Augvape Druga Narada Review

Updated on: 2020-05-16

Five-Star Rating System


– 4
I love the looks of the Druga Narada. I like the colors that it comes in. I like the smallness, the compactness of it, the packability of it, I love it all. I think it’s a good looking little piece of kit. In the looks category, we’re going to give it a solid, 4 stars.


– 3.5
The Druga Narada is going to score a good score in this category as well. I like the coils, I love them. In fact, I think they’re pretty flavorful for what they are. The RBA base is a separate purchase. So it’s going to lose about a half a star here, it’s going to come in at 3.5 stars.


– 3
The Druga Narada is also going to lose a little bit because of the range of the airflow. The range of the airflow isn’t the greatest. I wish it had a wider range, I wish it was a little bit more precise. It’s a little on the sloppy side. You get anywhere from a tight DL to a loose mouth-to-lung. I would have liked to have seen that extended on both ends of the spectrum. God knows the device was big enough to do that. We’re going to give this a 3-star rating in the airflow department.


– 3
I’ve been seeing the Druga Narada, as of the recording of this video, anywhere from $16-30. If you get it on the lower end of the spectrum, it’s actually a pretty good value for the build quality that you’re getting. The vape quality is not bad either if it’s an under 20 buck chuck. When we start getting closer to the $30 range, I got to get a little iffy on it. All that being said, if you can get it on the lower end of the spectrum, I think it’s a better than average value. We’re going to give it 3 stars in this category.


– 3.375
So we’re going to take all these stars, we’re going to add them up and we’re going to come up with a total star count of 13.5. We’re going to take these 13.5 stars, we’re going to divide them by four and we’re going to get an average score of 3.375 stars which is just shy of full point above average. And the reason this thing’s scored so high is because of the build quality. The build quality on this is actually really nice. I just wish it had some more bells and whistles. I wish I could do more things with it. I wish it had a low, high, and medium setting right. Just certain little things would have made this a much better kit.


Let’s go over the pros for the Augvape Druga Narada

  • Big, Clear Juice Window: The Augvape Druga Narada has a big, clear juice window. I love it. Pro.
  • Good Flavor: I get good flavor off the Augvape Druga Narada. Nice, fully saturated flavor. Definitely enjoying this coil. Cloud production is not bad for what it is either. I’m just digging the flavor I get off of this thing.
  • Nice, Hefty Feel: The Augvape Druga Narada has a nice hefty feel to it. I like that, it’s a pro.
  • 510 Drip Tip Compatible: You can bring all your other drip tips for the Augvape Druga Narada. It’s a pro.
  • Very Compact: The build quality on the Augvape Druga Narada is very compact. I know I said it’s hefty already. But I think that’s not saying enough. Not only does it have a nice hefty feel to it, but the build quality is really nice. Everything is solid, the panel solid, it just feels like a nice piece in your hand. I like the way it feels in your hand. I just wanted to get back on that and let you know that this thing’s got some pretty nice build quality for what it is.
  • Type-C Charging: The Augvape Druga Narada has the Type-C charging lanyard cable. I love it. It’s all a pro.
  • Smooth Airflow: The Augvape Druga Narada has smooth airflow. It just sounds smooth. It’s a nice airflow design. I like it. I just wish the control of it was a little bit more wider-ranging, a little bit more precise.
  • Panels: The panels on the Augvape Druga Narada are solid, they don’t move.
  • Easy To Fill: The Druga Augvape Narada is easy to fill.
  • Fire Button: The Augvape Druga Narada has a nice big fire button, considering the size of the mod.
  • Great Battery Life: The Augvape Druga Narada has great battery life.
  • Charges Fast: The Augvape Druga Narada charges fast.


Let’s go over the cons for the Augvape Druga Narada.

  • No Adjustable Power: Not even a low, medium or high. I would have liked to have seen something like that. Basically, you just put your coil in the Augvape Druga Narada and whatever the battery gives you is what you get. I wish there was some type of adjustability.
  • Airflow Range: I do wish the airflow range on the Augvape Druga Narada was a little wider. I don’t like the range at all. The range goes from a tight DL hit to a loose mouth-to-lung hit. I wish it had a little bit more space on both sides. That’s all I’m saying.

But that’s it, no real deal-breakers. Nothing really crazy here.


What’s up, Insiders? DeucesJack at Vaping Insider. Today, I got another pod/AIO kit to review for you.
We’re talking about the Augvape Druga Narada.

From Top To Bottom


Check out that woody-looking Augvape Druga Narada. Kind of neat, right? Little bit of Beach Boys woody wagon action going on there. Nice. There’s your little window there for your pod. Type-C charging, I like that. Check out that fire button, nice and raised. Kind of neat. Nice and clicky. I like the gunmetal look. Real, real nice. The wood actually looks pretty decent too. It looks really nice. Nothing wrong with it. A little bit of venting on the bottom.

narada02Got a little fingernail tab there. Pop that bad boy off. And now you can see the inside of it. You can see 1, 2, 3 magnets. When you put the door on, nice and tight, no movement. A little bit of movement side to side, no movement up and down. Over here on top, we got drip tip. Looks like a 510 drip tip. Nice.

narada04So what you do if you want to use the lanyard is you take this little loop, you shove it through this little hole, you loop it together, and then you wrap this rubber thing around the mod. And I guess you could wear it around your neck. This thing seems too heavy for me to wear around my neck and I don’t like shit around my neck, anyway.


The coil that comes pre-installed on the Augvape Druga Narada is a mesh coil, 0.6ohms. It’s a BBC coil. I don’t know for the life of me why they make that print so small. This shit is really starting to piss me off. These companies got to start making this print bigger because I can’t see this. The second coil you get is a stainless steel 316 coil and it’s 0.5ohm. We’re going to go with the mesh coil first. So in order to put the coil in, it’s a plug and play style coil. You pop it in, just like that. You want to make sure these two tabs are facing this way. Make sure it’s in there nice and solid.


Now here’s something interesting for the Augvape Druga Narada. See this little gold piece here? See this little lever right here? Kind of got to get your fingernail in there, and that’s your airflow. You can adjust it. You can close it down or you can open it up. We’re going to leave it wide open for now. Here is your fill port right here kind of got to get some girly nails. Get in there. pop it open. Nice, clear tank. I do like that.

What’s In The Box

narada03Also included in the Augvape Druga Narada box, you get a spare coil. You get your pod system right here that we’ll go over in a little bit more detail. You get a Type-C charging cable here that also doubles as a neck lanyard. You pull it out, just like so. Like that. And you can see, you got your Type-C charging cable right there. I actually like these charging cables. They’re nice and solid. They’re nice and heavy-duty. You could also see the lanyard doubles as a tape measure. That’s kind of weird. I never saw that before.

Juice Test


The juice we’re going to be using today is Johnny’s Juice, vanilla cream doughnut. I don’t have much left because this is one of my favorite juices, but we’re going to take the bottle, we’re going to give it a nice squeeze, fill that pot up. And there we go, all nice and filled up with some vanilla custard goodness.


We’ll take a little plug. And we’re going to pop it back in there. I got to admit, man. I’m a little disappointed in the rubbery plug here. Not only do you not get a spare, but it’s kind of cheap feeling. It’s very, very thin. I wish it was more substantial. And I wish you got two tanks in the kit. In order to install the tank part, you just take it and you just pop it in there, just like so. Once you’re done with that, you take your little woody panel, pop it on there. Five clicks and it’s on. You saw the light blink, no adjustments, no power adjustments, no nothing like that. Just let it soak up that juice and hit it, baby.


Let’s move on to the specs for the Augvape Druga Narada.

  • Dimensions: 75 x 19 x 37mm
  • Weight: 129g
  • Juice Capacity: 2.8ml
  • Battery: 1100mAh
  • Charging: Type-C (can charge up to 80% in 25 minutes at 2.4amps)
  • Coils: 2 included in kit (1×0.50ohms in stainless steel + 1×0.60ohms mesh coil)
  • RBA Deck: purchased separately
  • Colors: Black, Black Carbon Fiber, Red, Black Leather


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And that’s it, Insider. That’s all I got for you guys today. We’re going to see you guys on the next one. You keep living that vape life. We’re out of here. Deuces.

  • Big, Clear Juice Window
  • Good Flavor
  • Nice, Hefty Feel
  • 510 Drip Tip Compatible
  • Very Compact
  • Nice Build Quality
  • Type-C Charging
  • Smooth Airflow
  • Panels
  • Easy To Fill
  • Fire Button
  • Great Battery Life
  • Charges Fast
  • No Adjustable Power
  • Airflow Range


Augvape Druga Narada
$14.95 $52.95
Joseph Nunez
Joseph Nunez