Artery Nugget GT Review

Updated on: 2021-04-01

Five-Star Rating System


– 4.125
We’re going to add all these stars up. We’re going to come up with a total star count of 16.5 stars. We’re going to take these 16. 5 stars, we’re going to divide them by 4 and get an average star count of 4.125, which is pretty high.


– 4
I told you already. I like the way it looks. I like the curves. I like the pink. I like the colors. I like the way it looks no matter what mode you rock it in. In the looks department, I’m giving it a solid 4 stars.


– 4
Form factor. We already touched on that as well. That’s our next category. This thing’s curvy. It’s comfortable. It’s pocketable. It’s an easy carry. I like that. I’m giving it another 4 stars.


– 4.5
I love the way this thing performs with a 0.15ohm coil. I love rocking it with the 510 adapter. The RBA is nice as well. You can get a really nice mouth-to-lung off of that if you want to. I think this thing has some awesome versatility and it performs well in all modes. I’m giving it 4.5 stars in the performance category.


– 4
I’ve been seeing this thing anywhere from $37-50 for the kit. I don’t think that’s a bad price, especially if you get it for under $40. I think you did well. What I would highly, highly recommend if you’re going to buy this, spend the extra $5-8 and definitely get that 510 adapter. It’s an awesome feature to have. In the value category, we’re going to score it another 4 stars.


  • Small Form Factor: First pro is going to be I love that small form factor. For a dual battery mod/pod/AIO kit, this thing is small and sexy.
  • Very Pocketable: You can easily put this in a bag pocket, a front jeans pocket, you could even put it in an inside jacket pocket. Any way you want, baby. You’re good to go.
  • Type-c ,2amp charging.
  • Versatility: You guys know DeucesJack loves versatility. You got all kinds of options with this thing. You can put the five templates on it and run your tanks or RDA if you want to. You can put the pot in it and run your factory coils. You can keep the pod in it and run the RBA section. I love it. It’s a versatile kit. Kudos to you, Artery. Big, big pro.
  • 0.15ohm coil: I love it. It’s fantastic. It vapes very similar to the 0.15ohm coil in the Drag X kit. Check it out, man. I got the 0.15ohm coil in there right now maxed out at 80W with some Johnny’s Juice peach tea. Check this out. Oh yeah, man. That flame is good. Let me give you some more side action. Yeah, baby. It just don’t get any better than that, man. It’s an awesome, awesome coil with banging flavor.
  • Big screen: I like the way they laid it out. That’s all a pro. It’s just too dark. But I still got to give them credit for coming up with a well laid out screen.
  • Easy Menu System.
  • Great Capacity, 8ml
  • Airflow: No matter what you run this on, you run the RBA, you run the factory coils, it’s got smooth airflow. Check it out. Got a little bit of a swooshiness to it that I don’t mind. It’s not too loud, but very, very smooth.
  • 510 drip tip on this one, that flat one, no chicken lips allowed, baby. That’s for the full lip people. If you got some chicken lips, they put a round one in there for you as well. But I love the flat one. It is extremely comfortable.
  • Finish: I like the curves on the mod. I especially like the paint, the paint is held up well. I’ve been rocking this red one for like a month and a half now, and I don’t see any dings, any chips, any anything. And I’m rough on my mods you guys know that. So this paint job has held up pretty well.
  • Can Run a 28mm Atomizer: Last pro is going to be you saw me in a down low, I put a 30mm atomizer on it. Truth be told it had a little bit overhang. You’re probably better off with 28mm if you’re going to run it on the 510 adapter. But that’s our huge pro that you can run a 28mm tank on here if you want to.


  • No AirFlow Control: First con is going to be, I don’t understand why they didn’t do it, there’s no air flow control with the factory coils but you get it with the RBA head. It just doesn’t make sense. I wish we had some sort of airflow control with the factory coils. Especially that 0.15ohm coil because it’s fantastic.
  • Plus and Minus Buttons: It’s too tight. If you don’t press it exactly on the end of each side, you can simultaneously press the plus and minus button. I wish they would have spread that button out a little bit. Maybe your two actual different buttons. It’s a nitpicky con, but it’s definitely there.
  • Dark screen: They did a nice size, they laid it out well, but it’s way too dark. You can’t even see this thing in outdoor daylight conditions.
  • Dark Pod: I don’t want dark pods, China. Make them clear. Make them as clear as you can possibly make them so I can see my juice level.
  • Battery Door: It’s kind of weird. My red one is definitely very solid, my black one has a little bit of wiggle from side to side. So I’m not sure if that’s a QC issue. Or if some of them have a wiggle and some of them don’t. I don’t know. But I got to point it out that the black one has a side to side wiggle, not an up and down. You don’t feel it while you’re using it. But I still got to talk about it.
  • 510 Plate Not in the Kit: That 510 adapter? You got to throw that in the kit, baby. And while you’re at it, put the RBA in there as well. I don’t understand why China does this aftermarket accessory crap. Put everything we need in the kit. Charge me $5-10 more. I don’t care. Just make it simple for me to have everything.


Artery Nugget GT

What’s up, Insiders? DeucesJack at Vaping Insider. Today, we’re going to be going over a pod/mod/AIO. Call it whatever you want. It’s very versatile. I’m talking about the Artery Nugget GT

From Top To Bottom

Nugget GT overview

Check it out. So here is the pod/mod, whatever you want to call it. I really think of this more as a mod. And that’s because of the accessory that you can buy, the 510 adapter, which is my favorite way of running it because you put the 510 adapter on here. And this is an extremely slim, dual battery mod. You can see, it’s got these nice little cutouts over here, gives it like an ergonomic shape.

Nugget GT overview 2

I’m definitely digging that. There is your fire button. Really nice and clicky. Plus and minus button, type-c charging over there. You can see more curve over here. Here is where you get your airflow from. On the back here, you got some Nugget GT and Artery branding. On the bottom, you got some venting. And you see these little fingernail tabs right here? See that? You just stick your fingernail in there and bang. There you go.

Nugget GT battery

It opens up and it takes two 18650s. Battery door, little movement, side to side. No movement, up and down. It does not move while you are using it though. So that’s important. You got your battery strap here with the Artery branding. You have gold plated spring loaded contacts on top, button style gold plated contacts on the bottom. Can you see that? Right there? There are your battery markings. They are done black on black. That is a bad job, Artery. They need to be a different color. They need to be more distinguishable. Let’s put the door back on.

Nugget GT pod

Let me show you the pod part. In the pod part here you got this big space, you got two gold plated contacts right here, that is where your coil, your RBA base, your 510 adapter is going to make contact and you’re going to be able to fire whatever part that you’re running on it. Nice clean job in here. I like this. Just in case there are any leaks, it’s very easy to clean. Very nice job on that, Artery.

Nugget GT pod 2

Let’s take a look at the pod now. You can see, you got this little grip on it. Kind of what you use to push up in order to get your pod out. By the way, this pod holds 8ml. Yes, a whopping 8ml of juice. Really too dark for me, man. This pod needed to be about 10 shades lighter than what it actually is. It’s definitely too dark. That is a con. Here is the flat style drip tip.

Nugget GT driptip

It is a 510 drip tip. They do give you a round one, the one on here if you don’t like the flat style. I’ll tell you what, though, this is very, very comfortable. If you got some full lips, you’re going to like this drip tip. Something you can wrap your lips around. I definitely dig it. I like it better than the round, especially on this mod.

Nugget GT driptip bot

Now, on the bottom side here. This is your little plug, you get an extra one of them. You pop that out, and you can see, you got the fill port there that might conjure up some nasty images for some people if they got their minds in the gutter. But it’s big enough. Did I actually say that? Yes, it’s big enough to fit a needle nose bottle. You should have no problems filling this up. Pop it down. Secure it. It’s a little flappy over here but at least you can get a grip. I don’t mind that.


Nugget GT coil

Now here is the coil that comes pre installed. It is a plug and play coil. Now with these types of coils, once in a while you might get one that’s a little leaky. I’ve run about five of these coils. I had one that was a little bit on the leaky side. The other four have been fine. So let’s pull this coil out.

Nugget GT coil 2

Let me show it to you. Nice coil. 0.15ohm good for 60-80W.

Nugget GT coil 2 mesh

You can see inside there, it’s a nice, tight mesh. I gotta tell you, man, the flavor on this coil, this 0.15ohm coil at 75W, is just banging. It is phenomenal. Now the spare coil that you get, you can see it’s a little smaller.

Nugget GT coil 3

This one is 0.4ohm good for 20-35W. If you look inside, you can see it’s also mesh. It’s a smaller coil, very good coil, very flavorful. But man, when you put it next to the 0.15ohm, there’s no competition. The 0.15ohm blows this thing out of the water.

Nugget GT coil 4

So now let me show you how to assemble this back together. You push your coil in there, just like that. Then you take your mod and your tank and you make sure the coil is facing towards the front. You put the front side in first, and then you click it down. You got to hear that click. Once it’s in there, it’s solid, man. It ain’t moving. It ain’t going nowhere.

Menu Screen

Size Comparison

Nugget GT size comparison

I want to give you a quick size comparison. And I do know I’m comparing it to a single battery pod/AIO system but I just want to give you an idea of how small this thing really is, for a dual battery mod. I got it next to the Drag X, one of my favorite systems on the market right now. Man. Look, it’s basically just about double the width of it. I mean, they did a bang up job as far as the size goes.

Nugget GT size comparison 2

Now for further comparison. I also wanted to compare it to the Squid Industries Double Barrel V3. It’s one of my favorite mods, if you’ve been watching this channel for a while, and it’s also one of the smaller dual 18650 mods on the market. Look at that. It’s actually a bit shorter and pretty much just as wide when you’re running the 510 adapter. Kind of cool, man. Yeah, it’s a little bit more bulbous. It’s not as skinny, but man. This thing is small for a dual battery mod.

Nugget GT size comparison 3

The other thing I wanted to show you is with the 510 adapter installed. Check this out. This thing holds 30mm without any overhang, what so ever. Wow. Yeah, maybe a little bit of slight overhang on the bevel there. But man, it still looks fine. 28mm will look fantastic on it. So that’s a huge pro for a pod system that really makes this thing versatile. Let me give you one last look at them. This is the one with the 510 adapter. This has the pod install. Nice looking dual battery pod/mod/AIO.

What’s In The Box?

Nugget GT in the box

Also included in the box, you get a Nugget GT owner’s manual, a warranty card, a battery safety card, you get a type-c charging cable which is really cool, and you get this bag of extras.

Nugget GT in the box 2

Now, two other accessories that are available as a separate purchase or an RBA section and a 510 driptip adapter. I’ll be honest with you, the RBA section, I could take it or leave it. The 510 adapter, it’s a must have. I really wish they would have included it in the kit. It’s that good. It makes this mod that good.


Let’s get into some of the specs on the Artery Nugget GT.

  • It measures in at 40 x 31 x 102mm.
  • Dual 18650 pod/mod/AIO kit with a 200W maximum.
  • fire down to 0.1ohm.
  • Holds 8ml of juice.
  • 2amp type-c charging is on deck.
  • 0.96 inch color screen.
  • Two coils are in the kit. You get a 0.15ohm mesh coil good for 60-80W.
  • You also get a 0.4ohm mesh coil good for 20-35W.
  • There is an RBA and 510 adapter available as a separate purchase.
  • It is available in black, red, blue and gunmetal.
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    • Small Form Factor
    • Very Pocketable
    • Type-C
    • Versatility
    • 0.15ohm coil
    • Big Screen
    • Easy Menu System
    • Great Capacity
    • Airflow
    • 510 drip tip
    • Finish
    • Can Run a 28mm Atomizer
    • No AirFlow Control
    • Plus and Minus Buttons
    • Dark Screen
    • Dark Pod
    • Battery Door
    • 510 Plate Not in the Kit


    Artery Nugget GT
    $45.95 $69.95
    Peter Paul Morales
    Peter Paul Morales