Arctic Dolphin Kurve Review

Updated on: 2019-11-04


How are you doing, Insiders? I’m your man, DeucesJack. Today, we’re going to be going over the Arctic Dolphin Kurve kit. This one’s a little unique looking.

authentic arctic dolphin kurve 220w tc vw variable wattage box mod sub-ohm tank kit silver

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From Top to Bottom

Check this thing out. This thing’s kind of funky looking. I’m going to warn you before I open it up. Look at that. Kind of different looking. Let me show you what I’m talking about. Fair warning, when you take this thing out of the box and you handle it for a couple of seconds, it looks like a crime scene. It’s about as schmutzy as it gets. First thing I want to do, though, I want to show you, we had a little screen protector here. We’re going to peel that off so now you can get a better look at it. This thing is shiny.

authentic arctic dolphin kurve 220w tc vw variable wattage box mod sub-ohm tank kit silver

Let’s check out the top plate first. Stainless steel plate around here. Got a gold-plated, spring-loaded 510 that I would say has a loose spring with a medium throw to it. Now look over here, you can see, the plate does raise up a little bit. Not much, but it does definitely raise up a little bit.

authentic arctic dolphin kurve 220w tc vw variable wattage box mod sub-ohm tank kit silver

Now let’s see what will fit on top of here. Try our Kali, QP Designs Kali, 25mm. 25mm, no problem. You may be able to get 26s on there but I would say 25s, we’ll be calling it a day. Take a look at the front of the mod. We have some Kurve branding over here, plus minus button, done in the same type of rainbowing that the rest of the mod is done in. Micro USB port, Arctic Dolphin branding over here. Now check this out. I’m digging that curve, look at that little cutout. See? If you can see it better from there, look at that. Kind of cool, the way this thing just fits in your hand, like you can get your fingers in there like that and then trigger finger fire it and even thumb firing it is not bad. But this is definitely made to trigger finger fire. It just feels nice, it really does. Love that little curve. Almost reminds me of like a half Rage squonker. Let me show you what I’m talking about. See what I’m talking about? See how the Rage has that little bit of a cutout on both sides? This only has it on one side. That’s what it reminded me of as soon as I got it. As soon as I saw it at the show, I was like, “Wow! It’s like a half a Rage.” That’s just what it reminded me of, the first thing I went to. On the bottom of the mod, we got some venting, three Phillips head screws, holding everything in place. There’s your fire button, nice and clicky. A little bit of a raise on the fire button, not bad.

authenticarctic dolphin kurve 220w tc vw variable wattage box mod-sub-ohm tank kit silver

Alright, Insiders! Wanted to give you a quick size comparison. Kind of tough to come up with mods to compare this to because I had to find mods that were kind of a little curvy. A little bit different. Of course, this is the Arctic Dolphin, here is the Asmodus Minikin V3, and this is the GTRS VBoy which actually was one of my all-time favorite mods. I love this mod. I really did for its time. Now check it out next to the Minikin. You can see why I picked the Minikin. From the top, they kind of look kind of similar. They kind of feel similar in the hand. This definitely feels heavier than the Minikin V3 and to be honest with you, the build quality just isn’t the same as the Minikin V3. Build quality wise, the V3 blows this thing away. I wanted to pick the VBoy because this thing also has some curves on it. Not the same type of curves, the VBoy is definitely more comfortable in the hand. But believe it or not, the Kurve actually feels more solidly built. This mod had issues with the battery door and everything like that. I don’t know if they fixed it going forward but had I not have had issues with this mod, well after I did the review, I probably would still be using it. That’s how much I liked this VBoy. But those are the two I decided to compare it to.

authentic arctic dolphin kurve 220w tc vw variable wattage box mod sub-ohm tank kit silver

Over here, you have your little fingernail tab right there. Pop it open and there is your battery tray. This is all metal. I would have liked to have seen a non-conductive material over here just for safety reasons. I do like the fact that the inside is rainbow too but I would have liked to have seen a non-conductive material there. I think that would have made it look cleaner and more finished. Nice, strong magnets, top and bottom. There’s your Arctic Dolphin battery strap. You can see, battery tray is pretty clean. But the battery markings are white on white. That’s a bad job. These look like, they don’t look gold-plated. They might be silver-plated, spring-loaded battery contacts because they don’t look gold at all, they really don’t. Button style on the bottom. And again, you got some venting here. But that white on white battery marking, that’s just not cutting it. That should have been done in black or something. It really should have. I liked that they went with the white tray but they should have made the battery indicator markings clearer especially on a white tray. They’re actually harder to see than they would be on a black tray. Let’s put some batteries in here. Put our Golisis in, positive side up over there. Fold that battery strap over, negative side up over there. Pop them in, just like so. Now take your battery door and just click it on. It don’t move. Nice, solid battery door. Really good job on that, Arctic Dolphin. Nice, nice job.

Screen & Menu System

5 clicks on, 5 clicks off. Like every other mod, there are your batteries, separate battery meters, wattage, resistance, amps, volts, puff counter in seconds, a little bit of Arctic Dolphin branding over there. In order that to the menu system, three clicks, you’re in stainless steel. Three clicks, you’re in curved mode. Three clicks, you’re in bypass mode. Three clicks, you’re back to wattage mode. Let’s go into stainless steel mode. You can see, I’m at 80W. If I hit the plus and minus button together, I entered a secondary menu system. That’s my preheat, normal, soft and hard. That’s my temperature control, stainless steel, nickel, titanium and TCR. We’ll put it back to stainless steel. That’s where you choose between Fahrenheit and Celsius. This is where you can set your vape time, your cutoff. I got mine at ten seconds, that should be fine. Here’s where you can adjust your screen brightness. You can adjust it up or down. I normally keep it at around 80 like there. And here is where you see your serial number for the device. Want to get out of the main menu system, just hold the fire button and you’re back there. Hold the plus and fire button together and it locks the mod. That means you cannot adjust the temperature or wattage up or down and you cannot fire it. Hold it again to unlock it. Now, in order to adjust the wattage in TC, click the fire button four times. See it blinking. The only bad thing about this is it only goes up to 80W and TC. Hit the fire button to confirm. Now, let’s go back into wattage mode. You can see, it scrolls at 0.1W increments. It does get going once you hold the button down. Goes pretty fast all the way up to 220. It does not round robin. You want to go back down, you just hold the button down. I wish it was just a little faster but it’s not terrible. I could do without the 0.1W increments. I think this should scroll in 0.5 or 1W increments. I’d be fine with that but that’s it on the mod. I mean, just real, nice looking.

One last look around it. Like I said, ignore the fingerprints like. It looks like a crime scene after you hold this thing for two minutes. It’s just the nature of the beast with these shiny finishes. That’s just the way it is.

The Tank

You also get this Kurve tank with it. Bottom airflow tank, stoppers on both ends. It’s got some nice texture here so you can get a nice grip. On the bottom, you can see, we got some curve branding, gold-plated 510, insulator ring around it, stainless steel threading around that. It’s dual bottom airflow so whatever you do on one happens on the other. Bubble glass comes pre-installed. Drip tip is an 810 goon style drip tip. Nice little shorty drip tip with a curve in the middle. I like it. Very, very comfortable.

In order to open the top cap, half a twist. Boom! That thing pops right open. You got some nice recessed fill ports over here. They’re a little bit on the narrow side. So I would say, needle nosed bottles only. Don’t try bullnose, you’ll probably make a mess. Machining on it is actually pretty decent. Love that half a twist and you’re good to go.

In order to access the coil, pop that bottom part open. And there you go. We’ve all seen coils like this before. Arctic Dolphin coil, 0.2ohm, good for 50-80W. It is a mesh coil. More like a traditional mesh coil, not that knotch mesh. Coil comes out just like every other coil. It’s screwed in just like so.

What’s in the Box

1* Kurve mod
1* Kurve RBA
1* USB cable
1* User Manual
1* Warranty Card

Also included in the kit, you get a rather long microUSB cable, a warranty card, and a Kurve kit user manual. While we’re here, I want to tell you what’s not included. You do not get a spare coil. You do not get a spare glass. That’s going to be a con. Check that out. That’s kind of nice. They match the rainbowing pretty nicely. Definitely looks good together.


Alright, Insiders! Let’s get into those cons and pros. We got a lot to go over.

First con is going to be, no spare glass. Can’t do that in a kit, con.

Only one coil in the kit. Come on, Arctic Dolphin. You owe for two. That’s a con.

This thing’s are fingerprint magnet. You handle this thing for five minutes and it looks like a crime scene, con.

For such a big mod for such a big space on top, you can only get 25mm on there without any overhang. Seems like a waste, seems like they should have pushed that 510 back to accommodate bigger atomizers, especially considering the fact that it’s a dual 18650 mod. It’s a con.

Battery indicator markings are unclear. They’re white on white, con.

It scrolls very slow and then while you’re scrolling, the wattage starts blinking which is annoying as hell. It’s a con.

2ml capacity on the tank, that’s a con.

TC maxes out at 80W, con.

It’s big, it’s heavy. That’s going to be a con to some people.

And the last con is going to be, it always suggests a recommended wattage and there’s no way to turn it off. It’s annoying as hell, con.

I know, we spent a lot of time on the cons but it’s got some pros too. So bear with me. Let’s get into the pros.


It’s got a bright, large screen that is well laid out. That’s a pro.

It fires fast. It’s an awesome trigger finger device. I’ve been enjoying it that way. This little groove here, my finger sits in it and then I trigger finger fire it. Great job. Very comfortable that way, pro.

Pretty easy menu system.

The tank vapes well and it takes Baby Beast coils. Let me show you what I’m talking about. I got it at 60W right now. Nothing wrong with that.

Good flavor too. The stock coil on this one actually has really good flavor. It’s a pro.

The mod, even though it’s heavy. It seems to be built very well and it also seems to have that heft and quality. It’s not heavy just for the sake of being heavy. It feels like it’s well built so I got to chalk up a pro to that. But that’s it on the cons and pros.


Let’s talk about this one a little bit. I know, Insiders, I had a ton of cons on this one and what really gets me angry about a kit like this is most of the cons didn’t have to be there. I’m not going to lie to you. I’ve been enjoying the form factor. I’ve been enjoying using this even with all the cons. What my best suggestion to Arctic Dolphin would be is, you guys really need to stop beta testing because you could have avoided so many of these cons if you just would have started working with some people that know what they’re doing and know what the consumer is looking for. A lot of these cons work could have easily, easily been avoided. You guys, really, if you’re going to stop pumping out some stuff. You got to start working with beta testers. That’s my best advice to this company but otherwise, I have to say, I’ve been enjoying the mod itself. I really have.


Let’s get into some of the specs on the Arctic Dolphin Kurve kit. It’s a dual 18650 mod that maxes out at 220W. It will fire down to a 0.06ohms. It has a 0.96inch OLED display. It measures in at 89.4mm x 45mm x 36mm. It comes with the Kurve sub ohm tank that measures in at 25mm x 30.4mm. It comes with one mass coil, a point two ohm coil good for 50-80W. The tank has a 2ml capacity and it is Baby Beast coil compatible.

Kurve mod
Size:89.4* 45* 36mm
Battery: dual 18650 batteries
Temp Control:200-600℉(100-315℃)
Output: 5-220W
Resistance Range: 0.06-1.0ohm(TC)/0.06-3.0ohm(VW)
Screen: 0.96 inch OLED White Screen
Input Voltage: 6.4-8.2V
Max Output Voltage: 7.5V
Max Output Current: 40A
Charge Input Voltage Range: 4.75-5.5V
Charge Port: Micro USB
Kurve RBA
Capacity: 2ml
Resistance: 0.2/0.3ohm

Powered by dual 18650 batteries with max 220W output
0.96 inch OLED white screen
Bottom airflow adjustable system
Top filling


Remember, Insiders, it’s more important now than ever that you fight for your right to vape. On November 9th, we’re going to have a big rally at the Ellipse in DC, organized by United Vapors Alliance. Make sure you’re there. Do whatever you can do to get there. If you can’t get there, go to their website, go to their Facebook page, see if you can donate a few dollars. It’s important. We need to fight for our right to vape. It’s important that we make a good showing on that weekend so get out there if you can.

So that’s it, Insiders. That’s all I got for you today. Now more than ever, it’s more important now than ever that you keep living that vape life. We’re out of here. Deuces.

  • She's pretty
  • Takes 18650, 20700, and 21700 batteries
  • Very cheap
  • Though she's pretty, she feels cheap
  • Power mode seems underpowered, this problem is especially noticeable when using coils that require ~45w or more
  • Resistance changes when using a new coil, could lead to a dry hit
  • 18650 batteries are difficult to get in, can lead to damaged wraps
  • TCR mode does not use generic SS settings


Arctic Dolphin Kurve
$42.60 $50.00

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