Coilart Blazar Kit Review

Updated on: 2019-12-08


What’s up, Insiders? DeucesJack. Today, we got a cute little semi-mechanical mod, I’d call it. We’re talking about the Coilart Blazar kit. Little single coil RTA comes with it. It takes an 18350 battery.

coilart blazar 18350 mtl kit hardware

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The Mod

Here is the actual little tube mod. Look at that little guy. Kind of cute, right? A little bit of Blazar branding over there. Really tiny fire button. What the hell? God damn it, you guys had room. Why didn’t you make this a little bigger? So tiny. It is clicky, but it’s tiny. Got a little bit of a star kind of thing going on over there. And then over here, there’s no traditional 510 pin. You got like this metal clip that your atomizer goes on to. And there’s a chip underneath there. Let me show you what I’m talking about. We’ll unscrew the top. You take the top off and there you can see you got this little chip. You would think with this little chip, you got all kinds of protections built in, no. The only thing this chip is going to do is it’s going to stop you from using the battery past 3V. That’s what all this circuitry does. There’s no overheat protection, there’s no short-circuit protection or anything like that. So just be aware of it. Threading on the inside is decent. It’s good for what it is. It’s nice and smooth, it’s not terrible. It goes on there. It’s a little crunchy in the beginning. And then once you get it on there, it’s pretty smooth. Just screw it on, just like that.

coilart blazar 18350 mtl kit

On the bottom, you get this piece comes off, just like this. And that’s where your battery goes in. You can see, you got a clearly marked plus sign right over there. There’s the contact for the negative side of your battery down below there. This is interesting, the way they did this. You got like a telescoping piece here. See this? See how I’m moving this right here? This is how you tighten or loosen the battery. I’m loosening it right now, all the way. You can see, and it stops. It does not come out. So that’s as loose as it’ll go. You can see, there is some venting there, there’s my finger right there. But that’s it. Real, real simple mod.

Let’s install the battery. Don’t kill me on using an Efest. That was the only one I could find. Drop it in there, positive side up, just like that. Now you take your battery cap and you screw it on. Again, threading is decent. Once it stops, now you take this part and you screw it down until that stops in order for your battery to make contact. The funny thing is, in the manual, Coilart is saying that that’s your on/off switch too. So basically, if you want to turn the mod off, you loosen the battery contact like this, and now your battery jingle jangles around in there but it’s off. I don’t know about that. You got that board there, right? Why don’t you put some more stuff into it and just make it five-clicks-on, five-clicks-off? But anyway, once you tighten the battery, there’s no jingle jangle. So there you go. That’s the actual tube part of the mod. Let’s go over the tank.

The Mod

Let’s go over the actual mod. We’ll start off on top. Spring-loaded, gold-plated 510 that I would say has a medium spring to it with a medium throw. Kind of nice black over here, I kind of like that. Definitely different than everything that’s chrome. Nice fire button, raised. Kind of has like a diamond type of shape to it. You’ll see right here, it says Zlide Tube. Got a little bit of like a Starry Night theme going, almost. A little bit kind of Van Gogh-ish. Not too bad, a little bit of swirls going on there in different color blues, a little bit of pink in there. That’s okay, I can rock the pink. On the bottom there, you can see, 3000 mAh, that’s the capacity of it.

coilart blazar 18350 mtl kit

The nice thing about this mod is it’s very simple. Five clicks, you see the lights go on right there and basically, as soon as you plug in your coil, as soon as you put your coil on top of it, it auto detects what coil you are at and it sets the wattage for you.

The Tank

Tank actually looks kind of nice. Got some nice, fine knurling over here that I really like. There’s your one airflow hole right there. You can back it off. It’s got different size air holes and that’s the loosest right there. So you got one, two, three, four, five, six. Six airflow holes. And that’s it. There’s your mark for your top fill. In order to top fill it, you kind of pull it up and push. I do like that locking mechanism. Awesome job on that. You do have a little bit of a rubber gasket here so just in case it does open up, you won’t dump juice all over your pocket. Nice job on that. Snap it down to make sure it’s closed and it doesn’t move. It locks into place.

coilart blazar 18350 mtl kit hardware coilart resin yellow

Here’s something that’s a little interesting. You got 510 drip tip here right? But this is supposed to be a mouth-to-lung tank and I don’t know, that’s a little too wide for a mouth-to-lung drip tip. Good news is it’s a 510 drip tip so all your other 510s will fit in there fine. It is comfortable. It’s not like you don’t get a good vape off of it. But I would have liked to have seen something a little tighter for a mouth-to-lung draw. There’s your glass right there. You do get a spare glass.

In order to access your deck, you give the bottom a twist and you can see you can see just by the barrel there, that it’s kind of like a GTA style deck where the cotton’s going to be inside the tank. Now here’s a major con. See that? That doesn’t stay on at all. I’m sorry, that’s bullshit in today’s day and age. For crying out loud. If you’re going to make an RTA, make one where the glass stays on while you’re servicing it. It’s unacceptable, I’m sorry. I just don’t like it. You can see here, you got some nice doming. Really, really nice conical design. Good job on that. It’s going to have some great flavor.

Here’s your deck. This is not like anything we’ve ever seen before. We’ve seen this type of deck before, two post one terminal per post. Bottom airflow is right under the coil. Very, very easy to build and wick. Get your coiling rod in there. Push that coil down a little bit, get it above that airflow, and then you just wick it into these wicking channels right here. I’m going to put it on a base.


I’ll show you how to wick it right now. I already dry fired the coil so no need to do that. So the first thing you want to do, you wanna grab your piece of cotton, make it pointy on one end, send it right through, just like that. Once it’s through, what you want to do is you want to cut it a little bit ahead of the ring right there. Same thing on this side, cut it right there. Now that you’re all cut, you just take your little wicks and you gently tuck them into place, just like so. The same thing on the other side, take your little wicks and just pop them in there. Look how nice and loose that is. See? That’s how you want it. You want it nice and loose, just like that.

coilart blazar 18350 mtl kit hardware coilart resin green

Juice we’re going to be using today, Juice Head. This is a golden pineapple and grapefruit. Let me tell you something, if you like fruity juices and you haven’t tried Juice Head yet, you’re out of your mind. I have yet to have a bad one from them and I have their whole line.

So now what you want to do, now that you’re all wicked and everything, just want to take that cotton and just get it started. Maybe even get a little juice on the threads and you’re all started, you’re all wicked up. Once that’s all done, take the base off, grab that loosey-loosey glass. That’s ridiculous. Take your base, make sure you hold the glass in place because it won’t stay in place and thread it right on there, just like that. Make sure it’s nice and tight, nice and secure. Now we’re going to open up that top fill, right there. That’s another thing, with 120s, you might want to remove the drip tip so you can get the bottle in there a little better in order to fill. And then you just start filling this bad boy up. Once it’s all filled up, pop that top cap down you got a little bit of residue, get rid of it. Pop that drip tip in there and now we’re ready to throw this on the mod and vape. And there you go. There it is all put together.

What’s in the Box

It comes with:

  • 1 X Blazar Mod
  • 1 X Blazar RTA
  • 1 X Extra Glass Tube
  • 1 X Accessories Bag

coilart blazar 18350 mtl kit hardware coilart


Alright, Insiders! Let’s go over those cons and pros for the Coilart Blazar kit.

First con is going to be, there’s really no protections in this thing. That’s why I called it like a semi-mechanical mod. It really only has a voltage cutoff protection. That’s it, nothing else. For you, newbies, that might be a little bit of an issue. I definitely got to point it out.

The fire button on this thing is absolutely tiny. It’s a con.

Price point on this, I’ve been seeing it for around $80. That’s a lot of cheddar for something this tiny. I just don’t see the value in it. I think it’s a con.

It doesn’t have a true on/off switch. I don’t know why they did that. They say if you want to turn it off, you loosen the battery cap. That’s a bunch of BS. Why couldn’t you put three clicks on, three clicks off? Come on, Coilart.

Battery life on this, not the greatest. I just feel like I’m constantly swapping batteries out on it. I’ll be honest, I’ve never really raped on 18350s before. I actually went out and bought two just for this mod. But I’m not impressed with the performance, as far as the battery life goes.

On the tank section, the glass does not stay on if you need to service your coils. That is an absolute con. It’s unacceptable. Any RTA, the glass section needs to stay on, just in case you got like half a tank and your coil burns out, or your wicks burn, and you got to be able to get in there and service it. It’s a huge con. I pointed out on other RTAs, I’m pointing it out here.

I was a little disappointed that this didn’t actually come with a battery. Let me explain myself. I don’t expect any of my mods to come with a battery as long as it’s a common battery. I had a real tough time finding batteries for this. Everybody was sold out when I was looking and the only thing I could grab for it was an Efest battery. I’m thinking, if I had a hard time, so did everybody else. So if you’re going to run something with a tiny little battery like this, charge $3-$5 more and put the battery in the kit. Because I should have done this review, probably a month or two earlier, but my problem was I couldn’t find the battery for it. So it’s a con that it doesn’t come with a battery.

And the last con is going to be, because of the battery limitations on this, you probably got to build really high. The build I’m running is like a 0.8 build. But I’m thinking you got to be between 0.7 and 0.9 on this. And it is a mouth-to-lung tank so you don’t want to build super low. But in order for this thing to work properly, I think you got to be in the 0.7-0.9 range.

So that’s it on the cons. Got a little wordy on this one because there was some stuff I definitely had to go over. Let’s move on to the pros.


First pro is going to be, it’s cute. There’s no doubt about it. It’s a cute little mod, cute little kit, it’s a pro.

Easy carry, very small form-factor, pro.

The tank is a legitimate mouth-to-lung tank. You mouth-to-lung users are going to love it, pro.

The tank itself, so far, I’ve been getting really good flavor. Let me show you what I’m working with here. Like I said, I got a 0.8 build in there right now. Check it out. I got the biggest air hole open and I’m just getting really nice flavor on it. It’s a legitimate mouth-to-lung hit. The flavor’s good, it’s saturated. The clouds are actually decent for a mouth-to-lung tank too. Look. Not bad, just a nice, solid mouth-to-lung vape.

You saw it down low when I showed you, this one’s easy to build and wick.

The tank itself is very well built. I’ve actually been using it on some of my single 21700 mods and I’ve been enjoying it.

Alright, Insiders. Those are our cons and pros. Let’s get into this one a little bit.


For the most part, if you’re going to run this tank on this mod, you’re probably better off with simple wire builds. Regular round wire builds will probably do best. You can get a little bit more into the weeds, a little bit more complicated if you’re going to run the tank on a mod that has adjustable wattage. But if you’re going to want it the way it is, just use round wire builds. Because of the size of the mod and the size of the battery, it actually forces you to build high. Like I said before, my best performance I’ve been getting in the 0.7-0.9 range on this kit. It’s kind of a shame that it limits the tank like this because the tank is a really good tank and I have built it lower and put it on a regulated device and gotten a better vape off of it so I don’t know why they decided to go with that 18350 battery. Really think it limits the performance of a really, really good tank because I think the tank, as far as mouth-to-lung tanks go, is a pretty good mouth-to-lung RTA. So that’s my take on it. I’ve been enjoying the kit. I just wish the kit itself had more power to put to this coil because I don’t think it does the tank justice as far as the flavor and the clouds go.


Let’s get into some of the specs on the Coilart Blazar kit. It measures in at 24mm x 98mm. It has a 4ml capacity. It features a single coil deck. The mod is voltage protected only. It fires to 0.15ohms. It takes an 18350 battery. It’s available in stainless steel and black. There are resin colors that include green, yellow and purple.


  • Size: 24 x 98mm
  • Juice capacity: 4.0ml
  • Working voltage: 3.0V-4.2V
  • Operating mode: POWER
  • Resistance range: 0.15- 3.0ohm
  • Refill: top refilling system
  • Battery: Single 18350 (Excluded)
  • Material: Stainless steel + resin


  • Powered by an external 18350 battery compatible
  • Adjustable 6 level airflow that helps in producing cloudy flavor
  • Adjustable battery cap in the bottom to make airflow adjustable
  • Childproof and leakproof design which assures a refilling without any leaking
  • Multiple protections: low resistance, high resistance, overheating, short circuit and reverse polarity
  • Side Mounted Firing Button and twisted-style lock button


Want to give a huge shout out to Coilart for sending this one my way for this review. Sorry it’s a little bit late. But like I said, I had a tough time finding an 18350 battery for it so that’s why it was late, Coilart. Again, my apologies, I did intend to get this video out sooner.

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That’s it, Insiders. That’s all I got for you today. You keep living that vape life. We’re out. Deuces.

  • Build Quality
  • good quality post screws
  • large fill hole
  • great threading
  • nice easy to build and wick deck
  • good flavor for a MTL RTA
  • nice smooth AFC
  • no whistle or loud air on any setting
  • love the top fill design
  • really short and small kit
  • 6 air options and made for a solid MTL to restricted DTL vape
  • large 4ml capacity
  • excellent build deck
  • easy to build and wick
  • color options (5 total)
  • mod works as it should
  • Only 1 drip tip included
  • RTA not sold seperate and kit is very niche
  • uses a very unpopular and option lacking size battery (18350)


Coilart Blazar Kit
$0.00 $0.00

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