Eleaf Ikuun I200 Review

Updated on: 2019-08-12


This is a nice little kit. It is very complete and all you really need to do to start vaping is add some juice. The mod itself is lightweight, powerful, and not bad on the eyes at all. It’s a good looking kit that comes with a pretty decent tank. I use it as my on the go, knock around commuter, I don’t care what happens to mod. It’s the type of mod you can take out with you for a night out on the town and if you lose it, it’s just no big deal. Let’s be real here, eventually, the battery will reach the end of its life and the mod will be useless because it’s not serviceable, so it is what I call a throwaway mod. That is exactly how I would classify this mod. It’s also good as a high wattage backup mod as well. For what it’s intended purpose is, I think Eleaf did a really good job with this kit. You get a lightweight, powerful mod with a decent tank at a very nice price point. Definitely a worthy addition to your vape arsenal should you have the need for the type of mod I described above. If that’s what you’re looking for, then definitely check out the Eleaf iKunn i200 Kit.

How Does It Vape?

For what it is, the iKuun i200 actually vapes pretty well. It comes with a pretty decent tank that will give you a satisfying vape up to 200 watts. Because this is a 200-watt mod, I would have liked to have seen it come with a bigger tank but the tank that Eleaf includes is definitely very serviceable and it will give you a quality vape. I do feel like the mod is pretty accurate in temperature control as well as power mode. I did use my TFV12 on it and I cranked the wattage up to 200 watts. It did feel close but not quite like 200 watts. I think the iKunn i200 is probably maxing out at around 185 watts. I say this because when I vaped it next to my DNA and Yihi mods I did get a stronger, cloudier vape with the TFV12. I vaped all three mods with the same tank and at the same wattage and that was the result that I got. Granted I don’t have all the fancy equipment to do all of the testings, but I can tell you how it felt when I vaped them side by side. Next to my DNA and Yihi chip, it felt slightly underpowered but not by much.

First Impression Out of the Box

The Eleaf iKuun 200 comes in a two-tiered box. On the top tier, you will see the mod itself and the Melo 4 tank. Pull the tab and take the insert out and all the accessories are on the bottom of the box. Pretty nice looking mod. Definitely really light for a 200-watt mod. I’m really liking the size, shape, weight, and the firing bar.

What’s in the Box

  • 1 x Eleaf iKuun i200 Mod
  • 1 x Eleaf Melo 4 Tank
  • 1 x Eleaf EC2 0.3ohm Atomizer Head (Pre-installed)
  • 1 x Eleaf EC2 0.5ohm Atomizer Head
  • 1 x QC USB Cable
  • 1 x Set of Spare O-Rings

Eleaf IKuun i200 Review box

From Top to Bottom

The Mod

The i200 connection on the iKuun i200 seems to be different than most of the other 510 connections I have seen recently on Eleaf mods. It is not the same connection as the one found on the i80 or the regular dual 18650 iKuun mod. It is different from both of them. The pin itself is gold plated and it does have a stiff spring to it with a medium throw. The 510 threading is smooth and every atomizer I put on it so far has sat flush. This mod will accept up to 25 mm without any overhang. The platform of the 510 connection does sit flush on the mod.

Eleaf IKuun i200 Review connection

On the backside of the mod, we have what looks almost like an Eleaf symbol with some carbon fiber inlay. It doesn’t look like a sticker but it looks more like some sort of embedded plaque. It is smooth and there is no texture to the carbon fiber. Definitely not real carbon fiber especially at this price point.

On the skinny side of the mod, there is a glossy type of finish and the rest of the mod is done in a metallic flat black type of finish just like the iKuun i80. On the very bottom of this portion of the mod, there is some Eleaf branding.

Eleaf IKuun i200 Review battery

On the bottom side of the mod, there is some venting present but nothing else. This is an internal mod battery. It does have a built-in 4600 mAh battery.

On the narrow side of the mod, opposite the 510 connection, we have a firing bar. The firing bar can be fired from its mid to low section but it is most responsive when you fire it near the top. The bar is solid with no rattle. It does have a clicking sound to it when used. It is nice and responsive as well as tactile feeling. There is some iKuun i200 branding at the very bottom of the firing bar.

On the front of the mod, there is a .96 inch screen that is laid out horizontally. The screen itself is the exact shape of the cut out on the back of the mod with the carbon fiber type inlay. The font on the screen is nice and bright and I can see it in most lighting conditions. In outdoor lighting conditions, the screen does seem a little dim but it is definitely readable. The following information is available on the screen, mode, watt, temperature, ohms, volts, and battery life. It has all the information a vapor would need to know.

Eleaf IKuun i200 Review modparts

Right below the screen, there is a curvy type of rectangular plus and minus button. The right side is the plus side and the left side is the minus side. It does have a good tactile feel to it but I do wish it was just a little bigger. They do scroll through the wattage very fast. Located right in the middle of the button, there is a factory reset button. It is accessible with the end of a paper clip or anything pointy but not too sharp.

Below the plus minus button, we have the USB port. This port can be used for charging the mod as well as firmware upgrades. Eleaf does have firmware upgrades that are available for Windows and for Mac. They do provide a 2:00 amp charging and data cable for those occasions. This mod does charge at 2 amps.

Eleaf IKuun i200 Review charge

The i200 does feature a lot of safety protections built into the mod itself. It does have dual circuit protection which protects against overcharging, overcurrent, and over discharging. There is also a safe charging feature where the mod actually monitors the temperature of the board while charging. This feature ensures that the mod charges safely. The iKuun i200 is available in black on black, silver on black, green on black, red on black, blue on black, and white on black.

Eleaf IKuun i200 Review temperature

The Tank

Along with the i200 mod, in this kit, you will also receive a Melo 4 sub ohm tank. It is the D25 version which is 25 mm at the base. It is a top fill tank that comes with a Delrin drip tip that is 510 compatible. It is a two ring drip tip and it does fit nice and snug on the tank itself. It is also quite comfortable as far as drip tips go.

Eleaf IKuun i200 Review tank

The top cap on the Melo 4 has a raised platform that leads into a chimney that really isn’t wide bore but at the same time, it’s not narrow either. Unfortunately, the platform on top cap will limit you in the style of drip tip that you are able to use. Not all of your drip tips will look good on this tank because of that. On the top cap, you will see an emblem that looks exactly like a triangle. Push it in towards the middle of the tank and the tank will slide open. Once you have the top cap open, it will reveal a kidney bean shaped fill port that probably could have been a lot bigger. While it will accommodate most juice bottles, some of your bullnose juice bottles will be quite messy when refilling this tank. Another con about the top fill is the fill port does sit very flush against the slide up part of the top cap. What this means is, if you have any little bit of juice spillage along the top when you close the fill port, it will push the juice out and onto the tank. It’s not really that big of a deal but I wanted to make my readers be aware of it so they don’t get juice all over their mod.

Eleaf IKuun i200 Review parts

The Melo 4 does break down into three main pieces. You have the base, the glass tube, and the top cap. Your coil does screw into the bottom of the base and the top of the coil screws directly into the chimney. The tension between the chimney and the base is what will hold your glass tube in place. Unfortunately, on both sides of the glass, there are some pretty skinny orings. While the Melo 4 has never leaked on me, it would have been nice if they used thicker o’rings. The nice thing about the way they set this tank up is, since the coil screws directly into the chimney and the chimney is definitely on the short side, the flavor on this tank is very good because it does not have too far to travel.

As I said before, the base of the atomizer is where the bottom of your coil screws into. The threading on the interior of the base is nice and smooth and the coils you go in very easily. On the exterior of the base, there are two airflow slots on each side. They do not have any click points to them but the action is quite smooth and there are stoppers on both ends. The airflow on the Melo 4 is very smooth. On the bottom of the base, there is some Eleaf branding with the model number D25. So far, this tank has sat flush on every other mod that I have used it on and the 510 connection is very smooth. The Melo 4 measures in at 2-1/16 inch by 15/16 of an inch. It does have a 4.5 ml liquid capacity and it looks very good with the i200 mod.

The Coils

In your iKuun i200 kit, you will receive two coils. They are the EC2 .5 ohm coil and the EC2 .3 ohm coil. I will go over each of these coils in detail right now.


The first coil I tried was the .3 ohm coil which Eleaf has rated between 30 and 80 watt. As always, I broke the coil in at its minimum wattage which is 30 watt. The vape I received was definitely a little on the anemic side and the flavor was sorely lacking. Next, I increased the wattage to 40 and the flavor did get a little better and the clouds definitely got bigger. After that, I vaped it at 65 watts where the flavor was full on and the clouds were definitely there. I did push this coil to its 80-watt limit and it really wasn’t enjoyable. At least not as enjoyable as the 50 to 60-watt range. This led me to the conclusion that this coil is really not meant to be vaped over 65 watts. The sweet spot for me was definitely between 55 and 65 watts. Unfortunately, the longevity of this coil is not there either. I was very disappointed that this coil only lasted me 3 days before it needed to be replaced.

Eleaf IKuun i200 Review coils

The next coil I tried was the .5 ohm coil. Eleaf has it rated at between 30 and 100 watts. Just like with the first coil when I installed the .5 coil I started at the minimum wattage of 30. Just like the .3 ohm coil, the vape was very anemic and flavorless at that wattage. I decided to skip 40 watts and went straight to 50 watts for this coil. The flavor at 50 watts definitely started to come alive and the clouds were getting bigger. At 65 watts, just like the .3 ohm coil, you will get full on flavor and the cloud production will increase. I did try this coil at 80 watts and I have to say that the flavor suffered a bit and the clouds were pretty much the same that I got at 65. Last but not least, I maxed out this coil out at 100 watts and I was actually pleasantly surprised at the flavor and clouds. I definitely got a better flavor than I did it 80 watts but the vape was a little bit on the harsh side. The clouds were also bigger and the coil did not have a problem keeping up as far as the wicking goes. So far though, I really enjoyed this coil in the 55 to the 65-watt range. For the way I vape, that was definitely the sweet spot for the .5 ohm coil.

Both coils will give the owner a very satisfying vape. They are both flavor-first coils and they do a very respectable job in that department. I don’t want you to confuse this tank with the Melo 300. The Melo 300 that is also made by Eleaf is a cloud-shopping beast. This tank is not. This is a medium range tank as far as sub ohm tanks go in this subcategory. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a MTL tank or a tootle puffer but it’s no TFV12 either. It will give the user a nice mid range vape in the 50 to 75-watt area.

The Look, Feel, and General Aestheics of the Mod

I’ve got to be totally honest here, I am normally not an internal battery mod guy. I much rather prefer a mod that allows me to swap out my batteries at will. It doesn’t have to be an 18650 mod as I have enjoyed other mods with other types of batteries. One of the main reasons I’m not a fan of internal battery mods is because of the time it takes to recharge them. Also, mods like the iKuun i200 are not serviceable so they will have a relatively short lifespan when compared to an 18650 mod. All that being said, Eleaf does pack quite a powerful punch into a very small, pocketable and lightweight mod.

Eleaf IKuun i200 Review feel

I like the glossy and flat black combination that Eleaf used in the color scheme. The firing bar is fantastic and very comfortable to use. The Mod itself is a very easy carry, especially for a 200 watt mod. I think in that department Eleaf did a wonderful job with the i200. Yes, I know Eleaf is sort of known on the budget side of the vaping community but the i200 is definitely a step up in quality for this company. It does not look like a budget mod and even the experienced vaper will have to look twice at it to realize that it’s an internal battery mod. Overall, they did a fantastic job on the look and feel of this mod.

The Board

The board Eleaf uses in the i200 is capable of firing up to 200 watts. It has the full temperature control suite that includes Ni200, Ti, SS 316, and TCR modes for those of you that like to run custom wires. The temperature control range is from 220 degrees to 600 degrees Fahrenheit. The resistance range in wattage mode is from .1 ohm up to 3.5 ohms. The resistance range in TC mode is from .05 ohms up to 1.5 ohm. There is a preheat function available on this board as well as a custom logo function. As far as the board goes, it does do a decent job in TC mode when it works. Like a lot of Eleaf mods, it does tend to kick you out of TC and into wattage mode on occasion for no apparent reason. This can be very frustrating and I really wish Eleaf would address this because it’s not the only mod of theirs it happens on. I have tried it with both Ni200 and SS 316 coils and the vape was actually pretty good when it stays in TC mode. The preheat does work as advertised and I have used it in power mode with some success. I’m normally not into all that pre-heat stuff but I did try it for the purposes of this review and it does work. All in all, a very decent board for a budget type of mod but they really need to address that TC issue.

The Menu System

This menu system is a little on the complicated side because believe it or not, this little mod has a lot of features packed into it. I will go over them as best I can in the bullet points.

  • Click the fire button 5 times to turn the mod on/off
  • Hold the -/+ button to flip the screen
  • Click the fire button 3 times then hit the – button to switch between materials
  • When in TC, click the fire button 3 times then hit – button twice to adjust the wattage
  • Hold the fire and + button to access preheat functions, press the + button again to scroll through the other functions in this menu system like power bank, and logo
  • When the device is powered off, hold the fire and + button to access the TCR setting


Feature and Specs For Eleaf Ikuun I200 Mod

  • Dimensions: 3-1/16″ x 1-3/4″ x 1-1/16″
  • 510 Threaded
  • Comfortably Fits 25mm and Smaller Tanks
  • Operating Wattage: 1.0 – 200.0 W
  • Temperature Control: Nickel 200 (Ni200), Titanium (Ti), Stainless Steel 316 (SS316), TCR Modes
  • Temperature Control: 100 – 315C / 220 – 600 F
  • Resistance: 0.1 – 3.5 ohm in Variable Wattage
  • Resistance: 0.05 – 1.5 ohm in Temperature Control Mode
  • Built-in 4600mAh Battery
  • Preheat Function
  • Stealth Function
  • Custom Logo
  • Hidden Side Fire Button
  • 0.96″ OLED Display Screen
  • Micro USB Port for Firmware Updates and Charging
  • Dual Circuit Protection

Features and Specs for Melo 4 Tank

  • Dimensions: 2-1/16″ x 15/16″ (Including Drip Tip and Threads)
  • 25mm Diameter
  • 510 Threaded
  • 4.5ml e-Liquid Capacity
  • Retractable Top Fill Design for Easy Refills
  • Glass Tank
  • Dual Airflow Slots
  • Adjustable Airflow Control Valve
  • Utilizes Eleaf EC2 Kanthal Atomizer Heads for Variable Wattage
  • Includes (1) Eleaf EC2 Kanthal 0.3ohm Atomizer Head for Variable Wattage (30 – 80W)
  • Includes (1) Eleaf EC2 Kanthal 0.5ohm Atomizer Head for Variable Wattage (30 – 100W)
  • 510 Drip Tip Compatible

  • Good looking
  • Powerful
  • Light
  • Decent TC when it works
  • Feels accurate
  • Great firing bar
  • Good screen
  • Pocketable
  • Size to power ratio
  • 2 amp charging
  • Good flavor
  • Decent clouds
  • Top fill
  • Comfortable drip tip
  • Smooth airflow
  • Throwaway mod
  • Occasionally kick you out of TC
  • Menu system seems to be over complicated
  • Screen can get dark in outdoor conditions
  • Platform on top cap
  • Skinny orings
  • Fill port should be bigger
  • Limited coil selection
  • .3 ohm coil longevity


Eleaf Ikuun I200
$40.00 $60.00

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