Artery Baton Kit Review

Updated on: 2019-08-30


So let’s get back to our original question. How does this mod, this kit, actually perform? It’s not a bad kit. It’s actually good for a newbie especially if you like a cool vape because that’s what you’re going to get with the coils included in the kit. I do wish they would have opened it up a little bit and made those coils a little lower, as far as the ohms go. Had they done that, it would have been a much better kit. But in all honesty, I cannot complain about the build quality and the way this thing actually vapes. It’s just not my style. I prefer a hotter, more saturated vape. But for those people that like a direct-lung vape that’s a little bit on the cool side, you’ll probably really enjoy this kit and it is a well-built kit.


What’s up, Insiders? I got a new stick mod for you today. This is an external battery one. Finally, somebody made a 21700 stick mod. But the big question is how does this Artery Baton kit perform? Make sure you watch the whole review. Find out exactly what I think.

What’s In The Box

  • 1x Baton Battery(Without Cell)
  • 1x Hive S Tank 2ml
  • 1x Replacement Coil
  • 1x Replacement Glass Tube 3ml
  • 1x A Pack of O-rings
  • 2x User Manual
  • 1x Warranty Card
  • 1x Certification Card

Artery Baton Kit Review box

Also included in the kit is some spare o-rings, a spare coil, and a straight glass. I have the bubble glass installed. I believe the straight glass comes pre-installed if I remember correctly.

From Top To Bottom

Quick look at the mod. On the top side of the mod, we got some Artery and Baton branding. Some gold plating on top here. Nice spring-loaded 510 that I would say has a long throw with a medium spring to it. Gold-plated threading over here. There is a little bit of a recession here. I guess to keep the juice out in case you got a little bit of a leak. I kind of like that. That’s well thought out. There’s your fire button right there, LED over there. On the bottom, you can see, we have some more Artery branding with a serial number as well as some venting.

Artery Baton Kit

Now, here’s where you take your battery cap off. Threading here is absolutely beautiful. Again, it looks like it’s like a brass cap. At least brass threading, that’s for sure. I mean, just really, really buttery smooth. Inside, you do get a 18650 adapter. We have no need for it. We’re going to be running a 21700. Now, you can see, along with the venting on your battery cap, there is a negative mark right there. I wish they would have made it a little clearer up but I’m glad it’s there at the very least.

Artery Baton Kit

Nothing down the tube, as far as battery indicator markings go. Put your battery in, positive side up just like that. Take your cap, give it a little bit of reverse thread so it catches and then just screw it on. Remember, there’s a lot of threading on this and it is very, very smooth.

Artery Baton Kit

Once your battery is installed, five clicks, you see the green led is blink that lets you know what’s on. Five clicks, you see the LEDs blink red that lets you know it’s off. That’s basically the whole menu system.

Size Comparison

Artery Baton Kit

Wanted to give you a quick size comparison. Here it is next to the uwell Nunchaku. Now, the Nunchaku was much more advanced because it has different controls. It’s got a screen on it. You can do TC with it. I really wish Artery would have went that way with this. This is basically an unregulated mod that just takes a 21700 and you can see, it’s just as big as the Nunchaku which only takes in 18650. But I wish they would have taken this concept and put it on the Baton because it would have been much better if there was a screen and I could have adjusted the wattage. But that’s what it looks like next to the Nunchaku.

The Tank

Artery Baton Kit

Let’s go over the tank. Bottom airflow tank, stoppers on both sides, whatever you adjust on one side happens on the other. There is some Artery branding right there. You can see, it says designed by Artery. Gold-plated 510, insulator ring around that, stainless steel threading around that. It is serialized. There’s your serial number. This is the bubble glass installed. You do get a 3ml capacity with the bubble glass. You get 2mls with the straight. Nice drip tip on top, goon style drip tip. You can see the o-ring is on top. All my other goons do fit snug.


In order to fill the tank, you give the little top cap a twist just like that. A lot of threading. Threading is very smooth. It is a recessed fill port. Almost every bottle can be accommodated on this. Like I said, threading on it very, very smooth.

Here is the coil. You get two of these. This is the 0.3 ohm mesh coil. You can see, there’s mesh inside. Definitely one of the smaller mesh coils you’ll see. Got a rating from 30-50W. You do get two of these in the kit.

Artery Baton Kit

Juice we’re going to be using today is Black Market Turtle. This is a raspberry custard. You guys know how I love my raspberry custards. Take your juice bottle, put it right in the slots right there and just start filling. I like that it’s recessed because if you go over a little bit, it’s no big deal. Once it’s all filled up, take your top cap, put it on like so. Like I said, it’s got a lot of threading and now we’re ready to vape.

All put together, it’s definitely a sharp little kit. I like this curvature here. You see, how it kind of bubbles out a little bit? It just feels great in the hand. There is your micro usb port in case you want to charge internally. Of course, we always recommend that you charge externally but I mean, this thing just feels fantastic in the hand with that little slight curvature there. I know it doesn’t look like much but it makes a difference as far as the feel and the hand goes.


First pro is going to be, it takes three cells. You can run 20×700 batteries in it or 18650s with the included adapter. That’s a pro.

Next pro is going to be there are two coils included and they’re both mesh, pro.

I love that curvature on the mod that I showed you down low. This thing just feels awesome in the hand. I got to give it a pro for construction and build quality. It’s made out of brass and aluminum and it just feels solid in your hand. It’s a well-built kit.

Nice threading on that battery cap. It is buttery, buttery smooth. Great job, Artery.

It’s easy to operate. Five clicks on, five clicks off. Hit that button and you’re vaping. That’s a pro.

Fires down to 0.1 ohms, pro.

It’s got all the protections built in. That’s a pro.


Alright, Insiders! Let’s get into it. Let’s get into those cons and pros.

First con is going to be, man. I so wish this thing had a Nunchaku screen on it. It would have been banging had they done that. Artery, if you’re watching this video, do yourself a favor. Put a Nunchaku type of screen on this thing and you got a homerun on your hands. I promise you that.

Straight glass spare, you guys know how I feel about that. If I’m going to get a bubble glass, I want a bubble glass spare. That’s a con.

Tank is a tad on the loud side. Let me show you what I’m talking about. You hear that? That’s with the air flow fully open. Now, if I close it down a little bit, if I close it down to like, let’s say, halfway, it sounds like he wants to whistle when it’s full open. When it’s half open, it almost is whistling. I mean, it’s loud, man. Especially if you’re one of them guys who pulls really hard. It’s going to be a little bit annoying. So I got to point that out.

And the last con is going to be, I think they should have made the coils for this tank a little lower as far as the ohms go. 0.3 Is just a little too high. You’re not getting that nice rip that I know this tank is capable of. Let me show you what I’m talking about. Here it is on the Baton. This is the 0.3 Ohm coil. Check it out. It’s nice, it’s got decent flavor and everything like that. But if I take this same tank off and I put it on let’s say, my Minikin Kodama at 50W, watch the difference. Much more flavor, much more saturation. It’s just a better vape on another mod. So I wish they would have load the ohms on that coil a little bit and bring out some of that flavor because it is a 21700 mod. It could have definitely handled a lower ohm coil. So I wish they would have done that. I wish they would have thought that out a little better.

Alright, insiders! Let’s move on to the pros because there’s plenty of pros.


Let’s go over some of the specs. It’s an unregulated 21700 mod. It comes in black, red black, purple blue and blue. You get 2mls with the straight glass, 3mls with the bubble. It measures in at 27 x 93mm. The tank is 24.5mm in diameter. The protections are short-circuit, reverse polarity, overheat, ten-second, over current, low voltage and weak battery protections.

Baton Battery

  • Dimension: 27 x 93.15mm
  • Material: Brass, Aluminum alloy
  • Resistance range: 0.1-3.0ohm
  • Output voltage: 3.0V-4.2V
  • Battery capacity: External battery(≥20A)
  • Battery: Single 21700 /20700/18650(not included)
  • Thread: 510

Hive S Tank

  • Dimension: 24.5×39.8 mm(2ml)/27×39.8mm(3ml)
  • E-Juice capacity: 2ml/3ml(with an extra bubble tube)
  • Drip Tip: 810
  • Coil resistance: 0.3ohm±0.03ohm
  • Material: SUS, Aluminum alloy
  • Filling way: Top filling


Big shout-out to Artery for giving this to me at NVE. Definitely appreciate the support. Make sure you head over to our brand new Facebook group. Join up over there. You’ll have a chance to win a $100 coupon at Vape Wild. Make sure you hit one of the thumbnails here and check out some of our other reviews.

That’s it folks. That’s all we got for you today. You keep living that vape life. We’re out of here. Deuces.

  • Takes three cells
  • There are two coils
  • Curvature on the mod
  • Nice threading on that battery cap
  • Easy to operate
  • 0.1 ohms
  • Protections
  • Screen
  • Straight glass spare
  • Tank is a tad on the loud side
  • 0.3 high coil


Artery Baton Kit
$49.60 $74.40

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