ThinkVape Zeta Review

Updated on: 2021-03-25

Five-Star Rating System


– 3.25
So we’re going to take all these stars, we’re going to add them up and we’re going to get a total star count of 13 stars. We’re going to take these 13 stars, we’re going to divide it by four to get a total score of three and a quarter stars. Now, I consider 2.5 average. So this is about three quarters of a point above average. And I think that’s a very fair score for this little device. Some people are definitely going to like the compactness of it. It’s going to attract a lot of people and it’s got a little bit of a classy look to it. That’s going to attract some people as well.


– 4
I like the looks of it. It’s small, it’s compact, it’s got a nice little heft to it. I even like the pink quality on it. I got to give it a decent score here. I got to give it 4 stars in the looks department.


– 4
the two coils that I got, the 1ohm and the 0.5ohm mesh, they’re fantastic. Very, very good flavor. I wish they would have included the third coil in the kit. I also wish they would have included the RBA. But for the coils that I got, I can’t complain, it’s getting another 4 star rating in the coil performance department.


– 2.5
This is where this device is going to lose some points. And let me explain why. I do like the range of the airflow. The range is anywhere from a restrictive DL hit to a pretty tight MTL hit. The range is fine. The problem is that little window right there, very easy to put your hand over it and block the airflow. I think they should have done a workaround. I think they should have found another place to get the airflow from. Maybe even on the side here would have been better, something. This thing is too easy to block up. You have to be conscious when you’re vaping it to either cup your hand over it, or just hold it so your fingers are away from that window. And it kind of makes it feel awkward when you got to hold it that way. So I got to ding them on this one, they’re only getting 2.5 stars.


– 2.5
I’ve been seeing it anywhere from $28 all the way up to $62. That’s more than double the lowest price. So definitely shop around on this one. Look, if you can get it for under 30 bucks or around the $30 range, it’s a good value. Anything above $30, I don’t know if it’s necessarily worth it. So in the value department, I got to give it 2.5 stars as well, just average.


  • Colors are Nice: First pro is going to be, while I’m not crazy about the gold, the rest of the colors are really nice.
  • Build Quality: This thing actually has really nice build quality except for the panels
  • Nice Coils: Both coils are nice
  • Nice and flavorful
  • Smooth Airflow: the airflow wide open. So very, very smooth airflow.
  • Screen: It’s got a nice, tight little screen with all the information you need. And you don’t got to take the panel off to see it. That’s a pro.
  • Nice Clicky fire Button.
  • Power to Size Ratio
  • It’s Small, its Compact. It’s Pocketable.
  • Bone Dry: And the last pro is going to be that tank system for the coil. Let me tell you something, man. It is bone, bone dry. No leaking whatsoever, like you get with some of these aIIow systems.


  • Battery Door Rattle, Panel Rattle, whatever you want to call it.
  • RBA base not included in the kit. That’s a con.
  • Airflow Window: And the last con is going to be that airflow window there. Like a lot of these AIO boxy kits, these billet box wannabes, very easy to block that airflow when you’re vaping on it. What I try to do is I kind of try to cup my hand around it, so my hand is raised off of it. So I don’t block that airflow. But if you put your hand flat against that window there, you’re going to block the airflow. So that’s a con.


ThinkVape Zeta

What’s up, Insiders? DecesJack at Vaping Insider. Today, we got another AIO kit for you. I’m talking about the ThinkVape Zeta, Zetta, whatever you want to call it, man.

From Top to Bottom

ThinkVape Zeta front

You can see everything, everything on here is gold. The button, the drip tip, everything. Good news is 510 drip tip, all your other drip tips will fit fine. Although this one’s got a nice little contour. Very, very comfortable.

ThinkVape Zeta charging port

You can see over here, there’s your micro USB port for charging.

ThinkVape Zeta bottom

There’s some venting on the bottom. There’s also two little fingernail tabs, you can get the doors off, and there’s your sight glass for the tank.

ThinkVape Zeta battery

Let’s pull the doors off. Now the doors, they go on there nice. They don’t move a little bit. You hear that? They move a little bit from side to side. That door movement is definitely unacceptable. I don’t like that. I think they should have used bigger magnets, they probably would have been a lot more sturdier, as far as the door goes. There’s your battery strap right there. Minus and plus sign, black on black. That’s a con. Spring loaded, gold plated battery contact on the bottom. Gold plated, button style contact on the top. There’s your draw hole right there, that goes into the tank, and you got these three gold contacts here. They’re going to make contact with your coil. If you turn it around, pop that open.

ThinkVape Zeta back

You can see it says Zeta, 60W, variable wattage, plus and minus buttons over here. Fire button over there. This very much reminds me, and again, loose right here too. This very much reminds me of the Dot mod, Dot AIO kit. Very, very, very similar.

Let’s pop a battery in there. Positive side down. Push it in. Boom, there you go. Take it, turn it over. There’s your screen right there. Pretty simple. Resistance, voltage, puff counter in seconds, your watts. That P means you’re in power mode. There’s your battery meter right there. I don’t like that the screen goes dim right away. It goes dim way too fast. I don’t like that at all.

ThinkVape Zeta menu

Very simple menu system. All you gotta do is hit it three times and you can scroll between the different modes. Very, very simple. Now this thing scrolls up in 1W increments, it does round robin and it does scroll pretty fast.

What’s in the Box

ThinkVape Zeta included kit

Also included in the kit, you’re going to get this micro USB charge cable. You’re going to get a user manual, you’re going to get two coils that we’ll go over in more detail and you’re going to get this tank section that we will go over in more detail as well.

The Coil

ThinkVape Zeta coil

This is the mouth-to-lung coil. This is the 1ohm coil, good for 13-18W. You can see, just a small regular coil.

ThinkVape Zeta coil mesh

This is the other coil that comes in the kit. This is the mesh coil, 0.5ohm, good for 20-25W. You can see the mesh inside. This is more of my jam. This is the one we’re going to juice up.

Juice Test

saboses del encanto juice

Juice we’re going to be using is from Batman’s mouth-to-lung line. This is Nancy’s flan cake, kind of like a pudding cake. Really, really good juice. It’s freebase, higher nic juice made to run at a lower wattage.

ThinkVape Zeta tank section

Here’s your tank section. Here is your fill port right here. Pretty easy to get off. I liked that. That’s kind of neat that it’s easy to get off. You don’t really got to go searching for a tab. There’s you draw hole, you have adjustable airflow right here. This is pretty easy to get off. See, comes right off, you don’t have to go searching for a tab. Love the clear tank part of it. That is absolutely awesome. Great job on that.

ThinkVape Zeta tank coil install

In order to install your coil, you just pull this bass section out, take your coil, sit it in there, a little reverse thread, and then just screw it down. I’m not even going to prime this coil because it’s a little too small for that. I’m just going to let it sit in the juice for a good five minutes. Now in order to install it, you can see the o-rings on top there. There’s no screwing you just got to push it in. Just give it a pop, just like that. And it’ll seal up real nice.

ThinkVape Zeta tank section juice

Now what you want to do, you want to take your juice bottle, want to put the nozzle in there, and just give it a squeeze, baby. Squeeze that flan cake in there. And you’re going to have like a pudding cake goodness, there we go. So juiced up all filled up. Take your little rubber piece right here, and just pop it in. And look how nice and clear that is, man. Really, really nice job on the clear tank section. I like that a lot.

ThinkVape Zeta tank section juice insert

Now what you want to do, you want to make sure your rubber gasket part right here is facing outward. And you just want to kind of push it down and pop it in. Just like that. Now if you want to, you can pop this off and refill without removing the tank. So that’s kind of cool. Put our door back in. And you can see that sight glass, I guess you can see the liquid level pretty good there. That’s not bad. I just wish the doors were stronger. And I just wish they didn’t have any play in them. They have less play in them with the tank installed for some reason and the battery, the battery kind of keeps it a little bit more solid. So that’s a plus. Before we put the door on, let’s adjust our wattage. This was a 20-25W coil. So we’ll run it at 20 and then we’ll adjust it from there. Once you adjust your wattage, take your other door, pop it on there. And now we’re ready to vape.

Size Comparison

ThinkVape Zeta comparison

a quick size comparison. I told you it reminds me a lot of the Dot mod Dot Box. This is the Dot Box, this is theThinkVape Zeta. You can see, they’re extremely similar. The Zeta is a little smaller, a little shorter. Basically the same width. Very, very, very similar. Have the same type of sight glass and everything. Just very similar. I’m actually interested to see how this one performs because I really like this Dot mod Dot AIO. I wonder if this one actually performs as well. So there you go. We got it all set up.


Let’s go over some of the specs on theThinkVape Zeta AIO.

  • measures in at 86 x 45 x 25mm.
  • 3ml capacity
  • takes a single 18650 battery with a maximum wattage of 60W.
  • 510 drip tip compatible.
  • The kit does come with two coils in the box, a 0.5ohm mesh coil, and a 1ohm mouth-to-lung coil. There is an optional 0.2ohm mesh coil and an RBA section available at a separate purchase.


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And that’s it, Insiders. That’s all I got for you guys today. Don’t forget, more now than ever, you keep living that vape life. We’re out of here. Deuces.

  • Colors are Nice
  • Build Quality
  • Nice Coils
  • Nice and flavorful
  • Smooth Airflow
  • Screen
  • Nice Clicky fire Button
  • Power to Size Ratio
  • Pocketable
  • Bone Dry
  • Battery Door Rattle, Panel Rattle
  • RBA base not included
  • Airflow Window


ThinkVape Zeta
$59.90 $69.99

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