Dovpo Topside Lite Review

Updated on: 2020-05-05

Five-Star Rating System


– 3.5
I like the looks of the Dovpo Topside Lite. I like the way it goes from black to red. from gray to black. I like the colors they pick. I’m going to give it a solid 3.5 stars in the looks department.


– 4.5
I got to score the Dovpo Topside Lite really high on the form factor. This is one of the highest scores I’ve ever given out in this category. I love the modular design. I love the fact that you can go from squonker to regular mod in just a few seconds. It’s a huge pro. We’re going to give it 4.5 stars.


– 4
The Dovpo Topside Lite lost about half a point because it didn’t come with a single coil RDA. Again, I’m not knocking the RDA it comes with, it’s a fine RDA. I just think a single coil RDA would have made this kit much, much better, but I’m still going to give it 4 stars.


– 3
I’ve been seeing the Dovpo Topside Lite anywhere from $32 on sale to as high as $69. So definitely shop around. If you get it on the lower end of the spectrum, I think it’s a great value. If you start paying like over 60 bucks for this thing, it’s hard to justify that, especially when I’ve seen it on sale. So in the value department, I’m going to give it a little over average. We’re going to score it at a 3.


– 3.75
We’re going to add all these stars, up we’re going to get a total score of 15. We’re going to take these 15 stars, we’re going to divide it by four, and we’re going to come up with an overall score of 3.75 or 3 and 3/4 stars, which is exactly where the Dovpo Topside Lite belongs. It’s a point and a quarter over average and that’s exactly where I would put it. It’s a great kit for the experienced squonker that wants something light and that performs really well.

Overall, I really do like the Dovpo Topside Lite kit a lot. I recommend it. It’s DeucesJack approved.


Let’s go over the pros for the Dovpo Topside Lite. I actually like this kit a lot.

  • Nice Flavor: I like the flavor on the Dovpo Topside Lite RDA. The flavor is really good, the airflow is super smooth. Let me show you what I’m talking about. It’s just beautifully smooth. I get nice flavor on it. Here it is. I got a 0.44 build in here. I built a little high alright, dual coil. I got it at 85W. Check it out. Really nice. Nice flavor, nice clouds, just a great performer. But I think you got a build high. With a single 21700, I’d be around the 0.4 to 0.6 range in order to get the best battery life. And what I mean by best battery life is the higher you build, the less wattage you’re going to have to crank through this. In a normal dual coil setup, I would normally be at 0.15 to 0.2. And that I would normally run at like 95-100W. I can’t do that on this mod, so you’re forced to build a little higher than you normally would. At least in my case.
  • Innovative Squonk Pin: I love the innovative squonk pin, that screw feature, on the Dovpo Topside Lite. Awesome, awesome job. Really, really innovative. Bang-up job designing that. Kudos to you, guys. It’s a huge pro.
  • Modular Design: Love the modular design on the Dovpo Topside Lite. You can pull this off and rock it as a single 21700, or you can put it in squonk mode. Awesome, awesome job. Love the versatility.
  • Super Easy Menu System: The Dovpo Topside Lite has a super easy menu system.
  • Clicky Fire Button: Love the clicky fire button on the Dovpo Topside Lite.
  • Fires Fast: The Dovpo Topside Lite does fire fast.
  • Lightweight: The Dovpo Topside Lite is very lightweight.
  • Great Kit for a Newbie Squonker: I think the Dovpo Topside Lite is a great kit for somebody who’s never squonk before. That top fill is awesome for a newbie. The fact that if you don’t like squonking, you can convert it to a regular mod? I just think this is an awesome option for you new squonkers out there. I highly recommend it to people who have never squonked before but always wanted to try. It’s great for that. The only thing I would suggest, if you’re going to buy this and you’ve never squonked before, get yourself a solid single coil RDA and you’ll do great with this kit. And I’m not saying to buy another single coil RDA because I don’t like the Variant. I’m saying it because a single coil will be more efficient on this mod.


Let’s go over the cons for the Dovpo Topside Lite.

  • Dual Coil RDA (in What Needs a Single Coil RDA): This is an overall con for the Dovpo Topside Lite kit. I do like the RDA, the RDA is fantastic, I got no qualms with that. The problem is you put a dual coil RDA in something that really needs a single coil RDA. Why didn’t you just do a variant of the Drop Solo and put that on top? You understand what I’m saying? Because you’re only running a 21700 battery. And I know a lot of people killed this thing for not going to 100W. The 10W that it’s missing doesn’t bother me. What bothers me is it’s a dual coil atomizer. You got to build high for it. I would have rather seen a single coil atomizer for this. So I’m going to give the overall kit a con. And I think that’s more than fair.
  • Plasticky: The Dovpo Topside Lite has this real plasticky feeling. Some people are going to like the lightness of it, but for the people that don’t like plastic stuff, I got to give it a con.
  • Squonk Bridge: Another con for the Dovpo Topside Lite is, when it comes off, that little nub there, that squonk bridge, I guess, you got to screw it out to convert it. I wish it’s screwed into this piece. And I understand why it doesn’t screw into this piece. It doesn’t screw into this piece because they put a valve there so it squonks if you leave this piece off without it being filled up. But I just wish I had a place to put this because it just seems really easy to use. And in all fairness, Dovpo included like two or three spares, if I remember. So that’s great. But I just wish this piece screwed into something so I didn’t have to worry about it. It’s a minor con but I got to point it out.
  • Not A Color Screen: While I do like the screen for the Dovpo Topside Lite—it is nice and bright and you can see it in all lighting conditions—I think it’s about time Dovpo moves their Topside to a color screen. The only one that has the color screen is the Carbon. In newer renditions, I’d like to see a color screen, kind of get with the rest of the industry.

But that’s it on the cons. Real nitpicky stuff, admittedly, no real deal-breakers.


What’s up, Insiders? DeucesJack at Vaping Insider. Today, we’re going to review the Dovpo Topside Lite.


Before I start, I just want to warn you. This is probably going to be my last Dovpo review. I’ve tried to work with this company and they’re just very, very difficult to work with. The person that handles the stuff that gets sent out to reviewers, she sent me this really late. I asked if I could get the SQ Mono, the Clutch and the Odin 200, and she actually said to me with a straight face, “We ran out of those products. We can’t send it to you.” Come on, man. Listen, if you don’t want to be a part of this channel, that’s fine with me. But you don’t have to lie to me. Just tell me you don’t want to send me the stuff. I’m a big boy. I can take it. It’s not a problem. The only reason I’m bringing this up is because I get hit with tons of questions about what’s coming next, and I just want to tell you, guys, my subs, that you’re probably not going to see the Clutch review here, you’re not going to see the SQ Mono and you’re not going to see the Odin 200 because Dovpo refuses to send it to me.

So with all that said and done, let’s get into this review. I’m still going to review the Dovpo Topside Lite very fairly as always.

From Top to Bottom


Check this Dovpo Topside Lite kit out. There it is all black. I got a red one as well. This part, we’re going to go over in a second, and you get this nice blue micro USB cable. Let’s take a look at the mod. This is the all-black version. Really nice looking mod.


This is very plasticky and probably going to scratch easy. I just want to point that out to you. Same Topside bottle that’s used in all their other Topsides so that’s cool, they’re interchangeable. I like that.


You can see, you got that rounded type of button. There’s your screen, plus and minus buttons, there’s your micro USB port for charging and updates. Let’s get to the RDA.


Let’s start off with the drip tip. You can see, you got a little bit of a design there. 810 style drip tip, Goon style drip tip. It’s a little tight in the beginning, but once you get some juice on there, it’ll loosen up. You can see the o-ring inside there. We’re going to keep that off for a second.


Here is your airflow for the Dovpo Topside Lite. You can see, you have two, four, six, eight, airflow slots. And you can cut them down. I’ll show you how you can cut them down. If you turn the top cap this way, it starts cutting down from the top, as you can see. If you go back and you turn them the other way, it starts cutting down a full side at a time, and then from the top, down to the bottom. Kind of neat, the way they designed this airflow. Very, very nice. I’m going to show you the cutouts on the top cap. We’ll leave it wide open for now.


Pop it off, top cap comes apart, and now you can see all those cutouts. Very, very well thought-out. Brian always does a great job with his RDAs. Real, real nice job. You can see, it’s got a semi conical design, so you know the flavor is going to be there. The top cap, it doesn’t feel thin or thick. It feels nice and sturdy. I do like the paint job on it. Everything looks to be up to specs, no issues here.


Moving on to the deck of the Dovpo Topside Lite, you can see, it’s basically a Drop deck. A variation of the Drop deck, hence the name Variant. You can see, you got flathead screws right here. You loosen them up, and you basically just drop your coils in there. Very, very simple.


Something innovative I want to show you is, you’ll notice there’s a flathead screw right there in the middle. That is basically the way you turn the squonk option on and off on the Dovpo Topside Lite RDA. Awesome, awesome job.


All you got to do is take your screwdriver, get in there, and just give it a little twist and loosen it. And now, when you squonk, the squonk is going to come from underneath that screw and it’s going to be able to squonk into the RDA. You don’t want to run it in squonk mode, cool. Take your screwdriver, tighten it down like that, and now you’re at a squonk mode. Awesome, awesome job.


Some other carryovers from Drop RDA, this little block here that locks your air flow in place, he carried that over. Just a really stupid, simple deck to build on. I thought the original Drop was a game-changer, this one on the Dovpo Topside Lite is just a variation of it, and it’s a really good RDA.

On the bottom of the RDA, you can see, it says Variant TVC. You can see, it’s serialized. Gold-plated squonk/non-squonk pin with an insulator ring around it, stainless steel threading around that. The pin definitely peeks out enough, you could use it on a mechanical mod if you want to. No issues with that. Just a really, really simple deck. You can see right here, You got your nice juice well over here and over here, just a really, really, easy, easy deck to build on.

Pro tip, I’m not going to drop a build in here because it’s so easy, but when you do put a build in here, if you have a coil cutting tool, take your coil cutting tool and cut your coils to around the 5. That should give you enough leeway to raise them up and down and put yourself a well-positioned build in there.


Starting off on top, you can see, we got four star screws and another two screws here, holding everything in place. Gold-plated squonk pin that has a stiff short throw like every other squonk pin on the market.


This is called a Topside, right? And the reason they call it a Topside is because you can take this piece right here, you can unscrew it, and you can fill up your squonk bottle right from there. Awesome, awesome design. Love it. It’s a game-changer. It was a great, great design, and I’m glad to see Brian do something else with it. This isn’t a different bottle than all the other Topside versions.


One thing I do like about this clear part is this. When you’re filling it up, you could actually see your juice through the clear part, and you can see how close you are to the top. On the original Topside, these parts and these parts here were all metal, so you kind of had to judge by looking through this part. I like the see-through part. I think it’s a nice design cue that really improves the experience with this kit.

Now let me show you how this Dovpo Topside Lite works. You want to get to your insides, you just pull this off.


Inside, you’re going to have an 18650 adapter. Although, if you’re going to buy a mod like this, you should run a 21700 because that’s what it’s made for. But look at this. It’s kind of magnetic, kind of sticks. Oh, and speaking of magnets, I almost forgot.


See this part right here? Brian kept that with the other Topside. When you’re filling up on the go, you can pop that on the bottom, so you don’t got to stick it in a pocket or something and get lint on it or anything. Real, real, nice, clean way to fill up your squonk bottle. I wanted to point that out.

Getting back to the insides, though, this thing just pops off. While it’s on, it don’t move, nice and solid. But it just pulls off like that.

You can see this little rubber prong here. By the way, you get spares of this. That kind of plugs into there and kind of holds it in place. But you’ve also got a magnet here and you have some magnets here that’s going to hold everything in place. Really, really, nice and well thought out.



If you want to run the Dovpo Topside Lite in squonk mode, you put this piece on. If you don’t want to run it in squonk mode and you just want to run a single 21700, that’s when you take this piece. It’s a nice plastic piece. It’s got a nice feel to it. It’s sturdy plastic. I’m kind of digging that football stitching right there. You got to take this little rubber piece out. You just unscrew it, just like that. And then you take this piece and you just pop it on there.

Same thing, nice tight fit, it don’t move. But now, look at that. Now you got yourself a nice simple 21700 mod that’s actually a really nice form factor.


Pro tip, just make sure, when you do run it in non-squonk mode, that you put this piece somewhere where you won’t lose it. You have a couple of other pieces in the spare bag for the Dovpo Topside Lite kit, but still you don’t want to lose this. So just keep it in there or something. Maybe you just want to take it and throw it in there, and just keep it someplace where you know you’ll be able to find it.


So I’m going to keep this in squonk mode. Now, as you can see, on the battery tray right there, you got plus and minus. They’re black on black. That’s a bad job. I don’t like that. This goes in, positive side up, just like that. Once you get it in there, put your cover on, and now there’s your screen.

Screen Menu


The screen for the Dovpo Topside Lite is laid out as follows: mode, battery meter, wattage, amps, voltage, resistance. Goes up and down in half watt increments. Hold it to scroll real fast, and it scrolls up to 90W. It does round-robin. Hold the plus and minus button together, the keys are locked. That means you can’t adjust the wattage up or down, but you can still fire the mod. Hold the plus or minus button together again, and it’s unlocked. You want to enter the main menu system, hit the minus and the fire button together to enter the main menu system.


Now you have your choice between power, bypass, temperature, Ni, Ti, SS, you have TCR, and there’s your stats, and there’s your exit button. All of the menu choices are self-explanatory.

Coil Test & Building


Let me show you the red Dovpo Topside Lite that they sent me, the one that I’ve been using. I got this one in squonk mode. I cleaned up the coils. I’m going to show you how to wick this one.


Now you can see my coils. I got some small coils in there and I got them mounted kind of high, and let me explain to you why. This only goes up to 90W. You don’t want to be running like 0.15 builds in here, you just don’t. This build in particular right here is ohming out at about 0.45 and that’s really the lowest you want to go on a single 21700. Otherwise, you’re going to be ripping through the batteries because you’re going to have to put more juice through this. I would have much rather have seen Brian do a single coil variant of the Drop for this particular setup, for a single battery setup. But it is what it is. This is the atomizer we got. These are the cards we’re dealt with, so let me show you how to wick it.

These are already dry burned. We’re going to take a nice fat piece of cotton. We’re going to make it nice and pointy, make sure we have enough to cover two coils. And now, we’re just going to take that, and we’re going to feed that through, just like so.


See how nice and tight that is? That’s how you want it, just like that. Now we’re going to take our cotton, and we’re going to run it right along that base, and we’re going to snip it.


Same thing on the other side, right along that base, snip. Now we’re going to take our other piece of cotton, make that nice and pointy, and repeat the process. Now what you want to do is you just want to take that cotton and gently, ever so gently, tuck those wicks in there, and just get them nice and easy. Let them lay in there and touch the bottom of that deck. Do the same thing on the other side.


And that’s exactly what your build deck should look like.

Juice Test


Let me show you some of the squonking action so you can see it. See that juice filling up that base right there? See it? Do it again. Fill it all the way up to the top. Now this cotton, since the wicks are a little long, definitely going to take a little time to soak up, so we’re going to give it a little bit of help.


I have some Gorilla Custard Tobacco in there, so that’s what we’re going to help it along with. We’re just going to give it a little bit of help, put some juice all over that cotton, get it nice and saturated. Don’t be chintzy with the juice. Juice it all up. Get a little bit of juice inside that well and just get it all nice and saturated. And now we’re going to give it a test fire. Make sure we got vape. Oh, we got vape. And give it some more juice. It’s okay if a little drips down the side, get some on that o-ring right there, and then you’ll be good to go. Now you want to take your top cap, pop it right on there, adjust your air flow if need be, and now you’re ready to vape.

Size Comparison


Let me show you both of these side-by-side. Here we are in squonk mode, here we are in non-squonk mode.


Also want to show you the progression of the line. Here is the single Topside. This is basically a lighter version of this. This one’s all metal. And here is the Topside Dual, kind of big, bulky, and bulbous. Let me show you the difference. This is a dual 18650. You can see, much, much bigger in the hand. As opposed to the original Topside, you can see, this is actually a little taller than the original Topside. But basically, very, very close. Very, very similar.

What’s In The Box


Also included in the box, you’re going to get a QC certificate, a Dovpo social media card, a Topside light instruction manual, a battery safety card, a Variant user manual, and you’re going to get this bag of goodies, get a bunch of spare screws, o-rings, and a tri tool.


Let’s get into some of the specs on the Dovpo Topside Lite.

  • Dimensions: 97.5 x 58 x 28.2mm
  • Wattage: 90W maximum output
  • Screen: 0.96inch OLED display
  • Resistance: Fires down to 0.08ohms
  • Juice Capacity: 10mls (in squonker mode)
  • Construction: made up of polycarbonate & PCTG
  • Kit Inclusions: Variant RDA (25mm in diameter)


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And that’s it for this Dovpo Topside Lite kit review, Insiders. That’s all I got for you today. You keep living that vape life. We’re out of here. Deuces.

  • Nice Flavor
  • Innovative Squonk Pin
  • Modular Design
  • Super Easy Menu System
  • Clicky Fire Button
  • Fires Fast
  • Lightweight
  • Great Kit for a Newbie Squonker
  • Dual Coil RDA (in What Needs a Single Coil RDA)
  • Plasticky
  • Squonk Bridge
  • Not A Color Screen


Dovpo Topside Lite
$79.99 $90

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