Eleaf iStick Rim Kit Review

Updated on: 2019-09-28


Is it an OBS Cube killer? I got to tell you, this thing actually feels better in the hand than an OBS Cube. The OBS Cube kind of has those edges to it. It’s a little bit more bulkier. This one’s a little smoother, a little curved, has a nicer feel in the hand. However, this is an Eleaf mod and they’re definitely on the lower end of the spectrum when it comes to build quality. And I gotta tell you, while this one feels better in the hand, the OBS Cube is a higher quality mod. It feels like it’s better built so take from that what you will if you’re deciding between these two mods. Do you want something that feels better but may not be built as well, or do you want something that doesn’t feel as good but it’s definitely built better? That’s going to be a decision each consumer has to make for themselves.


What’s up, Insiders? Today, I got a new kit for you. Haven’t done an Eleaf product review in a while. We’re talking about the Eleaf iStick Rim kit. When I first saw this thing, it reminded me of one of my favorite internal battery mods, the OBS Cube. Big question is, is this a Cube killer? Make sure you watch the whole review, find out exactly what I think.

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What’s In The Box

  • 1 Eleaf iStick RIM Battery
  • 1 USB Type C Cable
  • 1 User Manuals
  • 1 Warning Card

Eleaf iStick Rim Kit box

Quick Tour

Here is the mod itself. Check that out. A little funky looking. I kind of digging that. Kind of a funky color, right? Check out the glossiness. You got some Eleaf branding over there. You got a little bit of rubber texture over here which I really like. But it’s still smooth. I wish they would have roughed that up a bit to change the texture. Nice, oversized fire button. For the size of this mod, it does raise up a little bit. Of course, there is your plus and minus buttons and your screen. One thing I really don’t like about this mod is they put the charging port on the bottom of the mod. One thing I do like about the charging port is it’s a type C charging port. That’s awesome. Awesome job, Eleaf. I liked that a lot.

Eleaf iStick Rim Kit quick tour

On the top side of the mod, you can see, we got that old style 510 that Eleaf is known for. I’m not crazy about this 510 in general. A little bit of a divot here, I guess just in case you got juice in there. You can see, there’s a raise so you don’t get that 510 all juiced up. Not a bad idea. Stainless steel threading inside, gold-plated 510 with a stiff, short throw to it. 26mm atomizers will fit on top without any overhang.

Size Comparison

I wanted to do a quick size comparison for you because as soon as I open this up, what this reminded me of is Eleaf’s version of OBS’ Cube. This is the Cube mod, probably one of my favorite internal battery mods. I love this mod. It feels solid, it vapes well, power mode only mod. This one, while it’s a little better looking, a little funky looking. It’s got different textures. I like the texture over here, a little bit of rubber. It’s got a real glossy finish to it but I got to tell you, it’s lighter than the Cube. It doesn’t feel like it’s as well-built, but I’ll tell you what, I’m kind of diggin it. I kind of like that it’s a little lighter.

Eleaf iStick Rim Kit size

From Top To Bottom

Eleaf iStick Rim Kit logo

Look at this tank, kind of weird. It’s got like these rubber, almost like a built-in vape band. I’m guessing that rubber is going to protect that bubble glass a little bit if you drop it. On top here, we got a drip tip, 510 drip tip. All your other 510s will fit fine. Kind of got like a teared thing over here. Going on now right here, that’s your mark for the top fill.

Eleaf iStick Rim Kit front view

In order the top fill this, you gotta pull up and slide. I love it, great job, Eleaf. I like when slider caps lock. Awesome, awesome job. Done filling it, let’s pop it over. Now it don’t move unless you pull it up. Great for putting this in a pocket. Awesome job. The only thing about the top cap, though, is that step-up. Maybe not all your other five tens will look great on it, so just keep that in mind.

Eleaf iStick Rim Kit interface view

Now here’s something weird. This is like a permanently installed vape band. It’s rubbery so I’m guessing if you drop it, it’s going to protect it a little bit. I don’t know why they did that, I honestly don’t. I’ve never seen it before.

Eleaf iStick Rim Kit connection

Here’s your airflow right here. This is a dual use type of tank. It’s direct-lung or mouth-to-lung. Right there, it is wide open. You can see, as I shut it down, I can close it down one hole at a time. That’s the tightest setting right there. Now, of course, it’s dual airflow so you do have the same settings on both sides. On the bottom, you can see, it says Melo 5 Eleaf, stainless steel pin, insulator ring around that, stainless steel threading around that. Let’s unscrew the bottom and take a look at the pre installed coil. Threading on this one towards the end is a little crunchy but not too bad. You see, I got another mesh coil in there. Now you can see, this is the 0.6 ohm mesh coil, good for 15-30W. That is not going to be my jam at all.

Eleaf iStick Rim Kit connection view

Also included in the box, you get this bag. You get this spare glass, it does look like it’s a bubble glass but it doesn’t have those plastic ridges around it. You also got some spare o-rings in there. You get this rather nice long micro USB cable for charging and updates. It’s actually a two prong one. Check it out. It’s also a Type C so that’s really neat. I like that a lot because I use a Type C charger all the time. Look at that. You got both wires in one. Nice job on that, Eleaf. You also get this spare coil. Here is the 0.15 ohm coil. This one is good for 30-75W. You can see, it’s got the mesh inside. Nice job on this coil. Almost looks like a bigger version of the Nautilus coil. That’s kind of what it reminds me of, it really does, like a wider version of a Nautilus.

Eleaf iStick Rim Kit ventilation holes

Menu System


Alright, Insiders! Let’s get into the cons and pros.

First con is going to be, that tank. It looks like a freaking beehive to me. I think it’s butt ugly. It’s a con.

You guys know, I always mention this in all my internal battery mod reviews. It’s inherently a throwaway piece. Sooner or later, you’re going to cycle through those batteries. It’s something to consider when buying a mod like this that doesn’t have a removable battery. Sooner or later, you’re going to have to chuck it.

The charge port, the charge port. They put a type C charge for it on this thing which is awesome but they put it on the bottom of the mod. Eleaf, what were you thinking? It’s a con.

It’s got variable wattage mode only, but it does have dry heat protection. I would have liked to have seen some more bells and whistles. It’s a con.

I’ve noticed that whenever I switch atomizers and I’m below 1 ohm, the screen always defaults to 30W. It’s annoying as hell, con.

And the last con’s going to be, it’s an internal battery mod yet there’s no reset button. So what happens if this thing glitches out on me? I can’t even reset it. It’s a definite con.

But that’s it on the cons. Let’s move on to the pros.


First pro’s going to be, it’s funky-looking but I kind of dig it. I don’t know, I’m a little weird that way. I like those weird looking mods, something that’s a little different. Yeah, the tank is ugly, but I like the mod. I like the coloring on the mod. I like the glossy finish. If that striping on the tank bothers you so much, just swap it out for the spare glass that came in there. You won’t have that on there. It’s funky-looking, I like that. I like things that look different, it’s a pro.

I like the different textures on the mod. You kind of got that smoothness with that little bit of a rubber backing. I wish the rubber backing was a little grippier but you can definitely feel the difference. I like that, pro.

26mm atomizers fit on this one with no overhang.

Type C charging. They shouldn’t have put it on the bottom but it’s a pro.

Nice bright screen that’s well laid out, pro.

The buttons on this one are nice and clicky. Very tactile feeling.

It is firmware upgradeable.

This thing charges fast from dead to full. Basically about 30 minutes and you’re ready to rock again. I like that, that’s a pro.

I’m not sure if I showed it down low but this thing basically has a juice flow cutoff system when you swap the coil. It kind of shuts those juice channels on the barrel section. I like that. It’s a nice idea. I like to see that on tanks. It’s a pro.

So that’s it on the cons and pros, Insiders. Let’s get into our original question.


Let’s go over some of the specs on the Eleaf iStick Rim kit. The mod is primarily constructed of zinc alloy and plastic. It measures in at 29.4mm x 35.6mm x 80.2mm. It weighs in at 120g and it will fire down as low as 0.05 ohms. It has an 80W maximum output and a 3000 mAh battery. The tank is 25mm wide, 42.2mm tall. It has a 4 ml capacity. Coils included in the kit are a 0.15 ohm coil and a 0.6 ohm coil in stainless steel 316. It has a 510 drip tip with a locking slider cap. Colors it’s available in are Rainbow, Wildness, Macaron, Green, Darkness, and Maze.


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That’s it, Insiders! That’s all I got for you today. You keep living that vape life. We’re out of here. Deuces.

  • it's funky-looking
  • the different textures on the mod
  • 26mm atomizers fit
  • type C charging
  • nice bright screen
  • nice and clicky buttons
  • it is firmware upgradeable
  • charges fast
  • has a juice flow cutoff system
  • tank looks like a freaking beehive
  • the charge port
  • got variable wattage mode only
  • the screen always defaults to 30W
  • it's an internal battery mod


Eleaf iStick Rim Kit
$37.95 $64.95

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