Aria X Anarchist Sleeper RDA Review

Updated on: 2017-10-25


I have no idea why the Sleeper RDA has in fact been a sleeper in the vaping community. It’s kind of a shame because this is one flavorful, cloud-chucking RDA that definitely does not get the credit that it deserves in today’s market. I think with some of the similar decks that are coming out right now, people might start taking a look at something like the Sleeper. I do have to give Aria and Anarchist credit for coming up with something that was probably a little too much ahead of its time. The bottom line is, if you want flavor, if you want clouds, go get yourself a Sleeper RDA. This one can compete with any of the flavor chasing RDA’s and any of the cloud-chasing RDA’s. Don’t sleep on this one because it’s DeucesJack approved.

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First Impression Out Of The Box

I know this RDA has been out for a while now and to be honest, after using it for quite some time, I’m surprised it hasn’t gotten more love. It’s a good looking RDA right out of the box. Everything is machined really nice and it has a compact stature to it. From the looks of it, it seems like you can drip right down the middle or paint your coils. So, it looks like this will appeal to different types of drippers. Let’s throw a building in here, wick it up juice it up, and see how it actually vapes.

What’s In The Box

  • 1x Sleeper RDA
  • 1x 510 Drip Tip Adapter
  • 4x Spare O’Rings
  • 4x Spare Deck Screws

Aria X Anarchist Sleeper RDA Box


  • 24mm diameter
  • Four-piece, stainless steel construction
  • Horizontal block-style, top load post design…an industry first!
  • Direct milled negative post, gold plated positive
  • 2.5mm post holes
  • Flathead grub screws
  • 6mm deep juice well
  • Two-piece, split AFC ring with 3mm x 8.5mm airflow windows (for single or dual-coil builds)
  • PEEK insulator
  • Gold-plated contact
  • Chuff-style, delrin drip top and delrin 510 adaptor
  • Chemically etched Aria and Anarchist logos
  • Individually serialized
  • Spare O-rings and screws included
  • Available in stainless steel or black PVD

From Top To Bottom

The Sleeper RDA comes with a massive proprietary chuff style drip tip. Now, all of you know that I am not a fan of proprietary drip tips but I don’t mind the way they did it on the Sleeper RDA because Anarchist was smart enough to include a 510 drip tip adapter. The drip tip that comes with it is really not my style. It’s a little too short for my taste and it tends to get hot when I chain vape this RDA. I really like to have my mouth a little further away from the heat of the top cap. It does perform well when the air flow is wide open and that definitely helps keep the atomizer cool but I don’t vape with the airflow wide open so it’s a moot point for me. I like using the 510 drip tip adapter with my own 510 drip tip. It just suits my style of vaping better.

Aria X Anarchist Sleeper RDA Tip

The top cap slides off the top of the barrel and unlike most traditional RDA’s that slide into the interior of the barrel, this one slides over the exterior of the barrel. There is an o’ring that is supposed to keep the top cap in place but to be honest, it is really, really, loose. I think they needed to use a much thicker o’ring on the top of the barrel in order to firm up the AFC control on this RDA. It’s not so loose that it will just fall off haphazardly but it definitely comes off way too easy. The AFC slot on the Sleeper RDA is shaped like an isosceles trapezoid when fully open. Slide the AFC left or right and it cuts down the size of that trapezoid. You can actually cut the AFC all the way down until you get the shape of a triangle. Cut it all the way down and you will get a really restricted DL hit off of it. The airflow range on this RDA is just amazing. It has a ton of adjustability built into it. Between the two exterior airflow slots, there is some Sleeper branding on the top cap, it is very subtle and not intrusive at all.

Aria X Anarchist Sleeper RDA Cap

As I said earlier, the top of the barrel does have an o’ring that is supposed to keep the top cap in place but it definitely could be a little thicker. Below the o’ring, there are three airslot cut outs that are the shape of a trapezoid. At its most open point, the air slots measure 3 mm by 8.5 mm. Since there are three cutouts, you can run one big single coil on this deck and have airflow hitting it from one side. I really don’t understand that because if I was going to run one big single coil on this deck, I would definitely want both airflow holes open. I guess if you are just going to use the posts on one side of the RDA, then you would need the third airflow slot but to be honest, that’s not the way I run a single coil on this deck. I used the post holes on either side and ran one big coil over the middle. That seemed to have worked best for me as far as single coil mode goes. On the exterior of the barrel, we do have some Anarchist branding on one side and some Aria branding on the other.

Aria X Anarchist Sleeper RDA Barrel

The barrel of the Sleeper RDA is held on to the base by two nice o’rings. Those o’rings actually have a pretty decent resistance to them and they do a good job of keeping the barrel in place. On the bottom of the base, there is a serial number as well as some Aria branding. There is a gold plated 510 pin with a flathead slot in it. Unfortunately this RDA does not come with a squonking pin. So, you cannot use it as a squonking RDA. The threading around the gold-plated 510 pin is very smooth and so far, this RDA has sat flush on every mod that I have used it on. One little pro tip about the Sleeper RDA, when you are screwing the RDA off of a mod, make sure you grab it by the bottom part of the barrel because if you grab it by the top cap, it is just too loose and you will not be able to unscrew the atomizer that way. You have to make sure you get a good grip on the bottom of the barrel in order to get it off a mod.

Aria X Anarchist Sleeper RDA Pin

The Deck

I really like the deck on the Sleeper RDA. It is basically a postless deck and it really does perform well. They call it a block style, top-feeding post but to be honest, these guys are being modest. This deck was probably a little ahead of its time and for all intents and purposes, I’ll refer to it as a postless deck that is raised of the bottom of the base a bit. It’s an extremely easy deck to build on and like most postless decks, the hardest part about using it is getting your leads cut to the right length. I know this RDA is a little bit on the old side and it has been out for quite awhile now but what it reminds me of is a shorter version of Dead Rabbit or Drop RDA deck that has not been raised up. It doesn’t have that pull through your leads design like those other decks do but when you look at this one, you can see how people may have gotten the idea to raise this deck up.

Aria X Anarchist Sleeper RDA Parts

So, what we have here is a postless deck with 4 terminals. The terminals measure 2.5 mm each. As I said before, they are a little bit raised off the deck and not necessarily built into the deck like some of your traditional postless decks. Each screw for each terminal is accessed on the side of the post and they are kind of slanted downward. The Sleeper RDA has a massive 6 mm deep juice well. This thing can hold a lot of juice and the really nice part about it is, whether you like to paint your coils or just blob your juice down the middle, you will be happy with this RDA because it accommodates both types of drippers.

Aria X Anarchist Sleeper RDA Deck

Building And Wicking

Once you get your leads cut to the proper length, it’s just a matter of dropping your coils into the proper terminals and tightening those leads up. As I have said in all of my postless deck reviews, when it comes to cutting the leads, just make sure you take your time and go little by little until you find the proper length. Once you find the proper length on one leg of your coil, use that coil as a guide to cut the other three legs. If you take your time doing this, it won’t be a problem and once you get the hang of it, it’ll be second nature to you.

Coil placement is key in a deck like this. I like to place my coils just slightly hanging over each block towards the AFC. This gets me a little closer to the air flow and I think it produces the best flavor on this deck. Once the coils are properly mounted and you have taken care of all the hotspots, you are now ready to wick. Wicking the Sleeper RDA is as easy as can be. Simply feed your cotton through the center of the coil and cut it right by the lowest o-ring on the outside of the base. This will give you the proper length and you will have no problems with wicking at all. Tuck your cotton into the deck and you are ready to wet it up and start vaping.

The one thing I really love about this deck and the juice well is that there is so much space for your juice to travel around. I really wish they would have included a squonking pin with this deck because I think the Sleeper RDA would have been a phenomenal squonker. There’s just so much room between the block style post that it would have been one hell of a squonker. Oh well, maybe on the Sleeper II.

How Does It Vape

The Sleeper RDA will give you one fantastic vape. What I really love about this RDA is the adjustability of the airflow. It can go from wide open and super airy to an almost MTL vape in a heartbeat. The adjustability on it is just phenomenal. I love RDA’s that give you choices and when it comes to air flow, you have a ton of choices on the Sleeper RDA. It’s a good looking RDA and the flavor that I get on it is just phenomenal. I think this RDA was a little ahead of its time and I think it’s going to start to get a lot more love in the market now that people are gravitating towards this type of deck.

Right now, I have dual Framed Stapled Aliens in there. They are ohming out at .11 ohms and they are both 3.5 mm ID coils. I am running it at 98 watts on my Vaporesso Revenger X and I am getting just a phenomenal vape. I’m getting thick, lush, chunky clouds, and the flavor is just on point. The Sleeper RDA will give you the best of both worlds. It can run with all of those flavor chaser RDA’s on the market and it’s also a cloud chucker. It just depends which way you want to set it up. The air flow is super smooth and it just gives you one fantastic vape.

What Would Have Made It Better

  • Beef Up That O’ring
  • Squonk Pin

There are only two things on this RDA that I think could have made it a better RDA. In the grand scheme of things, they really aren’t that big of a deal but I think they would have gone a long way in making the Sleeper RDA more appealing to more people.

First thing is, they have to beef up that o’ring that connects the top cap to the barrel. I mean, this thing is loose when it’s dry. If you get some juice on it, it just kind of slides all over the place and it’s just way too loose. How hard is it to come up with a thicker o’ring? Get it done, guys.

Second thing is, you have to include a squonk pin with an atomizer like this. It’s got a great juice well and plenty of space for the juice to slosh around. This would have been an amazing squonker because your cotton isn’t sitting in all that juice because of the raised up deck. I think to not include a squonk pin is a big mistake on this RDA.

  • Looks
  • Machining 510 drip tip adapter
  • Massive airflow
  • Versatile airflow
  • Innovative deck design
  • Deep juice well
  • Flavor
  • Clouds
  • Subtle branding
  • Dual or single coil compatible
  • Large post holes
  • Proprietary drip tip
  • No squonking pin
  • Really loose o’ring on the top of the barrel


Aria X Anarchist Sleeper RDA
$39.99 $65.00

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