Steam Crave Aromamizer Plus V2 Review

Updated on: 2021-03-27

Five-Star Rating System


– 4.375
So now what we’re going to do is we’re going to take all these stars, and there’s plenty of them, we’re going to add them all up, we’re going to get a total star count of 17.5 stars. We’re going to take those 17.5 stars, we’re going to divide them by four and we’re going to get a whopping average of 4.375. Definitely one of the highest ratings I’ve ever given to an RTA since I instituted the 5-star rating system. Let me just say this about the Aromamizer Plus V2. This tank is 100% DeucesJack approved. If you got a mod that will hold it, you are crazy if you don’t buy this tank. This tank is phenomenal. I’ve been vaping on it for well over a month. I love it. It’s one of my go to tanks. One of the tanks that I vape every day, probably the best 30mm tank of the year so far. Bar none.


– 4.5
I already touched on it. I think it’s a great looking tank. I like it in shorty mode. I like that short, chubby stocky look. Nice job, Steam Crave. In the looks department, we’re going to give it 4.5 stars because I love the way this thing looks. It just looks badass.


– 4
This thing has five decks for it, so depending on which deck you use is going to depend on the degree of difficulty. As far as building and wicking. I’ll say this. I think the velocity style and the single coil deck are probably the easiest to build on, they are available as an accessory. The mesh deck is not hard. Neither is the postless or the postless series. They have the same degree of difficulty to them. But it’s definitely not as easy as the single coil. In the building and wicking category, it gets a solid 4 stars


– 4.5
It’s got phenomenal flavor, no matter which deck you decide to use. In a performance department, it’s gotta get another 4.5 stars.


– 4.5
In a value category, I’ve been seeing this thing anywhere from $30-50. I’m not gonna lie. I love this thing so much. If you get it at 30 bucks, it’s a freakin steal. If you get it at 50 bucks, you are still getting your money’s worth. It is a fantastic tank. I love this tank, I think it’s well worth the money even at 50 bucks. I got to give it 4.5 stars.


  • Build Quality: typical Steam Crave build quality and machining. It is on point. This is very well thought out and nicely made.
  • Great Flavor and Clouds no matter which deck you run. You can run any of the five. The clouds are fantastic. I got the mesh deck in here, right now at 70W. Just beautiful. I’m getting a little bit more heat as opposed to something like the Profile Unity or the Kylin M. I can definitely run this a little hotter because of the airflow. I’m getting great flavor. I’m actually surprised the mesh deck works without that little piece in the middle to push the cotton up against the mesh. I thought I was gonna get dry hits. I don’t get any dry hits. All the decks work great. I’ve tried them all. The postless series, the postless, the velocity, the single coil is one of my favorites. I like running this thing with the mesh deck and the single coil deck and putting in those chimney airflow reducers but the flavor on it is fantastic.
  • Five decks available for this tank. You buy the advanced kit, you get the regular postless deck and the mesh deck. If you want as an accessory, you can buy the postless series, the single coil, or the velocity style deck. It’s just fantastic. Super, super versatile. Big, big pro.
  • Capacity, 8mls in shorty mode, 16mls with a tank extender. I love it. It’s a pro.
  • Looks: Check out the looks on this thing, man. I think it’s a good looking tank. It’s got that semi industrial look to it. It’s well built. I love the look of it in shorty mode. I think it would look phenomenal in shorty mode with a bubble glass.
  • Smooth Airflow. Here it is with the middle airflow open right the two lines of airflow, just smooth.
  • Airflow Range: Staying within that same theme, I like the airflow range. While you really can’t get a mouth-to-lung vape out of this, even if you put in the chimney reducers, you can get a pretty tight DL hit. So the range is from a pretty tight DL hit to a wide open DL hit and anywhere in between. It’s got a beautiful range. That’s a pro.


  • Stiff AFC and JFC: First con is going to be and especially when it comes out of the ultrasonic cleaner. It does loosen up a little bit after that, but the AFC and the JFC, the airflow control and the juice flow control are very stiff. I’d rather it be a little bit more stiff than loose, but I would rather it be a tad loose. If I got a choice between loose and stiff, I’d rather err towards the stiff side. It does loosen up once the juice gets in there but it can be a pain in the neck to use. So I got to point that out as a con.
  • Cutout: Next time is going to be no matter which deck you use, I showed you that little cutout that you got to line up when you put the deck in a tank, I wish there was a way Aromamizer could make this cut out a little clearer, a little bit more distinct. Sometimes it’s hard to line those little notches up. I just wish they did a better system, maybe a deeper cut, something to make it more visible.
  • Flavor is Gonna Suffer in 16ml Mode: But when you run this thing in big boy mode, in 16ml mode, the flavor is definitely gonna suffer. There’s no doubt about that. It is noticeable. It’s not like ‘Oh my God, this tank sucks now.’ but you can definitely notice a flavor difference in big boy mode.
  • No Bubble Glass in the Kit: I see it available as an aftermarket accessory. I wish there was a bubble glass in the tank, instead of that tank extender. I would have rather seen the bubble glass in the kit. It’s a con.


Steam Crave Aromanizer Plus V2

What’s up, Insiders? How are you guys doing today? Today, I got a special treat for you. This is gonna be a long one, because we got a lot of stuff to go over. I’m talking about the big boy, the Aromamizer Plus V2.

From Top To Bottom

Aromanizer Plus overview

Alright, everyone. Here is the Aromamizer V2. This is the packaging. Steam Crave always does a great job packaging their stuff. So I wanted to show it to you. Here is the Aromamizer itself. We’re going to put that on deck for a second. You do get a spare glass, you get an extension part of the tank that I’m going to show you how to use in a minute. You get airflow reducers, you get two of them, they are the same size. I’m going to show you how to use that as well. I would only suggest you use this with a mesh or the single coil deck.

Aromanizer Plus tank

So now, let’s start off with the tank. Pretty big tank, even in its original form without the extender on it.

Aromanizer Plus drip tip

Nice goon style drip tip, everything’s a little tight, because I just took it out of the ultrasonic cleaner. It definitely loosens up. Nice wide bore, all your other goons will not have a problem fitting there. Here is your top cap right here. Little bit of knurling.

Aromanizer Plus airflow

Over here is your airflow adjustment right here, you can see, you have a choice of three. And you can cut it down little by little, or you could go over to the two slots right there and you can cut it down as you see fit. And then if you want, you can go over to the one slot right there.
This is your juice flow right here, your juice flow control right here. I really don’t use it. It’s kind of nice when you fill up, you can shut off your juice flow control, and then turn it back on. But to be honest with you, I leave it open 90% of the time. You got some nice knurling on the bottom here on the base, so you can get a good grip, you got some grip points over here on the top cap so you can get a grip as well.

Aromanizer Plus top cap

Let’s pull the top cap off. Let me show it to you. Machining, just like you’d expect from Steam Crave, clean and beautiful.

Aromanizer Plus fill ports

Right here, you can see massive, massive fill ports. Definitely a little bit on the skinny side because of a wide bore here. So now, what you want to do is you can take this little chimney extension piece off, you can do that, no issues. So once you take that little chimney extension piece off, the other thing you want to do now,

Aromanizer Plus fill ports 2

In order to convert this to an RDA, basically a dripper, put it in dripping mode, is you put the top fill port cap right on just like that. Now you take your top cap, you put that on, just like that. And now you have your drip tip on. And now you can use it as an RDA, but you’re going to have to drip down the middle. You can’t pull off the barrel like you do on a normal RDA. So that’s it in RDA mode, we’re just going to reverse everything off now. So now we’re out of RDA mode, we want to take our chimney extension piece right here, we want to put it back on. Now we want to put our glass on, just like so. And now we want to take our top cap, our fill port top cap, and we want to put that on as well. Again, machining, like I say all the time, fantastic for Steam Crave. Now, depending on what deck you’re running, or if you just think you want more flavor, you can take your chimney reducer right now, and you can just pop that in there just like that. And that will reduce the bore of the chimney. Now you don’t have to worry about sucking a hot metal piece up in your mouth because when you put the top cap back on, that’s actually going to block that from happening. And if I pull the drip tip off, you can see I have a much narrower chimney now. So that’s a kind of cool feature. I like that you do get two of those pieces. Let’s break it back down and let me show you how to put on the extension piece. So in order to do that, you take the top cap off, you take your extension piece, and you want to make sure Steam Crave is showing that way. And you just take your extension piece and you pop it on there. Just like so. Now, the reason I gave you two chimney reduces because you saw I left that one in there, right? Now, if I put the extension on, I don’t want to go from a narrow chimney to a wide bore chimney, because that’s going to kind of defeat the purpose. So especially with the extension tank, you might want to run these reducers in order to condense the flavor a little bit. So you pop that second one in there. So once that’s popped in there, you take your top cap, just like you would without the extension piece, and you just thread it into place. Now you got this big gas tank, but we have reduced the bore inside. So that might offset some of the flavor loss. So it’s pretty ingenious the way they did this. Very, very impressed. Very well thought out.
So now that I’ve showed you all the different iterations of this thing, and we’ve gone over the tank already, let’s go over the deck part.

But first, let’s take a look at the bottom here. You can see gold plated 510 insulator ring, stainless steel threading around that. The difference with this tank is the 510 is actually attached to the deck and comes out with the deck. So we pull this base off just like this, and now you can see the inside has a semi conical design. Definitely really effective. Aromamizers are known for flavor, you can see those airflow holes inside, right there, you’re basically getting side airflow slamming into your coil on an RTA, which is kind of awesome. So now there’s the inside of the base, you can see again, very, very well machined.

Aromanizer Plus postless deck

Here is the postless deck I’ve been running, this is the parallel deck. Basically, what happens with this deck, it’s a normal postless deck, if you install point three on coils in here, they’re gonna ohm out at 0.15. Here is the Series postless deck. Very, very similar. The only difference is if you take those same 0.3ohm coils, and you put two of them in here, instead of ohming out at 0.15, you’re going to own out at 0.6. It’s going to double your resistance. Instead of cutting your resistance in half, basically what the deck does is it takes two coils and doubles them up and makes them into one. This is for people who have very low ohm coils. Say you have 0.1ohm Claptons, and you don’t want to put them in the regular deck because they’re going to come out at 0.05 and that’s a little too low for you. You can put them in this deck and 0.1ohm Claptons are going to come out to 0.2ohm. So that’s what this is for. So that’s the series deck.

Aromanizer Plus mesh deck

Here is the mesh deck. You can see, I have a mesh strip installed already. Not hard to install at all. Philips heads to hex keys. Right there, you can see, one thing that makes this different than most mesh decks, it does not have a movable block. The block doesn’t push up your cotton, like say in the Profile or the Kylin M. But let me tell you something. I have had no issues with dry hits on this whatsoever. None whatsoever. So nice job on this man. This mesh deck is actually pretty banging. I’m going to show you how to wick this in a couple of minutes.

Aromanizer Plus velocity style deck

The other deck that is available is a regular velocity style deck. We’ve all seen these before. Very, very simple, very easy to use. Very easy to wick. You can see you got hex screws right there. Just a simple classic style deck that lots of people still love. And here is one of my favorite accessories for this. This is the single coil deck, basically a wasp nano deck in a tank, right? Kind of cool. Now when mine came, mine had a silicon piece over here so it shut off the airflow on one side and you only get an airflow from the other and that’s an airflow reducer. I ripped it out. I didn’t like the way it vaped with that at all. I think I actually threw it out as well. But super, super easy to build on. Super easy to wick. I’ll show you how to wick this as well. Really, really nice deck. You can see, I’m running a 3mm coil in there. You can put up a banging 4 or 4.5mm coil in there. I haven’t I haven’t done it yet because I don’t have a coil that big, but I’m looking forward to trying it. It’s been running great with a 3. I did put a 3.5 in there and it’s been fantastic.This is a great deck. I really, really enjoyed this deck as well as the mesh one.

What’s In the Box

Aromanizer Plus kit

Also included in the packaging, you’re going to get a Steam Crave sticker, an owner’s manual, you get a bunch of spare o-rings and deck screws, you’re going to get a squonk pin and some spare screws over here for when you’re in dripper mode, you’re going to get a coil bending tool, a tri tool. You will get two mesh strips, two chimney reduces and a mesh instruction manual showing you how to build the mesh deck. If you’re going to build any of the postless decks and you have some type of coil measuring tool, I would recommend the 4 or 4.5 spot on the postless decks on both of them

Building & Wicking

Aromanizer Plus coil

Let me show you how to wick this thing. We’re going to do wicking tutorials on all of them. So you get your cotton nice and pointy, send it through the middle, just like that. Now here is where it’s important with these decks. You got to cut it correctly. There’s a little lip right here. I would run my vape shears right along that lip and give it a snip. Same thing on the other side, you want to take your vape shears, you want to run it right along that little lip, right by the o-ring, give it a snip, and that will give you the perfect cotton length. Now you want to make it pointy on one side again, and you want to repeat the process on the other side. But now you have some cotton hanging there to give you a guide. Use the cotton measure up right against it. Same thing on the other side. Measure it up. And there you go. Now this is the reason I love the vape shears because now I don’t gotta switch tools. All I got to do is take the pointy end of these vape shears, and just tuck in my cotton. See how nice that goes in? See how nice and loose that is? Look how loose. That’s how you want. Flip it over. Same thing on the other side. Just repeat the process, nice and gentle. Don’t disturb the wicking properties of the cotton. And now you can see, again, very, very loose. That’s how you want it, it will not leak that way if you wick it that way.

Aromanizer Plus coil single

Now we’re going to move on to the single coil deck. I’m going to show you how to wick that as well. Same procedure, cotton pointy on one end, send it right through. See how nice and tight? I got a little bit of tension. That’s how you want it, just like that. Again, very, very similar procedure, right down by the o-ring, give it a clip. Repeat the process on the other side, run it right along that o-ring right there. Click, that’s what you can and should look like. Now we’re going to take our vape shears and we’re just going to tuck that cotton right in there and look how beautiful and loose that is. That’s how you want it. Flip it over. Repeat the procedure just like that. And now you’re going to be perfectly wicked if you follow those instructions.

Aromanizer Plus coil bending tool

Back to the mesh deck. One thing I like about the tool that they gave you, you see that part that’s half a curve right there? See that cutout on the coil bending tool? Well, that’s for sticking it in there, and kind of reshaping your mesh if it gets out of joint when you’re rewicking. So that’s kind of cool. You can see it kind of reshaped it pretty well. Now, a lot of people say the first time you build this, you should jam the cotton in there, and then pull down the other side, I haven’t found any need to do that, not one instance, have I rewick this thing and gotten dry hits. And let me show you my procedure, I use a full cotton pad, those moojie cotton pads. And what I do is I take the one side, each side, I’m sorry. And I peel off that first piece, I don’t like whatever that is, that makes that first piece, not fluffy. So I get rid of it. And in the process of doing that, it kind of flops up the cotton on both sides. But you just want to remove a very, very thin piece. See how thin that is? You just want to take that piece off. That’s how I do it. I get rid of that piece.

Aromanizer Plus cotton roll

In the process. I’m kind of fluffing up that cotton. And now what I do is I just take the cotton, and I kind of fold it like that, I kind of roll it into one big roll. Now what I do is I take that big roll I just made right. And I really, really pinch it on one end. Just pinch it as tight as I can, just twist it up, get it real tight. Okay, and then I send that part through, and I kind of try to keep it even right. And then I just pull it through, it’s nice and tight. You can see how tight that is. Once I’m done with that, I make two cuts. I make one cut from the mesh, all the way down, just like that same thing on the other side, from the mesh all the way down. And then I go right up, just right before the deck, and I give it a cut across right there, just like so. And now what I do is I take that cotton, and I just pop it in there, nice and gently. Repeat the procedure on the other side, take that cotton, pop it in there. And you can see, it’s still loose, it’s still very loose.

Aromanizer Plus coil single mesh

If you wick it like that, you’re going to have no dry hits, no issues whatsoever. ow, once you’ve done wicking it, you figure out whatever deck you want to use. Try to get the coils so they’re facing the airflow. That little cutout, see that little cutout right there? That’s not going to let you put it in any other way. But put it in as close as you can, and then pop it down. You want to make sure when you pop the deck in, that it’s seated correctly, I don’t know if you can see the little cutout there, they’re hard to see. See the little notch right there, you want to make sure that notch is in there all the way. Because if it’s not in there all the way, you’re definitely going to leak. And one telltale sign about the notch not being in there all the way is when you put on your base. This is a pro tip. When you put on your bass, and you screw this part on, if you see any black o-ring showing right here, that means your base is not in correctly and you got to put it back in the right way.


Let’s get into some of the specs on the Steam Crave Aromamizer Plus V2 advanced kit.

  • 30mm in diameter, 57.5mm high in short mode, 77.2mm high in tall mode.
  • 8ml capacity in short mode, and a 16ml capacity in tall mode.
  • The advanced kit includes a spare glass, metal extension piece, to chimney reducers, a postless deck and a mesh deck.
  • A series deck, velocity deck, and single coil deck are available at a separate purchase.


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And that’s it, Insiders! That’s all I got for you guys today. You keep living that vape life. We’re out of here.

  • Build Quality
  • Great Flavor and Clouds
  • Five decks
  • Capacity
  • Looks
  • Smooth Airflow
  • Airflow Range
  • Stiff AFC and JFC
  • Cutout
  • Flavor is Gonna Suffer in 16ml Mode
  • No Bubble Glass in the Kit:


Steam Crave Aromamizer Plus V2
$46.90 $69.99

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