’s a nice job, putting a return on the bottom. I do like that. That makes it tough to over squonk on, much like the Tauren Solo RDA I recently reviewed.

I just wanted to show you this deck. It’s an interesting deck, really, really nice. You can get some decent sized coils in those post holes. I do wish the post holes were a little bigger. You can see from there, they are not that big. You can get decent coils in there but I just think they had room to make those post holes bigger. O-ring tolerance on this is very nice. You can see the tab there, that’s what catches your locking barrel system and locks your barrel in place. I do like that. On the bottom of the atomizer, you could see it says Eternal RDA. I do have the gold-plated squonk pin installed. It comes pre-installed with a solid pin so just be aware of that. Insulator ring around it, stainless steel threading around that. Overall, just a really, really solid atomizer. Go For Vape Eternal RDA


Let me put this thing on a stand and let me show you how to wick it. 

In order to wick this thing, what you want to do, you want to take a nice, long piece of cotton and make it pointy at one end, as you do in almost every other atomizer that you wick. Then you want to take your cotton and you want to shove it through there so it hits the bottom. But the problem with these vertical decks is it’s hard to get your finger in there to pull the cotton through. So what I like to do is I just like to pull it through like that, grab my tweezer and just pull it through. See how nice and tight that is? That’s how you want it. Now what I do is I take the other end right here, make it nice and pointy, and feed it right through. And now I just repeat the process just like that. Now, what I normally do is I take my scissors, I take my cotton, I hold it in the middle, and I run my scissor right across the top, just like that. So now you got this nice fluffy cotton right on top here. Kind of pancake it for yourself. And now, you take your bottom wicks and all you want to do is cut them right along the base, just like that. Turn it around, do the same thing on the other side, right along the base. And now all you do is you just tuck those wicks in just like that. The same thing on the other side, take your wick, tuck it in. Now it’s all wicked. 

Now what I want to do is I put it on my Topside Carbon and I want to show you the squonking action. Check this out.Go For Vape Eternal RDA

See that? See how it hits that block and then just goes down? See that? Now it looks like it’s only going down on one side, so you might want to push this down a little bit, just a little bit. Maybe we can get it to go down both sides. See? Just like that. See that and see how it’s filling up that juice well? Just does a nice job filling that juice well up. See? That’s a nice squonking action, right off the top. Now, once you’re done squonking all your juice on there, take your barrel section, snap it in so it locks in place, put your drip tip on. And that’s what it looks like on the Carbon. And now you can adjust your airflow any way you want, just like so. I like that large honeycomb setting right there. That’s been my favorite setting, so far 


Also included in the box, you get a bunch of spare o-rings. In this packet, I have my solid 510 in there, but you do get a squonking 510 that I already replaced. There’s also a little pipe in this bag that’s already installed in the RDA, a blue flat-headed screwdriver, and two hex keys. You also get these two rather nice-looking coils, an aglet of cotton. You get a warranty card, a user manual, and a QC certificate. Go For Vape Eternal RDA

  • Eternal RDA *1
  • Spare Parts Bag *1
  • Alien Coil *2
  • User Manual *1


Alright, Insiders! Let’s go over those cons and pros. 

First con is going to be, people are going to point it out in the comments. I really don’t care, but people are going to say it looks like a Vandy Vape Mutant. It does. It looks like it took design queues from the Mutant by Vandy Vape. I got to point it out. It’s a con because it’s going to be mentioned in the comments, I know. 

This is a very wet RDA. It’s not leaking. I seem to get a lot of condensation no matter what air holes I pick. There just always seems to be juice hanging around that general area. It’s kind of annoying. I find myself wiping it down a lot with like, a wet rag. It’s not leaking. It’s not to the point where it’s flooding down the side of my mod. It’s just always there. It’s always wet. it’s kind of weird. I’ve never really had another atomizer do that before so I had to point it out. 

Post holes on this one, they could have definitely been bigger. They had the room, they should have made them bigger. Not like you can’t get a decent-sized coil in there but I would have liked to have seen them bang those post holes out a little bit. It’s a bit of a con. 

And the last con’s going to be that squonk post that you have to install yourself after you put the squonking pin in. That’s a real pain in the ass to install. You kind of got to like slip your fingers in there and get it in there just to get it to catch the threading. It’s annoying as hell, it really is. It’s a con for me. I don’t have delicate little fingers. I had a rough time with it, I’m not going to lie. 

But that’s it on the cons. Nothing that’s a deal-breaker. Let’s move on to the pros because we do have some pros on this one. 



First pro I’m going to give it, props to GFV. They’re quietly making a name for themselves. Let me tell you something. That deck is unique and innovative. I like the way you can mount the coil on each side of the RDA. One coil goes all the way on one side, the other coil goes all the way on the other side or that they didn’t split the leads. I like that. Nice job, really. Great job on that, GFV. 

It’s got decent build quality for what it is. 

It’s got really smooth airflow. The airflow range is along the whole restrictive DL hit spectrum. That’s what I would call it. You could get a pretty restrictive DL hit to a loose restrictive DL hit. But unlike the Vande vape Mutant, you can tell the difference between the different airflow holes. On the Mutant, they all felt the same. On this one, you’re definitely getting a different experience with each set of airflow holes. So I do like that. It’s definitely a pro. 

Another thing, there’s no denying it. This thing has a great flavor for a vertical coil deck. I said at the beginning of the video, I’m not a vertical coil guy. Probably the best vertical coil atomizer I tried up until this point was probably the Oumier VLS. I think it was. That one had pretty good flavor, it really did. I did not like the Mutant. I like this one a lot. This is probably the best flavor I’ve ever gotten from a vertical coil deck, a dual vertical coil deck. And the clouds are plentiful. Let me show you what I’m working with here. 98W at 0.13, check it out. Nothing wrong with that. It’s nice. The flavor is saturated, it’s there. I don’t get any wispiness. It’s a full-on flavor. Really, really nice job on this. Just beautiful flavor, just a really, really nice job. I’m very, very satisfied with the flavor on this and very surprised. 

Definitely need to check out the Mesh V2 Review we recently did if flavor is your thing. You’ll love it.


So that’s it, Insiders. Those are my cons and pros. Let’s talk about this one a little bit. 


Like I said, I’ll just reiterate what I said. Probably the best dual vertical RDA I tried. If you’ve never tried a vertical deck before, especially a dual coil vertical deck, this should probably be the one that you go out and buy because this is going to give you the best experience. At least that’s been the case for me. I haven’t had one that’s better yet. So if you’re looking to get into a vertical coil deck, definitely give this one a look-see. We’re going to have a link down below. 

I want to thank GFV for sending this one my way for this review. I definitely appreciate the support of the channel, guys. 


Let’s get into some of the specs on the Go For Vape Eternal RDA. It measures in at 25mm x 37.3mm. It weighs 44g. Like I’ve said numerous times in this review, it’s a dual vertical coil deck. It has a top squonking feature. It has four airflow patterns. It’s available in stainless steel, matte silver, matte black, blue, gunmetal, and rainbow. Go For Vape Eternal RDA

  • Size: 25*37.3mm (with drip tip)
  • Weight: 44g


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  • That deck is unique and innovative
  • decent build quality
  • really smooth airflow
  • great flavor
  • Look like vandy vape mutant
  • very wet RDA
  • Post hole
  • squonk holes


Go For Vape Eternal RDA
$23.99 $59.99

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