Top 10 Best RTAs for December 2021

Updated on: 2020-03-22

In this article we go over the best RTA tanks for 2021. Given the current situation, RTAs in stock at US stores received a slightly higher ranking vs RTAs that are only available in Chinese stores. *This list has been updated since our video was published.

1. Wotofo Profile M 24.5 MM RTA – Best Mesh RTA

- 4.5

Coming in at the number 1 spot on our best RTA 2021 list is the Wotofo Profile M RTA. This is a collaboration between Wotofo and Mr. Just Right. This unseats the Kylin M as the best mesh RTA. If you value great flavor then this is for you.The condensed chamber gives this an edge in the flavor department. Super easy to build and wick on and is a great choice for the newbie builders out there. A little bit of a cool vape so if you are more into hot vapes it may not be for you but those of you who appreciate a cooler vape you will definitely appreciate it. You can run this as a single coil atomizer too, but with so many other good single coil RTAs on the market we think using it with the mesh is just better in our opinion. It has smooth airflow with more of a Semi Restrictive DL hit. Comes with 3 different coils: a 0.15 ohm Clapton Mesh Coil, 0.18 ohm Mesh A1 Coil and a 0.13 ohm nex Mesh A1 Coil. It is 24.5mm in diameter. Comes with two tank options: A 3.1 ml e liquid capacity with the standard glass and 4 ml e liquid capacity with the bubble glass. Compatible 810 drip tips . Comes in Rainbow, Silver, Black, Blue, Gunmetal, Gold


  • Best Mesh RTA on the Market
  • Excellent Flavor and Vapor Production
  • 3 Different Mesh Coils in the Box
  • Great Cloud Production
  • Smooth Airflow


2. Steam Crave Aromamizer V3 –  Best Flavor RTA

- 4.43

In the silver medal spot. The best RTA of the year in my opinion, is the Steam Crave Aromamizer V3. Listen, I’ve always been a huge fan of Steam Crave products. They tend to make stuff that is well machined and well thought out. The V3 for me is the big dog for 2021. It carries over all of the aspects that I’ve always loved about the Aromamizer RTA line. If you get the advanced kit it has multiple build decks which gives you plenty of versatility. You can use single coil builds or dual coil builds depending on the deck. This is the best flavor you can get when it comes to single coil rtas. No matter which build deck you use, it’s easy to build. Great vapor production and the airflow on this thing is just as smooth as it gets. I’ve been rocking this thing for a few months and I plan on buying quite a few more. The V3 is 25mm in diameter. It will look great on most dual battery mods. You’ll get 6mls of e juice with the straight glass and 7mls of e juice with a bubble. It is 810 and 510 drip tip compatible. It’s available in stainless steel, gunmetal, blue and black. The only reason why this isn’t first is because it’s currently only available from china and shipping is taking weeks right now.


  • Excellent Flavor and Vapor Production
  • Can also use as an RDA
  • Great E Liquid Capacity (6 or 7ml)
  • Super Easy to Build and Wick
  • Takes Single and Dual Coil Builds

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3. Augvape Druga RTA – Best Single Coil RTA

- 4.375

At the number 3 spot on our best rta list for 2021 we have the Augvape Druga RTA. Augvape’s Druga line has been pretty solid over the last few years. So I had high expectations when I first built the Druga RTA. I was not disappointed. This is what I would call a medium restricted DL type of flavor banger. The airflow is nice and smooth and this thing has some great flavor. It features adjustable airflow with stoppers on both ends. This single coil RTA has a two two terminal, two post deck. Very simple to build on. I like the fact that it’s on the short side as far as atomizers go. However, being a short and compact type of atomizer has its disadvantages as well. As far as the capacity goes, the Druga is a little lacking in that department. The Druga is only 24mm in diameter and 34mm high. With the straight glass, it holds 2.4mls of e juice. The bubble glass will give you 3.5mls of e juice. Wicking channels are a bit small but you can just cut your cotton a bit thinner. Nice smooth machining on the top cap. I will say this though, for the flavor that this RTA tank is capable of, the sacrifice of juice capacity is more than worth it. The Druga is available in stainless steel, black and gunmetal.

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4. HellVape Destiny – Best Direct Lung RTA

- 4.375

Just shy of cracking the top three, at the four spot on our best rta 2021 list, we have the HellVape Destiny. I got to say, I’ve been vaping on this thing for a long time now. I’ve had it since the beginning of the year, and the flavor on it is outstanding. Definitely one of the best single coil RTAs for flavor out there for all you single coil build deck vapers out there. Super simple to build and wick with a nice capacity as well. I just love this thing. I have multiple Destinys that I run all the time. It’s actually one of my all time favorite single coil RTA. Airflow on this one is as smooth as it gets but it’s definitely in the restricted DL spectrum. 4ml e liquid capacity with the bubble, 2ml of e liquid with the straight glass. It’s available in a bunch of different colors. I’m telling you right now, if you’re going to get one, don’t just order one, buy multiples. You’ll thank me later.


  • Excellent Flavor
  • Single Coil Deck
  • Good Ejuice Capacity (4ml or 2ml)
  • Super Simple to Build
  • Smooth Airflow / Great Build Quality

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5. Steam Crave Ragnar – Biggest E Liquid Capacity

- 4.375

At the fifth spot on in our top 10 best RTA list we have the Steam Crave Ragnar. I’m a huge fan of the show Vikings. So when I saw this RTA tank, I just had to have it. This is another big tank that seems to be the theme of the year so far. As far as RTAs go. In a year where everything was pods, it seems to be the only rebuildable that were released were on the big side. The Ragnar is no exception to that rule. That tank is 35mm in diameter. So you better make sure you got a big mod to run this thing on. Steam Crave as a company, in general, they put out really nice products. And they tend to be consistent, especially when it comes to their RTAs. This is very much in line with what Steam Crave does in their Aromamizer line of tanks. They did add a little bit of a twist to the Ragnar by adding some bottom airflow slots. The Ragnar has that traditional side airflow holes that you’ve come to appreciate from Steam Crave, and they also added a little bit of that bottom airflow. Features an adjustable juice flow control that allows you to close it off and make it leak proof when filling the tank. It also has an adjustable airflow system. 80% of the airflow slots are on the side, 20% of the airflow holes are on the bottom. Lots of airflow options is always going to be a pro here. I also like the fact that Steam Crave makes a bunch of different interchangeable build deck options that work in the Ragnar. I love versatility and Steam Crave seems to embrace that as well. Not only is the Ragnar a big tank, but it’s got some big capacity. The glass tank section will hold a massive 18mls of juice and there is also an option upgradable glass from steam crave that takes 28ml. This is definitely not a mini RTA or nano RTA. The Ragnar is available in stainless steel, black, gold and gunmetal.

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6. vDamn Vape Doom X Mesh RTA

- 4.125

In the number 6 spot on our 2021 Best RTA list we have the vDamn Vape Doom X Mesh RTA. This is a rebuildable mesh RTA that produces great flavor and clouds. As this is mesh you do get more of a cooler vape but the great flavor makes up for it. I prefer to use fruit juices with mesh as they generally do better at cooler temperatures. It has great machining, especially for a Chinese company. Really smooth machining on the top cap and I love the knurling on the bottom. It has Adjustable juice and airflow controls. I would describe the airflow on the Doom X as a restrictive DL kind of draw. It has a spring loaded profile style deck which is simple to build and wick coils. I hope all the RTA manufacturers start designing mesh decks with spring loaded blocks. It’s important to note that the glass section has no juice control on it so your wicking game needs to be on point if you are going to use it. Nice big 810 drip tip. Massive fill ports. Holds 2ml, 5.5ml or 8mls of juice depending on what tank section you use. Comes in Black, Stainless Steel and Gunmetal. This is arguably better than the wotofo Profile M because of the bigger juice capacity but Damn Vape still don’t have the best distribution and currently it can only be found from Chinese stores. We hope this will change in the future.


  • Top 3 Mesh RTA
  • Great Juice Capacity (2ml, 5.5ml or 8mls)
  • Spring Loaded Deck Design
  • Nice flavor and clouds
  • 3D juice flow design

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7. Augvape Intake MTL RTA by Mike Vapes – Best MTL RTA

- 4.06

At number 7 on our best RTAs list is the we have our first RTA for MTL vaping on the list. It’s the Augvape Intake MTL RTA by Mike Vapes. Mike Vapes has done very well with his Intake line. He normally comes up with really good stuff, and the Intake MTL RTA is no exception. I’ve said on numerous occasions. I’m not a fan in general of top airflow, but I do like what Mike has done with his Intake line. This is definitely one of the more flavorful top airflow MTL RTAs on the market right now. What I really like about the Intake MTL is the way the airflow is designed. It comes with five different airflow reducers that coincide with the airflow rings on the outside. These can be installed under the coil. And I’ve always believed that the closer the airflow adjustment is to the coil, the more accurate it is. Not only are the reducers underneath the coil, but the top air flow on the outside of the tank corresponds to them in size, which is a really nice touch. The nice thing about this Intake airflow system is that unlike traditional air flow systems on top of the tank where they grab the flavor from the top of the coil, the Intake attempts to take that flavor from the bottom of the coil. And I think it does a very admirable job. If you would like a very restricted direct lung sort of hit, you can forgo all the airflow reducers and just run the tank wide open. The deck screws are very deep phillips head screws that are reverse threaded. The only reason they are reverse threaded is so your coil doesn’t get at a joint during the installation. The Intake is 24mm in diameter 54.3mm tall. 3.1mls juice capacity with the straight glass and 4.6mls juice capacity if you use the bubble in the tank section. Not a bad capacity when you consider the fact that it’s a mouth-to-lung tank. The Augvape Intake is available in stainless steel, black and gunmetal.


  • Best RTA for MTL Vaping
  • Smooth airflow
  • Good Juice Capacity (4.6mls)
  • Airflow can be adjusted for Direct Lung or MTL Draw
  • Great Flavor

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8. OXVA Arbiter – Best Top Airflow RTA

- 4.06

At the number 8 spot on our list of the best rtas, we have the OXVA Arbiter. This atomizer was designed by Justin, the original designer of the GeekVape Zeus. So of course, this is a top airflow tank, but this one has a little bit of a twist to it. This piece right here attempts to grab the airflow from the bottom of the coil instead of the top of the coil like a traditional top airflow tank. The result is what I consider to be the best top airflow RTA on the market right now. Machining and build quality on this tank is very nice. It’s got a straightforward, simple deck that is very easy to build and wick your coils. Because of the top airflow design, there is no need to bring your wicking game. This is a great tank for beginners or people that are looking to try an RTA out. The Arbiter by OXVA is 28mm in diameter and it comes in five different colors that include gunmetal, stainless steel, red, black and rainbow. The bubble glass does come pre installed, and you also get a 4ml straight. It comes with an 810 style drip tip pre installed, but you also get a 510 drip tip adapter as well.


  • Unique Design on the Airflow
  • No Leaking at all
  • Comes with two Tank Glasses
  • Amazing Cloud Production and Flavor
  • Takes Hot Builds with no Dry Hits

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9. Vaperz Cloud Trilogy

- 4.06

Coming in at number 9 on our 2021 best rtas list, we have the Vaperz Cloud Trilogy. I know, I know. I was late to the game on this one as far as the review goes. But I have to tell you, this is one of my favorite tanks of the year. Really well machined, easy to build, easy to wick and the vape quality is just fantastic. I like the way Vaperz Cloud does things in general. They have a history of putting out some really nice products that are well machine. Most of the time, when you see big tanks like this, 30mm or above, they tend to have a lot of airflow. That is not the case with the Trilogy. The airflow is definitely in the middle of the road as far as volume goes. However, this is a very flavorful tank that will give you a high quality vape, especially if you are into flavor chasing. The Trilogy features a gold plated 510 and a postless deck with 22mm of usable deck space that is very easy to build your coils. Wicking can be a little bit on the tricky side but once you get it down, you should be fine. The Trilogy has a top fill design and does come with a bubble glass that will hold 5mls of e-liquid as well as a straight that will give you a tank capacity of 2mls. I highly recommend that you go with the 5ml bubble glass because this thing can just rip through the juice. The Trilogy is available in blue, purple, red and black. I’m always seeing new colors pop up so make sure you keep an eye out for them.


  • Amazing Flavor and clouds
  • Can run at high wattages
  • Beautiful Looking / Great Build Quality
  • Super Smooth Airflow
  • Half Turn Top Cap

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10. Vandy Vape Berserker V2 MTL RTA

- 3.875

At the number 10 spot we have an RTA with a MTL draw, we’re talking about the Vandy Vape Berserker V2 RTA. Vandy vape have a reputation of putting out great quality products and this one is no exception. It’s a legitimate MTL tank and with all of the airflow options you can vape the whole MTL spectrum. One thing I really like about this RTA is the airflow restrictors. They are clearly are labeled and easy to slide in and out, even when you have a coil installed. The Berserker V2 RTA comes with 3 different drip tips including a 510 drip tip with a heat sink. This RTA features a top fill design with big juice ports. Gold plated 510. Comes with 2 additional coils. Big post holes for a MTL deck which makes it a good option for beginner builders. It has super Smooth Airflow and surprisingly good flavor and clouds for an MTL rta. Build Quality is what you would expect from vandy vape. 3ml juice capacity. Comes in black, gunmetal, gold and stainless steel. It deserves it’s spot on our best rta list.


  • Legit MTL tank
  • Comes with 3 drip tips
  • Nice Smooth Flavor and Clouds
  • Airflow inserts are easy to replace
  • Lots of Airflow Options

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Additional info

What are Rebuildable Tank Atomizers (RTAs)?

RTA stands for Rebuildable Tank Atomizer. It provides you the vaper with the flavor of an RDA and the convenience you get from sub ohm tanks. Basically an RTA vape is a rebuildable atomizer with a tank that surrounds the build deck. Most vapers love RTA’s because of their convenience but also because the juice flow on RTA vape tanks make them more leak proof.

They come in many different forms as far as the deck configurations go. You can get a:

  • Mesh RTA
  • Single Coil RTA
  • Dual Coil RTA
  • Triple Coil RTA

Some RTA’s excel as a Direct Lung (DL) RTA while others excel as a Mouth to Lung (MTL) RTA. Some have top airflow, Some have side airflow, and some are bottom airflow. RTA’s come in just about as many configurations as an RDA does. The best RTA for you will really come down to personal preference.

Differences between an RBA, RTA, RDA & RDTA

RBA (Rebuildable Atomizer):

An RBA is any type of atomizer that can be rebuilt. In other words it is any sort of atomizer that has a build deck that allows you to install your own coils and wick in. The term RBA stands for Re-Buildable Atomizer. A classic sub ohm tank for example only takes factory coils. Some vapers prefer this due to the ease of use but the real vaping enthusiasts tend to gravitate towards rebuildable build deck atomizers due to the enhanced vaping experience.

RDA (Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer)

We already know that an RTA is a Rebuildable Tank Atomizer. An RDA is a Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer. An RDTA is a Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizer. Since we already went over rebuildable tank atomizers (RTA’s) and RBA’s, let’s go over the other two quickly.

RDA’s comes in many different configurations. They also come in many different styles as far as airflow and coils go. Like the RTA, there are single, dual, and even triple coil RDA’s. There are many different types of decks that are available as well. There are also different types of airflows. The basic airflows being top, side, and bottom airflow. The thing that separates an RDA from an RTA is that there is no tank section on the deck. Instead, you have a vape juice well that you can either squonk into from a bottom feeding squonking pin or you can drip directly onto the coils. In both scenarios, the excess juice falls into your juice well in order to keep your cotton wicks moist. Some RDA’s have shallow juice wells and some RDA’s have deep vape juice wells.


An RDTA is a Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizer. The name itself can be a little misleading because you really don’t drip directly onto an RDTA. You could if you desired to but it would kind of defeat the purpose of having a tank below the deck. The whole point of using an RDTA is to avoid the act of dripping. An RDTA is an RDA with a tank situated below it. You hang your wick(s) into the tank, therefore eliminating the need to constantly drip. While they may not be as convenient as an RTA because of their limited capacity, they are definitely more convenient than an RDA. You could think of an RDTA as an RDA with a super-deep juice well.

Things to Know When Building an RTA Build Deck

RBA’s in general can be frustrating for many vapers. It does take a certain amount of patience and skill to be able to build a rebuildable tank atomizer and get some good results. That is not as true now as it was as little as three or four years ago. Back then, you really needed to have a great wicking game. Now, it’s not that important as most rebuildable tank atomizers have become easier to build and wick. The best RTAs to practice wicking on will be one with a nice big build deck and big post screws.

My best advice to you if you want to graduate from a sub ohm tank would be to watch a lot of videos where they actually build on the deck in the video and just be patient. Like everything in life, the more you do something the better you get at it. Start with a single coil RTA before moving on to dual coil RTAs. Once you can comfortable build a single coil, dual coil RTAs won’t be much harder. I remember when I first started building it took me 20 to 30 minutes to get an atomizer built and wicked properly. Now, I can build a dual coil RTA in about 3 minutes. In most cases RBA’s will give you much better flavor than any of the sub ohm tanks out on the market today. Hopefully, you will get into building your own atomizers and stick with it. If you do, you will be rewarded with a great vaping experience, I promise.


Where is the Wotofo Profile Unity RTA?

A lot of people liked this atomizer, especially because of the resin drip tip. However the market has moved on and there are simply better RTAs out there now.

Where is the Dovpo Blotto RTA?

The Dovpo Blotto RTA was designed by the Vaping Bogan. The Vaping Bogan is best known for his vape reviews on YouTube. It took the 3rd spot on our rtas list last year but better rtas have come out since then.

Where is the Dead Rabbit RTA?

We recently reviewed the Dead Rabbit V2 and it scored very badly with a total score of 2.5 stars. The Dead Rabbit simply wasn’t rated high enough to make it into the top 10 RTAs.

Where is the Geekvape Zeus X?

The Geekvape Zeus X is a solid tank which we rated as 3.5 stars when we reviewed it. It’s not a bad score but the Zeus X isn’t rated high enough to get on our RTAs list.

Where is the Innokin ARES?

The Innokin Ares came onto the RTAs market about 9 months ago but we were never sent the Innokin ares for review so we have no rating for it.

Are RTAs better than Sub Ohm Vape Tanks?

A lot of vapers use sub ohm tanks or pods due to their ease of use. If you are a more casual vaper they are probably a better choice for you. If you are a vaping enthusiast who is serious when it comes to flavor then building your own coils and using different rtas is for you.

Where is the Oumier Wasp Nano RTA?

This was a very popular mini RTA that came out more than two years ago. It was popular for a reason but Oumier will need to bring something new to the table to compete for a top spot.