Top 10 Best Vape Juice for December 2021

By Vaping Insider Team
Updated: 2019-11-28
Uncle Junk’s John Wayne - vape juice

Uncle Junk’s John Wayne

Bottom Line: This vape juice is a savory blend of sweet cream, gooey honey caramel, and tobacco. Jon Wayne vape juice is a classic tobacco flavor with a sweet twist that tobacco lovers will enjoy.

Johnny's Vanilla Custard - vape juice

Johnny's Vanilla Custard

Bottom Line: Johnny's Juice vanilla custard is the best eliquid ever made. Not other Vanilla flavors can compare.

T1V Apricot Custard - vape juice

T1V Apricot Custard

Bottom Line: You won't find a custard flavor like this anywhere else. A gorgeous blend, bringing together the sweet tartness of an apricot with the sweet creaminess of a classic custard.

Ferrum City Torched - vape juice

Ferrum City Torched

Bottom Line: Torched perfectly captures the savory complexity of melted marshmallow mixed with vanilla custard, and topped with bits of warm sugar cookies!

Sadboy Custard Cookie - vape juice

Sadboy Custard Cookie

Bottom Line: Custard Cookie by Sadboy E-Liquid takes a warm chewy cookie and tops it with a dollop of sweet but creamy custard for an incredibly smooth vape experience that will leave the mouth salivating. Get this juice in 100 ml bottle now!

The One Strawberry - vape juice

The One Strawberry

Bottom Line: The One E-Liquid is a special creation from the mixologists behind Beard Vape Co., delivering a frosted donut cereal dipped in a sumptuous strawberry milk that everyone will fall in love with. Available in 100 ml bottle.

Jam Monster Raspberry - vape juice

Jam Monster Raspberry

Bottom Line: Raspberry by Jam Monster E-Liquid combines a warm morning breakfast toast, lightly buttered and smeared with a healthy dollop of tart raspberry jam to create one of the top vapable treat flavors.

Grnd Rsrv Rainbow Custard - vape juice

Grnd Rsrv Rainbow Custard

Bottom Line: Enjoy the flavor of sweet magical Crème Anglaise custard mixed with fruity flavors. Get this 60 ml vape juice now!

Goldleaf Mango Nom Nom - vape juice flavors

Goldleaf Mango Nom Nom

Bottom Line: When you take a pull of this e liquid, you are going to savor an interesting taste that is going to be amazing. Mango Nom Nom is going to probably remind you of the familiar taste of Nom Nom, but it is going to exchange the fruit. Instead of coconut, you are going to enjoy the creamy and sensational mango flavors.

Vape Wild Hanibal Nectar - vape juice flavors

Vape Wild Hanibal Nectar

Bottom Line: This Bomb Pop e-juice is like a blast from the past! Murica is a rush of sweet and refreshing layers of red cherries, tart lemon-lime and blue raspberries & tastes just like that red, white and blue Rocket Popsicle from the ice cream truck on a hot Summer day.

What’s In E-Liquid?

Get To Know More About The Best Vape Juices

E-liquid is what we as vapers use to create the delicious clouds that we all enjoy. The main ingredients in best vape juice or e-liquid consists of Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerin (VG), Flavorings, and Nicotine, the latter being optional. If you vape 0 Nic juice, obviously the last ingredient will not be included.

The flavorings, VG, and PG are all used in products we consume every day. In fact, VG and PG are considered non toxic, organic compounds that the FDA deems safe for consumption.


What Is Propylene Glycol (PG) And Its Importance in E-Liquid

Propylene Glycol or PG is of a thinner consistency when compared to VG.

Because of its thinner consistency a higher percentage PG vape juice will wick faster. It has a lower density than VG so it tends to gunk up your coils a lot less than Max VG juices. VG is tasteless and odorless so it will not affect the flavor of your best vape juices. PG is also the part of your vape juices that delivers the throat hit.

A throat hit is that tingle you feel in the back of your throat that ex smokers tend to crave.

The Downside of PG In Vape Juices

The downside of PG based vape juices is that some people are allergic to it. The symptoms of a PG reaction can vary from a slight irritation of the throat to irritations on other parts of the body. If you experience this or any other symptom, it’s probably best to switch to a VG based best vape liquids and see a medical professional.

What Is Vegetable Glycerin (VG) & Its Use in Vape Juice

Vegetable Glycerin (VG) is thicker when compared to PG so it will wick slower. It also has somewhat of a sweet taste to it. That sweetness can cover up some flavors in certain vape juices. Because it is thicker, it will produce larger clouds. A drawback of using VG heavy vape juices is it does tend to gunk up your coils faster.

The Downside Of VG In Vape Juices

VG tends to be less allergenic as opposed to VG. Max VG vape juices also tend to be less flavorful and some vapers complain of increased phlegm when using Max VG juices.

The good news is, Max VG juices produce more clouds and they do it with less of a throat hit. Max VG juices tend to be smoother in that respect.

Are PG and VG Safe?

Views on PG

PG is actually anti bacterial. Several studies on its long term exposure have been done. PG can be found in medical products like inhalers, gel, and topical creams. It’s also in toothpaste, shampoo, make-up and baby wipes.

You might have some friends that try to scare monger you into believing that you are ingesting antifreeze. While they may technically be right, there is a big distinction to be made.

Two Types of Antifreeze Exist:

There is a toxic one and a non toxic one. The toxic one is ethylene glycol which is not used in vaping.

More Information On PG and VG

While there have not been as many studies done on the ingestion of VG as opposed the ones done on PG it is still deemed safe by the FDA. A 2008 study showed that the inhalation of VG had minimal risks. As with anything you read on the internet, don’t take our word for it. Do your own research if you want to know the best vape juice.

We have provided a list of studies in this section to assist you in your quest to finding the best vape juice.Simply click the links and see for yourself.

What Is The Best PG VG Blend

Mouth to Lung

Mouth To Lung (MTL) vapers tend to gravitate towards the PG based juice or liquids. This is because of the throat hit, flavor delivery, and wicking properties of a PG based liquid.

Direct Lung

Direct Lung (DL) vapers tend to gravitate towards Max VG juices because they want more clouds and smoother nicotine delivery.

Just A Reminder

At the end of the day there really is no best. The best vape juices blend is the one that works for you and keeps you off of cigarettes. So get out there and try different juices. See what works for you along your vaping journey.

The Top 10 Eliquid For 2019

Our Top 10 Juice List for 2019

1. Uncle Junk’s John Wayne
2. Johnny’s Vanilla Custard
3. T1V Apricot Custard
4. Ferrum City Torched
5. Sadboy Custard Cookie Juice
6. The One Strawberry Juice
7. Jam Monster Raspberry Juice
8. Grnd Rsrv Rainbow Custard
9. Goldleaf Mango Nom Nom
10.Vape Wild Hanibal Nectar

Most Popular Types of Ejuice Flavor

Below are the most common types of ejuice flavors available on the market right now:

  1. Fruit Flavor Ejuice
  2. Tobacco Ejuice
  3. Menthol Ejuice
  4. Coffee Ejuice
  5. Fruit Candy Vape Juice
  6. Dessert Flavor Vape Juice
  7. Sour Candy Flavor Vape Juice
  8. Cereal Flavor Ejuice
  9. Cream and Custard Ejuice
  10. Drink/Beverage Flavor Ejuice

How We Picked Our Top 10 Vape Juices

Vaping Insider makes it a habit to travel to most of the big vape conventions during the year. In our travels we are able to sample juices that are readily available to the general public.

We do get to sample regional style juices that may be only available to local vapers as well. In our travels we get to sample literally thousands of vape juices. We like to pick those juices that stood out to us while we were traveling through the various vape conventions.

We also are avid vapers, so we order our own juices a lot as well. Some of the juices that we order throughout the year come to us from personal recommendations from other vapers. Some are also sent to us in the hopes that we will use it in a video. As a general rule, we only use vape juices in our videos that we really like.

  • Vanilla Flavors
  • Creamy Flavors
  • Fruity Vapes

Choosing The Best Vape Juices For You

If  you’re new to the vape world and still on the process of learning about ejuices, here are some things to consider when deciding which e-liquids and flavors to try, in addition to your own taste and personal flavor preferences.

  • Flavor description
  • Reviews from vapers
  • PG/VG ratio
  • Nicotine level
  • Pricing

Factors To Consider When Buying an Ejuice

Sweet Juice

A lot of vapers, especially ex-smokers who have just transitioned to vaping, like very sweet juices. They like that in-your-face flavor because their taste buds are dead from so many years of smoking. Their taste buds will eventually come back but in the meantime they do enjoy super sweet juices.

The major con of using super sweet juices is it’s not very good for your coils. Super sweet vape juices tend to really kill your coils and cotton wicks.

Do I Have A PG (propylene glycol) Allergy?

Between 1.5 and 3.5% of the population has some sort of PG allergy or sensitivity. Most of the time this manifests as a throat irritation, sore throat, or dry throat. In this type of situation we highly recommend that you switch to an ejuice that has more vegetable glycerin (VG) in it than propylene glycol (PG).

It’s quite easy to find vape juices that are max VG. In rare cases a PG allergy can result in nausea, headaches, itchiness, and hives. In very rare cases some people are also allergic to VG.

Most Vape juices produced today will tell you what the combination or ratio of PG and VG is in the bottle of juice that you are buying. Most vape juices today will be a 70/30 or 80/20 blend. That being 70% VG and 30% PG. VG is normally the first number listed and PG is the second number.

The more VG in a juice the thicker the juice will be and the bigger the clouds will be. The more PG in a vape juice, the thinner the juice will be and the more flavorful the juice will be with more of a throat hit as well. Max Vg juices tend to have 90% VG in them.

That little bit of PG in a max VG juice is there because most of the vape flavorings used in the ingredients are PG based. A PG base is used because PG tends to carry flavor better than VG.

Nicotine Level

Most juices on the market today are available in a variety of nicotine levels ranging anywhere from 0-24 mg of nicotine.

For people that may be new to the world of vape, we are going to include a little chart here that can give you some type of guidance as to what Nic level you should be at when starting off and finding vape juices.

  • Light Smoker – 6mg and below
  • Medium Smoker – 9-12 mg
  • Heavy Smoker – 18-24 mg

Remember, the above chart is just a general guide. Your experience may differ. We do know from personal experience that when you start on your vape journey you will find it very easy to reduce your nicotine level.

A somewhat new sort of juice has hit the market in the last year or so and they are called Nic salts. Nic salts tend to be very high in nicotine. You can find some Nic salt juices with as much as a 60 mg nicotine content. Nic salts allow you to get a lot more nicotine in your system with a smoother throat hit.

These types of juices are commonly used in refillable pod systems. Most Nic Salt juices can be found with a nicotine level from 18 to 50 mg. Please, do not ever use Nic salt juices in something like a sub ohm tank, RDA, or RTA.

Unless that type of device is designed specifically for Nic salts you should not use Nic salts in anything but a pod system.

The Source

While this is not as much as a problem as it was years ago we do want you to be aware that you need to consider the source of your juice.

We highly recommend that you stick with known manufacturers that make juice in an ISO lab clean room. Buying juice from some of these fly-by-night juice companies is not recommended. Stick to the big name brands that you know and have been around for a while.

If you are new and you don’t know any of these companies, make sure you join a forum or group and start talking to experienced vapers. Most of the time vapers in this community are more than happy to help.

In summary, make sure to consider these factors listed below when you are on a lookout for new ejuice to purchase:

  1. Sweet Juice

  2. PG Allergy

  3. Nicotine Level

  4. Source

As you can see, the best vape juice for you will depend on a number of variables and can be quite subjective.

Proper Storage of E-liquid

If you are going to be using your e-liquid pretty quickly all you really have to do is store it in a cool dark place. In general, most e-liquids have a shelf life of about one year.

There are certain things you can do to extend the shelf-life of an e-liquid if you need to do that.

For most e-liquids, you can extend the shelf-life to as long as two years. In order to do that I would recommend that you store your e-liquid in a refrigerator. I would also recommend that if your e-Liquid came in plastic bottles that you transfer it to glass bottles.

The biggest enemy when it comes to the long-term storage of e-liquid is light. You need to make sure that your e-liquid is kept in a dark place. When prepping your e-liquid for long-term storage, you also want to make sure that the seal on the bottle is tight.

Make sure to store your vape juices properly!

Can I Make My Own Vape Juice?

Making your own vape juice can be very fun and it is relatively simple to do. You will need a few things such as the following:

  • a scale
  • some syringes
  • VG
  • PG
  • Nicotine
  • various flavorings

Once you have all the things you need, putting them all together to make a great tasting recipe is relatively easy. There are a bunch of websites that have free recipes and there are plenty of tutorials on YouTube as well.

Not only will this give you a better understanding of what goes into manufacturing a juice but it can also be a lot cheaper than buying commercially made juices. You can literally make your own juice for pennies-on-the-dollar when compared to buying a commercial juice.

Once the initial investment in materials is made, it’s a relatively cheap process.

Top 10 Eliquid Video


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