Axial Pro RDA Review

Updated on: 2020-05-26

Five-Star Rating System


– 4.5
I think the Axial Pro RDA is drop-dead gorgeous. I love the clean, polished look on the stainless steel one they gave me. I’m probably going to go out and buy the black one. Unfortunately, it’s only available in two colors. I wish they would make a gunmetal one. A gunmetal one would look absolutely badass. I just can’t complain about the looks. I dig the looks, I think it’s a great looking RDA, very classic looking. It’s going to get one of the highest scores I’ve ever given out. I’m going to give it a 4.8 in the looks category.


– 4.5
The Axial Pro RDA is going to score high again here. Again, this thing is a builder’s dream: You get two decks—a series deck and a parallel deck— and it’s super easy to build. It’s just really clean to work with. I like everything that they did with it. It’s a fantastic deck. I’m giving it 4.5 stars.


– 4.5
The Axial Pro RDA is probably my favorite dual-coil RDA of the year. As I’ve said before, the flavor and clouds on this thing is fantastic. It deserves a 4.5 star rating.


– 3.5
This is where the Axial Pro RDA is going to lose a point. And let me explain why. Yes, it’s a $75 RDA. I think that the quality of the vape and the construction that you get for $75 is absolutely worth it. But some people are going to balk at that. I think for what you get, It’s actually an above-average value. I’m going to rate it at 3.5 stars. But I got to tell you something, I would have easily paid $10-20 more for this RDA That’s how much I actually like it.


– 4.3251
So now we’re going to add all these stars up, and we’re going to come up with a whopping total of 17.3 stars. We’re going to take those 17.3 stars, and we’re going to divide them by four. We’re going to come up with a total star count of 4.3251. One of the highest scores I’ve ever handed out on any type of vape gear. And let me tell you something, this thing deserves it. I thoroughly enjoy this RDA. It is without a doubt, DeucesJack approved.

And let me qualify my statements a little bit. The reason I love this RDA so much is the fact that you get two decks. That just gives you some versatility when it comes to building. With the other deck, you can actually run a dual coil deck on a single 21700 mod, and you can actually get a good vape that way. I just love the versatility of both decks and the options that it gives the individual vaper.


Let’s get into the pros for Mass Mods and Twisted Messes’ Axial Pro RDA

  • Nicely Machined: As soon as you open up the box, you put the Mass Mods and Twisted Messes’ Axial Pro RDA in your hand to check it out, and you see that polished stainless steel, then you know you’re holding a piece of quality. The Axial Pro RDA is a very nicely machined RDA. All the tolerances are there, it’s just very well done. The machining on it is beautiful for a $75 RDA. I love the way they put this thing together.
  • Well-Designed: You can see it, the little things that jump out at you, from the post screws to the o-ring tolerances, to getting two decks. Mass Mods and Twisted Messes’ Axial Pro RDA is just well thought out and well designed. Nice job, Mass Mods and Twisted Messes.
  • Two Decks: I already said it, you get two decks with the Mass Mods and Twisted Messes’ Axial Pro RDA. That’s a huge pro.
  • Locking Top Cap: I like Mass Mods and Twisted Messes’ Axial Pro RDA’s locking top cap.
  • Smooth Airflow: The Mass Mods and Twisted Messes’ Axial Pro RDA is a little bit on the swooshy side, but very, very smooth. I vaped this wide open, none of the circles, just wide open. And it’s just smooth, even if you close it down halfway. The Axial Pro RDA has plenty of airflow too. To those who like vaping with gobs of airflow, you’re going to like this one. And despite the ton of airflow, the flavor on this thing is still awesome. But generally speaking, the airflow on this is a huge pro.
  • Banging Flavor: The Mass Mods and Twisted Messes’ Axial Pro RDA has some banging flavor. The clouds are there too, I just love it. I vaped the 0.12 build, 125W, and it is fantastic. The Axial Pro RDA has this fully saturated flavor and dense, thick clouds. And the flavor in the clouds is just impressive, truly fantastic.
  • A Builder’s Dream: The Mass Mods and Twisted Messes’ Axial Pro RDA is a builder’s dream. This is mainly because of the two decks included in the kit. You can build this either in series or in parallel. And if you’re the type of vaper who likes to run all kinds of wacky coils, the Axial Pro RDA is definitely the RDA for you. You will have a lot of fun with it. This is such a fantastic RDA, it’s easily one of my favorite RDAs for the year.


Let’s get into the cons for Mass Mods and Twisted Messes’ Axial Pro RDA

  • Stock Drip Tip is Short: The stock drip tip for the Axial Pro RDA is a little bit on the short side. If you’re vaping a really low build in there at high wattage, you’re going to get some bacon lips. It’s easily remedied; just put a different drip tip on it as I did, but I still got to point that out.
  • Stock Drip Tip is Lackluster: The drip tip on the Mass Mods and Twisted Messes’ Axial Pro RDA is also what I would consider a little bit of a lackluster drip tip for a $75 RDA. If I’m going to be spending $75 on an RDA, I don’t want something so plain and dull looking. I want something that looks a little snazzier. I got to give them a con on that. They should have put in more thought to the drip tip.
  • Only Available in Two Colors: You heard me mention the price point. Mass Mods and Twisted Messes’ Axial Pro RDA is a $75 RDA. It is only available in two colors, black or polished stainless steel. That’s a con.
  • Price Point: And some people may consider the price point on the Mass Mods and Twisted Messes’ Axial Pro RDA as a con is well. I really don’t. But I know there are some people that are going to balk at it. So I got to put it up in the con category for those people.

That’s it on the cons, though. Admittedly, really, really minor stuff. No deal breakers here.


What’s going on, Insiders? DeucesJack at Vaping Insider. Today, I got an RDA for you. That’s right. Sick of that pod/AIO life? Then check out this collaboration between Twisted Messes and Mass Mods.


It’s called the Axial Pro.

From Top to Bottom

I got the stainless steel one. Let’s check this out because this one’s a little different and I’m going to show you why as soon as I open up the box there. Now check that out.


You’re going to notice you have a top cap, you have a barrel section, but you have two decks. Let me explain to you what’s going on here. You have a series deck and a parallel deck. A parallel deck is like a normal deck like a normal, everyday RDA deck you get. A series deck is a little different. And I’m going to get into the differences between the two once we go over the actual RDA.

Let’s go over the top cap first.


You can see, you got some nice cutouts there for your airflow. You have two different cutouts. You have like a cyclops type of cutout and then you have individual holes right there. There’s your o-ring. Top is very smooth. I do wish there was some roughness here so it would assist you in turning your airflow. But that’s just the way they decided to go. Goon style drip tip, 810 drip tip, o-ring is on the inside of the top cap. You do get another drip tip with it that I’ll go over in a second. Barrel section is nice. feels like it’s machined really well. It’s got a nice thickness to it. It does not feel tinny. You can see there’s your Cyclops airflow right there. We’re going to put the top cap on. And now you can see how the airflow works. You can see you can run it wide open like that. If you want a bit of restriction, you can do it one hole at a time. Of course, whatever you do on one side, happens on the other side as well.

The Deck

Let’s go over the decks that you get.


So here you go. Here’s the bottom of the RTA. The reason I’m showing that to you first is because you can see right there it says parallel. You have a gold plated 510, insulator ring around it, stainless steel threading around that. This flathead screw right here is your negative post screw. And we have all the obligatory Twisted Messes and Axial Pro branding, as well as the Mass Mods branding.


So this is what you would call, for all intents and purposes, your regular deck. You can see, post screws right here. It’s a postless deck. Here’s your juice well. You have this little nub here to lock your airflow in place. So you have no problems getting it on and off the mod. You got these little cutouts right here for access to your grub screws. Now you’ll notice the allen keys, they are 1.5mm keys. Really, really nice job on the grub screws, they seem like high-quality grub screws. What we’re going to do is before we build it, so I’m going to show you how to build both of them, we’re going to open up the postholes. So when I go to build it later, they’ll be open already.


Here’s the series deck. The way you can tell the difference between the other deck and the series deck is these posts over here are blue. You have a black one here and a stainless steel one there. So the one with the multiple colors on it is the series deck, same exact type of setup with one key difference that I’ll go over in a minute. You have the post screws right here, the grub screws, we’re going to open them all up because we’re going to build this one as well. We’re going to open it up on both sides. Same thing, 1.5mm hex key work, same type of design with the little bump right there in order to keep everything in place. Dual o-rings like on the other one. However, when you turn this one over, you’re going to see on the bottom there it says, Series.


Same type of setup here, gold plated 510, insulator ring around it, stainless steel threading there. But now you’re going to see instead of a negative post screw, you have two right here, two flat head screws right there. And let me explain to you what that’s going to do. Let’s say you put a 0.3ohm coil in here. If you were to put a 0.3ohm coil on the other side, what’s going to happen is your resistance is going to be 0.15. That’s what would happen if you were using this deck. However, if you take that same 0.3ohm coil and put it in this deck, and then put another 0.3ohm coil in here, your resistance is going to be 0.6ohm. It’s going to double it instead of cutting it in half. So what we’re going to do is we’re going to take these four coils, each one of these coils is 0.3ohms. And I’m going to show you exactly how it works on my own reader, on the 521 Tab, so you can see the difference. Each deck is going to have the same exact coils in it, but the resistance is going to be different. One’s going to be 0.15, one’s going to be 0.6.

The Build

The first thing you want to do when building this, you want to have some type of coil cutting tool. A lot of times you get these tools in other atomizers, I don’t know why they didn’t include one here, but they did not.


You want to cut your legs at the 5.5 spot, I found that to be the optimal place to cut them. So what you do is you slip your coil in there like that, turn it around so it’s facing you that way from the bottom. Now you take your flush cutters, get them as close as you can put your finger on them so they don’t go flying everywhere. And you cut your legs. And if you’re building both decks like we are here, you’re going to repeat this process on all four coils. And that is going to give you the perfect lead length for this atomize. Now we’re going to take both coils. And remember, this is the regular RDA base. And we’re just going to pop them in there. Just like that.


Just so simple. Now we’re going to turn this to its side, we’re going to keep our finger on the coil that we’re tightening down. We’re going to get our hex key in there. And we’re going to give it a nice tightening. Remember, these are just little screws, don’t monkey it just give it a nice firm tightening. That’s one side done. And now we’re going to do the same thing on this side. Repeat the process, tighten it down. Same thing on the other one, repeat the process, tighten it down. Now they look a little out of joint, that’s okay, we’re going to fix them. We’re going to get up a coiling rod, we’re going to shove it in there. And we’re just going to straighten them out, just like so. Same thing on the other side, coiling rod, straighten them, just like that.


When you’re done, your build should look something like that. Now we’re going to turn it on. And if we did it right, these should be ohming out of the round 0.15. Right now, we’re at 0.11, that’s probably going to change. Let’s dry fire these coils, get all the hot spots out. You can see, we got a few hot spots, we’re going to give it a scrape. And there we are, we’re glowing evenly from the inside out. We still got a hot spot right here, we’re going to scrape that out. See if we got it going. Yep, that looks just about right to me. And now look at the resistance, 0.16, exactly where it should be.

Now that I showed you that build, I’m going to put these two coils in the series deck and think of these two coils as being connected.


That’s what series means. It’s like you’re running one big coil, think of them being connected. And the part that’s going to do to the connecting is this piece right here.


Think of this as the link that’s going to link up all your coils together and treat them as one. This is the negative post right here. So we’re going to do the same exact procedure, we’re going to drop our coils in on both sides, just like so. Okay, and now we’re going to tighten them down just like we did on the other deck. Same procedure, that looks a little janky, we’re going to straighten them out. Take our coiling rod, straight. Same thing on this side, straighten them out, maybe lift them a little bit. And there we go. And now there’s your series deck right there. Now, if we did this correctly, this should be ohming out at around 0.6. So let’s check it out. We’re at 0.49. We know we’re going to have hotspots like the other one. So let’s pulse this one and see what it comes out to. So now we’re getting those hot spots out with a gentle pulse. And now we’re going to let it cool down for a second. And now you can see we’re at 0.68 and you can see it’s going down, it’s down the 0.65.

When the coils cooled down, they’re probably going to cool down at around 0.6, it’s down to 0.63 right now, and it’s probably going to go right around 0.6. You can see it’s down the 0.61, which is actually close enough. So now we just installed the same exact coils as here. But because of this link right here, this negative post, instead of being at 0.15, we’re at 0.6. So that’s kind of cool. What that does is that allows you to build some really low ohm coils. Let’s say you order some coils that are like 0.1 apiece, or 0.08. If you put 0.1 coils in here, your resistance is going to be 0.2 because it’s going to double. Whereas if you put 0.1 coils in here, your resistance is going to be point 0.05. So that’s a big difference.

And you’re going to say, “Well, Jack, why would I want to do that?” Well, number one, you’re going to be able to run bigger coils at a higher resistance, which means you’re not, you’re not going to have to use as much batteries to push those coils. There’s a bunch of different reasons why you might want to do that, maybe you think you’re getting better flavor that way. There’s a whole bunch of different reasons. The nice thing is, it gives you options. You have different options with these two different decks.


Now, since both decks are the same, I’m only going to wick one, I’m only going to show you how to wick one. But let me give you a perfect scenario. This build on the parallel here, I would normally only run on a dual battery mod. Because it’s a 0.15 build, I’m going to have to pump like 85-90W through it, in order to get it to fire the way I want it to and vape the way I want it to. Whereas this build on the series, I could run this on like a single 21700 mod because it’s only ohming out at 0.6. So I’m not going to rip through my battery getting this to vape the way I want it to vape. So that’s a perfect scenario where you could run this deck instead of this one. But like I said, I’m going to wick it right now. And I’m only going to pick one, because they’re both going to wick exactly the same. So there’s no reason for me to do both on camera.

So first thing you want to do, you want to grab your cotton, make it nice and pointy on one end. Make sure you grab enough cotton for two coils. And you just want to send it through just like that.


Nice and tight, just like so. Now you want to take your cotton and you kind of want to cut it. Let me show you where you want to cut it on this. You want to cut it like between the two o-rings.


Like right there. That’s perfect. Same thing on the other side, run your scissor right along those two o-rings. Boom. Now you want to repeat the process on the other side. Send it through nice and tight. You can use these wicks as a guide now, and you just give it a nice snip. Same thing over here. Get rid of some of that fuzzy stuff. And this is what I love about these vape shears scissors, I don’t have to grab another tool, I can just take these scissors, I can use them because they’re nice and pointy and I can just tuck those wicks in with the ends of this scissor.


That’s why I always recommend the vape shears scissors because they’re just fantastic. They cut great, and they’re just great for building. Same thing on the other side, just repeat the process. Try not to disturb the wicking properties.


That’s exactly what your deck should look like, just like that.

What’s In The Box


Also included in the box, you’re going to get a spare drip tip, you’re going to get a hex key, you’ll get two squonk pins, you’ll get spare o-rings, and you’re going to get a 510 drip tip adapter along with some spare flat head grub screws. I prefer the hex keys, but you’re going to get the flat heads if you prefer flat heads. Now let me show you this thing all put together. We’re going to throw it on a mod, we’re going to juice it up. And we’re going to vape on.


Let’s go over some of the specs on the Twisted Messes and Mass Mods Axial Pro.

  • Dimensions: 25mm (Axial Pro cap)
  • Deck: 2 decks in the kit (1 Series + 1 Parallel)
  • Colors: Black (matte), Stainless Steel (polished)


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And that’s it for the Axial Pro RDA review, Insiders. That’s all I got for you guys today. You keep living that vape life. We’re out. Deuces.

  • Nicely Machined
  • Well-Designed
  • Two Decks
  • Locking Top Cap
  • Smooth Airflow
  • Banging Flavor
  • A Builder's Dream
  • Stock Drip Tip is Short
  • Stock Drip Tip is Lackluster
  • Only Available in Two Colors
  • Price Point


Axial Pro RDA
$75.00 $80.00

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