10 Best Vape Tanks for 2021 Revealed – [300+ tanks tested]

By Vaping Insider Team
Updated: 2020-10-05
Freemax Fireluke M Pro - Vaping Insider

Freemax Fireluke M Pro

Bottom Line: Flavor and clouds on this tank are just banging. It has 5 coils available and has 6ml bubble glass capacity.

Horizon Falcon King - Vaping Insider

Horizon Falcon King

Bottom Line: This tank has massive bottom airflow as well as phenomenal flavor and clouds. The Falcon King is the newest in the Falcon line of tanks.

Geekvape Alpha - Vaping Insider

Geekvape Alpha

Bottom Line: Aside from the great flavor and clouds, it has an awesome locking slider top cap that has that switch blade type of action.

Uwell Crown 4 - Vaping Insider

Uwell Crown 4

Bottom Line:

It’s been a while since Uwell has made a top 5 tank. Well, Uwell is back on top with their latest rendition of the Crown.

Hellvape Hellbeast - Vaping Insider

Hellvape Hellbeast

Bottom Line: This is a super versatile tank that allows the vaper to have a mouth-to-lung or DL vape experience from one tank. Huge airflow range that has the ability to satisfy almost any vaper.

Innokin iSub - Vaping Insider

Innokin iSub B

Bottom Line: It has fantastic flavor for a lower wattage mesh tank. Toss in that Innokin build quality that they are known for, and you have a great, little mesh tank.

Advken Owl - Vaping Insider

Advken Owl

Bottom Line: The first thing you’ll notice about the Owl is it has a non-traditional weird shape to it. Once you get past the looks and actually vape on it, you will be pleasantly surprised.. From its quality construction, to its wide variety of colors, to its weird short and stout look, the Advken Owl is a winner in our book.

Aspire Cleito - Vaping Insider
Aspire Cleito 120 Pro

Bottom Line: The whole Cleito line of tanks is a great line with a long legacy. The Cleito 120 Pro definitely lives up to that legacy. Great tank with really nice flavor and clouds.

Smok TFV8 - Vaping Insider
Smok TFV8 Baby V2

Bottom Line: There’s a reason that Smok puts this tank in a ton of their new kits. It’s a great tank. The mesh coil on this tank are just fantastic and they have some pretty good longevity as well. Plus the 3 different colors of the coil let you take your matchy-match game to a whole new level.

Voopoo Uforce T2 - Vaping Insider
Voopoo Uforce T2

Bottom Line: It’s a well-built tank with tons of bottom airflow. Airflow hogs will love this tank but at the same time, you will not be sacrificing flavor. It takes Fireluke M Tank coils.

What Is A Vape Tank?

Tanks are a type of atomizer that are the simplest to start with for new vapers and also the easiest and most convenient to use.

There are 2 Styles of Tanks.
  • MTL (Mouth to Lung) which are higher resistance and lower wattage coil with a similar draw to smoking and;
  • Sub Ohm Tanks which are DTL (Direct to Lung) tanks which are higher wattages with lower resistance coils with more airflow and you inhale directly into your lungs.

This list will give you all the best options for both styles of vaping.

There are a few terms and styles you should be familiar with when picking out a tank so let’s go over them all.

Excited to pick the best vape tanks.

Coil Types & Refill Types

Coil Types

Coils are generally rated by their resistance and wattage range. The main thing to look at is the wattage range. In general, higher wattages means it drains batteries quicker but ir produces more clouds and flavor.

There are also different wire types inside the coil heads. Kanthal is the most common and is used in power mode. Some companies make Nickel coils (ni or ni200 labeled) and Titanium (ti labeled) which are to be used in temp control only. Some companies make Stainless Steel Coils (SS or SS316 labeled) which can be used in both power and temp control modes.

Refill Types 

There are 3 refill types on tanks. And it’s in reference to where you fill from.

  • There is top fill, which usually means unscrewing a top cap and filling, although some tanks feature a swivel design where you don’t need to unscrew to show the fill port.
  • Then there is side fill, which will have a hidden fill port accessed by pulling up on the tank to expose it.
  • And lastly, the older and not seen too often anymore, the bottom fill, which requires unscrewing the bottom base to fill directly into the tank. Top and side fill are the best options.

Now you know the best vape tank types.

Drip Tips, Wicks & Airflow


The coil heads usually all use organic cotton for it’s wicking material. Some tanks to use ceramic as wicking or have ceramic surrounding the cotton. Some say it improves flavor, some say there is no difference. Some question the safety of using ceramic.

All the tanks on this list, however, use organic cotton wicking.


There are 2 styles of airflow on tanks.

  • Top

  • Bottom

Bottom airflow is best for flavor as the air will come from directly underneath the coils but can be more susceptible to leaking if not used correctly.

Top air will give off less flavor but is virtually leakproof. Some top air tanks channel the air under the coils internally hence increasing the flavor to be like bottom air. For the purpose of this list, there will be no true top air tanks due to the lack of flavor.

Drip Tips 

All tanks have a drip tip. But not all drip tips are the same.

There are 2 standard diameters of drip tips.

  • The 510 (smaller) and;
  • 810 (larger)

And they come in different heights as well. Some shorter than others. What’s better is all preference to the user. 510 and 810 tips can be replaced with any of the same size tips and are widely sold in many places.

Some feature proprietary tips that can’t be replaced as easy. “Wide bore” refers to tips that have more air and are less restricted. Even tips of the same size (example 510) can have different levels of airflow due to being wide bore or not.

Juice Ratio & Nicotine Strength

Juice Ratio

Ejuice comes in many options of VG/PG mixture. VG ( Vegetable Glycerin) is the thicker of the bases. It’s good for clouds and doesn’t have a throat hit. PG ( Propylene Glycol) is thinner and carries flavor a little better, but also gives the throat hit similar to smoking.

Having the right mixture is essential to your tanks performance.

For MTL tanks, the best mixture is a 50/50 mix.

  • It provides the throat hit-like smoking and also makes the juice thin enough to wick properly. Using too thick of a juice in a MTL tank can cause it not to wick properly leading to dry hits and coils burning out too fast. 60/40 (VG/PG) is also acceptable.

For sub ohm tanks, the best mixture is 70/30 (VG/PG) but 60/40 and 80/20 are also acceptable (VG/PG).

  • Max VG isn’t recommended as it could contain anywhere from 80-99% VG and be too thick to wick properly if it’s on the higher VG side, 50/50 isn’t recommended either as it can be too harsh in a sub ohm tank and could be too thin causing leaks.

Nicotine Strength

Ejuice also comes in many options of nicotine strength. While nicotine strength is preference, I will give you the basic guidelines. 1.5-6mg is the optimal range for sub ohm tanks. Anything higher will be too strong to use as sub ohm tanks deliver more nicotine than MTL tanks.

For MTL tanks, 12-24 is the optimal range. Of course, everyone is different so find what works for you, and if you don’t need the nicotine at all, then feel free to buy 0MG nicotine for any best vape tank.

Vape Tank Ranking

Below (or Above) you’ll find our Top 10 Best Vape Tanks for 2020.

Did your favorite vape tank made it to our list?

Rank #

Best Vape Tanks

1 Freemax Fireluke M Pro
2 Horizon Falcon King
3 Geekvape Alpha
4 Uwell Crown 4
5 Hellvape Hellbeast
6 Innokin iSub
7 Advken Owl
8 Aspire Cleito
9 Smok TFV8
10 Voopoo Uforce T2

Do you agree the top 10 best vape tanks above?

Can’t wait to pick the best vape tanks.



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