Geekvape Zeus

Updated on: 2019-11-25


What’s up, Insiders? DeucesJack, I’m at Today, we’re going to be going over the Geekvape Zeus sub-ohm tank. This is a top airflow sub-ohm tank. You guys know how I feel about top airflow in general, I’m not a fan of it but I know people loved that Zeus RTA. Let’s see how the sub-ohm tank fares. 

Geekvape Zeus

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Let’s get on to the main show. This is the Zeus sub-ohm tank right here. You’re going to notice, no airflow on the bottom because this is a top airflow tank. Not a big fan of top airflow. You guys have heard me say it a million times, there’s your adjustable top airflow right there, stoppers on both ends. Whatever you do on one, happens on the other. Drip tip right here, 810 style drip tip, goon style drip tip with the o-ring on the inside. It is a comfortable drip tip. It’s kind of thick around the edges. Some people like that, including me. Got like, a half a twist top cap right there, just boom! Pop it right off. Machining is really, really nice on it. It snaps in there really tightly. Kind of narrow juice ports right here, needle nose bottles only, bull noses will probably make a mess. It is a recessed fill port. So if you do overfill a little bit, you don’t have to worry that much. What I’m really impressed with on this one, though, is the actual top cap. That half a turn pushed down, half a turn, it ain’t going nowhere. Nice job on that. Bubble glass comes pre-installed. No airflow on the bottom because it’s a top airflow tank. 

Geekvape Zeus

On the bottom of the tank, you’re going to see, you have a gold-plated 510. There’s a nice, clear insulator ring around it and there’s stainless steel threading right here. You’re also going to see some Geekvape branding, and some serialization, as well as some Zeus branding. In order to get to your coil, unscrew the base. Threading on the base is nice and smooth. This is one of those plug and play style coils. You just kind of get your fingernail in there and pop it out of there. 


Now, I’m going to call your attention to this. I don’t know if you can see that. See the little notch right there on the edge of the coil? That notch lines up with this notch right here and that’s what keeps your coil in place. That’s how you know you got it in right. So make sure you line up those notches when you push that coil in. A little bit, a slight bit of conical design going on here. And you can see the way the airflow works. The airflow is coming down from there and then it’s hitting your coil. I’m just not a fan of top airflow tanks in general. I just think bottom airflow provides better flavor. Geekvape Zeus


This is the mesh Z2 coil, good for 70-80W, 0.2-ohm coil. You can see, it still got that notch type of pattern to it but it’s a little tighter and that’s why I like this coil a little better. It runs a little hotter and I think you get more surface area off of this one. So we’re going to prime this one up and run it. 



The juice we’re going to be using today is Take Off, Land of Clouds. This is a peppermint vanilla juice. I know that sounds weird but it’s fall time and the peppermint vapes do taste nice this time of year. This is a really good juice. It’s something a little different. Make sure you check it out. 

Geekvape Zeus

So the first thing we want to do. We want to take our juice. We want to just get a little bit on the inside there. Just get it started. These things aren’t the easiest to prime because you really don’t have a ledge of cotton there. What you want to do on this one is you want to concentrate more on the outsides. Just paint those wicking slots, get them nice and started. Now we’re going to take the barrel section. We’re going to make sure we line up those notches. You want to pop it in there just like that. Now take note, you see how those notches lined up right there? That’s how you want it. That’s how it seats properly. If you don’t sit that properly, the base isn’t going to go on the right way anyway. So make sure you get that in there the right way. Screw on your base now. We’re going to screw off the top cap and we’re just going to fill this bad boy up with some vanilla peppermint love. See how narrow that fill port is, though? You ain’t going to be able to get anything in there but needle nose bottles. So just keep that in mind. I don’t know why this part had to be so big. Once that’s done, pop it on and now you can see that Zeus emblem and we’re all ready to vape. Geekvape Zeus


Also included in the packaging, you get a bunch of spare o-rings. You get this little wrench looking thing that will assist you in taking the coil out of the tank. I’ve been just using my fingernails. But if you don’t have any nails, you can use this. You get a spare coil. You also get a spare straight glass. With the straight glass, you get 3.5mls. With the preinstalled bubble, you get 5mls. This is the spare coil that comes in the kit. This is the mesh Z1, good for 60-70W. It’s a 0.4ohm mesh coil. You can see inside, it’s got like that notch sort of mesh. It’s a good coil. I vaped it already. It’s not terrible. I like the other one better. Geekvape Zeus

  • 1 Zeus Sub-Ohm Tank
  • 1 Coil Tool
  • 1 3.5mL Spare Glass
  • 1 0.4ohm Mesh Z1 Coil – rated 60-70W
  • 1 0.2ohm Mesh Z2 Coil – rated 70-80W
  • 1 Promotional Card
  • 1 Warranty Card
  • 1 Spare Parts Pack
  • 1 User Manual


Alright, Insiders! Let’s get after them cons and pros. First, con is going to be, it’s a little bit of a weird size, right? 26mm, it might not look good on all mods. I gotta point that out. it’s a con for some people. 


And the only other con is going to be, it’s a top airflow sub ohm tank so it inherently is not going to have as good as a flavor as a bottom airflow sub-ohm tank. That’s just the way it is. I don’t make the rules up. That’s just the way it’s been with all of the different atomizes that I’ve tested. So I just want you to lower your expectations on something like this because while it may be the best top airflow sub-ohm tank on the market right now, it’s still not going to be as good as bottom airflow on a sub-ohm tank. That’s why I wanted to point that out in the cons. While it’s got great Liva for a top airflow sub-ohm tank, the flavor really doesn’t compare to a bottom airflow sub-ohm tank. 

Geekvape Zeus

But that’s it on the cons. Real nitpicky stuff, nothing, nothing too crazy. No deal-breakers. Let’s get into the pros.


The first pro is going to be because it’s top airflow, there is no leaking on this thing. It is bone-dry. 

Love the quarter-turn top cap. Awesome job, Geekvape. Geekvape Zeus

Comfortable drip tip. I’ve been enjoying it. 

It’s built well. 

It’s actually very airy for a top airflow sub-ohm tank. Your airflow hogs are going to love it. 

It’s got nice flavor and clouds. I got it on top of my Vaporesso Gen. The coil you saw me juice up, I’m ohming out at 0.19, 78W. The juice you saw me put in there, that peppermint cream type of juice, it’s fantastic. Go check that juice out, it tastes like Christmas. But let me show you some of the cloud production. Any questions? This thing chucks, there’s no doubt about it. Here, check it out. It puts out and it’s got really great flavor in the top airflow sub-ohm tank category. It’s the best top airflow sub-ohm tank on the market, as far as I’m concerned. 

And the last pro I’m going to give it is the coils are very accurately rated. I have gotten no dry hits or anything like that as long as you stay within the parameters of the coil. So that’s a pro as well. 

That’s it, Insiders! Those are my cons and pros. Let’s chat about this one a bit.



This is without a doubt the most leak-resistant, flavorful top airflow sub-ohm tank on the market right now. I’ve been enjoying it. I’m not going to lie. And you guys know I am NOT a fan of top airflow in any way, shape, or form. But this thing just works. It’s got gobs of airflow. The flavor is really good and I’ve been enjoying it. I’ll be honest with you, if I had to, I could get by with the flavor on this top airflow tank if it was the only tank I had. That’s how good the flavor is. The flavor is actually really good for a top airflow sub-ohm tank. I know I’m repeating myself. The coil longevity on this thing has been nice. I’m easily on twelve fill-ups on this tank. I have no significant loss of flavor or cloud production. The bottom line is if you like top airflow tanks, this one’s DeucesJack approved. 


Let’s get into some of the specs on the Geekvape Zeus sub-ohm tank. It’s 26mm in diameter. You get 5mls the bubble, 3.5mls with the straight. 2 coils are in the box. 0.40 mesh coil rated from 60-70W and a 0.2ohm mesh coil rated from 70-80W.  Geekvape Zeus

  • 26mm Diameter
  • 5mL Juice Capacity
  • 3.5mL Replacement Glass Capacity
  • Silica Glass Reinforcement
  • 304 Stainless Steel Tank Construction
  • Child Safe Locking Drip Tip
  • Threaded Top Fill System – Dual Fill Ports
  • Top to Bottom Airflow Control System
  • Geek Vape ZEUS MeshZ Replacement Coil Series
  • 0.4ohm Mesh Z1 Coil – rated 60-70W
  • 0.2ohm Mesh Z2 Coil – rated 70-80W
  • Plug ‘n’ Play Coil Installation
  • Threaded Bottom Coil Base Section
  • 810 Drip Tip
  • Threaded 510 Connection
  • Available in Blue, Black, Gold, Gunmetal, SS, Red & Black, and Rainbow


I want to thank Geekvape for sending this one to me for review. I definitely appreciate the support of this channel. 


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  • no leaking
  • Comfortable drip tip
  • built well.
  • Nice airflow
  • nice flavor and clouds.
  • weird size
  • Not good flavor compare bottom airflow tanks


Geekvape Zeus
$26.95 $34.95

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