Vape Reviews

We have done over 1,000 vape reviews since we started vaping insider. This is more reviews than any other site in the industry. Read a vape review below and see why we are the #1 vaping review site.

Why Do You Do Vape Reviews?

Vaping Insider was started way back in 2015. We were tired of reading reviews that had clearly been sponsored by a company. Products that performed poorly were getting 5 star reviews and this frustrated us. We decided we wanted to start doing vape reviews with the intention of never getting sponsored by a company so that our reviews always remain unbiased.

How do we make money from reviews?

There are a lot of costs associated with running a youtube channel and high traffic website so we do have to pay the bills. The only way we make money from our reviews is via affiliate links on the site. If you click a link on the site we may receive a commission if you make a purchase from one of our partner sites. However, we are very open about this and it's completely up to you if you click the link. The products we review are sent to us for free by companies but that really has no effect on how we rate the product.

Do you Review Every Product that Comes to market?

In the early days we reviewed everything we were sent or could get our hands on but now we receive so many items and there are so many new items coming to market every day that we only review the top items that we enjoyed using or that are getting a lot of attention and we want to test ourselves. We go hands on with everything we are sent but only the best will receive a written review.

What about your Video Vape Reviews?

In the last few years we started doing video vape reviews on youtube and have grown to over 50,000 subscribers at the time of writing this. Now not only are we doing the most reviews in the industry now but we are also doing the most number of video reviews in the industry. We are very passionate about making sure we give vapers as much information as possible to make informed decisions when they buy.

How Does your 5 Star Review System Work?

We have 4 different categories we grade items on. Each category can get up to 5 stars. We get a total of the score from each category, add them together and divide by 4 (the total number of categories) to get an overall star score. These categories differ depending on the type of device it is. With RDAs for example we use the following categories:

  • Looks: This is the most subjective category and is based on how good looking we think the atomizer is.

  • Building and Wicking: This looks at how easy it is to build on and the experience overall. Did they try anything new? Is there anything that makes it stand out?

  • Performance: This is simply how well it performs compared to all of the other competitor devices we have tried.

  • Value: Given the above ratings how much value does this offer to consumers at it’s sales price vs the competition.

Why should we Trust Vape Reviews from Vaping Insider?

As we said, we have reviewed over 1,000 items since we started vaping. You can go through our youtube channel and website to verify this. When you do that many hands on reviews you really learn the nuances of devices and what companies are doing well and what they are doing badly. This means that when we recognise something exceptional it truly deserves our approval because it has competed with hundreds of other competitors in it’s category.