Eboss Vape Unicorn Mod Review

Updated on: 2019-09-19


I’m just going to bottom line it for you real quick. I like the mod, i like the way it performs. I hate the graphics. Graphics are not my thing. It’s a good performer but it’s just not something you’re going to see me carrying because of the graphics. I don’t like it. It’s a good knock-around mod. It’s a good beater mod. That’s the way I would use this thing. That’s the way I would use this thing because to me, the graphics are ugly so I don’t care if I bang it up, I don’t care if I scratch it up. That’s just the way I feel about it, you may feel different.


How are you doing today, Insiders? Today, we’re going to be going over a Unicorn. That’s right. I’m talking about the Eboss Vape Unicorn mod. This is one of those mods that has the same form factor as the Asmodus Minikin V2. it’s made out of plastic. It’s one of those lightweight types of mods like the Tesla Wii, like that type of form factor. It’s also one of those mods that have graphics all over it. Make sure you stay tune for the whole review, though, because I do have two of them and I am going to be giving one away.

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What’s In The Box

Also included in the packaging is an Eboss Vape Unicorn user manual, a QC certificate, and a flat shorty style micro USB cable.

  • 1 x Unicorn Mod
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • 1 x User Manual

Eboss Unicorn Mod box

Quick Tour

Check that out. It’s got that smooth silky kind of texture. Got a stainless steel plate over here. This is a gold-plated 510 that I would say has a very loose and short throw to it. Not a lot of tension on it at all. You got 2 star screws here, holding the top plate in place. Check this thing out. It’s got that funky kind of graphic. I don’t know what they’re calling this thing. It’s got some kind of monkey on there and a space suit. I’ll be honest with you, it’s just not my thing. You know what I’m saying? But some people like this stuff. It’s not my jam.

Eboss Unicorn Mod details

You can see, there’s a little bit of a protrusion there and then the fire button is in that little bit of a lip, kind of. Nice and clicky fire button, I’ll give it that. It’s got a nice feel to it. Same thing with the plus and minus button and they are labeled plus and minus. It’s just hard to see with the graphic. There’s your micro USB port for charging. I do not know if this is updatable or not. I haven’t been able to find any information on that. There is your screen, of course.

Eboss Unicorn Mod

On the bottom, same type of graphic. 2 star screws holding everything in place. You got some battery venting over here on both sides. I do like that. That battery venting also kind of doubles as like finger nail slot. You can get your fingernail in there and pop that battery door off. The battery door, it’s already made out of plastic so it’s a non-conductive material so I kind of like that. Really strong magnets. Both of these magnets are very, very strong. Here are your battery indicator markings, black on black. That is a bad job by Eboss. You have 2 mice magnets over here. Up here, you have spring-loaded, gold-plated battery contacts. Down here, you have gold-plated button style contacts. Battery starp’s a little on the long side. I would have rather them do some cutouts like the Tesla Wii, instead of the battery straps so you can just grab your battery. That would have been nicer. But what are you going to do? That’s the way they decided to go.

Eboss Unicorn Mod battery

Let me show you how this door goes on. Check it out. See that? Let me show you again. That thing just snaps on. Check that out. That’s a nice battery door action, I like that. Really no movement. No movement side to side, no movement up and down. All you other companies that make mods in this form factor, take note, man. This is the way you do a battery door. I wanted to do a quick size comparison for you.

Screen & Menu System

Let me show you the screen. You can see, we got power mode, variable wattage, 100W, voltage, amps, resistance, puff counter in seconds, separate A and B battery bars. Really, really nice screen, nice and bright, well laid out. You can see it in all lighting conditions. It scrolls in 1W increments, above 100W. Below 100W, it scrolls in 0.1W increments. I wish they would have just made it half watt or 1W increments. That’s kind of a con. You hold the button, it does speed up a little bit, goes all the way up to 200W, and then you can round robin on it. That’s kind of cool. If you hold the button, it does scroll in 1W increments. If you hit it one at a time, it scrolls in 0.1W increments. Just be aware of that. I wish they just would have went with half watt or 1W increments. That would have made me happy. Let’s put it back to the 100W range where I was because of the atomizer I have on, 94 is good enough.

Eboss Unicorn Mod menu

Now you can see, it’s a nice bright screen. Hit the fire button 3 times, you see right there, that’s blinking, my resistance. I can lock or unlock the resistance with the plus or minus button. I like to leave it unlock. If I hit the plus and minus together, see variable wattage blinking? Now I can scroll between temperature Ni, temperature SS, temperature Ti, bypass mode, curve mode, back to wattage mode. Let’s put it in stainless steel mode. You can see, it scrolls in 10 degree increments, all the way up to 600 degrees fahrenheit. It will round robin to celsius. One bad thing about this in TC is I haven’t found the way to change the wattage. What happens is when you fire it, it applies an automatic wattage and I’m not too thrilled about that. It’s not going to do good TC just because of that. In order to be able to do good TC, you just gotta be able to adjust your ramp up on the wattage side and I don’t know how to do it on this one. I haven’t found a way to do it. There’s no way to adjust the wattage in TC. that’s definitely going to be con. Let’s hit the plus and minus button together again. You get it blinking and let’s go back into power mode right there.

Basically, that’s the whole menu system. Not a lot, pretty simple chip set. Not a lot to go over here. I’ll be honest with you, I’m not too thrilled with the performance in TC. I do like it much better in wattage mode. So if you were into TC, you probably want to pass on buying this one.

Now, you are going to notice, I have the Oumier Bulk on top. You can see, no overhang on a 28mm atomizer. Maybe a little bit on the bevelling but 28 will look fine on this.

Size Comparison

I wanted to show you 2 very popular mods with an extremely similar form factor. This is the Minikin V2, this is the Tesla Wii. The V2 is probably the one that popularized this form factor like this. The two batteries in the back. I’m sure others did it before it but this is the one that everybody gives this form factor credit for. You can see, very, very similar in shape and the way they feel in the hand. This thing’s probably one of my most used mods. This thing’s are boned, man. It really is. It still works and still chugs along. But you could see, same type of hike, maybe the Minikin is a little skinnier on top. Conversely, the Minikin will not hold the 28mm atomizer without any overhang. They squared this on off a little bit more. If you want to compare it to the Tesla Wi, the tesla Wii is also a little bit more squared, not as triangular. But again, very similar footprint, similar weight. They kind of feel the same in the hand. If you are a fan of this Tesla Wii, you’d probably like something like this, especially if you like the graphics.

Let me move on to the other colors since I already have batteries in there and everything. This is the one I’ve been using. One thing I want to point out on this one, it’s weird. I have like a sticky, like a residue on this side and it’s not on the other mod that I’m giving away. But I cannot get it off. I tried rubbing alcohol. I tried everything. WD40, tried regular soap and water, nothing takes it off. It’s just got a sticky clammy feel to it. And it’s only on this side of the mod. It’s not on this side of the mod so I don’t know what the hell happened. I don’t know if it’s a one-off issue or if it’s a problem with this graphic. I can’t tell you. I can just report to you that it’s got a slimy kind of feel to it. It kind of feels like a post-it note that’s been pulled on and off of posted board for a while and it’s losing its stickiness. That’s kind of what it feels on here. It’s actually kind of gross so I gotta point it out.


Let’s talk about the pros now.

First pro is going to be, it’s lightweight. It’s an easy carry for a dual cell mod, that’s for sure.

I’m rocking the Oumier Bulk on top of it right now so this thing holds 28mm atomizers without any overhang, baby.

It’s got a nice, bright screen that’s well laid out. I like that. Nice job, Eboss Vape.

Battery door on this one, probably the most solid plastic battery door I’ve ever used. Listen to it. It just snaps on there, man. It’s fantastic. They did a good job on the battery door.

Nice clicky tactile feeling button.

It’s got an easy menu system.

It’s got most of the bells and whistles. It got power mode, TC mode, bypass mode, curve mode, it does all the different TCs. the only thing I feel like it’s missing is it’s got not preheat. I would have like to have seen that but for the most part, if you’re not a preheat vapor, it’s got everything you want in a chipset.

It’s got that comfortable Minikin V2 form factor. I like it, I’m digging it.

It fires fast. Right now I got the Oumier Bulk on there. 0.12 at 120W, let me show you what I’m working with here. Thing fires real fast. Nice job on that, Eboss Vape.

And I just enjoy the overall comfort of the mod in my hand. It’s a comfortable mod to hold and carry.

That’s it, Insiders. Those are my cons and pros. Let’s talk about this one a little bit.


Alright, Insiders! Let’s get into the cons and pros.

First con’s going to be and it’s annoying as hell. I don’t know, I gotta believe it’s a one off thing but I got this like sticky residue. It almost feels like a weak post-it note. When a post-it note gets weak and you put your finger on the glue, that’s kind of what it feels like here. It’s not anywhere else on the mod. It’s only on the battery door. I tried everything to get it off. I’ve tried rubbing alcohol, I tried all kinds of things to get it off. That sticky feeling doesn’t come off. The funny thing is it isn’t present on the one that I’m giving away but it’s on this one. And it always gives the mod like a slimy kind of feel. While I’m pointing it out, I’m pretty sure it’s just a one off thing. But I still gotta be real and tell you about it just in case somebody else gets it.

You guys know, I say it all the time with these cartoony looking mods. Those graphics are just not my thing. Not because I think they’re child appealing. I’m an over 40 year old male, I want classy looking things. I don’t want things with footballs and soccer balls and waves and boats. It’s just not my thing at this point in my life. So I’m going to chucking it up to a con. It’s a con to me.

And the last con is going to be those black on black battery indicator markings. Bad job, Eboss Vape. It gotta be a different color. I gotta call you out on it.

But that’s it on the cons. Not a lot to complain about on this one, there really isn’t.


Let’s get into some of the specs on the Eboss Vape Unicorn mod. It measures in at 80mm x 40mm x 45mm. It’s a dual 18650, 200W mod that will fire down to 0.06 ohms. 28mm fit on top without any overhang. It’s available in Super Mario, Rugby, Ocean, Tang Dynasty, Star Sky and Football.

  • Mode: VW/NI/SS/TI/VB/CCW
  • Resistance range: 0.06-3.0Ω
  • Output Power: 5~200W
  • Battery: two 18650’s required and sold separately
  • Dimensions: 80 MM x 40 MM x 45 MM
  • Protections: time out protection, short circuit protection, overload protection, reverse polarity protection, low voltage protection, and over heating protection


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That’s it, Insiders. That’s all I got for you today. We’re going to see you guys on the next one. You keep living that vape life. We’re out. Deuces.

  • It’s lightweight. It’s an easy carry
  • Holds 28mm atomizers
  • Nice, bright screen
  • Battery door
  • Nice clicky tactile feeling button
  • Easy menu system
  • It got power mode
  • Comfortable Minikin V2 form factor
  • It fires fast
  • Overall comfort
  • Sticky residue
  • Cartoony looking mods
  • Black on black battery indicator markings


Eboss Vape Unicorn Mod
$15.50 $18.00

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