Craving Vapor HexOhm V3 Review

Updated on: 2017-03-15


Well, I guess there is a case to be made for the simple things in life. Sometimes less is more. That’s definitely the case with the Hexohm V3.0. Simple yet highly effective. Yes, for the simplicity of this mod it is pricey but let’s not forget it does have a lifetime warranty. Along with the warranty you get build quality, that in my opinion is second to none.

The bottom line line is if you’re the type of vaper who enjoys simplicity, quality and raw power with the minimum amount of safety features, then this is a mod worth checking out. I now fully understand and appreciate the cult like following Craving Vapor has developed for this mod. Just a reminder though, this mod is not for the beginner. You should always check the resistance of your build before firing it on this mod. While we are all in pursuit of that great vape we still want to be safe.

How Does It Vape?

I am a TC guy. I enjoy TC vaping and 90% of the time that is exactly the way I vape. The HexOhm V3.0 is something special. I have never enjoyed a non TC vape as much as I have on this mod. Once you get this thing dialed in you are in for one spectacular vape. Right now I am running Dual SS Tiger Wire coils on it. I am ohming out at .25 ohms. I have the potentiometer set to about 50% and I am getting one of the most luscious vapes I have ever had. The ramp up on this thing is almost instant with a fresh set of high quality batteries. This mod hits hard. I am extremely impressed with everything about this mod. It is VapingInsider approved on the highest level. This box definitely lives up to the hype.

First Impression Out of the Box

Ok this section is a little misleading since the Hexohm V3.0 does not even come in a box. It basically comes in a bubble wrap sleeve. No instruction book, no box. Kind of weird at this price point, but I get it. It’s the less is more theory. Remove the Hexohm V3.0 from its bubble enshrined sleeve and the quality is the first thing that stands out on this mod. This mod just feels solid. There are no two ways about it. The powder coating feels grippy and durable. This thing just screams quality.

From Top to Bottom

As usual we’ll start the review at the top and work our way down. The 510 connection is redesigned and different from previous renditions of the Hexohm. It has stainless steel threading with a brass pin. The pin is springy yet firm ensuring all of your atomizers make a great connection. On this version of the Hexohm as opposed to the last, the 510 connection is flush mounted. The 510 is also centered so all of your tanks will sit right in the middle. The mod is 27mm, this insures all your 25mm tanks will fit with no overhang. Overall the 510 connection is impressive and well done.

The Hexohm V3.0 boasts its famous dome style firing switch. At first glance I was not sure how I would like it but I have to say it’s really precise and comfortable. It has a nice firm spring to it and it’s really clicky. Overall, it’s a really nice switch and a joy to use.

craving vapor hex ohm v3

It does have safety features built in such as Low Voltage Cutoff, Reverse Battery Protection, and a 10 Second Cutoff Timer. Craving Vapor recommends that you do not build lower than .2 ohms but this mod will fire as low as .1 ohms. It will fire at .2 ohms or above at 100%. At .1 ohms the coil will fire at around 50%. So basically if your build is too low it will not let you fire the coil. This is a great feature that insures you won’t do anything stupid and wind up a headline in the newspapers.

The fit and finish on this box is just straight up gorgeous. The box is milled out of aluminum with an absolutely beautiful powder coating. There is a big Hexohm symbol on one side and the other side is blank. The symbol is actually raised and I believe the color of the logo is the actual finish of the box that is under the powder coating. On the opposite side of the firing button is another small Hexohm symbol that houses the mods serial number. There are no venting holes anywhere on this box. The Hexohm V3.0 weighs in at 7 ounces without batteries and measure 2 x 4 x 1 in inches.

The battery door on this mod may be the best I have seen on any mod. The magnets on it are super strong. Milled out of the same exact material as the the box itself this door is rock solid. Shake it all you want there is absolutely no button or battery door rattle. This thing is staying put for sure. It also has very slim cut outs along the entire battery door so you can get a fingernail under it and open it from virtually any side. On the inside of the battery door is raw aluminum. There is no powder coating there. Each of the four corners are where the strong magnets are held.

On the inside of the mod you have an Ultem injection molded battery sled. Ultem is used because of it’s durability and temperature resistance. The sled has a nice battery strap with some Hexohm branding on it. The sled also has all brass, spring loaded, negative battery contacts. There are also battery orientation markings as well as a newly added on/off switch. Batteries fit in this mod nice and snug with no movement at all. The Hexohm V3.0 compared to most Variable Voltage mods has very clean internals. There are no wires routed all over the place like similar mods in this category.

The on/off switch is a welcome addition to this mod. It is a spring loaded button located on the battery sled next to your batteries. Push it in to turn it on and push it out for the off position. On previous versions because of the bulbous firing button this was not a very pocket friendly mod. Now with the on/off switch it is. Simply depress the button so it is out and now you can safely carry this mod in your pocket.

Next is a potentiometer. For those of you who don’t know what that is I will explain it here. The potentiometer is a dial with an arrow in it. The arrow points to the different voltages that are available. It starts at 0% and goes up to 100%. This is how you dial in your power on this mod. Depending on the batteries you are using you can dial in a 25% percent vape, a 50% percent vape or a 100% vape, and anywhere in between.

You adjust the potentiometer with your fingernail. The arrow of the potentiometer has a cut out. Stick your fingernail in the cut out and turn the arrow to your desired voltage. The potentiometer is nice and stiff. I have used others that tend to slide around rather easily but that is not the case with the Hexohm V3.0.

hex ohm 3 0 battery big

Hexohm V3.0 Specs

  • Min Volts: 3 Volts
  • Max Volts: 6 Volts
  • Max Amps: 30 Amps
  • Max Watts: 180 Watts
  • Enclosure: Aluminum
  • Powder Coat Finish
  • Battery Sled: Ultem
  • Battery Contacts: Solid brass
  • Power Circuit: HEX-T/30-c
  • Resistance Range: .10 – ∞
  • Recommended Ohms: .2
  • Available Colors: Black, Blue, Red, White

  • Build Quality
  • 510 Connection
  • Finish and Feel
  • On/Off Switch
  • Firing Switch
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • No Box
  • No Manual
  • No Indicators Of Any Kind


Craving Vapor HexOhm V3
$179.95 $189.95

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