About Vaping Insider

Vaping Insider was started in November 2015 with the goal of becoming the world’s biggest information and review site in the vaping industry. Since then our dedicated team have become known for providing some of the best and most thorough reviews in the industry. We never accept money for reviews and all reviews are based entirely on our experience with the product, even if that means going against the general consensus.

In 2017 after we began to see some success and built up a budget we began to make some improvements to the site:

– We started a vaping forum and now have a community of over 1,000 passionate vapers.
– We launched our instagram page which now has over 67,000 followers.
– Deucesjack joined the Vaping Insider team as head of reviews.
– Venus joined our team as a full time editor
– We attended our first vape expo (NVE) at Foxwoods Resorts where we were one of the first websites in the industry to conduct on camera interviews.

In 2018 we decided that due to the success of our on camera interviews and that we would launch our youtube channel and begin to compete with some of the giants in the industry. We began planning out the equipment we would need and built the set. In April 2018 we posted our first review video. Early progress was slow but after about 8 months we began to pick up solid traction and in March 2019 we passed 5,000 subscribers and 800,000 views.

In 2019 we decided to make the following changes to continue working towards our goal of becoming the biggest vaping site in the industry:

– We did a complete website redesign
– Completely rethought our marketing strategy
– Updated our server architecture to ensure we were the fastest loading site in the industry
– We hired Dr. Annie M as our medical writer to begin researching and writing articles on vaping and health related topics.
– We also hired Christine to write regular content about all things vaping
– We launched our facebook community

We will continue to update this page with milestones as we reach them. Watch this space. As our team grows we are more dedicated than ever to ensuring we are the best content site in the industry and we thank you for all your kind words and support!