Wellon Beyond AIO review

Updated on: 2021-03-22

Five-Star Rating System


– 4
I like the way this thing looks. I like the way they contoured it. I like the feel of it. I like the fitment of the battery door. I like the bright screen. They just did a bang up job with the looks on this one, they deserve a 4 Star.


– 2.5
the coil performance department, this one’s going to lose some points. And I don’t know why Wellon didn’t go with a more experienced, more established coil system.


– 3
In the airflow department, I got to give them another decent score. It’s got adjustable airflow, it’s got a nice range, and the airflow is smooth. In this category, they’re getting 3 stars.


– 3
I just don’t think it’s worth it. In the value category, I got to give it a little better than average, I gotta give it 3 stars, especially if you can get it on the lower end of the spectrum.


– 3.125
We’re going to take all these stars, we’re going to add them up for a total star count of 12.5 stars. We’re going to take those 12.5 stars, we’re going to divide them by four and we’re going to get a total star score of 3.125 which is just almost a full point just shy of a full point over what I consider average. And what really held this thing back was the proprietary coil system. It deserves the score that it got.


  • Build Quality: First pro is going to be and it’s shocking, and let me tell you why it’s shocking. I only got one other device from Wellon and it was one of the biggest pieces of garbage I ever got in my life. This thing has some seriously nice build quality to it. I like the way they sculpted it out. Feels great in the hand, got some nice heft to it. The paint job on it, the paint job is phenomenal. Build quality on this is a huge pro.
  • Big Color Screen: The Color screen. It’s big enough for this device. It’s a nice size for this device. It’s bright, it’s vivid, you can see it in all lighting conditions, all pros.
  • Solid Battery Door: The door on this thing, the battery door, solid as they get. Awesome job, Wellon
  • Bone Dry: This thing’s bone dry. Bone dry. Never had a drop a liquid, or any type of condensation in there. Awesome, awesome job.
  • Type-C Charging: It’s got type-c charging.
  • Nice Flavor: I’m getting good flavor on this thing. I gotta tell you ,very saturated, very good. It’s a shame they’re proprietary coils. The clouds are not bad either. I got it maxed out at 35W. Let me show you what I’m working with here. Nothing wrong with that at all, man. Just nice, nice flavor.
  • Smooth Draw: Nice smooth draw, as well.
  • Takes an 18650. I like that, that’s a pro.
  • Nice Drip Tip: Comes with a nice drip tip.
  • It’s easy to fill.
  • It’s easy to use.
  • Adjustable Airflow & Nice Range: It’s got adjustable airflow, and it’s got a pretty nice range to it. That’s a pro
  • Clicky Fire Button: It’s got a really nice clicky fire button.
  • Temperature Control: And the last pro is, and it’s a huge pro, this thing actually has some form of temperature control. iI has dry hit protection. So when you run that tank all the way down, the screen will warn you that you’re out of juice. It works, I’ve used it multiple times, you will not get a dry hit with this thing. It’ll just tell you to add juice. That’s an awesome, awesome feature. I think it’s fantastic.


  • Charge Port on the Bottom: First con is going to be, you guys know I hate it. It’s a pet peeve of mine. They got that charge port on the bottom. It pisses me off, especially when you got so much real estate. I gotta chalk up a con to that.
  • No RBA Base in the kit. At least mine didn’t have one. I know there’s one in the aftermarket, but if you’re going to sell a billet box type of setup like this, you gotta put the RBA in there, man.
  • 35W Maximum Output on a single 18650? Wellon, what were you guys thinking? you could have bumped the wattage up on this thing a bit. It’s a con.
  • Proprietary Coils: And the last con is going to be, while the coils are very good, they are proprietary. You cannot do proprietary coils, Wellon, when you’re just getting into the game. You should have went with another company’s coils that were more accessible that had better distribution. It’s a huge con.

But that’s it on the cons. Some nitpicky stuff. The coil thing, for some people, may be a deal breaker.


Wellon Beyond AIO

What’s up, Insiders? DeucesJack at Vaping Insider. Today, I got a Billet Box style device for you. We’re talking about the Wellon Beyond AIO. Cool little mod that kind of flew under the radar.

From Top to Bottom

Check that out, huh? That’s kind of badass looking. Look at that, man. That’s kind of neat. Check out that bling, bling, gold drip tip. There’s your psych class right there, a little bit of well on branding.

Wellon unit

On the bottom, you can see, that is your type-c charging port. Nice job on that. Don’t like the fact that it’s on the bottom, but I do like the fact that it’s type-c.

wellon bottom

On the bottom, you can see you got this little fingernail tab right here. Stick your fingernail in there, pop it out.

wellon bottom 2

Let’s take a look. A little bit of a space here for your battery. Three magnets. There’s your sight piece right there. Gold plated, spring loaded battery contact. Over there, you got a gold plated, button style battery contact. There’s your battery strap. Battery indicator markings are black on black

wellon battery

In order to take out your pod part. Just stick your fingernail right in there and just pop it out. You do not have to remove the drip tip. Nice clear pod section. I like that. Coil, pre installed. While we’re up top here, let me show you the drip tip. It’s got a nice curve in the middle to it, a little curvature to it. I like it. It does feel like it’s metal. Not sure I’m crazy about having a metal drip tip. Easy enough to replace because it is 510 compatible.

wellon metal drip

Let’s check out this pod or tank section. You got adjustable airflow, bottom airflow with stoppers on both ends, a little bit of knurling over here. You can see, we’ve all seen this before. What the heck is that? I gotta tell you, I’m a little, little upset. Do you see? Look at this. It’s hard to see because it’s clear. I gotta tell you, I’m a little upset about this. And let me show you. Hard to see because it’s clear. This is where the opening is to grab your vape. It’s not as big as the opening of the coil and it looks like it’s a little off center. I don’t like that. I don’t like it being off center like that. I’m not sure how that’s going to affect the vape. But I’ll tell you right now, just from an aesthetic standpoint, I don’t like that at all.

The Coil

wellon coil

Let’s take the coil out. Everything’s gold plated, it’s a Wellon coil. This is a 0.3ohm coil, good for 20-35W. It is a stainless steel 316 coil. But look at the distance, you see that? The coil kind of ends here, and then this whole chimney goes up. It almost looks like this part comes off, like the chimney part, but it doesn’t. I don’t like that space right there. I think that’s going to negatively affect the flavor because the coil stops right here. And that’s a lot of space to travel. Why wouldn’t you build up the bottom and push this thing up towards your mouth in order to get a more flavorful vape? I’m not sure why they did that. This is a mesh coil, hopefully the flavor is going to be good. I’m just not sure about that extra piece there. I’m just not sure that’s not going to negatively affect the flavor. The spare coil is the same exact coil, you get two of the same coil in the kit. So since this is a 0.3ohm mesh, I’m going to use some freebase juice in it

Juice Test

Juice we’re going to be using is That 1 Vape’s blackberry custard.


Let’s see how this stuff tastes in here. First thing you want to do, you want to take the opening right there and just put a drop or so, right down the middle. Kind of swirl it around a little bit, get it going.

juice swirl

I wouldn’t bother painting those juice ports because they’re so tiny. Now you want to take your coil, you want to screw your coil into the base. One thing is, this ring turns too much while you’re putting it in there. I don’t like that. There we go. Now it’s got the stoppers on. Okay, so you got to make sure this ring is on with the stoppers so it doesn’t turn. Now, you want to take your coil, just kind of want to pop it in there just like that. So it’s flush up against the top of the tank. Again, I’m not crazy about the way that hole is situated. Pop open your little plug piece here, take your juice bottle, insert it and let’s give it a fill. I do like the fact that the tank section is very clear. I do like that. Once it’s all filled up, plug it all back up. And now you want to slide that in, plug facing out, just like that.

juice fill

And now, you see that? Now you can see it better. You see how it’s like a half moon circle there? You’re not getting the full draft off the coil. I’m not sure I’m too crazy about that because now, when I put the drip tip in there, it’s cutting that down even more. See? It’s cutting that hole down even more. I don’t know how that’s going to affect the flavor, I guess we’ll see when we vape it. So now we’re going to install our cell. You want to install it negative side down, positive side up, pop it right in there, just like so. Pull that battery strap over. And now you want to take your plate and you want to put it right on there. Now ,I give them credit. There is no movement on this cover at all. It is solid as a rock. Nice job on that, Wellon.

Now you can see, we have a full color screen right here. Little busy with all those colors, but let’s go over it. Power mode, wattage, puffs, puffs in seconds. There’s your battery meter, your resistance, your voltage. Scrolls up at 0.1W increments. If you hold the button down, it goes in 1W increments, goes up to 35W, and then it round robins. So that’s kind of cool that they made a coil that actually goes up to the same amount as the actual mod. I like that. In order to lock the mod, plus and minus button together. Now it’s locked. Now you cannot fire it. But you can change the wattage. So that’s kind of weird. Unlock it, plus and minus button, it’s unlocked. Five clicks off. Five clicks on. You want to clear the puffs, minus and fire button and the puffs get cleared. The weird thing about this is it says power mode there, which made me assume that there are other modes on the mod. There are not other modes on the mod. The only other thing you can do in the menu system is if you hit the plus and fire button together, you can lock the keys, which means you can adjust the wattage, but you can still fire the mod. So that’s kind of weird that they did it that way. You want to unlock it, hit the plus and power button together, and it unlocks.


I wanted to do a quick size comparison between these three.

wellon comparison

This is the mod we’re going over, the Beyond by Wellon, this is the Dot mod, Dot AIO kit, which I think is one of the best AIO kits on the market right now. And this is the Lost Vape Zeta. You can see, it’s closer in form factor to the Zeta than it is to the Dot mod. The Dot mod is a little bit different. You can see, the Dot mod is a little bigger, a little taller, a little wider. I just really liked this AIO kit, it’s fantastic. When you compare it to the Lost Vape, you can see, very similar in size. The Lost Vape doesn’t have a type-c charger, but they did put their charge on the front of the mod, which I do like. Very similar button and screen locations. The Zeta is the smallest. Very, very similar drip tips. Just very, very similar as far as form factor goes.

What’s In The Box

wellon whats on box

Also included in the box, you get a battery safety card, a warranty card, a user manual, a spare gasket, as well as some spare o-rings. You get a type-c charge cable and a spare coil.


Let’s get into some of the specs on the Wellon Beyond AIO kit.

  • It measures in at 77.6 x 45.5 x22.8mm
  • It has a 35W maximum output,
  • with a 0.96 inch color display,
  • 510 drip tip is included.
  • You get a 2ml capacity.
  • It does take a single 18650 battery.
  • It will also fire down to 0.3ohms.
  • Two coils are in the kit, a 0.3ohm mesh coil, good for 25-35W, and a 0.8ohm mesh coil, good for 15-25W.
  • It’s available in silver, black, red, gold, mint green and purple.


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And that’s it, Insiders. That’s all I got for you today. You keep living that vape life. We’re out of here. Deuces.

  • Build Quality
  • Big Color Screen
  • Solid Battery Door
  • Bone Dry
  • Type-C Charging
  • Nice Flavor
  • Smooth Draw
  • Takes an 18650
  • Nice Drip Tip
  • Easy to Fill
  • Easy to Use
  • Adjustable Airflow & Nice Range
  • Clicky Fire Button
  • Temperature Control
  • Charge Port on the Bottom
  • No RBA Base in the kit
  • 35W Maximum Output
  • Proprietary Coils


Wellon Beyond AIO
$25.99 $39.99

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