HellVape Destiny Review

Updated on: 2021-03-28

Five-Star Rating System


– 4.375
We’re going to take all these stars. We’re going to add them up. We’re going to get a total star count of 17.5 or 17 and a half. We’re going to take those 17. 5 stars. We’re going to divide by four and we’re going to get an average star rating of 4.375. It’s a very high score for this channel and Hellvape, Alex from VapersMD and the Destiny absolutely deserve it. This is a fantastic tank. It is without a doubt DuecesJack approved.


– 4.5
Gotta tell you, man. Digging the look of this thing especially with the bubble glass. It looks chunky and meaty. This tank looks like it’s got some shoulders on it. I like the different colors it’s available in. Just a really nice job. Good looking tank. I think it looks great on the Last Vape Centaurus. We’re going to give it 4.5 stars in the looks department.


– 4.5
If you have never built before and you want to get into building, you might want to check the Destiny out. The wicking is definitely on the forgiving side. We’re going to give it another high score of 4.5 stars.


– 4.5
Fantastic flavor. Full saturated flavor. The clouds are dense. I think it’s a phenomenal tank. In the performance department, I got to give it another 4.5 stars.


– 4
I’ve been seeing this thing anywhere from $22 in China to $32 here in the States. I think it’s a very good value for the vape quality that you get. I also think the build quality is worth it as well. In the value department, it’s going to score another 4 stars.


  • Smooth Airflow
  • Super Easy to Build and Wick on this one. This is great for beginners. It’s a pro.
  • Excellent and I mean Phenomenal flavor.
  • Nice Build Quality nice looks, I like the machining. All a pro.
  • Top Cap: That half turn top cap. Beautiful job, Alex and Hellvape. It’s a pro.
  • Good Capacity
  • Plenty of Spares and Accessories: They did a nice job with that. You get the 510 drip tip adapter, you get all the spare o-rings. They even give you a coil with some cotton. The coil is actually not that bad. Nice job on the packaging of this one on putting it together, Hellvape


  • Drip Tip: That drip tip is horrible. This is a collaboration between Alex from VapersMD and Hellvape. A little surprised because he really did a great line, that Berserker line with Vandy vape. A little surprised he would put that type of drip tip on this tank. It’s just very uncomfortable. It feels like something’s missing in the middle. That little slit in the middle. If you got chicken lips, you probably going to like it. If you got nice full lips, nah, man. Get yourself a proper goon. A nice, full lipped goon drip tip, and you’ll be good to go. The good news is it’s an easy fix.
  • Post Screws: This deck was begging for some hex screws instead they went with flathead. It’s a con.
  • Airflow: It’s a little loud, a little smooshy. If it was less loud and more smooshy, I wouldn’t have a problem with it. But it’s a little bit on the loud side. It’s not a deal breaker though.


Hell Vape Destiny

What’s up, Insiders? DeucesJack at Vaping Insider. Today, we’re going to be going over the Hellvape Destiny.

From Top To Bottom

Hell Vape Destiny overview

Let’s check this thing out. Open it up. Good looking RTA, that’s for sure. Not bad looking at all. I’m digging it. Nice and clean looking. Subtle branding. Let’s put it on deck for a second and go over the contents of the packaging.

Hell Vape drip tip

Let’s go over the RTA. A little bit of a funky looking drip tip. It’s got that little seam in the middle. I got to tell you when I was vaping on it, not the most comfortable. If I were you, if you don’t like any type of texture on your drip tip, definitely replace this. It’s easily replaced.

Hell Vape drip tip2

It is a goon style drip tip so no issues with that. You can see, there’s your o-ring to keep the drip tip in place. Nice semi narrow bore on the chimney. I kind of like that. It will definitely going to increase the flavor.

Hell Vape top cap

In order to get your top cap off, you just give it a half a twist, and bang. It’s off. Nice machining. I like that half a twist. Huge, huge fill ports. Loving that. You can just dump your juice in there. That’s what I’m talking about.

Hell Vape airflow

On the bottom, we got airflow with stoppers. Nice action to it. Nice tolerance. Definitely digging that.

Hell Vape bottom

On the bottom of the atomizer, on the base, you have a gold plated 510 insulator ring around it, stainless steel threading around that. You got some Hellvape and Alex VapersMD branding.

The Deck

Hell Vape deck

Let me show you the deck. Check that deck out. Kind of interesting. I’m digging that, man. I’m digging that a lot. Not crazy about the flat head screws on top. I think when you got a deck like this, you got to go with hex screws. But man, oh man. Look at that deck. I’m liking that.

Hell Vape deck airflow

Check out the airflow. You got a blast of side airflow from here, and then a blast of side airflow from there. Really, no place else for the flavor to go. I like it, man. Nice wicking ports right there. There are your screws right there. Nice job on the deck, the deck looks impressive.

Building and Wicking

Hell Vape bubble glass

Let’s swap out that straight glass. We’re going to take the straight glass off and we’re going to install the bubble. Oh, yeah, I like it. I like it already. I like the way that looks. A little bit of branding on the barrel, not too loud or anything like that, very subtle. I got no issues with it.

vapor road coils

Coils that we’re going to be using today are coils from Vapor Road. If you haven’t tried coils from Vapor Road, go check out their Facebook group. Jimmy from Vapor Road is the coil builder. These are the specs right here. He does something very interesting. He makes coils that are spec-ed out to certain atomizers. These are spec-ed out to the Destiny. You can see, 3.5mm, 0.12ohms. Let’s check these things out. Look at that coil. That’s a nice big beefy coil.

Hell Vape building coil

Let’s see how it performs. So when you build in this, I want you to see how big the lead, the post holes are. Pretty, pretty big. We’re going to be able to get this nice big fat clapton in there. So the first thing you want to do is you want to take your coil and you kind of want to finagle it in there, get it into the post holes. You just want to push your coil in there like that. It’s kind of hard to get in there at first, but you just got to give it a little shove in order to get over this block right here.

Hell Vape building coil2

Once you do that, get your coiling rod in there and hold it in place. Push it as far towards the block as you can. And now just take your screwdriver and tighten it down. Same thing on the other side. Just tighten it down nice and tight. There you go. And now you can make your adjustments. You can see, that is about as tight as it gets. We’re going to have full on flavor with this baby.

Hell Vape building coil3

Let’s see what this thing is ohming out at. 0.12 exactly where it should be ohming out. Let’s give it a pulse. Make sure we got no hot spots. Give it a little scrape. Maybe we got a little hotspot on the end there. Scrape it out. And now we are good to go. Glowing evenly from the inside out.

Hell Vape wicking

Now that that coil is all cooled down, let’s wick it up. You want to take a piece of cotton. Make it nice and pointy on one end. Let’s just shove that through there nice and tight. There we go.

Hell Vape wicking2

Now, what you want to do on this one, you run your scissor right along the base there. Cut it right by that black o-ring right there. Just like that. Turn it around, same thing, right by the black o-ring. Boom.

Hell Vape wicking3

Now you want to take you vape sheers and all you got to do is just tuck it in there beautifully, nice and gentle. See how nice and loose? See how loose? That’s how you want it. Repeat the process on the other side. Go easy, no rush. Get it in there. Nice and easy. Spread it out a little bit. And make sure you got no cotton threads on the threading here. I almost forgot, we got to get in there and cut the leads. And now we’re all ready to vape.

Juice Test

johnnys juice

Let’s put some juice on. Juice we’re going to be using today, one of my all time favorite juices, Johnny’s Juice Blue Raspberry Custard. Definitely check him out on Facebook.

johnnys juice2

Let’s juice this coil up. Get that cotton going. Make sure we got vape. Oh yeah. That smells delicious. Let’s put this back together. Base goes in like so. Screw it all down. Let’s fill it up with some Raspberry Custard goodness from Johnny’s Juice. All filled up. Take our top cap, thread it on, half a turn. There you go. Where’s our funky drip tip? Put our funky drip tip back in there. And there you go. We’re all ready to vape.

What’s In The Box

Hell Vape included in kit1

You got some cotton with an aglet and a nice looking coil right there. That’s cool.

Hell Vape included in kit2

You get a flathead blue screwdriver, a couple of spare deck screws and plenty of spare o-rings with a 510 drip tip adapter as well.

Hell Vape included in kit3

And look what else you get. You get the bubble glass and you guys know, if DeucesJack has a choice between straight or bubble, I’m rocking a bubble.


Let’s get in some of the specs on the Hellvape Destiny.

  • It measures in at 24mm in diameter and 44.9mm high.
  • 4ml with the bubble glass, 2ml with the straight.
  • made mostly of 304 stainless steel.
  • It does have bottom airflow with a quarter turn top fill cap.
  • It is a single coil deck that is available in black, matte black, stainless steel and matte stainless steel.


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That’s it, Insiders! That’s all I got for you today. You keep living that vape life. We’re out of here. Deuces.

  • Smooth Airflow
  • Super Easy to Build and Wick
  • Phenomenal Flavor
  • Nice Build Quality
  • Top Cap
  • Good Capacity
  • Plenty of Spares and Accessories
  • Drip Tip
  • Post Screws
  • Airflow


HellVape Destiny
$23.99 $31.99

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