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What is an RDA?

An RDA or rebuildable dripping atomizer is a type of atomizer that requires the vaper to drip juice directly onto the wicking material of their coil. Vapers can saturate their wicking material by either dripping juice onto the wick and coil or by using a squonk pin and a squonk mod.

Most modern RDAs now come with a squonk pin. A squonk pin allows you to squeeze juice out of a bottle of juice in the mod and saturate the cotton around your coil. Before squonking became popular RDAs were generally only used by enthusiasts as needing to constantly drip juice onto your coil was considered too much effort for most people. However, many vapers used RDAs because they provided superior flavor compared to other atomizers.

RDA Airflow Explained

RDAs come with three different types of Airflow and all have their pros and cons. The three types of airflow are:

Top Airflow:

New builders tend to like top airflow RDAs because it's almost impossible to over squonk on. Over squonking means adding too much juice to the RDA to the point that it overflows. However, the downside to top airflow RDAs is that they provide the least amount of flavor when compared to side and bottom airflow RDAs.

Side Airflow:

Side airflow RDAs are comparable to bottom airflow RDAs. They are still difficult to over squonk on but you are still sacrificing flavor compared to a bottom airflow RDA. That beinng said, only the most die hard vapers will notice a big difference in flavor between side airflow and bottom airflow.

Bottom Airflow:

Bottom airflow has the best flavor compared to top and side airflow RDAs and is generally considered the best option for vapers who really value flavor. However, bottom airflow RDAs are easy to oversquonk and over drip on so you really need to be mindful to know the limits of your RDA with regards to juice capacity.