Best Vape Battery For October 2021

By Vaping Insider Team
Updated: 2019-11-28
LG HE4 - battery and batteries

1. LG HE4

Bottom Line: LG is a trusted brand and with the LG HG2 the brand has managed to maximize both amperage and capacity. The 3000mAh capacity leads to excellent battery life. Get this battery now!

Sony VTC5 - battery and batteries

2. Sony VTC5

Bottom Line: The Sony VTC4 is from a trusted brand which is important for safety reasons. The 3.7V operating voltage will be good for mechanical mods with different capacities.

LG HB6 - battery and batteries

3. LG HB6

Bottom Line: The max continuous discharge from the LG HB6 battery is 30A while the nominal capacity is 1500 mAh. The nominal voltage is 36V, the peak voltage is 4.2V, and the discharge end voltage is 2.5V.

Efest 20A - vape batteries and battery

4. Efest 20A

Bottom Line: This is one of the newest batteries to enter the vaping market. The powerful 4200mAh battery means all day vaping is a possibility. Click the link to get this battery now!

LG HE4 35A - battery

5. LG HE4 35A

Bottom Line: This LG HE4 battery is one of the best vaping batteries high drain situations, be it sub ohm vaping, vaping with very high wattage mods, or serious cloud chasing.

Vision Spinner Plus - battery

6. Vision Spinner Plus

Bottom Line: Here’s the battery that allows you to switch from constant mode to full-power mode. This device contains a built-in 1500mah, high rated, 20A lithium battery. Micro USB port makes charging easily.

Nitecore D4 - battery

7. Nitecore D4

Bottom Line: The Nitecore D4 Battery Charger is a fantastic battery charger, one reason it’s so great is because it can charge almost every type of rechargeable battery. It can charge in three different modes.

What Is A Vape Battery

A typical Vape battery is a Lithium-Ion battery that is replaceable. You are able to charge these batteries outside of your mod as well as the inside of your mod if you have a USB or type C port on the mod.

It is best recommended, especially with dual cell mods, that you externally charge your batteries. It is a much safer and efficient way to charge your vape batteries.

Batteries that are used for vape mods are not necessarily manufactured for the specific purpose of vaping. In fact, some of the best batteries in the vape industry are also used in products that we use everyday.

Products like laptops, power tools, electric bikes, and electric cars. Most of the products that we use everyday that have a battery pack, tend to have the type of battery that a vaper would recharge and use in their mod.

Best Vape Battery – Popular Sizes

Here is a list of the most typical sizes of batteries you will find available for most mods.

Battery Types According to Capacity:

  • 21700 battery
  • 20650 battery
  • 20700 battery
  • 18650 battery
  • 18350 battery

Listed above are the sizes for battery available for vape mods. Most mods will tell you exactly what battery size they take. The sizing for the batteries works as follows:

  • The first two numbers are the diameter of the battery.
  • The next two numbers is the length of the battery.

Also take note that both battery measurements are done in millimeters.

All batteries for vape products are not created equally. Some batteries are better than others. We highly recommend that you stick to name brand batteries. Battery brands like Samsung, Molicel, Sony, LG, Sanyo and Golisi are always the best bet. Stay away from rewraps like Efest and other brands of batteries that you probably never heard of. Most of the time, these battery brands are lower quality re-wraps of the brand we just mentioned.

We highly recommend since there are a lot of fakes out on the market, that you only buy your batteries from trusted vendors. Places like Liion wholesale and IMR Batteries are two of the best stores we recommend for battery shopping. Stay away from vendors like Ebay and Amazon.

How We Picked Our Best Vape Battery

When it comes to vape batteries, there really is only one expert that we defer to and his name is Battery Mooch. Battery Mooch prints a list that he updates periodically of the best vape batteries on the market at the moment.

Battery List

This battery list is like the Bible for people that are buying batteries specifically to use for their vape devices. The reason for that is because Battery Mooch actually tests these batteries specifically for vape mods.

The reason this is important is because most of the batteries on the market today are not made particularly for vape products.

Taking Care Of Your Battery

The batteries that we use are typically safe. Most of the people you see on the news with exploding mods are people that failed to practice proper battery safety.

In order to keep yourself safe we are going to provide a few tips as to how you should take care of your batteries.

Recommended Battery Safety Practices –
  • Never, ever, store batteries in your pocket, bag, or purse loose.
  • Always, when traveling with your batteries use a plastic case. Most responsible battery distributors actually include a case with your purchase. Even if they don’t, battery cases are very cheap at around a dollar. Most responsible vape shops will give you a case with your purchase of a set of batteries.

  • Never, use a battery that has a torn wrap.
  • Never use a battery without a wrap. If your battery wrap has a tear, re-wrap it or take it to a vape store where someone there will re-wrap it for you. At the end of the day, it’s actually cheaper to buy a new battery then take a chance with a damaged one.

  • Never use an extremely hot or extremely cold battery.
  • Never force batteries into a mod.
  • If they don’t fit comfortably then don’t use them. By forcing a battery into a mod, you can damage the wrap upon installation and put yourself in a bad situation.

  • Check the brand of the battery first.
  • Always use trusted reliable brands purchased from a trusted and reliable source. Never, ever, cheap out on batteries. The few cents that you will save is just not worth it.

  • Discard the batteries properly.

When the time comes for you to discard your batteries, make sure you take them to a store that accepts lithium ion batteries so you can dispose of them properly. Stores like Best Buy have a bin set up just for this.

Please remember, practicing proper battery safety is an integral part of vaping. Please use common sense and if you are going to use your batteries in a mechanical vape mod, please make sure you have a working knowledge of Ohm’s law.

How are you taking care of your batteries? What are your best practices? Share with us in the comments below!

What to Look for When Buying Your Vape Batteries

Are you looking for the best vape battery in the market right now? The most important thing to consider when buying batteries for your vape mods is to make sure you are dealing with a legitimate battery vendor.

This is too important of an issue to be frugal. Batteries are probably the one part of vaping where you should never cheap out. It is important that you use high quality batteries that you only get from vendors that are selling legitimate batteries.

There are too many fakes out on the market right now so you don’t want to support those types of companies that deal in those types of batteries. Do not buy your batteries from a source that you do not trust. We recommend that you deal with companies like IMR batteries and Liion wholesale.


Make sure you buy the best batteries from legitimate vendors!

Don’t cheap out when buying batteries!

Does The Brand of the Battery Matter?

We recommend that you only buy name brand batteries. Sticking with batteries with names like Sanyo, Sony, Samsung, LG, and Molicel is definitely your best bet. Any other off brand battery is probably going to be a rewrap and you are just paying more for a lower-quality battery.

Quick List of the Best Brand of Batteries
  1. Sony
  2. Sanyo
  3. Samsung
  4. LG
  5. Molicel

Above is a list of the highly trusted brands of battery perfect for vape products. Do you have batteries from the brands above? How was your experience using them? Are they the best?

Our Top Batteries – Quick Info

The best batteries of 2019 include:

Name battery capacity Price
LG HE4 Batteries 3000 mAh $9.95
Sony VTC5 Batteries 2600mAh 7.95
LG HB6 Battery 1500mah $5.95
Efest 20A Batteries 4200 mAh 12.30
LG HE4 35A Batteries 2500mAh $9.99
Vision Spinner Plus Batteries 1500 mAh 24.99
NiteCore 4 D4 N/A $29.99

Do you agree with our list of best battery? Make sure to buy only the best and trusted batteries for your vape mods!