Kizoku Limit RTA Review

Updated on: 2021-03-29

Five-Star Rating System


– 2.875
We’re going to add all these stars up, we’re going to come up with a total star count of 11.5 stars. We’re going to take those 11.5 stars, we’re going to divide it by four and we’re going to come up with a total star score of 2.875, which would make it slightly above average. And that’s what I’ve been saying during this whole review. This thing is a slightly above average RTA with a high price point to it. That’s the way I see it.


– 3.5
It’s a good looking tank. It’s a clean looking tank. It’s got some nice build quality to it. It comes in three different colors, gunmetal, stainless steel or black. You can also get those black colors in a renaissance edition, which has like a floral pattern to it. In the looks department, we’re going to give it a solid 3.5 stars, a full point above average.


– 3
I told you, this thing’s a little finicky for somebody like me to build. Not crazy about the small decks. It’s not hard to build, but it’s not exactly easy either. There’s definitely a degree of difficulty to it. It’s much easier to wick. The wicking on this thing is just a dream. It’s not hard to wick at all. In the building and wicking category, we’re going to give it a half a point above average, I’m going to give them a 3. I’ll be honest with you, they got dinged a little bit in this category, because they didn’t include a coil even though it’s capable of that. Had they included the coil, I might have gone as high as 3.5.


– 3
In the performance category, this thing has what I would say better than average flavor, better than average vape quality, I showed it to you before, I’ll score it another half a point above average and give it 3 stars


– 2
In a value category is where this thing really loses its stars.Heavens Gift sent this to me for this review. I went on their website, this thing is going for $52. That’s definitely a little bit in the pricey range. When you put it next to other mouth-to-lung tanks, like the Berserker, like the stuff from Vapefly, this thing’s a little bit on the pricey side. It does have some nice build quality to it, but so do the other ones that I mentioned. So $52 scares me a little bit. If I saw it around $30-40, I wouldn’t have dinged it that bad in this category. In the value category, I got to give it a half a point below average, we’re going with 2 stars.


  • Machining: For a company that I’ve never heard of before, the machining on this thing is actually quite nice. The threads are nice, they did a nice job on overall build quality. It’s a pro
  • Locking Top Cap: That’s definitely a pro. The fact that it spins shut and I can lock it shut. Nice job, Kizoku.
  • Airflow Range: I like the airflow range on this one. Make no mistake about it. You ain’t going to be able to DL this thing, even wide open. This is a strictly mouth-to-lung tank, you can get anywhere from a loose mouth-to-lung to a very tight mouth-to-lung. But it is along the mouth-to-lung spectrum only, but it’s got a nice range in that spectrum.
  • Smooth Airflow: Staying on the same topic. The airflow itself is smooth here it is wide open. You can hear the smoothness. Now if I go to just where it shows the air holes, very smooth, much more restricted, but very, very smooth.
  • Easy to Wick
  • Good Looking Tank
  • Decent Capacity
  • Good Flavor: last pro is going to be the flavor. The big quality on this thing, it’s pretty good for what it is.


  • Building on the Finicky Side: First con is going to be building this thing, you kind of got to have like tiny fingers. You can’t have those sausage fingers that I have. It’s a little bit on the finicky side. It’s not super difficult to build, but it’s definitely not as easy as some other 22mm RTAs.
  • No Coil Included: They brag about it. They brag that it takes coils. You can pull a deck out and you can put a coil in here, but they don’t put a coil in the box. Kizoku, I don’t know, is this your first rodeo? I’ve never heard of you before, but you can’t do that. You can’t claim your tank takes factory coils and then not put a coil in a box. It’s a con.
  • Tough to Fill: This thing’s a little bit tough to fill. First of all, the port is too small. There’s too much of a gap between where the liquid falls in and the actual top part of the top fill cap. And you got to remove the drip tip in order to fill it with most bottles. It’s a pain in the neck to fill. That’s going to be a con.
  • Crappy Round Wire Coil: last con is going to be, Kizoku, if you’re going to put a crappy round wire coil in there, like you did in this atomizer, you might as well not include a coil. Why didn’t you just put a decent simple Clapton in there, something where you can get a good vape on it.



What’s up, Insiders? How are you guys doing today? Today, I got a mouth-to-lung rebuildable for you, but it also takes Nautilus coils. I’m talking about the Kizoku Limit RTA.

From Top To Bottom


So now here’s the tank. Good looking tank. Really, really nice, nicely machined. I like the texture here and here. I could do without that Limit branding. There’s your glass section right there, you do get a spare glass section if I didn’t point it out in the o-ring bag.


Nice narrow bore mouth-to-lung drip tip. Has a metal base, pretty snug. It is a 510 base, it does come off. You kind of got to give it a nice snap down. Now the other thing, this also screws off right here. This is threaded into the base. I don’t mind it that much. It would have been nice if they included other colors besides black that you could screw in. That would have been a nice feature. But the fact that it’s 510 is fine with me.


Now here’s something interesting see this, see this top cap right here, see that arrow? If I push it, it won’t slide open. But if I unscrew it till it can unscrew no more, and then I pop it over, now it slides open. I like that nice locking mechanism on that. I like that a lot.

KIZOKU LIMIT rubber bladder

You can see you got a little rubber bladder here to kind of keep the juice at bay. It’s a nice size opening, you want to close it, pop it closed like that, and thread it down. And now you’re locked down and that top cap ain’t going anywhere. Nice job on that. So we already went over the glass section.

KIZOKU LIMIT airflow control

Here’s the airflow right here. It’s got stoppers on both ends. This is like your tight mouth-to-lung part right here. And then you could go to one big opening right here. It’s still a tight draw. But you can cut it down, it does have a stopper. And I do like the knurling over here for a grip. And the tolerance on the airflow control is very, very nice.


On the bottom of the atomizer. You can see Kizoku branding, you can see it’s serialized. You also can see we have a gold plated 510 insulator ring around it. And stainless steel threading around that.

The Deck


Let’s open this deck up. Let’s open this tank up. Let me show you the deck. There is something interesting about this deck. Before we even get into it, let me show you something. It comes out. It comes out just like a sub ohm coil would. And this actually takes a sub Ohm coil and can be converted to a factory coil tank. However, I did not get the factory coils in the box. I don’t have any of the factory coils. Why would you do that, Kizoku? If you’re going to have that option, couldn’t you put at least one coil in the box? So here is the deck itself. We’re going to leave it out for a second. All right, you can see very, very small deck, small post holes. Okay, the post screws are flathead screws. And you can see, it’s just not a very big deck, and that’s fine. It shouldn’t be. It’s a mouth-to-lung deck. Let’s put it back in, thread it in. Again, for a company that I never heard of, the threading is extremely, extremely smooth.


So like I said before, postholes here and here. There is your airflow right there. There are your wicking ports right there.

Building and Wicking

KIZOKU-LIMIT vapor road coils

Coils we’re going to be using today our Vapor Road coils. These are mouth-to-lung coils, 2.5mm. They’re supposed to ohm out at 0.79. If you haven’t yet, go check out his Facebook group, Jimmy from Vapor Road, he makes some solid coils.

KIZOKU LIMIT building coils

So there we are. There’s the deck. We’re going to take our Vapor Road coils, and we’re just going to drop them in there, just like that. See how easy that is? So once it’s in place, you kind of just want to put your finger over it and hold it in there. Make sure that lead catches.

KIZOKU LIMIT building coils2

Once you get the one lead in place, you want to put a coiling rod in there, maybe just to keep everything in place. These decks aren’t the easiest to build on, they kind of take some gentle fingers. Once you get the other leads secured, then you can make your adjustments. You can see, that looks a little janky. We’re going to fix it, twist it, pull it, push it, do whatever we got to do to get that coil to look good. Now once those leads are secure, you want to make sure you cut as close to the deck as possible because you don’t want any shorts. Same thing on the other side.

KIZOKU LIMIT building coils3

Once you’re all built up, it should look something like that. Now you can see, we’re ohming out at 0.7, that’s probably going to change a bit.

KIZOKU LIMIT building coils4

Give it a quick dry fire. You can see, we got a couple of little hotspots, we’re going to strum them out. No biggie. And there you go. We’re glowing evenly from the inside out.

KIZOKU LIMIT wicking cotton

Now in order to wick this, take your cotton, pinch it on one end, get it nice and pointy, and just send it right through. See the little tension I got there? That’s exactly how you want it. Now when you cut your cotton on this, kind of want to line your scissor up, right with that white o-ring. You can’t see it on camera, but you just kind of line you scissor up right against it. Same thing on the other side.

KIZOKU LIMIT wicking cotton2

This is not going to take long wicks. You want short wicks on this thing. If you do long wicks, it’s going to dry hit. See how nice and short they are? Now just take your tool, whatever tool you use, and just tuck the cotton in there. And make sure it’s nice and loose. See how loose that is? That’s how you want it. All right, same thing on the other side. Take your cotton gently. Don’t disturb the cotton. Take your time and pop it in there. And again, nice and loose. See? See how loose that is? That’s exactly what you want to do.

Juice Test

johnnycreampuff juice

Juice we’re going to be using today is Johnny cream puffs. This tastes like one of grandma’s cream puffs. If you like creamy vanilla type of juices, definitely check this thing out.

johnnycreampuff juice2

Now we’re just going to take some Johnny cream puff. We’re going to wet those wicks up. Get them started. Get them nice and juicy. Let’s give it a quick test fire. Make sure we got vape. Oh yeah, we got vape and it smells great. Let’s pop this base section back on, little reverse thread. Make sure it catches. Again, really, really nice machining on this. Tighten it down, find our mark, our arrow.

johnnycreampuff juice3

Let’s loosen up the top cap all the way, pop it to the side, and let’s stick our Johnny cream puff bottle right in there and fill it up. Once it’s all filled up, slide it over, tighten down that top cap, pop your drip tip in, and we’re ready to vape.

What’s In The Box

KIZOKU LIMIT included accessories

Also included in the box, you get a user manual, a warranty card, a tri tool with some spare deck screws in it. You get some Sparrow rings over here, and you get this cotton pad with this little single coil in there. Looks kind of janky, we’re not going to use that coil.


Let’s go over some of the specs on the Kizoku Limit RTA.

  • 22mm in diameter, 55.7mm high.
  • 3ml capacity.
  • deck comes out and allows you to run Nautilus coils.
  • It has a locking pop cap.
  • It’s available in gunmetal, stainless steel, black, and all those colors are available in a Renaissance Special Edition.


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And that’s it, Insiders. That’s all I got for you guys today. You keep living that vape life. We’re out of here. Deuces.

  • Machining
  • Locking Top Cap
  • Airflow Range
  • Smooth Airflow
  • Easy to Wick
  • Good Looking Tank
  • Decent Capacity
  • Good Flavor
  • Building on the Finicky Side
  • No Coil Included
  • Tough to Fill
  • Crappy Round Wire Coil


Kizoku Limit RTA
$26.99 $51.99

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